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Leadership & Longevity 2015 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Green UmblrellaBy Anne Dachel

This hour and a half talk by Dr. Andrew Wakefield was given in Wisconsin on Dec 2, 2015. 

This is Wakefield at his best and well worth watching.  He gives a brilliant rundown on the present state of the vaccine controversy in America and he describes the ominous future we face if things do not change.   This is both a medical crisis and a human rights issue. 

The forces we are up against are enormous and incredibly well-financed.  The power and control of the pharmaceutical industry matters more to elected officials than the welfare of their constituents.  These forces also control the media.  Most Americans have no idea that this horrific fraud is happening right before their eyes. 

Wakefield covers recent events, namely William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, and how a measles outbreak linked to Disneyland led to the end of vaccine choice in California.   Using the story of the MMR study cover-up and the revelation of a whistleblower scientist at Merck, he tells his audience how to fight vaccine mandate legislation and win. 

I summarized and quoted what Andy said during his talk. I'm sure you'll agree that he is a courageous and outstanding voice in a sea of silence, and his efforts will not be in vain. 

--Anne Dachel

Watch Dr. Andrew Wakefield discuss the widely controversial topic of vaccine health in his "CDC Whistleblower" presentation at the Leadership & Longevity 2015 Conference, Green Bay, WI, Dec 2, 2015.

Leadership & Longevity 2015 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield - YouTube

Introduction: "Just imagine that you were doing what you loved and what happens is all the world starts to criticize you.  Could any of you guys handle that?  This has been this guy's life for the last decade. . . . "

Andrew Wakefield: "...When a government subverts the rights of the individuals that it is sworn to serve, ...when those are superseded by special interests, by serving corporations, particularly the pharmaceutical industry, over and above the well-being of the citizens who put them in place, then that republic has come to an end."

Speaking on the explosion in the autism rate and what it means for the future of our county, Wakefield said, "This trend is continuing and there is no sign whatsoever that it will abate."

He cited Dr. Stephanie Seneff at MIT who predicts that the autism rate will be one in every two children by 2032.  "The risk for autism for a child born today is one in 25 at least.  This is not a genetic disorder.  This is an environmental disorder. I would go one step further: this is a manmade disorder. 

"No economy, no country, no system can sustain this level of damage. If you want to look at the greatest threat to this country today, this is it.  ...

"When you reach this position, what you have is no standing army, no police force, nothing.  You either have autism, or you look after someone who has autism.  Society ceases to exist as we know it.  That is the future and unless something happens dramatically, this is what we face."

Wakefield then went on to talk about autism worldwide and how it relates to the dramatic increase in the number of vaccines children receive and the protection given to the vaccine makers.  He talked about legislation to end exemptions in California.  "This is the United States of America.  What has happened?  And you may think that you're safe and you may have resisted bills that were trying to be passed across the country at the state level, but now entering Congress just recently is the federal mandatory vaccination bill and using Obama Care dollars or the threat of withholding those dollars unless your state passes a mandatory immunization bill.  This is what is going to happen.  Your children will be forced to be vaccinated, if they want an education.  This is not the end of it.  Soon it will be anyone who congregates in any environment, who comes to this church, will be forced by law to be vaccinated according to the schedule.  Children who've not been vaccinated on schedule, will be given all those vaccines at the same time to catch them up.

"There has never, in the history of this planet, been any safety study of that kind of strategy.  ..."

Wakefield related the story of a child who was given eight vaccines at once and who died shortly afterwards.  This death following vaccination was called coincidence and the parents would be forced to vaccinate subsequent children.  He went on to describe what happened to his original paper in 1998.  He noted that vaccine production was a "backwater" for the drug makers until they received liability protection.  "Vaccines became the future for the pharmaceutical industry."

Next the discussion turned to the motives of Brian Deer in his attacks on Wakefield. 

Wakefield presented heartbreaking examples of children with bowel disease following vaccination and related the bowel damage to the brain. 

"There is a link between the bowel and the brain that we have yet to understand.  And if this work had been allowed to continue, ...we'd be long way further forward in preventing suffering in these children.  And that has not happened.  It's not happened fundamentally because the pharmaceutical industry is determined with ruthless pragmatism to protect its bottom line.  It does not care whether vaccines cause autism or not. ..."

Wakefield cited the example of thalidomide which caused terrible birth defects in children whose mothers took the drug for morning sickness.  "It took 50 years for the drug company to acknowledge that their drug caused this problem."  

He went on to describe the tactics used by the vaccine makers who knew one version of the MMR vaccine caused meningitis.  Rather then immediately withdraw the vaccine, they simply renamed it and sold it in several countries resulting in a huge increase in meningitis in those places. "This is the morality of the people with whom we are dealing." 

William Thompson, senior scientist in the vaccine division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was the next topic.  Wakefield explained that Dr. Thompson admitted to Dr. Brian Hooker, father of an autistic son, that the agency had known about the link between the MMR vaccine and autism for over a decade and simply covered it up.  Wakefield called this "the beginning of the unearthing of the biggest medical fraud in history." 

The CDC study that Thompson referred to involved children in Atlanta, GA. CDC researchers discovered that two groups of children were especially susceptible to MMR damage: "African American boys and children irrespective of race, who were developmentally normal to twelve months of age.  That's a lot of children."

Wakefield described how Dr. Frank DeStefano of the National Immunization Program, along with Drs. Coleen Boyle and Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp reacted to the news of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.  "They decided that they were not going to publish those data, and they reworked them and reworked them and reworked them.  Dr. Thompson said that when the CDC finds an effect that they don't like, they go into a room, and they locked the scientists in that room until they can make that effect go away.  That is how they handle vaccine adverse reactions. . . .

"Their deepest concern was this: children at greatest risk ...they found that the children at greatest risk were those who got the vaccine according to the CDC's schedule, 12 to 18 months.  They had defined a period that put children at greatest risk."

Wakefield noted that the CDC could have used these findings to change the schedule, delay the MMR vaccine, and greatly reduce the risk of autism for children.  "They didn't do that.  They knowingly, and willfully, and recklessly put millions and millions of American children in harm's way to protect themselves, to protect vaccine policy, and perhaps to protect their friends in the industry."  Wakefield called this behavior "utter, utter hypocrisy."   He said that the CDC delayed publishing the paper and worked to change the findings.   Thompson said that when he informed the head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, that he was going to have to present the study findings at the Institute of Medicine meeting in 2004, he was threatened with the termination of his job.  "He was removed from the roster at the IOM, and Dr. DeStefano was put up there instead, and he flat-out lied to the Institute of Medicine." 

Wakefield added that presenting this fraudulent data led to the 5,000 claims of vaccine-induced autism being thrown out of vaccine court.  "They were denied justice.  So the CDC's crime had gone from a change in the protocol, concealment or omission of data, to obstruction of justice.  Now they had committed a criminal offense."

Wakefield recounted that U.S. Congressman Bill Posey made a statement about Dr. Thompson on the floor of the House.  The CDC's responded that they would conduct an internal investigation of the charge that the agency had destroyed data.  Wakefield quoted an email from Thompson:

"The CDC is not capable of conducting vaccine safety research.  The CDC is not capable of policing itself."

According to Wakefield, things are only going to get worse.  "If we thought that as adults we were exempt, then you will also probably know that California just passed its first adult mandatory vaccination bill.  This is going to be cradle to grave.  We are all going to become ATM machines for the pharmaceutical industry, because this is their law, a law that they are in effect writing and pushing through."

With regard to SB277, the California bill that ended personal vaccine exemptions for schoolchildren, Wakefield said,  "The battle in California was fought over freedom.  It was a complete mistake to fight this on the issue of personal freedom.  The paradox is of course that within the Constitution, it should be your right to decide exactly what happens to your body.  But the politicians had been persuaded that the interests of the greater good, the bigger group, the community, superseded those of the individual rights. ...Fighting it on the basis of individual freedom was destined to fail.  Do not do that here. 

"The very plank of this bill was that the vaccines are safe and efficacious.  In other words, they don't cause harm and they protect. 

"We've just dealt with federal fraud on the issue of safety for just one vaccine.  Let's take the issue of efficacy.  Merck are currently in federal court being sued under the Whistleblower Act for faking the efficacy of their MMR vaccine.  What happened is there were outbreaks of mumps around the world, around the country using MMRII, Merck's vaccine.  In highly vaccinated populations, children who'd received--adults who'd received two, three four doses of that vaccine were developing mumps.  It was not working.  On the product insert it says 96 percent efficacious. ... It was much, much lower than that.  Merck had actually no idea, no idea whatsoever what it was. 

"So the FDA said to them, unless you can prove your vaccine is as efficacious as you say on the product insert, we will pull your license.  Now if you pull the license for mumps, you pull the license for MMR, and they have a monopoly in this country and that is a lot of money.  It clearly also threatens the other vaccines that are in production. You need to keep in mind that there are nearly 300 vaccines in production. ..."

In response to the order from the FDA, Merck decided to alter the data on the vaccine.  They faked the efficacy of their MMR vaccine in the laboratory by adding rabbit's blood to increase the response.  One Merck scientist refused to alter the findings calling it fraud.  He reported to the FDA about the fraud at Merck.

The FDA then called Merck and told them they were coming to do a surprise inspection on the lab the following week, giving them time to destroy the evidence.  (The whistleblower at Merck had however secured the fraudulent data already.)

 "So there's just one vaccine, MMR.  What we have is a federal admission of fraud in relation to this vaccine safety, and a corporate admission of fraud in relation to its efficacy.  And that is the basis on which these cases must be fought on mandatory vaccination at the state and federal level. They are neither safe nor are they efficacious.   And once you prove that, which is easily done, then the whole plank comes out from under the mandatory vaccination bill.  So please don't be lured into this notion that it can be done on the basis of personal choice."

 Wakefield announced, "I am now a filmmaker.  I realized many years ago if you want to beat the media, you become the media.  And I've heard many, many extraordinary stories over the years, and I felt that these needed to be delivered to the public in a way that both entertained them and educated them.  The first documentary we made was about young Alex Spourdalakis from Chicago who--that boy who was given 25 psychotropic drugs whose mother eventually killed him and then tried to take her own life.  She is now in Cook County [Jail].  The tragic story of the failure of medicine at every level, every single level to protect these children. 

(InfoWars Feb 16, 2015, Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?"

"The story we're making now is about William Thompson, and we're very very close to going into post production.  This is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world, and we have some extraordinary characters that you will meet."

Wakefield said the documentary would be out in April 2016, right in time to affect the election. 

Next (auditory) clips from the film were aired. (1:00:00)

Wakefield posed the question: "Where does this go from here?  At the moment there is this inexorable march of mandatory vaccination across this country, and it's been allowed to happened for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is an extraordinary public relations effort on behalf of the public health and the pharmaceutical industry--one that we simply aren't able to match. ..."

Wakefield called on all Americans to decide where they stand on this issue.  "If you want a world where 80 percent of boys have autism, then do nothing. ..."

"There will be over 100,000 children diagnosed with autism in this year alone in this country and the average cost estimated to raise one of those children, to look after them for their natural life, is $3.2 million [from a conservative figure by Harvard researcher Michael Ganz a decade ago.] By 2025, autism will cost this country a trillion dollars a year.  This is going to bankrupt the country. ...Most of the country is still asleep. They don't know and they don't care.  Autism is everyone's problem."

Wakefield talked about how autism is changing education. Money that used to go to honors classes now goes to special education.   "If you look closely, it is boys who are failing, disproportionate numbers compared to girls. ...This is a biological effect."   

More audio clips from the documentary were included that show the incredible lack of safety involved with vaccine development and use.

Wakefield cautioned his audience against feeling sorry for him because of what he's gone through since his 1998 paper.  "I am not a victim.  These children are victims.  It's been an enormous privilege to work with these families and these children.  I have no regrets whatsoever. ..."  He urged viewers to get educated on this subject. 

During the Q and A Wakefield was asked about the schedule, and he talked about delaying and spacing out vaccines.  He also made the personal admission that if he had young children today, "I would not vaccinate them.  And that's the only honest answer I can give you.  That is not advice to anyone else, it's simply from my own experience and the more I look into this, the more concerned I become. ..."

Age of Autism has covered the issues Dr. Wakefield discussed numerous times.  Here are just a few of them.


Mary Braben

Dr Wakefield...Hero.
I have never had a vaccine in my life..born 1937.
My Mother took us to our cousins and friends to catch measles whilst in full health to give us the in built imunity for life.Looks like she was right.
Fast forward to the sixties ...I was put under pressure to have my 5 and a half year old son vaccinated...He became seriously ill on first day
Later diagnosed with Encephalitis. ..I accused the pharmaceutical company ...they completely denied
Then one year later it was withdrawn after further cases and 1968...I have followed Dr. Wakefield ever since. Good Luck to the man with guts to stick with it.

david m burd

Ronald Kostoff --- An additional comment we indeed agree upon - the U.S. Congress.

The U.S. Congress is, yes, in the hip pocket of the CDC/NIH/FDA/Pharma Cabal and there is no hope there.

To repeat my just-prior thought: A President speaking out forcefully on the true damage of child vaccinations would change EVERYTHING and empower here-to-fore ignorant parents. And if there is any justice, the Chiefs of the Cabal would be sacked and prosecuted.

IF it costs him/her reelection, a true patriotic American President I'm sure would happily lose, and not worry about it. And our nation and families would finally go into the future in strong health, damn the Congress and Supreme Court, and the Cabal.

david m burd

Ronald Kostoff,

First, I am an ally with Laura Hayes and so many others --- Civil Disobedience has to take place, and in ever greater numbers.

Second, a new President has incredible influence and the Bully Pulpit if he/she would speak out and say there are indeed great and mortal risks via vaccinations to our infants and children.

The mainstream media/press could not suppress, and would report albeit grudgingly, what the President says on such a critical issue as child health being absolutely necessary for sustaining a viable future United States Republic.

THIS would be the EXACT OPPOSITE of such as Pres. Obama declaring a National Emergency vis-a-vis the fraudulent 2009 Swine/H1N1 "pandemic" - with his promoting and spending another $7 Billion dollars for the extremely toxic H1N1 concoctions rushed into the Fall months of 2009.

A President actually knowledgeable (via many notables such as Wakefield, Blaylock, Haley, et al.) would, yes, change everything. It doesn't take a Supreme Court, whatever, to make new rulings.

Such a President going public about the extreme dangers of vaccines would EMPOWER the everyday mother and father to morally act with civil disobedience to protect their children.

Susan Cook

Thank you Dr Wakefield for this speech, many children, parents aunts uncles, grandparents will be very appreciative of all the work and dedication you have provided Its shameful that one man has spent so much time trying to prove a point, Many parents feel guilty agitated shameful that there child has been subjected to this pain, many parents will have to pay for there child for many more years and have had to since the 90's . Many children have died ,many are suffering to this day. When will it stop , when will they take responsibly, when will they help the parents and children and yet the Government and the vaccines continue to provide these vaccines.


Vaccines were debunked over one hundred years ago, specifically when Dr. John Tilden "cured" (rather healed) all so-called infectious conditions using basically detoxification and rest. The debate is not "vaccines cause autism" but the very real fact that "heavy metals accumulate in the nervous system." Anyone familiar with Dr. leary's 8 circuit model of consciousness recognizes that anything which limits the human nervous system in essence limits an individual's ability to learn or gain intelligence because it is the interaction that allows you to learn (your mark of intelligence how you take in the information and THEN present it back out to the world.) It's very obvious that this rhetoric of vaccinating is creating the condition all the while continuing the cycle by forcing good-natured nurses and caring people to vaccinate themselves to work in the industry - setting the stage for further lack of development in themselves and their offspring.
I'm not the first person to say this. Dr. herbert shelton, dr. stanley bass, dr. charles campbell, dr. suzanne humphries - the names go on and on of people who know vaccines are causing damage.


I don't know about anyone else , but this comment just made my day.

It cuts right to the truth, in a way that anyone should be able to understand.


Laura's last post about doctors, nurses, and pharmacists violating informed consent and coercing a parenting into vaccinating his/her child has me reflecting. With SB277 taking effect this year, for future posterity and possible legal recourse, maybe it would be wise for any parent who is coerced into vaccinating his/her child formally document their objection by notarizing it. They may include in the document such details as the the healthcare professional doing the vaxxing, and why they feel pressured.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Anne, for directing us to this lecture. Thank you, again and again, Dr. Wakefield! Happy New Year all!


I watched the video...excellent as always. I learn so much watching Dr. Wakefield speak.


Thank you, Age of Autism, (and Andy W) for keeping us up to date on vaccines and related matters. Your articles are always well balanced and could not be accused of bias.

Happy new year to you all from beautiful Cornwall in the UK.


Dr. Kostoff,
You are 100% correct. But, the more that speak out like you are with your book and here, the more chance we have of overturning this tyranny.

Laura Hayes

One more agenda item for 2016:

Make known the fact that any doctor, nurse, or pharmacist who would vaccinate a person against their wishes and will, or a child against their parent's wishes and will, is a monster engaging in sinister behavior. They may try to rationalize and justify their evil behavior, but there is no rationalizing or justifying medical assault against an unwilling patient from whom prior, voluntary/free/uncoerced, and informed consent has not been obtained.

Until the medical tyranny in our country is stopped in its tracks, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists need to ask themselves if they are going to be complicit in medically assaulting their patients, with the very real outcomes of causing ill health, disability, and premature death in their patients, or whether they are going to do all they can to ensure that their patients are not going to be forced to submit to that which they don't want.

"Creative disobedience" will be required by ethical and moral medical professionals until mandated medicine is stopped in our country. I sincerely hope that doctors, nurses, and pharmacists will actively refuse to engage in forced medicine, will loudly speak out against it, will do what is needed to help their patients avoid it, and will help their profession to find its moral compass...using whatever creative disobedience is required to protect their whom their first allegiance is owed.

What's the difference between a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist who would vaccinate a patient against their wishes and will, or a child against their parent's wishes and will, without prior, free/voluntary/uncoerced, and informed consent, and a person who forces another to submit to any other type of bodily invasion or bodily assault against their wishes and will? There is no difference, and doctors, nurses, and pharmacists would be wise to understand that. Let them remember that we will all be judged and held accountable for our actions one day.


Vaccines were debunked over one hundred years ago, specifically when Dr. John Tilden "cured" (rather healed) all so-called infectious conditions using basically detoxification and rest. The debate is not "vaccines cause autism" but the very real fact that "heavy metals accumulate in the nervous system." Anyone familiar with Dr. leary's 8 circuit model of consciousness recognizes that anything which limits the human nervous system in essence limits an individual's ability to learn or gain intelligence because it is the interaction that allows you to learn (your mark of intelligence how you take in the information and THEN present it back out to the world.) It's very obvious that this rhetoric of vaccinating is creating the condition all the while continuing the cycle by forcing good-natured nurses and caring people to vaccinate themselves to work in the industry - setting the stage for further lack of development in themselves and their offspring.
I'm not the first person to say this. Dr. herbert shelton, dr. stanley bass, dr. charles campbell, dr. suzanne humphries - the names go on and on of people who know vaccines are causing damage.

Ronald Kostoff


"Only a new American President who has an open mind, and recognizes the ongoing catastrophe, and is not brainwashed by the CDC/NIH/FDA/Pharma Cabal - only then will there be a new dawn."

What do you see as a pathway for making these changes? The Supreme Court essentially upheld the 1986 vaccine act by a vote of 6-2, with one abstention. Any new justices would have to be confirmed by the Senate, and I don't see approval for anyone who wants to reverse present vaccine policy. I don't recall any Congressperson supporting Posey; 534-1 is not good odds! The only time I've heard vaccines mentioned in the Presidential campaign was that one time in the debate when Trump, Carson, and Rand responded to a question. I've never heard any candidate on either side mention vaccines in a speech or rally. Right now, the three branches of government are in lock-step on present policy.

Usually, when a President wants to make changes in an area where there's resistance, such as Obamacare, he/she needs a healthy majority in Congress, and has to be willing to make concessions. Where's the majority (never mind healthy); almost all Congresspeople are AWOL on the vaccine issue? Even if the President wanted to nominate sympathetic Directors for the different vaccine-related agencies, the Secretary of HHS requires Senate confirmation, as do the Directors of FDA and NIH. If the Senate had any inclination that one of these nominees wanted to reverse direction on vaccine policy, confirmation would be essentially impossible. I'm having a hard time seeing a pathway to reversing course on vaccine policy.

Am I overly pessimistic?

John Stone

Thanks Benedetta - Happy New Year!


Thanks Anne and Andy! Happy New Year everyone!


Peace and Love and Hope for a truly Happy New Year to the autism community and especially to all those out front fighting for all that is good and right.


Debunked - is as Sharyl Atkinson says -- part of astroturf
Defining astroturf is when a company, government, tries to pass on information and pretend it is not from a company or government agency but from grass roots.

Happy New Year to you John Stone.

P.S. Loved that Dr. Wakefield told us that the area that the vaccines are affecting is not only the brain stem but the nucleus (is that right) of the vagal nerve. The nerve that leads to the GI track.

Jenny Allan

Scotland at "the bells" 10 minutes past midnight 1st January 2016

A guid new year to ane an' a'
An' mony may ye see,
An' during a' the years to come,
O happy may ye be.
An' may ye ne'er hae cause to mourn,
To sigh or shed a tear;
To ane an'a baith great an' sma'
A hearty guid New year.

Love to all Jennyxxx

Congress is useless

Ha! Congressman Garamendi saying on television that Congress has done a lot this year! A lot of nothing in terms of vaccine safety and serious allegations from #CDCwhistleblower!! Since he's from California I guess we know how he voted and where his intere$t$ lie.

david m burd

We have to accept stark reality, kudos to Laura Hayes and Andrew Wakefield, et al.

The California law SB277, signed on by Gov. Jerry Brown, with not enough citizens signing for a recall/review tells the tale.

Pharma and its CDC/NIH/FDA Cabal, along with Mainstream Media, are demonstrablly completely ignorant or corrupt. There is literally no time to lose.

Only a new American President who has an open mind, and recognizes the ongoing catastrophe, and is not brainwashed by the CDC/NIH/FDA/Pharma Cabal - only then will there be a new dawn.

Adam Mortenson

Glad to see Wakefield finally come around to the fact that THERE ARE NO SAFE VACCINES and that if he were to have children now he wouldn't vaccinate them at all. THANK YOU! I used to cringe every time I'd hear him (or anyone else) acknowledge the dangers of vaccines and the connection to the autism epidemic and then in the same breath praise vaccines as some great god sent that we should still do albeit more cautiously. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!? Exsqueeze me! He is right about this - The longer anyone looks into vaccines,their ingredients and the corruption around it all the less likely anyone will use them.

John Stone

Happy New Year Alli!


I can't believe how successfully the media has tarnished Andrew Wakefield in the minds of so many Americans--especially those Americans that follow the neo-liberal ideology. When I actually end up in a vaccine conversation with one of these people who are polluted by vaccine propaganda and I say that Andrew Wakefield is our Galileo...I can see them categorize me among the stupids or crazies. So many people blame him for everything including the vaccine load. They think that if Andrew Wakefield hadn't spoken out so strongly that this whole vaccine debacle wouldn't have happened. I hate to say it because I was once one myself, but it is the Democrats that are supporting mandates and spreading disgusting lies. It is the Democrats that are the most bamboozled.

So when do we get a break in the wall? Maybe it will come from an unexpected direction like a freak storm. Maybe people will realize that the government is corrupt in other ways, why not this way. California's methane leak is being blamed on a corrupt regulatory commission. People watch the movie the Big Short and see the corruption in the banking industry and the government regulation of it. Merck's stocks are dropping of late... we have too many kids on prescription pain kills that kill thousands every year. I'm waiting for the light bulb to come on in a few heads... then people might start thinking...hmmm maybe, just maybe those crazy anti-vaxers might be on to something. The CDC and FDA are revolving doors of corruption just like the rest....

Alli Edwards

Happy New Year Anne, Andy & John.
Keep up the good work.

John Stone

Hi Jenny

Reid announced his retirement from politics the weekend the Davis conflict came to light

I have occasionally wondered whether these events were connected.

Happy New Year btw.



Dr. Wakefield should meet with Donald Trump. Two people who actually aren't afraid of the truth and who care enough to stop the carnage. I couldn't help but laugh at CNN's pathetic attempt to 'understand' Trump's popularity. They mentioned tv fame, other lame things. What they missed was just how pissed off the average American is with corruption, especially where our children's health is concerned.

Jenny Allan

Errata -Sorry! The Labour Health Minister at the time of the UK Wakefield MMR scandal was John Reid. My apologies to the family of the late Labour leader John Smith, an honorable and talented man.

david m burd

There are so many heroes and heroines advocating and spending their lives bringing truth of the Vaccine Carnage to our children, and so many of us are incredibly thankful.

I'm 100% in with Laura, but I'm afraid Reality raises its ugly head when it comes to repealing the 1986 NCVIA because the vast majority of Congress Members are completely ignorant on medical issues and, of course, their campaign coffers are stocked with Pharma $Dollars.

BUT, it is just a chance, only a chance, that a new President (certainly not Hillary Clinton) will make a STRONG PRIORITY and STRONG QUICK ACTION to unraveling CDC's utter corruption and lies, with at least one key to truth being the William Thompson Affair.

There can be no higher priority than stopping the destruction of our children's health by CDC/NIH/Pharma, but only a Congress strongly directed/led by an honest President willing to ignore the hoard of Pharma/CDC officials can bring this about.

Or, as Wakefield and so many others have said our culture and families are doomed.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Anne, for this excellent summary of Andy's excellent presentation.

I was especially thrilled that Andy stated publicly that he would not vaccinate his own children were he to have them today...such a statement has been very long in coming and being spoken by him...and by many other doctors in the know, too.

Thank you, Andy, for your bold words...they are desperately needed and greatly appreciated. Hopefully, they will embolden others.

Andy is correct about not leading with the personal choice argument. A number of us veterans here in CA tried relentlessly to get "newbies" to focus on the horrific dangers and inexcusable inefficacies of vaccines, both of which are all too real and all too rampant, but we were ignored and outvoted time and again. (We most likely had infiltrators directing this losing strategy and influencing the many new people to the cause.)

In 2016, people need to get on board with 3 agenda items, strongly and quickly: BAN vaccine mandates, RESTORE individual and parental rights to make medical decisions, including vaccination decisions, and REPEAL the 1986 NCVIA. Anyone not on board with that 3-pronged agenda is a liability, or worse.

It is well past time to stop fighting the exemption battles. We should not need to formally exempt out of any medical treatment or procedure...a simple "no thank you" should always suffice. Time to reclaim our rights and our republic.


Shave five points off of every one's IQ - because of lead - What did we get?

Joan Campbell

We are the light fighting the darkness and we are right in the knowledge that they do know the damage and injury that they have caused. May they rot in their greed. Keep up the good work everyone and a Happy New Year.

Jenny Allan

"There is a link between the bowel and the brain that we have yet to understand. And if this work had been allowed to continue, ...we'd be long way further forward in preventing suffering in these children. And that has not happened. It's not happened fundamentally because the pharmaceutical industry is determined with ruthless pragmatism to protect its bottom line. It does not care whether vaccines cause autism or not. ..."

Rather then immediately withdraw the (Urabe mumps containing MMR) vaccine, they simply renamed it and sold it in several countries resulting in a huge increase in meningitis in those places.
"This is the morality of the people with whom we are dealing."

These comments from Dr Wakefield are worth repeating, over and over again. Dr Wakefield has moved on from those dark days when he was hounded out of his research position, deprived of his licence to practise medicine, and forced to leave the country he loved. It's easy to blame journalist Brian Deer, but this narcissic fantasist, with NO scientific or medical qualifications whatsoever, was plainly employed by senior UK establishment persons to find the 'evidence' which condemned Dr Wakefield and his two clinician colleagues. Protecting public trust in the MMR vaccine was considered more important than the vaccine's safety.

Mostly, Deer simply ignored the facts and made up the evidence against the three doctors. He used innuendo and 'smoke and mirrors' tactics to 'fit up' the available facts and make them into something damning. One of the most shameful episodes was the publishing of Deer's BMJ articles, one of which questions whether autism related enterocolitis exists. Mainstream medicine now fully accepts the link between autism and bowel disorders, but Deer's BMJ sponsored articles put this important research back YEARS. Deer also slandered those Royal Free pathologist colleagues involved in writing the 1998 Wakefield et al Lancet article. Fiona Godlee, Editor of the BMJ shamefully, attempted to accuse ALL of Dr Wakefield's co authors of being involved in fraudulent research, and have Dr Wakefield's name expunged from ALL the many research papers he was involved with. Thankfully, this was a step too far. Most of those co-authors were still employed by University College London (UCL), and any fraudulent allegations against them, would have inevitably been tested in a proper Court of Law or Employment Tribunal. There's no question, a REAL Judge would have dismissed Deer's fabrications, as happened later, during Wakefield Colleague, Professor Walker-Smith's High Court appeal against the GMC's removal of his licence to practice. Judge Lord Justice Mitting, was scathing about the GMC's 'superficial and inadequate' examining of Deer's evidence, and stated much of it was just plain WRONG!! The Judge stopped short of accusing Deer of making things up, but we can draw our own conclusions. Deer's response on his web page and on Matt Carey's LB/RB blog was to accuse the Judge of 'inexperience' - VERY unwise!! In the UK, Judges are inviolate. Deer plainly regards himself as an expert on the law, as well as an expert on histopathology, science, medicine and anything else you can think of. Walter Mitty comes to mind.

UCL Medical Director Professor Mark Pepys, was interviewed during BBC Radio 4's shameful 'Science Betrayed' programme which also featured Brian Deer and Fiona Godlee. Dr Wakefield attempted to defend himself against these Witch Finders, but the whole programme was named and devoted to Dr Wakefield's 'fraudulent' betrayal of scientific research principles. What chance did he have? I complained to the BBC, but this left wing establishment toadying bunch, pays scant attention to those citizens who pay the licence fee (and therefore their salaries).

So who are these persons Dr Wakefield is referring to when he highlights "the morality of the people with whom we are dealing."?
Professor Mark Pepyps admitted on that BBC Radio interview, he effectively got rid of Dr Wakefield, by asking him to leave his research position. (Refusal would have meant a sacking). Prof Pepys then withdrew all UCL support for Dr Wakefield's patented Transfer Factor, NOT a vaccine, as Deer claimed, but designed to ameliorate the effects of measles, particularly in children who could not be vaccinated due to their immune systems being compromised. (ie children with cancer undergoing chemotherapy). Dr Wakefield was working on a hypothesis, vaccine derived measles virus, could be causing gut problems in autistic children. This research was deliberately stopped and denigrated, in my opinion a chance to understand and treat both gut disorders and autism was deliberately and shamefully prevented. Prof Pepys linked up with MMR vaccine manufacturers GSK (what a coincidence),to produce a new company Pentraxin Therapeutics, and produced a plethora of patents of his own. At the last count he was going 'cap in hand' to the UK Medical Research Council for funding to research the benefits of .....guess what? 'immunotherapy'...yes the same therapies Dr Wakefield was working on. As Deer says:- 'You couldn't make it up!'

Some other high profile persons involved were then Labour Health Minister John Smith, now Lord, who more or less ordered the GMC to drag Dr Wakefield and Clinician Colleagues Profs Murch and Walker-Smith through that three year £8million farce of a kangaroo court or 'inquisition', as Prof W-S called it in his memoir. The Director of Immunisation at the Department of Health, Professor David Salisbury, sanctioned the introduction of a dangerous MMR vaccine, in defiance of warnings, and later suppressed for 20 years the official papers, admitting the harm caused by the vaccine. By a strange coincidence these papers were released in June 2010 instead of January, just in time for the guilty GMC verdicts on all three doctors. Would this 'trial' have gone ahead if the dangers of this MMR vaccine had been known to the GMC panel beforehand? I think NOT. Several of the Lancet children had been administered the MMR Urabe vaccine, and had suffered accordingly. Salisbury, as stated above, had no qualms about renaming and selling on the dangerous Urabe MMR vaccine to other countries. SHAMEFUL -and to my mind criminal.

Angus Files

Thanks Dr Wakefield for summarising a vast topic in such a concise learned manner. Truth will win in the end, which we all believe it will. The most I think, people can do is refuse ,corporatism, where possible , buy grow and learn what you can from one another, and refuse the poisoned needles, cloaked under the darkness of vaccination.

Wishing everyone around the world, a Happy New Year from Scotland when it comes ,thinking of you all.

Sláinte mhaith! (good health)


John Stone


Quite right: one should alway mistrust the word "debunked". It proposes only a socialite's standard for judging the value of information. It really only tells you that you invite social mockery if you defend something, it doesn't tell you that it isn't true. It is essentially a disgusting and crooked strategy and should put anyone on their guard when they see it.

Tony Bateson

The pharmaceutical industry is certainly massively powerful and has a stranglehold on the politics of vaccination. It is also extremely stupid if judged only from the commonality of its actions. I have received hundreds, possibly thousands of newspaper reports from many towns and cities in the USA, couched in exactly the same terminology and claiming that 'Wakefield has been debunked'. It is an especially crude term given the sophistication of this issue and it suggests that all of these comments, often attributed to a local MD, emanate from one source. Either that or local MD's have an impaired command of language.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK

John Stone

Happy New Year Andy, Happy New Year Anne!


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