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Shooting At California Regional Center

CA shootingmap
From ABC News -

We're watching the story unfolding, holding those in harm's way in our thoughts. Many of our families have used and use this Regional Center in California. Jenny McCarthy just shared that she brought her son Evan to this center. If you have information to share, please use our comments. Thank you.

CNN current update



It seems so many have gone over there to ISIS to fight and be involved.
Mental illness does distort religious beliefs.

So, I do believe it is mental illness and all the different social ramifications, and how many different ways it comes out.

Muslim religion though can not be with out total blame. If there is a bit of strife - with in any thing - the mental ill does pick it up and twist it about.

a reader

It is an invisible factor but I still think that someone with a genetic tendency to mental illness(father is said to be bipolar) who is 28 and born in the U.S. got plenty of thimerosal that can be a major factor in this type of incident. Guns and politics too, but mercury may be a major unidentified issue. This would be dismissed out of hand by most people, but readers of this site may understand.

Marie Simonton

My son receives services from Inland Regional Center. We have been praying that his former and current case workers were not among the victims. They just released the names of the victims and are relieved that they were not among them. Our hearts break for those who were lost and for their families who are left behind to grieve. May God fill their hearts with peace and solace.

Maurine Meleck

It doesn't look as if the disabled were targeted. It was a holiday party in the auditorium that health employees had rented.Regardless if the shooters were Paris like terrorists or not, our government will use this incident to encourage Americans to support wars in Middle Eastern countries and to give our military reason to be there.. We'll see news about it until we grow crazy because it's political fodder for increased imperialism.

Jonathan Rose

NPR seems to be avoiding mentioning that this was a center for people with autism and other developmental disabilities. Are other media doing the same? Are we being rendered invisible once again?

Birgit Calhoun

It's curious that the media are now calling the Center a social services center or a conference center.

Chances are that much of the motivation for the shooting will be lost. But at this point it is known that the couple had other weapons at home and quite a number of pipe bombs and ammunition in their home. The shooting was planned and there are now indications that the activities are terrorist in nature.


False flag as was the measles scare at Disney. Boots on the ground in Syria?

cia parker

Police have released the names of two of the suspects as being Syed Farouk and Tayyeep Bin Ardogan. It might be a Paris-style attack in the U.S.

Dan E. Burns

But why?

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