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Salon Gone: Refusing to Acknowledge Vaccine Injury & Mocking Families

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More from the "acceptable discrimination" files..... Imagine mocking, berating, denying the injury from drunk driving, drug overdose, crib rails, car seats, anything, anything at all. Vaccine injury? Doesn't exist. Except when it does.

By Anne Dachel

On Nov 29, 2015 Salon.com published, What the hell’s wrong with us? Autism, vaccines and why some people believe Jenny McCarthy over every doctor, by Rob Brotherton.

Why won't seemingly rational parents believe the experts who tell us that vaccines do not cause autism?  Brotherton can't understand why they're so unconvinced.  All the science is in.  Vaccines are safe; vaccines save lives.  Every child should be vaccinated.  Why are naïve parents still listening to Jenny McCarthy?

It must be that these people would rather believe in conspiracy theories than all the science.  Brotherton cited Dr. Paul Offit:

"And, as Paul Offit has pointed out, the current concerns about MMR somehow causing autism are about as plausible, biologically speaking, as the claim, widely reported in the early 1800s, that the smallpox vaccine caused recipients to sprout horns, run about on all fours, and low and squint like cows."

 (Offit is described as "a pediatrician and immunologist.")

So while Barbara Loe Fisher and Dr. Andrew Wakefield are the purveyors of vaccine misinformation, Brian Deer and Offit are the people we should listen to.

I asked others to respond to Brotherton's headline: "What the hell's wrong with us?"  Why do we believe Jenny McCarthy rather than "every doctor," as Brotherton charges here?

It all boils down to the age-old "conspiracist fears about vaccines."  People just don't trust the "reams of scientific literature." 

"Thanks to a small but vocal minority of dedicated anti-vaccinists, the Internet is rife with conspiracy-laced misinformation urging us not to trust vaccines."

The message here is that these people are dangerous because "according to a recent study, merely reading anti-vaccine conspiracy theories can reduce parents’ willingness to have their children vaccinated."

Just like in the days of the Soviet Union when dissenters were labeled insane and put away in mental hospitals, people who question vaccine safety are attacked as irrational conspiracy-minded troublemakers.   Their claims don't deserve consideration.

I asked contacts of mine to respond to Brotherton's claims.  My own is included.

What the hell's wrong with us?'  Why won't we all just get on board with the idea that a one-size-fits-every-child vaccine schedule is safe?  Rob Brotherton needs to do more than quote someone who's personally made millions of dollars from the vaccine industry like Dr. Paul Offit.  

We do not trust health officials with vast financial ties to the vaccine industry when they tell us to vaccinate our children.

We are leery of vaccines when manufacturers have no liability for their products.

We are tired of endless safety studies all connected to the vaccine makers.

We are still waiting for a simple study comparing the health outcomes of fully-vaccinated children with those of never-vaccinated ones.  If never-vaccinated kids have the same conditions as fully-vaccinated ones, including a two percent autism rate, we'd all be convinced.   No official will call for this research.

--Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

Brotherton himself taps deeply into the paranoia that he accuses others of - evidently he feels persecuted but his research is amateurish and his "facts" easily disproven. What he, of course, does not report are the revelations of CDC whistleblower, William Thompson, who is demanding to be allowed to testify to Congress: that's just too inconvenient and doesn't suit his frame of mind.

--John Stone, UK editor: Age of Autism

On Twitter, Rob Brotherton bills himself as an ‘academic psychologist, science writer and conspiracy theory theorist.’ And exactly how does that make him an expert on vaccine safety? I haven’t read his book, but he appears to be just another elitist massaging his inflated ego by opining on a subject he knows little about, which does indeed contribute to the conspiracy of ignorance that haunts vaccine policy in the UK and the U.S.

--Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-founder National Vaccine Information Center

Rob Brotherton's claims about conspiracy theorists are just part of a well-funded and well-coordinated disinformation campaign no different than when doctors promoted smoking as a health benefit in national magazines in the 1950s and 60s.

--K Paul Stoller, MD, FACHM,

Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic of San Francisco

The reason that the belief that vaccines cause autism doesn't go away is because people continue to see their children suffer vaccine injuries and lose language, skills and sometimes even their connection to their parents. When people see this happen to their children they are suddenly placed in a situation where they must devote their lives full time to their children in a way that they never imagined.

I saw this happen to two of my sons and I didn't know what to do, who to talk to or what could be done. I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone. Sad to say, I've met hundreds of parents who have had the same experience.

Slowly, with hard work, endless hours of expensive therapies and boundless love, my wife and I have been able to get our sons to a point where they have a decent and even enjoyable life.

All that said, my sons will not have the life they should have had. They will have struggles for the rest of their lives that few can imagine.

My sons are not free the way Americans are meant to be free.

As a co-author of Unanswered Questions From the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and as a co-author of Vaccine Injuries, I have studied hundreds of cases of vaccine injuries in children, many of which resulted in autism and were compensated by the US Government in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). The existence of these cases stand as sober testimony to the fact that vaccines are KNOWN to cause brain damage - that is why encephalopathy is on the table of injuries that the NVICP uses - and that a symptom of that brain damage is often autism.

But let's not mince words about the experiences we have had with people such as Doctor Brotherton: they have betrayed their oath and disregarded and denigrated the experiences of people who have seen vaccine injuries devastate loved ones. Instead, these people have aligned themselves shamelessly to corrupt industry representatives like Paul Offit who has been cited for conflicts of interest by Congress in the approval process of a vaccine he made millions on.

I do not trust the pharmaceutical industry and I do not trust the government agencies that have placed this industry's agenda over the safety of children. Until there is full transparency, accountability and honesty in the vaccine program, I will not trust people like this doctor, Paul Offit and the CDC. Their actions, under the cloak of scientific consensus, have injured our children and our democracy.

People like Brotherton can mock us, ostracize us and marginalize us as much as they want but they will never silence us.

--Louis Conte, father of triplets, two of whom have autism and author of Vaccine Injuries: Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines

One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to recognize that two of their children, in my case grandchildren, were adversely affected by their vaccines. When I saw two normal and healthy babies regress into shells of their former selves following the series of vaccinations, I knew what had happened.

The fact is that tens of thousands of other parents recognized the same events with their children.
Then all you have to do is look at the huge rise in chronic illnesses, including autism, of children in America, and know that they were victims of vaccine injury, the one thing they all have in common.  With no government health officials able or willing to tell us what has caused this increase, we have come to our conclusions.  We are educated and we read the scientific studies that never reach mainstream media.

From my window, the author of this article and book is viewed as a conspiracy theorist.  His conspiracy is against  all those who would disagree with his mantra, which happens to be the same as government agencies that mandate all vaccines for all children and vaccine makers who cannot be sued for a vaccine injury.  Wonder how much he got paid to write this book.

--Maurine Meleck, Grandmother to two vaccine-injured grandsons

 In response to Rob Brotherton’s inflammatory and biased question, “What the hell’s wrong with us? Autism, vaccines and why some people believe Jenny McCarthy over every doctor…”

The year was 1993 and I birthed my beautiful, healthy 8 pound daughter. Without reviewing any scientific studies, reading any articles or questioning anything, she received all of the  doctor-recommended vaccines.

The evening of her two-month series of vaccines, my daughter suffered greatly. She cried in the tone of a high-pitched inconsolable scream for hours, had a high fever and explosive diarrhea. I paged the doctor and explained what was going-on and she said “That’s normal. She got her vaccines today so this is a normal immune response. If you’re still concerned by morning, give me a call and maybe I can see her.” It was one of the longest nights of my life. I felt so helpless and ill-equipped to manage what my baby was going-through…and I witnessed true suffering. Morning came and I arranged to see the doctor. Upon examination, the doctor said (paraphrasing) “These symptoms should go away, but it appears she’s having a hard time with her vaccines. We’ll see how she does during the next round.”

The doctor was right…her symptoms disappeared within a week and life became as normal as it is with a newborn. The memory of her suffering must have also faded because I handed her over to the doctor for her 4 month series of vaccines. It didn’t take many hours to see the exact same symptoms recur, only this time they were even more severe. I paged the doctor that evening and she urged me to come-in again the next day for an examination. Upon examination, she said (paraphrasing) “OK, we will put her on a delayed schedule. She’s reacting really badly.”

Thank God my Doctor had the foresight to delay her vaccines and spread them out. Even though we put my daughter on a delayed/altered-schedule, she still suffered chronic ear infections for 2+ years and became resistant to antibiotics. Here’s something to consider, mandates (as in CA’s SB277) effectively disallow such altered/individualized schedules.

--Michelle Ford, Founder of the Vaccine Injury Awareness League http://www.v-ial.org/

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.





There have been anti-vaxxers for centuries. This is nothing new.

People have been anti-vaccine ever since "Dr." Jenner—the father of vaccines—invented the vaccine that killed his own son, and Dr. Ochsner's grandson came down with polio after he was vaccinated against polio. (Look it up.)

Vaccines have been killing and maiming children since they were invented.



When AOA and it's patrons start to connect the dots of the provaccine people and their political and ideological stance on everything from abortion to HIV to gay marriage to guns to terrorism to global warming they will finally figure out the true reason for their stance on vaccines which is blatantly clear and has nothing to do with real science whatsoever because it is clear that vaccines are a dismal failure scientifically no matter how many fake articles are written in support of them.

The real question is why are many of us here not willing to acknowledge the questions above? What exactly is it that we are afraid of ? what truths are we avoiding and what reality are we hiding from? Are we just too blind or are we kidding ourselves about why these people many of whom do not even have children and no stake in the matter are so adamant about us vaccinating our children ?

They are bold in their attempts to force injury on our children and family why are we not bold in forcing health and truthful education on people in power ? what more can we do ? Is the canary party the answer?

I think we all know we can not be afraid and that we have to do more.



Some questions to think about:

Why are vaccine injuries and deaths never reported on the news?

Why wasn't the CDC whistleblower case of Dr. William Thompson not on the news?

When congressman Bill Posey delivered a speech to congress about CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, why wasn't that on the news, and why has congress not investigated it?

Why did they discard data from the study that showed a link between vaccines and autism?

Why doesn't anyone in the media talk about the 30+ studies that show a link between vaccines and autism?

The U.S. gives more vaccines to children than any other country - why does the U.S. have the highest infant mortality rate than any other developed nation?

The U.S. spends more than any other country on medicine, and gives more vaccines than any other country, so why are we near the bottom of the list in health and longevity when compared to other developed countries?

Why isn't it on the news that when 3+ the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccines are given to children, they have the greatest incidence of getting pertussis? Here's the Chart from the CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/pertussis/downloads/pertuss-surv-report-2013.pdf

How, in this country, do they claim the wrong flu vaccine is 23% (last year) or 18% (this year) effective, while the same flu and vaccine are rated ZERO % effective in Canada? Is there something at the border that causes this? Here's that link - See second paragraph: http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/most-americans-refusing-ineffective-flu-vaccine-this-year/ (BTW, my thoughts on this agreed with Canada's zero % all along.)

How is it they claim either coincidence or no cause and effect when someone gets injured or dies after getting vaccinated, but when they don't, suddenly there's cause and effect showing that the vaccine prevented you from getting disease xxxxxxxx?

Terror attacks, which are a tragedy, not only make the news, but are covered every day for weeks. Yet, the following is never covered: Deaths caused by Medicine. Why is that? (Note: Over 2,000/day - not sure what the number is for vaccines, as most are never reported).

Why are you not told, before getting vaccinated, about the risks, about the vaccine court, about VAERS, and not shown the vaccine insert listing ingredients and possible side effects?

Why do vaccine makers have no liability?

Why have more people died from the measles vaccine over the past 10 years than have died from the measles (around 100 reported for the vaccine, zero for measles)?

Why do vaccine makers say vaccines are safe, when the US Supreme Court said they are "unavoidably unsafe?" Is the Supreme Court part of the "conspiracy theory" we hear about?

I guess the final question is this: If you don't know or haven't researched at least these questions, why are you getting vaccinated?


I would suppose the “conspiracy theories” started with the CDC two day secret and illegal vaccine mercury meeting at Simpsonwood in June of 2000. Those who attended Simpsonwood were soon lying to Congress in hearings about knowing anything about mercury, vaccines and Autism. The database from this meeting has been destroyed or is very well hidden.

From there, we have the dozens of “Poul Thorsen Autism studies” who has been indicted and is on the FBI most wanted list.

We have Dr. Thompson of the CDC who will not be allowed to speak to our mostly corrupt Congress. We have Dr. Wakefield who’s work was quickly halted and certainly not disproven.

We are expected to trust doctors who have no ideas on Autism after 25 years and who make their entire living billing insurance companies for baby vaccines 8 or 9 at at time...

They try to make it sound like we have ...no one other than Jenny McCarthy... when we have hundreds, if not thousands of doctors who do not believe in the “liability free” CDC vaccine schedule.

As always, the vaccine magic starts with a day of birth prostitute vaccine, that most infants certainly do not need... of course they want to make this a mandate in all 50 states.

and for some reason we cannot find any doctor who will take the six month baby vaccines adjusted for their body weight....


Just pointing out here: OFFIT IS NOT AN IMMUNOLOGIST. He does not hold a degree in immunology (unlike Tetyana Obukhanych, whose post-doctoral work was at Harvard and Standord).

Isa Ryan

Reading most Salon.com headlines gets my blood up. It makes me ashamed for the liberal I used to be. Sadly, mockery has become a valued tool of the pro-vaccine camp. Devoid of much reason or even awareness of the science involved in the anti-vaccine camp, they resort to asserting their superior knowledge rather than the actual facts.


Bob, in response to the conspiracy theory arguments there are two responses (which can be used together). They both attack the logic of the comment but do it in tow different ways.

Do not respond by saying “oh no no *all* my data comes from government sources.” Again, you would just be reinforcing the idea that the opinions and output of politicians and bureaucrats are important.

The correct response is: “What about terrorism? Organised crime? Gangs? Hostile foreign militaries? All of those require conspiracies (ie groups of people plotting nefarious activities in secret) are you telling me they do not exist? That is quite a claim.”

You can then follow it using what I call the homeopathy argument ie. “If all the world’s doctors couldn’t possibly be wrong about vaccines then how could all the world’s homeopaths be wrong about homeopathy? Are they involved in a vast conspiracy too?"

Now like I said, both attack the pro-vax rhetoric from completely different angles. The terrorism et al argument says “even if this was a conspiracy theory, so what?” whereas the homeopathy argument says “there is no conspiracy here everybody just has the same vested interest (be it emotional, financial, etc)”. They are both good though.

Now, some people might be inclined to point to things like the Tuskegee experiment or other *acknowledged* conspiracies that governments have been involved in as a response. Keep in mind though that your opponent’s emotional point is that “conspiracies are exceptional” so your response needs to show that they are in fact mundane – hence terrorism, organised crime, gangs or foreign armies. I would advise to keep supposedly exceptional events like Tuskegee up your sleeve for other contexts.


Ask a question; get an answer. I have to assume that some of these news outlets really do believe their own junkie reporting. So take an opportunity to educate, which we must do. So I would send him a copy of the book, Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies. This book by Neil Miller gives a one page summary of 400 scientific papers with all the information to follow up and read the entire study. This may help answers questions like: why would parents be concerned about how much aluminum is being injected into their babies; or why are there outbreaks of whooping cough in highly vaccinated populations; or what are the benefits of childhood diseases in fighting cancer and why would parents with a history of ovarian cancer in the family want to have their daughter get the mumps; or which gender can take high doses of vitamin A and which one should avoid that treatment to prevent measles in an unvaccinated infant. I plan to get multiple copies of this book and distribute it widely.

People are beginning to realize, though, that the media misses important stories. For example, the New York Times believed Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.. whoops. And just in the recent week there was a major story breaking where Erdogan's, Turkey's Prime Ministers, son is doing business with ISIS--that is, bringing oil to a Turkish port and selling it on the international market. This is definitely news but I'm not sure you'll ever see it in Salon or any other mainstream outlet because it doesn't fit the narrative--the narrative which is like a disgusting sauce that gives every morsel of news the same nauseating flavor.


Let's take a minute to attack Orac again. He states that his blog answer to Ben Swann having the CDC documents was second priority to something else he wanted to blog about.
" I might well get to the runner up tomorrow, but for now it’s time to revisit a story I’ve done a lot of blogging about because it’s come up again."
So riddled with rage that Swann has these documents that his blog post is riddled with typos. I bet his fingers were shaking when he typed it out. He proceeds to read right out of the playbook calling Swann a conspiracy theorist and blah blah. Then he downplays Thompson as just a psychologist, Wakefield was wrong, blah blah.
Then he comes out with this about Swann.
"but his conspiracy mongering about big pharma tends to lead me back to thinking he’s been converted."
He's been converted? This guy is a weird kind of sociopath. Converted to what? This is not a religion it is common sense and evidence based reasoning. Someone educate this Orac on what middle ground means, or even logical debate. Then get him a whole stack of crying towels. Orac you will get the documents when Ben Swann is damn good and ready to let you see them. If you are a good boy maybe he will give you a taste, Ha Ha.

go Rand

Congrats to the Zuckerberg's with their first child.
Mrs. Z is a 30-year-old pediatrician. Sadly they had three previous miscarriages.

Did the new baby get the hep b vaccine on day one ? Was this a flu shot pregnancy or a no-flu-shot pregnancy ???

It would be nice if they would post some of these issues to social media...

Laura Hayes

Thank you to all of you who posted comments to the Salon article...each reprinted by Anne here was excellent!

I think this paragraph that Anne quoted by the author speaks volumes about his level of intelligence:

"And, as Paul Offit has pointed out, the current concerns about MMR somehow causing autism are about as plausible, biologically speaking, as the claim, widely reported in the early 1800s, that the smallpox vaccine caused recipients to sprout horns, run about on all fours, and low and squint like cows."

For those who read such idiocy and follow the advice of "experts" like this author and Offit, they will soon learn the error of their ways when they and their loved ones experience the fallout of allowing oneself or one's child to be vaccinated. The harm will come...it always does...it's inevitable. And vaccine injury isn't just a onetime event...it's a lifelong manifestation...and a multi-generational one, too, as we are now learning and seeing.

Jeannette Bishop

Should I give Salon traffic and read more than you've posted here? I probably wouldn't get past the title because I keep envisioning the image on this page:


and thinking something very similar: "What in the whole falootin universe is wrong with us!"


Why would people who have not personally witnessed a vaccine injury entertain such a "biologically implausible" hypothesis? Perhaps it's because they don't find it particularly implausible, no matter how hard or how often Paul Offit works that phrase. He has written that thimerosal isn't a biologically plausible candidate in autism because "children with mercury poisoning show characteristic motor, speech, sensory, psychiatric, visual, and head circumference changes that are either fundamentally different from those of or absent in children with autism." Really? From that constellation of affected areas, most people would conclude that a connection is quite biologically plausible. It's not like mercury poisoning is characterized by in-grown toenails.

When asked by a (competent) interviewer if mercury in the brain is harmful, Offit just says there's no proof and he doesn't know. You can see the exchange starting at 21:44 here: http://www.ageofautism.com/2015/10/public-affairs-media-presents-haley-vs-offit-a-virtual-debate-about-vaccines.html

Gary Ogden

Pretty much all the media has become a propaganda platform for government policy. What I find astonishing (beyond widespread scientific illiteracy among the public), is that there is not, nor has there ever been a proper scientific evaluation of safety for any vaccine. If there is one somewhere, for any vaccine, Salon, please point me to it, I beg you, I plead with you. In writing an article in response to Dr. Druin Burch's call for placebo-controlled trials for all medical interventions, especially those for children, I went to the trial data for Gardasil, since I was already familiar with that particular one. What I found was that one of six trials had a woefully underpowered (N=274; Gardasil: N=3093; AAHS adjuvant: N=2029) saline placebo arm. In the data table for pain, swelling, and redness, the data are broken down for the three arms. But in the tables for all serious adverse events, the adjuvant and placebo arms are combined, thus hiding the placebo data. In addition, the tables only contain adverse events that reached the threshold of one percent (one in a million, Dr. Pan?) All others, including death, are listed in a paragraph at the bottom. Using this card trick, they showed the same rate of adverse events in both columns, 2.3% (one in a million, Dr. Pan?). This is not science, folks. Mark Twain would have called it flim flam, or something of the like. Is there a single placebo-controlled trial for a vaccine, just one? Without them vaccination is nothing more than dogma, very dangerous dogma. Without them we know nothing of value about safety. And the state of journalism has sunk to a new low.


Love the water fountain image. AOA should have it photoshopped and add:

Un-Vaxxed: Redpill
Vaxxed: Blue Pill


The Salon article makes a point of questioning the veracity of any parent who claims vaccine injury. That is a tactic to watch.

It is beyond laughable to see Salon do a story on the gullibility of over educated rich people falling for anti vaccine tropes. I guess they want to forget about Deadly Immunity article that was up on their website for what- 6 years?


The comments you reference seem to have been removed, I couldn't find them.

I did see a lot of comments suggesting that vaccine hesitant parents are committing child abuse, vaccine speech should be censored, kids should be removed from parents. The website looks like a Media Matters left wing astroturfing site.

The most effective rebuttal I have seen to the ever more asinine and discredited vaccine injury denialists comes from your November 27 post Doctors Divided on Meningitis Vaccine. The comment from Jenny1 shows that CDC is selectively interested in protecting our kids. No articles on Salon about concussions.

From Linda1:

"Kids are groomed from an early age to play sports for the entertainment of society - sports that are known to cause concussions and brain damage. But the concussions are accepted. The Sports Concussion Institute states: "Concussions are a Fact of Life in Today's Sports World".

These could easily be prevented if our country would stop having kids ram their heads together for the enjoyment and financial gain of sadistic adults. But no one stops these brain injuries. Not the CDC or the AAP or state child protection agencies and certainly not the benefiting Sports Concussion Institute. It's not that meningitis isn't worth attention. But how hypocritical to make so much out of a rare illness when it is COMMON for kids to get their heads bashed in - at the direction of adults who are supposed to be guiding and taking care of them. Gambling is illegal. Prostitution is illegal. But you can legally buy a ticket to watch boys try to kill each other Roman arena style while school authorities, parents, cheerleaders, newscasters, cable networks and a screaming crowd egg them on. That's morally fine.

From The Sports Concussion Institute:

5-10% of athletes will experience a concussion in any given sport season...
Football is the most common sport with concussion risk for males (75% chance for concussion)
Soccer is the most common sport with concussion risk for females (50% chance for concussion)...
A professional football player will receive an estimated 900 to 1500 blows to the head during a season
Impact speed of a professional boxers punch: 20mph
Impact speed of a football player tackling a stationary player: 25mph
Impact speed of a soccer ball being headed by a player: 70mph...

Recent research demonstrates that high school athletes not only take longer to recover after a concussion when compared to collegiate or professional athletes, but they also may experience greater severity of symptoms and more neurological disturbances as measured by neuropsychological and postural stability tests. It is also estimated that 53% of high school athletes have sustained a concussion before participation in high school sports, and 36% of collegiate athletes have a history of multiple concussions. Because the frontal lobes of the human brain continue to develop until age 25, it is vital to manage youth concussions very conservatively to ensure optimal neurological development and outcomes....

Not only can multiple traumatic incidents contribute to the development of mild cognitive impairments (MCI's), chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), and other adverse outcomes, but a storied concussion history can also cause post-concussion syndrome (PCS). While we are still elucidating the causes of these long term effects, it is imperative that a person fully recover from one concussion before risking a subsequent one. Failing to do so adequately can lead to additional neurologic damage. Given this new understanding, managing concussions requires specialized, comprehensive and state-of-the-art approaches."

How about just preventing concussions to begin with? Like they force vaccination on children to prevent illness. How about protecting their brains from physical trauma?


Bob Moffitt

Here is a documentary explaining how effective the mere mention of a "conspiracy theory" denies further debate of issues .. indeed .. labeling someone a "conspiracy nut" has proven to be so successful in "ending all further discussion" .. because .. as the documentary shows .. IT WORKS.


The first quote shown in the documentary is from Mark Twain:

"Whenever you are on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect"

Ah yes .. pause and reflect .. something Mr. Rob Brotherton is desperately fearful of.

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