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We will Never be Your CNN Hero

Local heroesBy Tim Welsh

There is a group that shakes up and scares establishment to its core. These people are miners, dreamers, idealists and warriors. They dig deeper, make bigger wishes, expect more and fight longer. We are activists.

When there is war we don't just shelter the refugees, we ask why they are fleeing. When there are injured we don't just patch wounds, we ask what is the source of conflict. When communities are frustrated by ignorance we seek to educate. When we see sick children we  don't just raise money for gifts we give the CDC Fits.

I applaud the work of your "Heroes". I see their Herculean efforts against incredible odds. Their stories bring tears to eyes and many big sighs.  Our world would be darker, the outlook much starker and many a marker still owed with out them.

When the work is done though, the red carpet walked, the votes tallied, the audience rallied , the big plaques handed out and the devotions thrown about I hope you realize that sometimes we must do more than shout. Those who question, deflect rejection, and see the imperfection that avoids detection must be sought out. If real change is desired financial ties must be fired and corruption in which we are mired, must be retired.

 I just scribbled this fast, Not something that will last. It's just something I hope you don't zip past. I am sorry that I made a stink, it's time we all think. Humans could be gone in a blink. We are activists.

@TannersDad Tim Welsh



TannersDad Tim

Here is the associated video to share with this post #AskLouder

mary w maxwell

My hero in America is Tim
Or maybe his son, named Tanner.
Activism, activism, activism
Unfurl that bloody banner!

(And a salute to Jeff Bradstreet today,
half a year in the cold, cold clay.
Nick Gonzales pushed forward a cure;
More doctors will die, that’s for sure.)


For bedpads and gloves too, and a pca to help.

also in NY there is something called Independent Support Services, where staff is paid for. Ditto recreation, swim membership etc. I think other states may have similar.

Michelle Ford

Dear Tim, WOW! Great work! Thank you for sharing your brilliance in a way that generates so much introspection and pride. I'm proud to be an activist on the front lines with people like you (and others of course) who take this "job" so seriously and who will stop at nothing to make sure that those who are responsible for allowing such harm to the children of our planet, are held accountable. Thank you! PS - You've got quite a gift with your poetry!


Very cool, Tim. I've got it to music in my head already - I hope you find a local recording studio. Maybe sell it to the Refusers or Foo Fighters?

I'm trying, too, Jeannette. Slowly replacing as much as possible in my life that relies on manmade synthetic stuff that supports directly or indirectly all those corrupted institutions and replacing with stuff made from materials in tighter proximity to God's freely supplied resources. Haven't even sprayed the weeds with anything but vinegar once in a while for about 4 years now. Nobody's perfect but with persistent effort, we can all move toward less support of, dependence on, and less interaction with companies that believe a little bit or a lot of harm is okay in the pursuit of money, because it's really not. When I die, it will be with knowing I tried to make a difference, even if it only succeeds in my own little plot of life, and with that comes peace.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Tim.

"If real change is desired financial ties must be fired and corruption in which we are mired, must be retired."

I've been trying to pull my support where I'm conscious I'm supporting ... and since I've been wanting, for some time, a certain profession to stop taking shelter from looking at what they are doing to teeny tiny babies (and the rest of us) in self and systemically imposed ignorance, I've aimed to do the same ... can't be sure I've obtained a perfect point of cognizance yet (ok I'm pretty sure I can't), because the whole system increasingly appears to me to be set up to deceptively and involuntarily channel our blood, sweat, and tears into corrupt institutions...

getting out significantly for me will likely take a major waking up and choosing to change on the part of others... or a tearing apart of my family, which I think might be the aim of the force(s) I believe the above institutions slave for in their turn...or some Divine intervention I'm not capable of conceiving...I'm praying for that though anyway...and I'm trying on my part...


Here is a posting I send to autism parents commenting on youtube.
I have a child with severe autism that is 10 years old. With the safety aspect make sure you take advantage of whatever your state offers for home modification grants. Then I would highly recommend a tracking device that easily fits around the ankle as a bracelet. They get over it being there quick. And it is waterproof.
Push button door alarms are an added protection.
Then there are things you can do to make YOUR life easier as well. Such as, Dynavox communication device,
A service coordinator should be able to help you with the paperwork. And then there is little keeper sleepers that are a lifesaver.
I built an A frame swingset across my living room, hardware about 250.00 and then 2x4s 4x6 etc. And most importantly if your child likes television, Amazon Prime offers shows with identifying pictures for selection of each episode. If your child bangs on the monitor here is what I did on top of a computer desk. The amazon works on ipad as well just no individual picture for each episode. Ballistic proof screen protector for ipad is also available.
The bottom drawer part is removable and you can secure the cabinet to the desktop. Home depot sells small square sheets of polycarbonate that is see through good quality and indestructible, pound away with anger. If the back rails holding the polycarbonate on break loose and bend you can drill out around the screen frame and through the fitted piece of polycarbonate and use small nuts and bolts for a secure fit. One hole at each corner and in between every corner. 8 holes.
Medicaid in my state covers the cost of pull ups so that may also be something to look in to. Your Dr. can write you a script for the pull ups once a month. Let me know if you have any questions.

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