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Who Decides Our Level of Fear and What is Acceptable Risk?

FearBy Kim Stagliano

Remember Ebola? A year ago it was the lead story in every newscast from coast to coast. Check out the NBC News search for "ebola." 

Remember measles earlier this year?

And don't forget our old seasonal stalker, influenza, the flu.

How about Syrian refugees?

I live in Connecticut. We are slated to accept some 1600 Syrian refugees.   But last week's horrific attacks in Paris have changed the national (and therefore state, including the Nutmeg state where I live) perception of the refugees for many Americans.   As a staunch "anti-vax injury" advocate (that's my nom du jour for much of what I do) I began thinCarmichael Pediatricsking about risk - what's acceptable, palatable, agreeable, realistic? Who controls the public perception of risk? 

I often post on our Age of Autism Facebook page, although Cathy Jameson and Adriana Gamondes do most of the heavy lifting on our page. The other day I ran what I thought was a pretty simple statement.

Your child has a much greater risk of developing a chronic debilitating condition that is life threatening here in America than being killed by a Syrian refugee. Nut allergies. Autism. Diabetes. Seizures. The real threat. Come on, America......

I wasn't trying to be political. For the record, I'm a New England moderate liberal with conservative undertones and a libertarian streak.  That's me. But we aren't particularly political at AofA - we've taken both sides of the aisle to task on a regular basis.

What I was asking was, "Who decides what risk is real? How do we decide for ourselves?"  

Fear sells. It's the oldest trick in the Mad Men book.  I read Subliminal Seduction and The Hidden Persuaders back in high school. Fear is a sales tool.  We've seen what fear of disease, even a  survivable disease like chicken pox or measles or flu can do within legislature and how it can turn American against American.  Remember this waiting room in California?

We have a nation of sick kids.  There's precious little alarm about the state of pediatric health.  Why?

Back to the FB page - a comment took umbrage with my post.  She told me (paraphrasing) "Keep this page to AUTISM!"  Well, yes, we do that. But we are also thinkers.  I answered her politely,

Barbara, hear me out. The refugees are a human issue and no more political than vaccine injury. Just like "death by disease is a plane ride away". Also a human issue. Fear is used on both sides. And my analogy is simply a comparison of risk. People use the topics based on politics. Both sides. Equally. Thanks for commenting. Kim

I got a "Whatever," response, and I wasn't in the mood for it, so I replied:

You may disagree - you don't need to blow me off so rudely with "whatever." I answered you politely and with respect.

I was then told to "clam" [sic] down.

So I responded again: In fact, American children are more at risk from a white, American male in his teens or 20s if you look at school shootings. A sad reality. ( I was making a reference to school shootings. I live 15 miles from Sandy Hook, CT.

STFU , this is supposed to be about age of AUTISM autism, not the Huffington Post political editorial page, so insulting to our kids suffering from autism to use this fb page as a platform for your personal political views.

I was surprised at the exchange. And I stand by my thought - why are we afraid of Syrian refugees - even here in liberal New England, the response has been "NO! THEY ARE DANGEROUS!" but not terrorized well and truly by the plight of our kids' health?  Why are we who question vaccine safety and efficacy and necessity deemed crazy people not worthy of a drop of mainstream ink except to mock or shame us, and other fears are given top priority?

I think it's an honest question. I know I posed it on FB not to bring up the refugee crisis as my point, but to generate conversation. STFU is conversation, but not quite what I had in mind! 

What do you think?  Why are some fears greater, more valid, more newsworthy than others?


Art of Autism

Kim, a valid analogy to be sure. This blend of fear and ignorance is what moves the masses. Your 'friend' there just doesn't care to dig into the politics of autism.
The Syrian refugees coming to America will not be those pictured on TV swimming ashore. Rather, it will be those who have been living in a tent for 2-4 years having run for their lives and long-been vetted security-wise by the UN.
And absolutely, as has been said here they will get ALL their vaccines in short order ... even after having already received most of the same ones in the refugee camp. Just like the Somali immigrants whose level of autism at 1 in 39 (see also, rampant diabetes).


Well my party is over. I just got globally banned from commenting on disqus forums, and just when I was getting ready to throw out some good Thompson quotes from my vaccine whistleblower book. Funny how the ones who say antivaxx and post stupid pictures run rampant though. I am pretty sure I made a nice dent in their BS before they derailed me. Wait a minute, what is a proxy? Must have something to do with changing your IP address.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Kim, I think families of children with severe autism are all refugees. Now my son is 53 and has joined the group of refugees regarded as having chronic incurable mental illness.

I say NO to accepting anymore refugees from anywhere, until the native-born American refugees in our midst are all housed and cared for.

need a spotlight on vaccine injury

Everyone go see spotlight. It is about how the Boston globe broke down denial and lies to protect a great institution that was doing good for so many---yet grievously hurting some children and denying it and covering it up and minimizing the damage while silently settling cases --all to save its reputation . It isn't totally relevant to Kim's topic but it will give you hope. Hope that yes there is a strategic way to get this truth finally out.... The analogies will amaze you. I am an active Catholic and what strikes me the most is how the otherwise good people in the organization the lawyers the press and the law enforcement who were compromised and pressured to lie --so many also had no idea--became tainted with the same brush when it finally came out. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Awesome quote from The movie "it takes a village to abuse of a child " our truth will come out too. I remember when inklings of this story first came out in the 90s I thought it must be be "anti-Catholic nuts" with an agenda. Then I learned from a sad former priest that he had always suspected this and hoped it was t true. Truth had been kept from the good priests too and those who suspects spoke out got the dr Wakefield treatment. They sacrifice a good priest or nun and pressure them to leave while sending offenders to "treatment" .. People spoke out over and over but were ignored and dismissed for years . So many parallels . So much hope. Absolute power =mandates. And that is something I fear in every bone of my body. Great article Kim and I think your comments on FB were appropriate to the context. But people who have been marginalized by an issue like this find it especially painful when they find disagreement with the few who understand. We have to get over that and I know I have struggled wanting a zone where everyone agrees with me always because I fed so worn down. It is hard to strike that balance and age of autism is the only place I have seen it done. Bravo!

Birgit Calhoun

There is a bit of the unsaid regarding the Syrian refugees. The same thing can be said about autism. As a parent of an autistic child I have experienced rejection by people in my town. I have hardened because of that.

I frankly do not care to know people who do not want to bother knowing me. I feel those people are missing the company of a person who could teach them a lot if they ever had a need to be helped. The rejection I felt as a parent of a handicapped child is probably similar to that of the rejection of a Syrian refugee. The difference is that parents with an autistic child are not usually informed why this rejection occurs. There is definitely fear. It's not the same fear that happens when people want to reject Syrians.

In general refugees need help. The treatment of people from a different background, however, is always one of suspicion whether that is the right reaction or not. The unknown is something people fear. That's where autism and Syrian refugees are similar. Both are an unknown to those who fear them..


I think that Kim's point is not so much to convince us to welcome refugees, but to say that there are all these things people are afraid of, yet there is a dearth of fear of vaccine-induced conditions which can be very serious, such as asthma, diabetes, seizures, and inability to talk, sleep, etc.

It drives me crazy when people bring up a bunch of divisive political issues on FB pages that are meant to focus on vaccines and/or autism. Some people insist on voicing their views on immigration, abortion, guns, etc., and call various candidates insulting names for reasons having nothing to do with vaccine mandates or autism causation. I feel like, do we really want to do that here? Can't we focus on the very important issues which are bringing us together?

But I think Kim was making a more general statement that there is a lot of fear about some things, yet not about a generation of children's very serious immune and nervous system disorders, which are more likely to affect our children than some of the other things we worry about. Of course, AoA readers mostly do worry about vaccine induced serious health conditions, but the general public not so much.


I don't know the answer to these questions myself, but they do raise a couple thoughts in my head.

Are refugees always penniless, or do some of them have the funds to relocate in the U.S. without having to depend on U.S. social services? Is having no money in the bank a criteria of being accepted as a refugee?

Should there be terrorists mixed in with refugees who mean only to escape violence, is there a better chance of having them rooted out and deterred here in the U.S. under the horribly invasive big brother-like monitoring of our communications, then in war-torn countries with precipitous governments who may not consider terrorism against western governments/civilians a worthy priority on which to focus?

And I can't help but always think - if power hungry corporations/industries weren't always trying to steal and take advantage of other countries' resources or trying to force their products on the U.S. government (defense/pharma), the situation might not be so dire. If we would focus on solar/wind & other renewable nontoxic energy and find local resources for electronics manufacturing, would we have the reason anymore to blow through those countries? And then since we wouldn't have to be there anymore, we wouldn't have to spend so much on defense industry spending or pretend to have to leave our weapons over there after some trumped up invasion, which then allows our govt to justify buying new and improved weaponry or the militarization of our civilian police forces, further propping up the defense industry in a vicious never ending cycle, , fear & war mongering, more destabilization of resource rich geographical areas, leading to more refugees & mandatory vaccines and fear of epidemics, etc., etc., etc.


I'm in the Boston area, and I see the Marathon every year. I don't want refugees here because we've seen what disgruntled religious fanatics can do, and we clothed and fed those losers. A friend's brother was downtown near the bombings, and I was getting first hand reports on the carnage through my friend, since she was on the phone with him. The sad thing is we live in a world where you can be kind and trusting, and you can be repaid with contempt. Sometimes the consequences can be deadly. Most people trust the medical establishment. Things are fine until they aren't. Complain, and you are sneered at. Recorded medical errors are a major cause of death. I wonder about those deaths that aren't recorded as medical errors but brushed under the rug in some fashion. Cynical person that I am, I don't think it is wise to be trusting. When things go wrong, who will take responsibility? Too often, no one.

Wayne Rohde

Ignorance leads to Fear leads to Hatred leads back to ignorance.

A common merry-go-round for the political parties to use for the general populous.


For Kim: what I have been reading and seen some pictures is that they are mostly men, age range 18-40 ...


I feel a little bad for the people we can't take care of here when we talk about accepting thousands of refugees. Apparently there is no money or will to provide housing for thousands of seriously mentally ill homeless people who are living on the streets, being beaten up by drunk teenagers and so forth. I am sure I may be missing something about what an open-hearted wonderful nation we are, but what about the people already here who literally don't have a roof over their heads and no one seems to care. Maybe a politician or two could comment on that.

In the same sinking boat

I've been attending open houses for public and private schools and facing the admission process for years in the search to find the right placement for our recovering kids. Usually it's just me facing this process alone since my husband works over 70 hours a week to finance recovery while I homeschool the kids.

What began as default homeschooling has turned into full time because choices are slim. The public school was a hellhole for the kids and the only private schools that take disabled kids outright tend to be institutional gulags, yet we still sometimes check out leads on small schools in the hopes one might be different. A few months ago, my husband came along to witness the rejection first hand. Even though I'd warned him what it might be like, he wept in the car all the way home.

The attitude isn't just "So sorry, we're not equipped to take on children with special needs." The attitude is "How dare you even think you could palm off those terrifying freaks onto us?" Mind you, our children aren't severe. It's at the moment we discuss their past diagnoses that the attitude suddenly shifts. No explanation of how far they've come, how they require no significant extra guidance in extracurricular sports or other classes seems to matter.

Clearly staff fear children who would require more work but we can't help wondering if the degree of viciousness tinging those rejections has something to do with "autistic mass killer" buzz. We knew that had a lot to do with our kids being physically mistreated and traumatized by public school staff for minor, nonthreatening infractions like talking out of turn. Staff knew that authorities would simply accept the explanation that our children had to be restrained and brutalized for the sake of "student safety" simply based on the diagnosis alone.

A narrow view of the autistic mass killer phenomenon looks pretty bad. The public perceives that four individuals reportedly diagnosed with autism (according to family members)-- Seung Hui-Cho, Adam Lanza, Elliot Rodger and Chris Harper Mercer-- collectively killed 74 people. Hui-Cho killed 32, Lanza 27, Rodger 6 and Mercer 9, averaging almost 19 victims per killer--more than double the victim/killer ratio as the Paris attackers who averaged about 8 victims per terrorist.

Sounds terrible to even compare the two groups, doesn't it? It also sounds terrible to bar refugees when the Paris attacks didn't involve refugees, much less Syrian refugees, when 9% of terrorism in Europe even involved religion and only some of it involved radical Islamicists, when the greatest current terror threat in the US is linked to white supremacy and when 9/11 was financed and backed by sources in an allied country-- Saudi Arabia.

The generalizations ignore a lot. They ignore that there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq and no anti-American terror insurgency in Africa until after the US invasion of Iraq (which had nothing to do with 9-11) and spread of US drone attacks and covert wars across these regions. There was no mass exodus from certain countries until the US began funding proxy wars for oil and resources. And there was no autism until health regulators were captured, vaccines indemnified and the entire system corrupted for profit.

In response to "autistic killer spin," the autism/vaccine safety arena protested the generalizations, pointing out that of the hundreds of random mass shootings in the US, autism was still grossly underrepresented among killers compared to the national rate. Autism was not the common denominator and, furthermore, these individuals were all either confirmed to have been on (Cho, Rodger, Mercer) or likely were on or withdrawing from (Lanza) drugs with black box warnings for violence and suicide like 90% of the other shooters.

I'm always conscious that any kind of bias and generalization cuts certain "pathways" in people's brains and relies on the same bad logic that bias against individuals with disabilities depend on. The generalization depends on disinformation, spin, omission and shutting out the big picture. To feed into the spin against refugees is like spitting in the wind for autism advocates.


Interesting, we all have our own ideas about accepting the refugees, and who knows who is right, most of our decisions are based on our digesting the media. We are guided , someone's money is always guiding us. I was asked what I thought, and found it was a big mistake to answer, and have considered shutting my own face book down. There is a meanness , hate and anger among normally nice people, that is troubling.
My experience with people from that part of the world is they are every other doctor, every pharmacist, many city planners,and they own all of the 7-11's and dunkin donuts in town. None that I know personally vaccinate, I thought it was against their relgion. My vaccine lesson however, was limited to a repair man who explained to me that God wanted the children to build strong immune systems, I have no idea if he was speaking for his people. I have a huge fear, one that Kennedy put in my head that won't go away. "they will put their foot on your kids neck, hold him down and shoot him up with any vaccine they choose" ( not sure of the wording but that's the wording that's in my head) Isn't everything political? I'm picturing these well educated people coming here, setting up shop, and perhaps adding some cultural balance to my very sick city. Who knows, among them there may be bright scientists who won't be bought by the US pharms , willing to speak the truth in return for our kindness? Or not. I am hard on only one issue with them..NO able bodied man should be among them, they should be home fighting for their people, no less than our sons are doing for them.

Jeannette Bishop

I think its pretty clear that national and state sovereignty are some of the targets of various refugee crises, and another target could very well be the right to make medical decisions like which vaccinations one will accept or refuse, globally.

Taking in the already remarked possibility that refugees will be barraged with vaccinations, it's frustratingly not clear what is the more humane position to take regarding accepting them into our borders. What's been happening to the South American refugees invited and driven here recently for instance?

IMO globally, public funds are deliberately being drained and strained to create internal crises in all nations, counting on us to ultimately surrender rights for safety's sake.

So, I completely agree that we need to not let those (who've shown us their character by the results of their vaccine programs among others) decide what and how much we fear ... or what should be done, perhaps... or at least how it should be done.

And we definitely should talk about it opening as long as we are able, as we hardly (IMO) have a general understanding of the source of the problem pretty much every time we react to one.

david m burd

kapoore, you say: "I wouldn't worry about terrorism because after the refugees are up to date on their vaccines they will be too sick to get out of bed."

I briefly laughed, but quickly realized you are right. And Americans will end up footing another couple $Billion dollars (or much more) for chronic vaccine-damaged refugees. In my view these "refugees" should have their own camps (not in the U.S.), and then go back home at some future date, and be constructive citizens in their own native countries.

So this is yet another ramification of our insane Vaccine Nation (remember the Somalis still in Minnesota with some of them being active terrorist supporters).

david m burd

Dear Kim,

Quoting you: "Fear is a sales tool. We've seen what fear of disease, even a survivable disease like chicken pox or measles or flu can do within legislature and how it can turn American against American."

To use an hyperbolic phrase, I am, as you know, 1000% in your corner. However, the term "survivable" implies (as in cancer, car crash, or military combat) that ordinary childhood disease(s) indeed cause high numbers of deaths and permanent damage - which we know is not true in societies having modern sewage, clean water, and proper nutrition including breastfeeding of newborns.

I know you know this, but I "fear" (the topic of your post) people new to the godawful risks of vaccines could easily assume all the childhood diseases are indeed very dangerous stemming from the term "survivable disease" and thus become defacto unwittingly on the side of mandatory vaccines dictated by the vaccine-criminals at CDC, et al.

Perhaps this seems like nit-picking but I don't mean it that way. I just don't want to give the Vaccine Criminals any quarter whatsoever! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.


What I want to know is -- is it a pre requisite; that extreme mental illness that shows up as stubborness is required.

I mean look at how long all our leaders in everything will hold on to failing policies. It is like they think if they keep it up it will change and finally work.
And all will work out in the end.


I am not going to opine about the refugee crisis. What hit me is the quality of your Facebook exchange. I think what you experienced with Barbara is the difference between the communication and relationships fostered in networks vs. communities. Barbara chastised you for bringing your whole self to the party, for being creative, for daring to think outside of the network's box/purpose, which in this case, was autism. You were told to leave all those other parts of Kim out of it, that they didn't belong there.

I never stepped into Facebook, but over the years I have been on many lists and have resigned from many of them because the whole of who I am or of any of the members was not welcome in most of them. I found that stifling and the shallow relationships formed to be frustrating and unsatisfying, the total opposite of what one finds with true friendship. I think much of the problem that we see with our society not dealing with problems in any effective or meaningful way stems from this fragmentation of thought and of ourselves. School reformer John Taylor Gatto wrote extensively about the difference between networks and community. Here is an excerpt from a longer piece (which in context, I hope you will view in it's entirety):

"Aristotle saw, a long time ago, that fully participating in a complex range of human affairs was the only way to become fully human; in that he differed from Plato. What is gained from consulting a specialist and surrendering all judgment is often more than outweighed by a permanent loss of one’s own volition. This discovery accounts for the curious texture of real communication, where people argue with their doctors, lawyers and ministers, tell craftsmen what they want instead of accepting what they get, frequently make their own food from scratch instead of buying it in a restaurant or defrosting it, and perform many similar acts of participation. A real community is, of course, a collection of real families who themselves function in this participatory way.

Networks, however, don’t require the whole person, but only a narrow piece. If you function in a network, it asks you to supress all the parts of yourself except the network-interest part -- a highly unnatural act although one you can get used to. In exchange, the network will deliver efficiency in the pursuit of some limited aim. This is, in fact, a devil’s bargain, since on the promise of some future gain, one must surrender the wholeness of one’s present humanity. If you enter into too many of these bargains you will split yourself into many specialized pieces, none of them completely human. And no time is available to reintegrate successful networkers and doubtless generates much business for divorce courts and therapists of a variety of persuasions."


I agree that we have so many problems with mandatory vaccines that the refugee crisis pales in comparison. I actually think the refugees are a manufactured crisis, and maybe totally our doing because hummm who was it that created all this chaos in the Middle East over such ludicrous fakery as weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist, gas attacks that were not Assad's doing, interfering in the affairs of other sovereign nations for nebulous reasons that almost no one understands. I mean we funded ISIS or ISIL up until recently or maybe we still are so I don't get it at all why people are so reactive to blow back. Plus, I wouldn't worry about terrorism because after the refugees are up to date on their vaccines they will be too sick to get out of bed.

We have this massive problem in the medical field where 400,000 to 800,000 people die every year from medical mistakes and that isn't even counting vaccines or prescription pain killers. I recently read a book called Dreamland about the prescription pain killers that were not suppose to be addictive at the level of the prescription, but guess what?? When a person is given sixty opioid pills for a wisdom tooth pull, that might be the amount needed to get addicted. That is another vast crisis created by the medical establishment. After the prescription runs out, kids turn to black tar heroine to feed their addiction, an addiction created by drugs that weren't suppose to be addictive. Despair.... Does anyone have a clue about what is happening to our country in the name of medicine and doctors. We are losing a generation. I would recommend the refugees turn back before it's too late.


The poor Syrian Refugees will undergo a compulsory barrage of vaccinations prior to entry into the US. I actually think the US has far more fear of disease than of terrorism from these people.

Maurine Meleck

The government and the media have promoted fear in this country like the drug companies have promoted their drugs. What better way to control the population than to promote fear? It permeates all of the political agenda since the beginning of media coverage. And it is so intermingled with the subject of vaccines. One of the most common comments on vaccine stories is about illegal immigrants coming to the US unvaccinated. Remember Viet Nam and the domino theory? The cold war and fear of Russian missles.? How about Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction.? And then of course Disneyland and the measles.The return of polio? The American government does its best not to raise thinkers but sheeple. Your analogies are totally appropriate.


We have always accepted refugees. But never let a crisis go without making it useful. The reason we are even being told Syrian refugees are coming is to purposely create fear in our public so when "the terrorist acts" come to the homeland, we will give up even more of our rights in order "to be safe.:

Kind of like when obama kept the mexican borders open during the "swine flu crisis" but try as they might, the swine flu just was not that contagious! Even when they pumped the live version in the noses of elementary school kids. It just didn't work.

John Stone

I think also we have got used to information being tightly controlled - even where it is rather trivial. This summer in the UK the public announcement of the winner of Leeds piano competition was delayed by two weeks because the BBC did not have time to broadcast it while it was going on. The result was that all news media held off publishing the winner for fortnight. We have systems by which things can be plucked from the news just like that and because it doesn't suit someone or some important institution.

Of course, it ought to be the job of news media to report dispassionately, and without fear or favour - unfortunately they have become very good at obedience to poweful interests. Like the good citizens of 1984 they know how suppress thoughts almost before they've thought them.

What we have with vaccines is the continuous hysteria of war - all sources however reliable have to be ruthlessly censored or the war will be lost. Nor is any sacrifice too great particularly if it can be swept under the carpet. What we don't have is even the quasi-principled debate that you usually have in a democracy about going to war: of course almost always in these circumstances the war party wins anyway.


Hi Kim-

Why are some fears greater, more valid, more newsworthy than others? The people who pay to make the news decide the fear factor. Remember the Fox News color coded "Terror Alerts?"

I am re-reading David Kirby's Evidence of Harm. I recall the chapter discussing the 2002-2003 time frame when the right leaning attorney Jim M. is introduced to the readers. He makes a statement to the effect that the FDA and CDC will go to "unbelievable" lengths to "save face."

CDC and FDA know with unflinching certainty that their complete incompetence caused the Age of Autism, as well as n pediatric autoimmune disorders. The officials are terrified of having their malfeasance uncovered. They will continue to lie and manipulate, as Jim M predicted, as long as we allow it.

EOH also points out that when the thimerosal rider appeared in the Homeland Security bill, the pHarma companies were outraged at the loss of revenue caused by the "autism Moms" getting national press exposure- Diane Sawyer, and other shows. Dan Burton was holding hearings. Henry Waxman was peddling fear of epidemics, but his real fear his culpability.

Larger than the fear of their incompetence being exposed, they fear losing money. We are up against some truly sick bastards, and it is gratifying to see how much they fear us. Imagine a call by University of Pittsburgh law school to ban vaccine speech. The pHarma sickos are reduced to lashing out in sheer desperation.. They are doomed and they feel it. Keep up the heat. Reading AoA- 41% of "autism Moms" want a vaccine/autism link investigated- and that info causes Francis Colllins to pay attention.... because he is scared.

Ben Carson was viciously attacked in the NYT the day after he told 22.5 million viewers that many pediatricians agree we give too many vaccines, at too young an age, too close together. The pHarma sickos are terrified of his absolute, immutable credibility on the subject of pediatric neuro-inflammation., and his his unfettered access to the national megaphone.

Just as was the case a decade ago, the pHarma goons are terrified of losing money and being exposed as corporate, Vioxx, Advair frauds. Forcing vaccines at the point of a gun, silencing free speech are the last refuge of anti American thugs. They are desperately afraid- of the truth.

Vicki Hill

Actually, Kim, I see a different connection.

Most of the people concerned about Syrian refugees want them to be properly vetted. Are they who they say they are? Will they do what they say they will do? Do we have the people and science and skills in place to properly vet them? (We have just witnessed that Europe did not have the things in place to properly vet them.)

But...aren't those the very same questions that most of us are asking about vaccines? Will they do what they say they will do, and do we have the people and science and skills in place to properly vet them? In the case of vaccines, the people who read here know that today's vaccines are NOT being properly vetted.

We know the US does not have procedures in place to properly vet vaccines. Many from the security agencies (but not the president) say that we do not have procedures in place to properly vet the would-be refugees. Seems to me that knowing what we are getting is critical...whether we inject vaccines or whether we take in refugees.

Bob Moffitt

I think your question ... "Why are some fears greater, more valid, more newsworthy than others? .. is not only reasonable .. but .. required to understand how "fear" is a powerful tool .. capable of altering human behavior.

Consider .. recently NYPD Commissioner Bratton said: "Fear is the oxygen to terrorism" .. meaning if the terrorist can generate enough fear in the populace .. the populace will respond as the terrorist wants .. by altering their normal behaviors.

Consider .. it is not normal behavior for parents to inject 14 different vaccines .. multiple doses .. multiple times .. into their perfectly healthy toddlers .. but .. the constant reminder by public health officials and the main stream media .. of deadly diseases .. such as .. measles, flu, HEP B, etc .. produces the "fear" required to alter their normal behavior .. and .. as Nancy Snyderman demanded .. JUST GET THEIR DAMN SHOTS.

And so .. in my personal opinion .. I don't see any "politics" involved in the question as asked .. none.

After all .. fear has always been used as a "weapon" to alter normal behavior .. by religions, politicians, employers .. on and on .. and ... to question "who decides "what" fears are more newsworthy than others .. and .. "why" .. is well-worth exploring.

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