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More Bad Ideas that Triggered the Autism Epidemic (Plus Two Good Ones!)

But wait theres moreBy Julie Obradavic Bad_idea.jpg.scaled500

Editor's Note -- this week I wrote an article about Six Bad Ideas that led to the autism epidemic, and encouraged other suggestions. Here, Julie Obradovic -- an AOA Contributing Editor of Long Standing -- offers hers. -- Dan Olmsted


Bad idea #6: Take the most poisonous toxin mankind will likely ever come in contact with and use it as or in medicine for over 500 years.

Bad idea #7: Believe that if you can just get the right form of this toxin in the right amount administered the right way you can harness the poison to kill the bad but not hurt the good without any evidence of that ever being possible.

Bad idea #8: Synthesize it to a new even more toxic manmade form for the purpose of warfare and when that doesn't work out, commercialize it for use on seeds, lumber, and in biologics without any regulators to check for the safety (or sanity) of this practice.

Bad idea #9: Grandfather it into use after the regulators come around still without testing it.

Bad idea #10: Keep it in biologics for decades after being banned for use on seeds and lumber because's too toxic.

Bad idea #11: Accidentally triple its amount and move up its exposure date to the day of birth (and in the womb for some).

Bad idea #12: Watch a generation of children develop the very symptoms this toxin causes in epidemic proportions and ask the very people who profit from this product, regulate the product, and administer the product (all of whom could be held financially, criminally, politically, and legally liable) to investigate themselves, allowing them to collect the evidence, interpret the evidence, hide the evidence, destroy the evidence, lose the evidence, manipulate the evidence, report on the evidence, and ultimately judge the evidence they would like entered to at first proclaim their ignorance (Hmmm...does it harm kids? Doesn't it? Gee..we just don't know!) and then their innocence. (Phew! It doesn't do anything! We didn't screw up! Lucky us! And look, it even has protective effects! We're geniuses!)

Bad idea #13: Call the whole thing a coincidence; turn the victims and their families into the villains; pretend you have no idea what could have possibly happened to cause this mysterious epidemic; decide it really isn't an epidemic after all; orchestrate a political and media campaign to shut down critics and dissent; ask for censorship of those who know you're full of crap and won't let it go.

Bad idea #14: Continue to perpetuate the myth that moms cause autism. First they didn't love their kids, then they secretly wanted to kill their kids, and then when that was just too far gone even for the medical community, moms really just got too fat, too depressed, too old, too busy to talk to their kids, lived by highways and rainfall, watched too much television, and married nerdy men. Bad hearts. Bad intentions. Bad choices. Bad genes. Still all the mom's fault.

Good idea# 1: Medicine and mankind's chemical practices, not moms, cause autism.

 Good idea #2: Stop asking the people who cause autism to decide if they do.

Julie Obradovic is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.


At the drop of a hat

Give newborn children and little children huge amounts of expansive range oral anti-infection agents at the drop of a hat or without a moment's notice, careless in regards to how it influences that bacterial make-up of the digestive tract


Julie and Jeff C- you guys nailed it!

Jeff C

No fan of vaccines, for sure. Here are plenty more bad ideas from the medical industry and their partners in crime the food industry that likely played a role in ASD and the overall terrible health of kids (in no particular order):

• Promote that children eat “food” that is actually a manufactured concoction of heavily-refined wheat flour, industrially-extracted seed oil, processed soybeans, and high fructose corn syrup all liberally doused with Roundup. Insist Roundup is harmless to humans while at the same time hiding the fact that it destroys our microbiome.

• Feed massive doses of antibiotics to livestock for no other reason than commercial gain. Completely ignore the impact of this on human consumption of these animals.

• Give infants and toddlers large quantities of broad spectrum oral antibiotics at the drop of a hat, oblivious to how it affects that bacterial make-up of the digestive tract

• Turn a healthy, wholesome, and time tested food such as plain yogurt into industrially-produced candy, using ingredients such as milk protein solids and high fructose corn syrup. Convince parents this is somehow good for their children.

• Require that children drink water, use toothpaste, and receive dental “treatments” loaded with fluoride despite the fact it’s extremely toxic.

• Insist children eat “low fat” foods (which are usually manufactured concoctions loaded with sugar) based on no real evidence whatsoever. Completely ignore the need for essential fatty acids and the impact on fat soluble vitamins.

• Insist doctors be revered and addressed by titles. Hang the diploma in plain sight to intimidate mothers into ignoring their own intuition. Spread the notion of doctors “firing” patients despite the fact the patient is paying the bills and the doctor works for him/her.

• Imply that fruit juice and sports drinks are somehow good for kids despite the fact they are loaded with sugar and have minimal nutrition value.

• Require children be slathered with sunscreen loaded with untested chemicals to prevent some theoretical chance of skin cancer forty years in the future. Act surprised when vitamin D levels plummet to dangerously low levels. Insist vitamin D supplements are “toxic”.

• Recommend children who aren’t as attentive as some adults would like be “treated” with amphetamines

• Demand that children have regular interventions and interactions with the medical industry even when nothing is wrong with them. Label parents that decline to participate as irresponsible and negligent. Engage government social services to require parents consume your product or face prosecution.

• Let the manufactured food industry and drug companies “partner” with the medical and nutrition industries. Insist the huge financial contributions from these companies have no impact whatsoever on what is and isn’t recommended. Demonize those who raise questions. Let Coca-Cola sponsor seminars on obesity (this really happened).

• Lock up research paid for by the taxpayers behind journal paywalls so those not in the club can’t easily access them and figure out for themselves why their kids are so sick.

• Label physicians with actual success in treating ASD kids as dangerous quacks. Report them to medical boards and defame them on astro-turfed websites.

It's almost as if they want our kids to be sick.

John Stone

The Marcus Autism Center is naturally affiliated to the CDC and Autism Speaks as well as Emory University.


From John's article:

"Because the eye-tracking device allows for a non-invasive, portable assessment, the device could also enable pediatricians to provide comparable screening services globally. With such promise, a near future where infants are placed into an eye-tracking device at routine pediatric visits is compelling, if not guaranteed."

Another "test", another "service" that they can charge for - globally. So clever of them to come up with a test that detects VACCINE INJURY THAT THEY CAUSED via changes in eye contact that parents have been trying to tell them about for decades that before this test was all the parents' imagination - until they have a test that they can charge for and it's THEIR IDEA and they can control the situation and deflect blame by attributing the devastating finding to something (anything) else not connected to them. There will be money made selling the "device" to every pediatric practice - a device that they brag is "non-invasive", after they invasively inject toxins into babies starting during pregnancy and by the boatload starting at 2 months, they're going to do a "non-invasive" test. Incredible idiotic chutzbah.

So, thanks John for another bad idea - eye tracking testing. It's Medical Munchhausen By Proxy on steroids. Make babies sick and then "rescue" them with early detection, for a price.

John Stone


There is no doubt that including mercury in vaccines was very bad idea indeed, and indicative of the reckless negligence of health officials but I think you can achieve almost equal "success" without. This is a paper from 2014 charting the declining eye contact of infants in Atlanta from 2-6 months who later acquire a diagnosis autism, (Bernie) Marcus Autism Center study, but of course doesn't ask what environmental influences might cause this to happen.

I think the authors and Mr Marcus might ask themselves.

Bob Moffit

I believe the original "bad idea" .. the one that spawned all the following bad ideas .. was the scientifically implausible idea .. that mankind could actually create a "one size fits all" vaccine. This "bad idea" is far more "wishful thinking" than "science" .. as evidenced by Charles Richet's Nobel Prize winning conclusion .. over 100 years ago .. that the "humoral" immune system we all inherit is ours alone .. as unique to each of us as are our DNA and fingerprints.

And so .. if that bad idea qualifies as the original "bad idea" .. that would make the idea there is "more benefit than risk" to vaccines the second "bad idea". After all .. that statement only applies to those fortunate to "benefit" from the vaccine .. and .. callously denies any responsibility for those unfortunates who suffer the consequences of the most serious risks .. including death.

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