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Irish Investigate Vaccination Experiments on Infants of "Unwed" Mothers

WeepThe Catholic nuns have said that instruction was issued by the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (CICA), who deny the accusation. The CICA were examining the vaccine trials until legal action halted the investigation.Irish Central reports:

The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary made this claim, through their lawyers, in a letter to Tusla, Ireland’s the Child and Family Agency. The letter, dated January 2015, was released to the Cork-based newspaper, the Irish Examiner, under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Irish Examiner reports that in August 2014 a letter was sent by assistant principal social worker Pearl Doyle asking a series of questions in relation to material transferred by request to Tusla, in 2011. This letter was sent as the Irish Government was proposing setting up an investigation into mother and baby homes.

In the letter a total of 23 questions were posed concerning infant mortality, burials, financial records and, vaccine records. Among these questions Doyle asked where the “complete” list of vaccine records are and how children were chosen, whether the consent of the mother was obtained and, if so, where these consent forms are.

Five months later the order of nuns replied, through their lawyers, reported that they had been instructed to destroy “all documents on the advice of the CICA.

The letter stated:

“The congregation handed over all records held to the HSE [Health Service Executive]. The congregation were directed by the Commission of Inquiry into the Vaccine Trials in 2013 we believe to destroy all documents in their possession or under their control regarding the trials.”

CICA has said it issued “no such instruction.”  Read the full article here.


British Autism Mother

This was covered in the UK either by "The Observer, "The Mail on Sunday" or "The Sunday Times" within the last few years. Sadly, Times newspapers are behind a paywall to which I don't have access. This story was also covered with on-the-ground footage and interviews by at least one television programme. Maybe trawling Youtube would be worth a few minutes?

angus files

A blog below gives some sources Christine.




Are there any Irish news sources that have been comprehensively covering this story?


Ohh, I am terrible -- I can't help thinking that yeah they did did test for safety on the most helpless of populations and such cold hearted people would be like -- "It is a bad vaccine we are making here, but if we split that vaccine up a bit more, tweak it here and there maybe the vast population won't notice?

Jeff C

This is absurd on so many levels. This Order of nuns destroyed records regarding an active investigation of alleged reprehensible behavior on the Order's part. Not only that, they destroyed the records based on instructions from those who were investigating them? (Who of course deny it.) Even if it were true, wouldn't anybody with even a shred of common sense and integrity have questioned these instructions? This really is disgusting, there is no plausible explanation other than a deliberate attempt to impede the investigation.

This is no different than organized crime.

Anita D

Wow. I can't believe they destroyed these docs. Can they be forced to testify about what they remember from them? I want to know if the docs demonstrated that vaccines caused death. This would give meaning to the suffering and expose the pepertrators to justice for not only this but later crimes.

Disgusted with doctors

Disgusting. It's really disgusting that the doctors aren't speaking out when we're now obviously at the point of doing more harm than good. If you polled trust on doctors now I'm sure many would say they've lost trust.

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