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Bexsero: Offit Article Still the Theoretical Basis of the Ever Expanding Vaccine Schedule

Prof liz millerBy John Stone

Paul Offit’s notorious article in which he claimed it would be “theoretically” safe to give 10,000 vaccines to an infant in one go remains the dogma underpinning the United Kingdom’s ever expanding vaccine schedule (EEVS), for which the latest edition is the Meningitis B vaccine, Bexsero. In a recent interview Prof Elizabeth Miller of Public Health England cites the 2002 article when referring  to "strong scientific arguments against the immune overload hypothesis": Offit’s article is listed in the footnotes. The language is notable: Miller can scarcely cite strong evidence so she cites “arguments” instead. It should be clear that the supposed safety of the expanding schedule is based on a mixture of conjecture and whimsy. For the industry to market new products for your baby they have to have a dogma that there can never be too many and Offit created the dogma.

I first tried to highlight the yawning scientific gap in BMJ Rapid Responses in June 2004 quoting the words of the then Chief Medical Officer for England, Sir Liam Donaldson in an National Health Service pamphlet in answer to the question: “Does MMR overload young bodies?” To which Sir Liam responds:

"Again, all the evidence refutes this. In fact, a child's immune system is designed to cope with many different viruses at the same time, so a combined vaccine is a natural choice."

I asked mmrthefacts NHS website:

"Is the CMO entitled to present this as a medically established fact rather than a theoretical proposition? What is the experimental evidence that all children are equally able to sustain multiple exposure? What does the CMO mean by "designed?"

To which I had a reply after some pause:

"The CMO is entitled to present his statement about the immune system as a medically established fact rather than theoretical proposition. From the moment of birth a child's immune system is able to cope with the constant barrage of pathogens. As the CMO stated, this is what the..."immune system is designed cope tih (sic)..."As for example, the digestive system is "designed" to digest food and liver is "designed" to detoxify the blood. Part of the licensing process of any combination vaccine, such as MMR, has to show that the combination is safe and effective when administered to the age group for which it is intended.

There is recent research from the US which supports this statement as it has specifically looked at the ability of children's immune systems, estimating that a child's immune system could cope with 10,000 vaccines any one time. Please see Offit PA et al (2002) Addressing parents' concerns: Do multiple vaccines overwhelm or weaken infant's immune system?Pediatics, 109 (1): 124-9


Support Team"

Apart from anything else it is a deceit to call it research, since it is simply a projection based on certain assumptions.

Some week later the head of the UK vaccine programme, Prof David Salisbury, announced on BBC television that a baby’s immune system could “tolerate one thousand vaccines”. When I queried this in correspondence Salisbury wrote to me in clarification:

"Turning to my comments on Newsnight - I suggest you read Paul Offit's paper - as I have done. On page 126, he states: "Current data suggest that the theoretical capacity determined by diversity of antibody variable gene regions would allow for as many as 109 (1,000,000,000) to 1011(100,000,000,000) different antibody specificities". And "... then each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10,000 vaccines at any one time" - not antigens. I was speaking very specifically about the infant immune system's ability to respond, in the context of the ridiculous suggestion that the new vaccine combination, containing far fewer antigens than the one it will replace, would overload the immune system. My words were "The immune system of a baby has got huge spare capacity to deal with challenge. If we didn't, the human race wouldn't survive. But let's look specifically at vaccine. This has been studied carefully. A baby's immune system could actually tolerate perfectly well 1,000 vaccines". At no point did I suggest that 1,000 vaccines would not increase the probability of adverse reactions - a quite different matter." (Email August 26, 2004 10.03 am)

One might have thought that if every infant’s immune system was that resourceful we would not have any need to fear diseases at all, let alone vaccinate against them – meanwhile Salisbury confesses that multiple vaccines heighten the risks.

In 2004 a two month old British baby received 5 vaccines – we were about to shift from DPT with thimerosal to DTaP + HiB and OPV. Now we are up - with the recent addition of Bexsero - to eight, and no doubt, on the Offit doctrine, rising. There is no doubt that Meningitis B is a horrible disease but Bexsero is a horrible vaccine to administer to millions of infants who will never get it. The US package insert records the routine adverse reactions to the vaccine (but this is only for 10-25 year olds):

The most common solicited adverse reactions observed in clinical trials were pain at the injection site (≥83%), myalgia (≥48%),erythema (≥45%), fatigue (≥35%), headache (≥33%),induration (≥28%), nausea (≥18%), and arthralgia (≥13%)...

Regarding serious effects (but again just 10-25 year-olds):

Serious Adverse Events Overall, in clinical studies, among 3,058 participants 10 through 25 years of age who received at least 1 dose of BEXSERO 66 (2.1%) participants reported serious adverse events at any time during the study. In the 3 controlled studies.. (BEXSERO N=2716, Control N=2078), serious adverse events within 30 days after any dose were reported in 23 (0.8%) BEXSERO recipients and 10(0.5%) control recipients.

A two month old infant not only has to ride this: it gets it in conjunction with a five in one vaccine (DTaP+HiB+IPV), a pneumococcal vaccine and oral rotavirus. Not only that, they will have to receive it twice more – each time with several other vaccines.

The United Kingdom vaccine schedule up until 12-13 months is now:

2 months

5-in-1 (DTaP/IPV/Hib) vaccine – this single jab contains vaccines to protect against five separate diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis), polio and Haemophilus influenzae type b (known as Hib – a bacterial infection that can cause severe pneumonia or meningitis in young children) , Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine,Men B vaccine

3 months

5-in-1 (DTaP/IPV/Hib) vaccine, Men C vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine

4 months

5-in-1 (DTaP/IPV/Hib) vaccine, Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine, Men B vaccine second dose

12-13 months

Hib/Men C booster, given as a single jab containing meningitis C, and Hib, MMR, Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine, Men B vaccine

This is what your baby was designed to receive according to Sir Liam, Prof Salisbury and Prof Miller.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


Ed Yazbak


You are absolutely right to be concerned.

The following may also be relevant to this discussion.

The Abstract of a September 2014 publication discussing Bexsero clinical trials was published on Pub Med without a listing of the authors.

Under the title: “Meningococcal B vaccine. An immunogenic vaccine possibly useful during outbreaks”, the authors reported that:

“Clinical trials of this meningococcal B vaccine did not assess clinical protection”

“The meningococcal B vaccine provoked local adverse effects in most vaccinees, including local erythema, induration and pain.”

“Fever occurred in about half of vaccinated children.”

“Six cases of Kawasaki syndrome have been reported in children who received the vaccine, compared to only one case in control groups.”

The published abstract ended with: “In practice, the harm-benefit balance of this meningococcal B vaccine justify using it during outbreaks, provided the outbreak strain is covered by the vaccine antigens. Vaccinees should be enrolled in studies designed to evaluate clinical efficacy and to better determine the risk of Kawasaki syndrome.”

John Stone

It is obviously very concerning that there should be two reported deaths even before the vaccine had been placed on any schedule.

John Stone
angus files

When is enough, going to have a meaning anymore?When will the UK sit up and regain control of its failing organisations who if they were promotting cars you would run a mile from,but worse they inject vaccines and say they would inject 10,000 and it would be ok,disgusting.


John Stone


I am not sure why we should be afraid of it - the article said 10,000 and that was what Elizabeth Miller was citing. It is always worth recalling that he considered 100,000 but it wasn't the main point.


Thanks, Twyla, for the link, though most of us (like me) aren't going to understand the article very well. I recently bought How the Immune System Works by Lauren Sompayrac to inform myself of the basics and, boy, the immune system cannot be described as simple.

Nor is it homogeneous. Surely throughout our evolution the exposure of a babe-in-arms to antigenic invaders has been primarily through the respiratory and digestive tracts and the type/quantity of antibodies is different in these systems than in the blood. The primary mucosal antibody, IgA, is good at gathering pathogens and sweeping them out of the body without triggering inflammation. IgG, by contrast, the most abundant antibody in the blood, is good at "fixing complement" which includes an inflammatory response. Cytokines generated by inflammatory response can up-regulate class I MHC expression on normal cells in the tissues, making these normal cells better targets for destruction.

Sandy Lunoe

Dr Offit’s statement concerning 10,000 vaccines was a cunning strategy to lull parents into accepting introduction of even more vaccines in the childhood vaccination schedule.

(He also maintains “The dose makes the poison”, so confirming that toxicity may increase with the number of vaccines received).

Here is my tragically hilarious communication regarding this issue with Prof.David M Salisbury CB FRCP FRCPCH FFPH, U.K Dir. of Immunisation. (Laugh or weep):


I also asked Dr. Salisbury these two questions about Bexsero:

1)What is the function of histidine?
2)Regarding OMVs (outer membrane vesicles), I understand that they are involved in creation of antibodies. Do they also function as adjuvant?

Answer received:
1) I suggest you contact Novartis for information on the histidine content.
2) It is not possible to answer if they have an adjuvanting effect - that certainly was not the reason for the inclusion of the OMVs.

Yours sincerely,
Professor David M Salisbury CB FRCP FRCPCH FFPH. Dir.Immunisation, U.K. Dept.of Health.

(- So now we know?)

Gary Ogden

Twyla: Wow. Thank you. Everything but the v word. This article is a must-read. Also a must-read: "Neuroimmunity: A New Science That Will Revolutionize How We Keep our Brains Healthy and Young," by a team of Israeli neuroimmunologists headed by Michal Schwartz and excerpted in the current Natural History. Some gems: ". . . the immune system plays a central role in the function and maintenance of the brain." And, "The immune system is not part of the brain's network of neurons but is the body's orchestrating system, which controls the brain." And where is the bulk of the immune system located? In the gut. The obviousness of the impact of seriously altering immune function with excessive vaccination playing a causal role in autism and a host of other autoimmune conditions just screams out from knowledge we already possess. Overstimulation of the immune system at a very vulnerable time in its development floods the brains of the susceptible with cytokines, damaging developing neuronal connections. NIH, are you awake? CDC, are you aware that we already have enough knowledge to put an immediate moratorium on all vaccination?

Richard P Milner

Here is Dr. Offit being rebutted by Dr. Boyd Haley.


Surely vaccines couldn't contribute to the conditions described here, as they have nothing to do with stimulating the immune system, right?

offit and the big enough lie

@benedetta please find the link to offit implying people have too many children. That would help wake up some religious groups I think. By the way thanks for your many many thought provoking comments


What gives?! Does vaccination provide that rare, sad example where our instinct for self-preservation does not extend to our offsprings.


I can't speak for anyone else here, but that definitely doesn't apply to me.

Although it was clearly too little too late, my kids haven't been vaccinated since I woke up back in 2007.

And the next person who decides to try and vaccinate either one of them, will have to step over my dead corpse to do do it.

Art of Autism

Paul Offit said a baby's immune system could handle 10,000 vaccines. He later upped the ante by saying "it was probably closer to 100,000".

Adjusted for Offit's weight that then is about 1.2 million vaccines @ .82 each (we'll get them in China) and so $ 984,000.

The Offit Challenge, we've got the website waiting and domain OffitChallenge.Com

Any hearty souls care to help kickstart a Kickstarter campaign?


I just got an email from my Daughters developmental center that she is overdue for,
Polio Vaccine Overdue
Hepatitis A Vaccine Overdue
MMR Vaccine Overdue
Varicella Vaccine Overdue
Tdap Vaccine Overdue
Flu Shot Overdue
HPV Vaccine Not due until 12/20/2016
Meningococcal Vaccine Not due until 12/20/2016
Be sure you select the appropriate doctor's office when making the appointment request.
I have nothing intelligent to say about this. I am out of energy for tonight, I would like to dedicate this youtube video to the main stream media who takes money and leaves the parents of children helpless.


Of course Offit originally stated 100,000 vaccines were safe for even the tiniest baby.


Yes he did, and that fact has been pointed out here numerous times.

Why is AofA so afraid to go with the 100,000?

Gary Ogden

Hera: Safer than water. He said that the most dangerous ingredient in vaccines is water. Then he expanded on this to talk about how many kids die from drowning. The moderator asked him to clarify his remarks. Those in the audience who still have functioning tissue inside their craniums, unlike him, began to ask unsettling questions, at which point the moderator closed the session and hurried him out, like they do at a political rally.


"One might have thought that if every infant’s immune system was that resourceful we would not have any need to fear diseases at all, let alone vaccinate against them – meanwhile Salisbury confesses that multiple vaccines heighten the risks."

Brilliant quote. What Offit is implying is in fact that the entire germ theory is a lie.

Which it is. But I can't imagine he would want people to believe that.


Here is some good news for NY parents. I am still about 11 years away from my kid being 21 but I will take any good news I can get.


From "Adverse Events After Routine Immunization of Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infants" JAMA Pediatrics June 01,2015

"Apnea and bradycardia are also commonly observed adverse events in the postimmunization period. (14) The DTaP-containing vaccines have been of particular concern because the whole-cell pertussis vaccine has been cited as causing apnea and bradycardia in 7% of preterm infants (15), and more recently, apnea and bradycardia have been observed after immunization with the acellular pertussis vaccine component. (16)...Regarding the use of combination vaccines, a 2007 study (22) of the hexavalent DTaP, IPV, HiB, and HepB vaccine found that apnea and/or bradycardia occurred in 11% of study infants, demonstating slightly higher rates of adverse events compared with single-dose vaccines. More recently, a retrospective study (3) in 2008 of 64 infants who received the combination DTaP, IPV, and HiB vaccine and the 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine found that 25% of study infants had clinically significant apnea and bradycardia. However, we do not have current information about the use of single-dose vs. combination vaccines in US NICUs."

Apnea - no breathing
Bradycardia - slow heart rate - incompatible with life

Let's set aside the last bizarre statement that the authors studying this topic supposedly in depth have no idea of what premature infants are currently being given in the United States.

Let's go straight to the acknowledgment of severe, life threatening adverse events in babies given the "routine" schedule (without Bexsera).

And a baby can tolerate 902 more vaccines that day? Oh, I get it! It's the baby's *immune system* that can tolerate the vaccines. The baby may stop breathing and his heart may stop beating, but technically speaking, at least according to Offit et al, the baby's *immune system* will tolerate the vaccines just fine. Now I understand.


I was particularly interested in this article, John, because 2 of my grandsons were diagnosed with autism after receiving the MMR in the 1990s in the UK. One is seriously autistic, but at least he is happy. The other, less so, but with dreadful 'social' problems which have led to aggression and depression. Last week he took an overdose, from which he has recovered but his future looks very bleak. This is the reality of vaccine injury which, of course, is never made public. Please keep up the research and the good work. Thank you.

Jeannette Bishop

Apparently in addition to infants being able to handle 10,000 ("more like 100,000") vaccines at once (and whom we need to particularly target first with mandates to protect those that cannot be immunized), patients with immune cancers can, apparently, also handle a high-dose version of the flu shot to protect them:

"Dr. Andrew Branagan says the vaccination strategy lowered the infection rate among patients to 6 percent and it improved protection against all flu strains covered by the vaccine in 66 percent of patients."

I assume the 66 percent is talking about detecting some level of titer elevation. Infection rate lowered by 6% looks like what in actual real life terms?

John Stone


Thanks for the reminder of your fine article: it really is incredible that they can continue to spin these fairy stories.


Jenny Allan

"Just to confirm that Elizabeth Miller was on the original working party for the introduction of MMR and Pluserix:"

Thanks John. I knew Dr Elizabeth Millar was involved 'up to her neck' in Pluserix, a Smith Kline Beecham vaccine, (now GSK), but could not find the documentary evidence. Have copied and saved.

Also, Dr Wakefield accused Elizabeth Millar of being far more concerned with defending the MMR vaccine, than childrens' safety and wellbeing, during his statement challenging Prof David Salisbury to publicly debate the MMR vaccine issues at the height of the grossly overhyped Welsh measles outbreak, Jan-May 2013. Prof Salisbury ignored the invitation in the UK, (as Paul Offit has consistently refused to publicly debate vaccine safety in the US.)

Neil Miller

Dr. Goldman and I confirmed in a peer-reviewed study that multiple vaccines administered concurrently significantly increase the risk of hospitalizations and death. The hospitalization rate and death rate for babies who receive 6, 7, or 8 vaccine doses is significantly higher than for babies who receive 2, 3, or 4 vaccine doses. Our study provides evidence that children cannot safely tolerate a myriad of vaccines.


"This has been studied carefully. A baby's immune system could actually tolerate perfectly well 1,000 vaccines". At no point did I suggest that 1,000 vaccines would not increase the probability of adverse reactions - a quite different matter." "

WHAT? If they are separating (and admitting to separating) the consideration of adverse reactions from their definition of "tolerate perfectly well", does it get any crazier than that? Seriously, what is in that man's head? Certainly not brains.

Wouldn't it be nice if main stream journalists did their job of informing the public of these updates to public health policy and wouldn't it be great if they asked questions of public health officials? Instead, we're told that Kimye had their baby, which is very nice. I hope that Kimye reads AOA so that they can keep their precious newborn safe from these murderous thugs.

Thank you, John, for doing such an excellent job. I wish I had read an article like this when my kids were little. I, like the great majority of parents, had no idea that even back then, the vaccination schedule was not based on solid science but on "a mixture of conjecture and whimsy". So well said. Keep up the good work. You are saving lives.


Reference -- see Offit.

Oh yes let us reference Paul Offit.

Let us reference back the U tuber where:

At the end of a speech Paul Offit as he muses, in a relax state that people think it is their right, and or was it - purpose to reproduce until the sun burns out.

What should be a right is that after you do reproduce that they grow up to be productive, all they can be adults.

But Offit and the vaccines - reference is out to put an end to that.

Reference should be some one we know is not some let over WWII self appointed stewart of the human population.

L  Land

Great point - if a child can handle 10,000 vaccines why would a child need any??

John Stone


That could be a lot of work but there is some reference to it in a wellknown article on the Joint Committee and Vaccination and Immunisation by Lucija Tomljenovic.:

Theresa Cedillo

Thank you John and well done. Their statements and reasoning are ridiculous. I agree with Hera. They should be first in line for their 10K doses.

John Stone


I fear it has an awful lot to do with the inability of infants to articulate - it is their sheer powerlessness, and since time immemorial there has been unlimited supplies of bad advice about how to treat them.


John, as bad as the theory is that babies can tolerate seemingly endless cocktails of vaccines, what I find even more ridiculous is that parents are buying it and submitting. Here in Canada we have nothing approaching forced vaccination, yet childhood vaccination rates are hovering near the high 80s on average. I believe it's the same in the UK.

The vast majority of adults in Canada will refuse for themelves the flu vaccine (and other recommended vaccines for that matter) out of 'concerns', but for some reason they believe their kids are always good to go. Never mind public health officials refusing the weight adjusted vaccination challenge, but I honestly believe regular folks would do the same.

What gives?! Does vaccination provide that rare, sad example where our instinct for self-preservation does not extend to our offsprings.


Thank you John for this data.

Can you direct me to the first reports of adverse reactions noted in UK adverse effect reporting system related to MMR?

My understanding is that in the late 1980's, only GPs could report adverse effects. Adverse effects after MMR including meningitis and autism were reported into this system years before Lancet 1998, is that correct?

John Stone

From Hansard (transcript of proceedings in the UK Parliament):

24 Jan 2002 : Column 1088W


Miss Kirkbride: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will make a statement on the role of Dr. Elizabeth Miller (a) in the designing of safety studies into MMR, (b) in clearing the original UK trial cohort of 10,000 children and (c) in advising his Department on the safety of MMR. [28788]

Yvette Cooper: Dr. Elizabeth Miller is currently head of the Immunisation Division of the Communicable Diseases Surveillance Centre of the Public Health Laboratory Services (PHLS). With PHLS colleagues Dr. Miller has conducted a number of studies designed to investigate possible adverse effects of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. The results of these studies have been subjected to independent peer review and published as follows:

1. Miller C., Miller E., Rowe K., Bowie C., Judd M., Walker D. Surveillance of Symptoms following MMR Vaccine in Children. The Practitioner, 1989; 233: 69–75.

2. Miller E., Goldacre M., Pugh S., Colville A., Farrington P., Flower A., Nash J., Macfarlane L., Tettmar R. Risk of aseptic meningitis after Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine in UK children. Lancet 1993;341:979–982.

3. Farrington P., Pugh S., Colville A., Flower A., Nash J., Morgan-Capner P., Rush M., Miller E. A new method for active surveillance of adverse events from Diphtheria/ tetanus/pertussis and Measles/mumps/rubella vaccines. Lancet 1995; 345:567–569.

4. Nash J.Q., Chandrakumar M., Farrington C.P., Williamson S., Miller E. Feasibility study for identifying adverse events attributable to vaccination by record linkage. Epidemiology and Infection 1995; 114: 475–480.

5. Farrington C.P., Nash J., Miller E. Case Series Analysis of adverse reactions to vaccines: A comparative evaluation. American Journal of Epidemiology 1996;143:1165–73.

6. Taylor B., Miller E., Farrington P., Petropoulos M.C., Favot-Mayaud I., Li J., Waight P.A. Autism and measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine: no epidemiological evidence for a causal association. Lancet 1999; 353:2026–2029.

7. Miller E., Waight P., Farrington P., Andrews N., Stowe J., Taylor B. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and MMR vaccine (short report). Archives of Disease in Childhood 2001;84:227–229.

8. Farrington C.P., Miller E., Taylor B. MMR and autism: further evidence against a causal association. Vaccine 2001; 19:3632–3635.

Dr. Elizabeth Miller, under the direction of the then head of the immunisation division, Dr. Christine Miller, assisted in the design and analysis of the study in 10,000

24 Jan 2002 : Column 1089W

children that was carried out in 1987–88. The results of that study were not used for licensure of MMR vaccine in the United Kingdom. The responsibility for licensure resides with the Medicines Control Agency and is based on the evidence of vaccine safety, efficacy and quality provided by the manufacturer.

The Department would expect the head of the immunisation division to provide advice to the Department on all aspects of immunisation. Dr. Miller would also provide advice to the Department's independent advisory committee, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, and, as required to the Committee on Safety of Medicines.


Interesting how specific they always are " A "child's" immune system can take 10000 vaccines" I think it is time for adults who make these statements, particularly when they are using them for policy decisions to be actually expected to demonstrate this by taking say several thousand or more vaccines at once. You could even do it over a series of days.
You could put a lot of them in the same syringe, so there are not too many jabs. Didn't Dr Pan say vaccines were as safe as water? There is no issue with being given a litre bag of saline, so a similar amount of aluminium, thimerosal and dead virus should theoretically be just fine, if they are all telling the truth.

But it is time for an actual demonstration by anyone who states that this is a scientific fact. If vaccines are that safe, then do it. If they won't, then they need to ask themselves why.

John Stone


Just to confirm that Elizabeth Miller was on the original working party for the introduction of MMR and Pluserix:">">

Not to be confused with Christine Miller, also listed.

John Stone

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. Ed, I really think when such people sit there fixing everything for each other and their pals they really believe they are above it all.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks for taking such pronouncements to task, so skillfully...words fail me this moment (more than usual anyway)...

Louis Conte

I have often thought of Offit as the leader of the Cult of Vaccinology.

This shows that I am onto something.

Well done.

Bob Moffitt

Again .. when confronting those foolish individuals who believe anyone can easily tolerate "10,000 injections" .. I would recommend citing 1913's Nobel Prize winner for Physiology and Medicine .. Dr Charles Richet's well established revelation on "anaphylaxis" .. which can be read .. (19 pages) at:

Among other comments:

"Most writers incline to the view (and I myself think them correct in their view) that the anaphylactic state never passes. In other words, once a subject has been anaphylactized and consequently modified in his chemical constitution then the subject can never go back to his former state. Return to normal is not possible. Subjects have been known who even after four years from the date of the first serum injection, were still sensitive to the unleashing reaction"

"Let me add in passing that it is an extraordinary phenomenon that so insignificant a quantity of posion can modify the organism to the extent that the succeeding days down long years can not eradicate this indelible modification."

As an example Richet recalled:

"Some years back I was in Brazil and I heard the story of a doctor who had given himself a preventive injection of anti-plague serum. The next year a new outbreak of plague was feared so he persuaded his students to have a preventive injection of the same serum. He set the example by giving himself another one. This was however an unleashing injection and his body had been affected by the first. The second injection was fatal within two hours he was dead."

Why should that be?

"Each one of us, by our chemical make-up, above all by our blood and probably also by the protoplasm of each cell, is himself and no one else. In other words, he has a "humoral personality". We all know very well what the personality of the psyche is. The multiplicity and the varieties of our memories makes each one of us different from all other human beings...."

As I understand Richet's comments .. each individual is born with a "humoral personality" comprised of the chemical makeup of our humors .. meaning we are born with an immune system that is an unique to each of us as are our fingerprints and DNA. As Richet says:

" was thought up to now (100 years ago!), perhaps from lack of after-thought, that with individuals of the same age, race and sex the humors would no doubt be chemically identical. Well it is not like that at all.

And so .. as I understand Riche's theory .. science would incapable of manufacturing a "one size fits all" vaccine .. because ... we are all going to react as the CHEMICAL MAKEUP OF OUR INDIVIDUAL HUMORAL PERSONALITY ALLOWS US TO.

Maurine Meleck

John, this is a hell of an article you have written. One would think that Britain is still suffering PTSD from the loss of the American revolutionary War. Why do other countries look to the US for health information anyway?

Ed Yazbak


(From an older report in Private Eye)

"Private Eye 19 Oct 2001

MMR: In the last Eye we reported how the two authors of the latest pro-MMR paper, David Elliman and Helen Bedford, acknowledged that they have received funding from vaccine manufacturers to "conduct research and attend educational meetings". We should also have detailed the links with the pharmaceutical giants of Dr Elizabeth Miller, head of immunisation at the government’s public health laboratory service (PHLS).

She wrote the accompanying favourable commentary to the paper (and was one of the scientists involved in the first trial of MMR in the UK involving 10,000 children, which paved the way for its licence.)

In the latest annual report for the "Medicines Act 1968 Advisory Bodies", she lists five "non-personal" interests — payments which benefit her department rather than herself personally. They are grants from Baxter Healthcare, Wyeth Lederle Vaccines, Chiron Biocine, and SmithKline Beecham and "CMI testing in adolescent sera", courtesy of Aventis Pasteur.

SmithKline and Aventis are both manufacturers of MMR and defendants in the forthcoming high court case of children who claim they were damaged by the jab.

A spokesman for the PHLS said the grants were given to the PHLS "for various research projects. They are listed under Dr Miller’s name simply because she is the member of staff designated by the PHLS as the project lead for these grants." So that’s all right, then."

John Stone


I am not sure whether Elizabeth Miller was party to the original decision to recommend MMR and particularly GSK's Pluserix but she was involved in investigating Pluserix, which however was always known to be faulty and ultimately withdrawn from use in UK by the manufacturers leaving all the agencies in the lurch.

John Stone

Hi Dan,

Yes, that's what they believe, if you believe them. Perhaps Liz does believe but it might lead her to ignore or massage untoward results if she is supposed to be monitoring safety.

Jenny Allan

In my darker moments I would like to pin down Offit and inject him with 1000 vaccines, complete with adjuvents adjusted for weight, containing mercury, aluminium, retroviruses etc.(I am letting him off 9000 vaccines, but a 'mere' 1000 would be more than enough to do damage even to Offit's chunky frame, never mind what he is reponsible for injecting into tiny babies.) Of course Offit originally stated 100,000 vaccines were safe for even the tiniest baby. SHAME ON HIM for all the past and continuing harm he has done to our innocent children. Those who continue to quote his unproven rubbish are just as culpable, and to my mind, criminal.

If Ed Zazbak is correct, Dr. Elizabeth Miller is yet another paid pharma apologist. She was responsible for allowing those disastrous mumps vaccines, Urabe and Jeryl Lyn, into the MMR vaccines in 1988, ignoring several qualified wiser counsels, who considered Mumps to be benign in childhood and a vaccine unnecessary. Her decision, part of a collective including Prof Salisbury, resulted in an unknown number of disabilities and almost certainly deaths, from the Urabe combine, and (at the very least), a large number of fully vaccinated young persons contracting mumps in adulthood in their colleges and universities. This is a completely separate issue from the MMR-autism controversy, but -youve guessed it - Dr Andrew Wakefield is STILL getting blamed for mumps cases in fully vaxed persons.

Quote -from an April 2015 reply to me from the Scottish Health Improvement Directorate (That's a laugh!) in response to my letter about mumps in MMR vaccinated young adults in Scotland being blamed on Dr Wakefield by Dr Syed Ahmed, Clinical Director at Health Protection Scotland, who stated, “Certainly the MMR scare has contributed to the cases we are seeing.”

"In the first 12 weeks of 2015 there have been NO laboratory confirmed cases of measles......there have been 242 laboratory confirmed cases of mumps. A possible reason for this is they are often under immunised for mumps virus as they are often not routinely offered 2 doses of the MMR vaccine, and they may have been part of the schools catch up in 1994 in which MR vaccine was offered,(which did not contain a component against mumps."

This response represents a considerable shift in the Scottish Heath Department position on MMR vaccine and mumps outbreaks in young adults........but don't all cheer yet. A couple of weeks ago Dr Ahmed was 'at it again', blaming Dr Wakefield for yet more and more mumps cases in young adults in Scotland. Dr Ahmed, without a SHRED of evidence, assured the Scottish public that persons MMR vaccinated against mumps in infancy had milder doses of mumps as adults.

And John -don't get me started on the number of health department responses I've got quoting the Madson et al flawed statistical analyses, which were stated to 'debunk' any MMR autism and any mercury preservative autism links. That 'most wanted felon' Poul Thorsen's alleged fraudulent conversion of the research cash with unknown accomplices, (we can guess who they might be!), is never mentioned !

Dan Olmsted

john, this is eye opening. i always thought that offit was kind of joking, or putting an extreme case forward to show that the reality was so much more benign. now i see it's used as gospel by the vaccine acolytes. wow.

John Stone

Ed it is a very interesting question although the article doesn't mention Bexsero specifically. On Miller's European Medicines Agency declaration she states (this has just been drawn to my attention):

"Any other interests or facts

"In relation to 2.8, the Immunisation Department of PHE provides reports to vaccine manufacturers on the impact of their vaccine on disease incidence, and estimates of vaccine effectiveness as derived from the routine surveillance carried out by PHE for manufacturers to submit to the EMA or MHRA as part of their post-marketing surveillance commitment and risk management plan. A
charge is made for these reports as required by our finance department on a cost recovery basis. I also hold a grant from the UK Department of Health to conduct trials of various vaccines that are used or being considered for use in the UK schedule in order to generate immunogenicity and reactogenicity data under the exact schedule and with the specific concomitant vaccines that are used in the UK. The sponsor of these investigator-led trials is PHE."

Whereas on the paper it says:

"The author declares that she has no competing interests."

Ed Yazbak


It is interesting that you mention the 2004 schedule because I recall an article in Private Eye in 2004 stating very clearly that Dr. Elizabeth Miller had been a witness for GSK for sometime, without ever disclosing that fact in her many publications.

Has she ever disclosed since or has she recently disclosed that particular Conflict of Interest while she was supporting the introduction of Bexsero by GSK?

Grace Green

Thanks for this ,John, and all your brave attempts with these abominable people. I can't put it better than you do, except to say re design, they really do think they are God.

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