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Tim Bolen's Gay Fantasy

Editor's Note -- Some of you will know Tim Bolen as the California writer who savages just about everyone in the autism advocacy community and tells them how they could and should have done things right. In his latest newsletter, he takes on the Democrats in the California legislature with a, shall we say, vivid, detailed fantasy about what they were doing instead of helping the parents of vaccine-damaged children:

"Right in the middle of the hearings, with all of these parents there in Sacramento, the Democratic legislature took the day off, I kid you not, to celebrate Gay Pride Week. Instead of looking, carefully, I guess, at what vaccines do to children, the Dems, instead, shaved off their body hair, oiled themselves up, slipped into their Speedos, and pranced down to Sacramento Gay Bars, where they could dance around the Gay Pole with their REAL constituents - the ones they understand, and serve the needs of..."

I wouldn't touch that with a proverbial 10-foot pole.



Leland Y.

People are living much longer than they did a generation ago. Why? Because of modern medicine. Idiots like Mike Adams, Joe Mercola, Tim Bolen, etc. are on their soapbox 24/7 bashing "big pharma" and the medical community. This crap has GOT TO STOP! The so called "quack busters" are the real source of harm to our health! Thank goodness for the rational side of the skeptical community. There is more intelligence, common sense and reason in a small skeptics group than all of the holistic, naturopathic and chiropractic members worldwide. If it weren't for the real scientific consumer watchdogs like Michael Shermer, Steve Barrett and James Randi, just to name a few, people would really be left in the dark. Tim Bolen is nothing more than a bully. He's a scary fellow. He's a typical far right reaching, war mongering, homosexual hating, minority hating, anti science, egotistical, bellicose idiot that needs to be medicated. Oh, and by the way, Bolen is a devout Catholic. And that doesn't surprise me.

a reader

I don't understand what everyone is talking about.


I had to re-read the comment that pissed Dan off, again, and again, to see where his discomfort was.

I suspect it was with you being a homophobic asshole.

Tim Bolen

Let me make something VERY clear. It is this:

I personally like Dan Olmstead, and his work. If I criticize Dan, it is as a brother, so to speak.

Over the last year, or so, I have noticed a significant change in AoA's tone - one I like. It is FAR MORE POINTED, to me, than it used to be. There are SUPERB writers here, making even more SUPERB points that need to be made.

I had to re-read the comment that pissed Dan off, again, and again, to see where his discomfort was. Believe me, I would have heard MUCH MORE COMPLAINT if I had gone with my original comment, which was "the legislators took the day off to get in bed with the..."

Because of my articles about the "skeptics" I do hear from LGBT activists who would rather I didn't bring up the homosexual involvement, but, I always make two points: (1) If the skeptics were a group of Catholic Priests, or Republican Women, that would be the first thing discussed, and (2) The skeptics are giving LGBT a bad name, and they should do something about them.

Lastly, I cannot emphasize enough the difference between the reception given to the "No on SB277" people versus the proponents of Gay Pride, in Sacramento. The Democrats shunned the first and celebrated the second.

Cherry Misra

My personal viewpoint is that Tim Bolen provides insight and overview of the situation, that many of us, just dont have . In that way, he is useful to us and I dont find his ultimate objectives to be very different from mine, and that should count for a lot. If he has a big ego, well that's ok with me, because I have found that I have to discard my own ego to be effective against autism. I feel that we need to introspect frequently, to try to stay on track and not waste time and energy- which is sort of what we are doing right now ! Yeah- some of the talk about gays may not reflect well on himself- so we could just tell him that. I particularly appreciate that Tim has written about the murdered doctors. I dont like to see them forgotten. Today, the New Deal is that anyone who fights against harmful vaccines, has to be ready to give up his life. Lets move ahead with wisdom , tolerance, and once more- new resolve to work together

Teresa Conrick

So unfortunate that there are folks like Bolen who have distorted thoughts and ego issues ("I, Tim Bolen"...."I see myself quoted everywhere, and the situations I explained months ago, are now common knowledge.") try to divide families with devastating issues like autism, seizures, chronic illness and death. His gay bashing, mocking, manipulative blogs are ridiculous drivel. He will do anything to get attention. He is not an ally to me. He feeds off any opportunities to feed his ego or add a feather to his distorted cap.

As far as others here who are bashing AOA, get real! We report all the news - and the science. Will I be bashed for talking mercury and not VACCINES? How about antibiotics-- or the microbiome, my favorite topic in autism now? Am I a spy? Will Bolen, the carpetbagger, or hurt and angry parents light torches and claim me a pharma whore? It's ridiculous and the drama and frenzy of some folks never helps our cause.

Jenny Allan

John Stone says :-"for people to know what they arguing against they need to cite evidence. I don't go with the windbag approach"

I'm shocked by the attacks on John and other AoA stalwarts, all of whom work tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to help our autistic children and young persons, to expose corruption, and educate potential parents and politicians in order to prevent damage to future generations.

What has been achieved? A great deal, not least some recent Senate discussion of previously 'taboo' subjects, but it takes a great deal of work, time, persistence and stamina. There are no quick fixes. Some of the comments and statements here are every bit as nasty and false as those on Skeptic friendly sites. There's no place on AoA for ad hominem slurs and ridiculous statements presented as 'facts'.

From (so called)Sophie Scholl aka Hans Litten aka God knows Who:-
"There are forces on AoA who all the time try to lead the parents down the moderate , be kind to vaccine reputation route all the time . I consider this a "manipulative" and controlling technique for the continued pursuance of the downright evil vaccine program."

Where are the AoA moderators? Perhaps, as Christine points out, these persons are following an agenda which has nothing to do with vaccine safety or exposing corruption:-

"The government is notorious for planting undercover agents in social movements who intend to destroy the movement from within. "By their fruits you shall know them"

John Stone


Endless doublethink. You want people out on the streets but how is that a way to protect identity? What about all the people who courageously stood up in California whose efforts are now being disgracefully mocked by Tim Bolen (but who anyway never stood a chance because the whole thing was thoroughly fixed)?

But one thing is very difficult is to make a big public show with families who are affected by autism: we cannot for practical reasons compete with the great civil rights or anti-Vietnam war demonstrations of the past.

As to what I have done, perhaps you ought to look at what I have researched and documented over the last dozen years -for people to know what they arguing against they need to cite evidence. I don't go with the windbag approach, and I don't support gay-bashing.


John - use your real names - oh how I laughed ! if you had any interest in protecting the parents on here you would not even venure near that subject........

I dont suppose you have all the answers but you believe you have most of them, is that what you are saying ?

So then, show me your progress, through all the polite dialogue, articles and books have you made progress ? and if so great but my question is, in addition to your progress assuming you have made some, have you ever or do you ever intend to propose that the entire readership of AOA protest on the streets ? and if not why not ?

John Stone


Yes, the idea that if you and Sophie just vent enough on AoA (given the chance) that the whole political edifice will crumble is too ridiculous for words - you criticise people but you can't even use your real names.


This idea that you can accept some vaccines but not others is simply ridiculous. How on earth can you herd like accept that some may be safe.........just beggars belief at this point.

I am zero tolerance and arguably so should you all be and that would end the fragementation nonsense on here.

This wishy washy attitude is what is allowing this drama to persist.

John Stone


It is an infantile idea that AoA somehow controls everything or anything - we are an online journal with a limited readership. So, were you in Atlanta last week? Did AoA stop you going? Was Sophie there? I doubt it.

So, we are fragmenting discussion. Actually it was Tim Bolen with Sophie hot on his heals who brought in all the anti-gay rhetoric. That is fragmenting if anyone is stupid enough to buy it.


Dan, I wonder if AOA aka you had put half as much energy into advertising the Protests at the CDC in Atlanta as you have in trying to find a common enemy in Tim Bolen then perhaps we would see some real activism no ?

The chap/pess who is Hans Litten/Sophie- good on yeh
because you all need to wake up.

Do some independent research on Controlled Opposition.

One Simple question, Why has AOA never to my knowledge organised a March/Protest ? I would attend, travel to, I have suggested it and been lambasted. AOA has an audience but does nothing with it other than continually fragment the discussion.

Stay on topic Dan -


Indivisible; yes! beautifully put!


The government is notorious for planting undercover agents in social movements who intend to destroy the movement from within. "By their fruits you shall know them"

Sophie Scholl

Rachel - too funny
I'd post here much more often but spend most of my time banned from AoA for asking simple questions about what happened at the Omnibus, Congress or Calif.
and who exactly did what and when they did it and why ?

Hera - I don't see any anti-anything post , except anti-vaccine . The point was simply if you are involved in the most important fight in history you don't go off and play chequers (or anything else) mid way thru .


Dan Olmstead,
thank you for all you have done for vaccine injured kids. If you are an activist in other area, that is fine too.
Sophie Scholl; controlled opposition? Seems unlikely given this is one of the bigger sources of facts about vaccine injury on the net.
Some people here are against all vaccines, some are for safety and freedom of choice, there is room for everyone.
Multiple voices even if we have slightly different viewpoints are what makes change.
Don't think much of Tim Bolens anti gay rant with his detailed focus on how they "oiled themselves up" Hmmm... ( I am reminded here of Shakepeare; methinks thou does protest too much? )
But imo, if he is willing to help protect peoples right to vaccine choice, then at least he is doing some good.

Sophie Scholl


I agree with the idea - I do .

But who scuppered the omnibus court ?
Who scuppered the congress hearings for Hooker ?
And I heard the rumours about California ?

The answer:
Our own side , interlopers are at work .


I won't be pitted against gay activists.

I won't be pitted against factions that either demand "safer vaccines" or "no vaccines."

I won't be pitted against right wing or left wing.

I won't be pitted against any religion or non-religion.

I won't be herded along racial lines.

No one gets to decide who can express concern over their children's vaccine injuries.

I'm here for my children, that's all. I expect others are here for theirs or to protect human rights, democracy, etc.

There's one group of enemies as far as I'm concerned: captured and corrupt regulators, legislators and scientists on the pharma dime pushing mandates and industry attack dogs.

I look with deep suspicion on any faction that seeks to narrow and divide the movement, but mostly I just don't pay attention to the bizarre, extremist rhetoric. Most of us who've been around for a long time ignore the noise.


Note to all: "Sophie Scholl" is better known as "Hans Litten", who frequently comments at Jake's site.

tim bolen

You are getting battered here, Dan. And, rightfully so.

Why? YOU, Dan Olmstead, were one of the original proponents of the "We know vaccines are Safe and Effective (sniff, sniff), we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper)" anti-SB277 campaign premise - the idea that failed miserably, to defeat SB277, in California.

How? That silly book of yours, "Vaccines 2.0" was the basis for the premise.

As you are no doubt aware, the Canary Party/Health Choice people in California are being slammed hard for that activity, especially since they BANNED anyone who questioned that premise during the legislative campaign.

Just below the comment I made, you had a problem with, Dan, were some other words that are VERY important:

"But Now There Is A Change...

Nothing has changed with the California Democrats as a whole. The change is with the opposition people now that they have had a good hard look at what they are up against - not only with the legislators, but with those they thought were allies."

In that last paragraph, Dan, with the words "but with those they thought were allies" I was talking about you, and yours...

Now THAT should upset you a lot more than the Democrats taking the day off...

Your Canary Party/Health Choice people in California are taking the heat for you - and is getting VERY HOT for them.

It is probably a surprise for you, but I, Tim Bolen, am trying to bring the disparate factions together. Doubt that? Call Sylvia or Kent.

I, Tim Bolen, am working towards solution. Are you?



I have disliked Bolen for a long time now, for the way he outrageously and indignantly continuously attacks vaccine choice advocates for not doing enough, or not getting the desired results, or not behaving appropriately, when such advocates are up against a goliath of an industry with no shortage of paid lobbyists, lawyers, online trolls and bots, thought leaders, and bought-and-paid-for-legislators, when at the very same time he, Tim Bolen, does absolutely nothing--- except complain and say how he can fix the problem, singlehandedly! Why haven't you fixed everything, Mr. Bolen, if you do indeed have all the answers?

Bolen isn't happy unless he has someone or some group to attack viciously. After he insults someone, why does he think that person would ever work with him or respect him? He enjoys tearing people down, rather than uniting them together. If that isn't a losing strategy, what is?


It seems obvious that the powers to be are using the divide and conquer scheme to drive a wedge between the gay community and parents with vaccine-damaged children. As the NOI will acknowledge there are wicked black elected officials willing to undermine the health of their community by their acceptance of pharma money, so too the gay community must realize there are wicked gay activists (gay skeptics) that cynically manipulate the gay community through fear to further the vaccine genocide. How these manipulators sitting back in their well appointed offices smoking their fine cigars must be enjoying the show as we marginalized useless eaters savage one another.

Sophie Scholl

david m burd

the 2% rate of autism that you suggest is being very generous I'd suggest .(40k over 2M)

100,000 kids would be 5% and again I think that figure is too generous if the Seneff projection is correct .

Betty Bona

If there were true accountability for vaccine injury (with full access to courts and no corruption) most, if not all, vaccines as they are currently formulated would cease to exist.

david m burd

Jenny Allen, you say:

"but let's not condemn all and every vaccine because of concerns about a few of them"


Well, "concerns" now damage or kill about 50% of 4 Million American children being born every year, include putting about 40,000 each year on the autism spectrum.

And, it is not just a "few" of the vaccines causing this catastrophe; it is just about every one of them (including the literal insanity of HepB injected, along with an injected poisonous HepB Immunoglobulin, into infants just-born by HepB mothers who are but 1/2 of 1% of all mothers and with even their babies - if unvaccinated - quite unlikely to ever manifest serious HepB chronic infection.

BUT, back to the politics here on AoA: It seems to me that 2 Million badly damaged babies each year, in the U.S. alone, is so gigantic that ALL other SOCIAL ISSUES thrown into the mix only diffuse, pollute, postpone, and weaken the revealing of awful truth about vaccines Dan has first written about going back 10+ years.

Sophie Scholl

can you pls comment on the KenyaHCG 2015 story then ?
Concealed ingredients within a tetanus vaccine to cause the infertility of 2.5M Kenyan girls . This is by no means the first time this story has surfaced and indeed the honest & honourable BBC (lol)even reported it in the phillipines 1995 .

Or better still the Nagalase cancer shocker ?

There are forces on AoA who all the time try to lead the parents down the moderate , be kind to vaccine reputation route all the time . I consider this a "manipulative" and controlling technique for the continued pursuance of the downright evil vaccine program .

Vaccines have caused the Autism Pandemic
Vaccines have caused the cancer Pandemic
Vaccines have caused the diabetes Pandemic
Vaccines have caused the obesity Pandemic
Vaccines have caused the alzheimers Pandemic

Jenny Allan

@ Sophie Scholl "Anne Dachel is somehow incredulously not Anti vaccine"

Why 'incredulously'? I am well aware of a number of persistent AoA commenters who want vaccines -all vaccines- banished from the face of the Earth. These persons are entitled to their opinions, but they are not MY opinions and I resent being castigated and ridiculed for simply wanting vaccines to be as safe as possible and appropriate. I also want accountability and a safety net when things go wrong. The present system of vaccine compensation is unfair, bureaucratic, and fails most vaccine victims. There's virtually NO accountability for unsafe vaccines.

Yes -there ARE a few vaccines which should be banned completely, and some others like HepB which should not be imposed on all newborn babies in the US, but let's not condemn all and every vaccine because of concerns about a few of them. In any case, a total worldwide vaccine ban is unachieveable.

Sophie Scholl

Dan is against "causing unnecessary suffering to others on our crowded and beautiful little planet"

This sounds like the depopulationists charter to me.
The elite want their own safari park (via the soft kill).
Isnt this the argument that's been used over and over for historical wave after wave of genocide down the ages .
(and that was thru the 500M mark , the 1bn mark , the 5bn mark) .

Jenny weren't the highland races wiped out to allow the elite to farm sheep back in the day ? And now the elite wear the tartan and love the bagpipes (very quaint!)

Sophie Scholl

Tim Bolen (unlikely JDS will allow this comment & therefore , if so , rather proves my point .)
It is my firmly held belief that AoA is the perfect example of Pharma controlled opposition .

Anne Dachel is somehow incredulously not Anti vaccine .
Blaxman has been up to all sorts again and again .
Olmsted is a canine defence league activist and everything else before ever considering OUR children .

Dan Olmsted

sophie, i'm against using human beings as a means to an end and causing unnecessary suffering to others on our crowded and beautiful little planet. that's what got me involved in this.

Jenny Allan

John says, "it is something else we don't need to divide our community"

John is correct. 'Negative' campaigning will get us nowhere, except perhaps to encourage those who call us cranks, quacks and anti-vacciners. I have learned (the hard way) that 'honey catches more flies than vinegar' and 'half a loaf is better than no bread'. Vaccine reform will NOT happen without some proper unbiased debate in the corridors of power.

Sophie Scholl

This site is about one topic only . Stay on topic .
I'm not bashing anyone JDS (pls show me where I am ?)

This is not the first time Dan has done this .

Why didn't AoA promote attendance of the march on the CDC ?

John Stone

And Sophie, you show just how stupid it gets - you invoke the Nazis using the name "Sophie Scholl" who was a heroic Nazi resister, but don't forget there was a Nazi genocide against homosexuals too. Now you are in to gay bashing.

John Stone


Well there you go - the argument "x is gay and skeptic therefore all gays are skeptic: let's attack gays". Not only is it disgraceful politics, not only does it move the target from what most of us are arguing about, it is something else we don't need to divide our community.

Sophie Scholl

Dan - Are you a gay rights activist ?
or an vaccine-autism advocate ?

I suspect only the former Dan .

tim bolen

My comment may make you uncomfortable, Dan, but facts are facts.

In this case there is a significant contrast between how the gay community is treated in Sacramento as compared to how families with children concerned about vaccines are dealt with.

My point here is the simple matter of California Democratic Party priorities and focus.

Then too, Dan, there is the gay community's embarrassment that call themselves the skeptics - the ones that openly attack parents of autistic children. We've discussed them before, Dan. These people - http://www.bolenreport.com/skeptics/

This is a war, Dan. Children are being severely damaged. It is not time to be PC.

Occasional Bolen observer
"Here is what Bolen said (after the paragraph you quote):

"We here in the North American Health Freedom Movement thank you very much Big Pharma, you corrupt bureaucrats, and you sleazy Democrats. You did our recruiting for us. Now we will train the newly angry ones how to put you in your place with satisfying regularity....'"

This is where he's really coming from, and it's just as embarrassing. Patrick "Tim" Bolen has been using the term "homoskeptual" for ages. It's like a cross between Archie Bunker and Mr. Roper.

His actual fantasy (if one can bear digging through his site) is that the "North American Health Freedom Movement" is doomed without his leadership.

Anita donnelly

When trying to get signatures to put the sb277 on the ballot, I met a woman whose husband had died of AIDS. I finally understood why so many liberal gay activists ridicule us or hysterically shut us down. She believed that unvaccinated children puts hiv people at risk and said hiv people cannot get shots. I tried to explain that they are more at risk from shedding vaccines and she got screaming angry. Then I pointed out that Reagan had abandoned the AIDS community and let so many die before addressing what was happening . I said he lied about AIDS and now the govt is lying about vaccine safety. That actually got her attention. She cried and said she would research it but didn't sign.
I felt so sad that a community who should naturally understand the betrayal and lies we have suffered and the exile we suffer are mostly not with us. But those who are really are and I thank you Dan from the bottom of my heart for you devotion and brilliance and I am sure the ridicule you endure from idiots:

cia parker


He talks a lot, but does he do anything? I would not ally myself with someone who's anti-gay, just as I would not ally myself with Louis Farrakhan. How could you trust someone so grossly unethical and unkind? So now he's talking revolution, without giving any specifics. So a lot of people are pissed off. That's certainly true, but it's been that way for many years. Is something going to change radically now? How would it do that? We're making progress, but I think it's going to come down to enough parents seeing what vaccines can do with their own eyes, or hearing enough testimonials from people they trust, and then refusing to get them for their children. Solutions will come when there's enough demand. Of course I'd like to fight in a revolution and take revenge (Mockingjay 2 out in two weeks!), but it may turn out not to be as dramatic as what I'd like to see.

Dan Olmsted

David, apologizing for or rationalizing bigotry because it suits your purposes is wrong, and that's what you're doing.

david m burd

John Stone,

Your said it as succinctly as possible: To expand a bit, the CA legislators have long been indoctrinated by CDC propaganda along with Pharma largesse. Thus, they close their ears to criticism of vaccines.

Which takes us back to the stark fact that only grassroots rebellion will work.

Keep spreading the facts and endorse Donald Trump's observations - All the rest are also in Pharma's or CDC's pocket.

david m burd


Here are the last paragraphs of Bolen's message you cited: It seems to me Bolen is a strong ally against the Mandatory Vaccine Madness, and, in context, his sounding off about CA Legislators shirking their priorities has merit.

Here is what Bolen said (after the paragraph you quote):

"We here in the North American Health Freedom Movement thank you very much Big Pharma, you corrupt bureaucrats, and you sleazy Democrats. You did our recruiting for us. Now we will train the newly angry ones how to put you in your place with satisfying regularity. It is time, of course, to shut down the US Vaccine Program entirely, starting with the CDC "Vaccines For Children Program."

There's Plenty of Time to Do What We Need To Do in California...

I know there are people out there in the trenches feeling the loss of the first two major forays - (1) the actions to stop the SB277 bill in the legislature, and (2) The failed Referendum campaign. But, worry not. Those were just a warm-up exercise. A training drill. An organizational gambit. A motivational exercise.

Now comes the real thing.

And, guess what? The California army is pissed off, and looking for blood. They are beginning to sound like us older North American Health Freedom warriors.

I read the entries on their FaceBook pages. No longer are these people naive. They ALL gather information, and pass it along to others, discuss those finds, at length, about how bad vaccines really are. I see myself quoted everywhere, and the situations I explained months ago, are now common knowledge. Our icons in our Health Freedom movement are quoted constantly. Everybody there knows who Sherry Tenpenny DO is. Boyd Haley is a household name. Mark and David Geier are known everywhere. These people READ.

It is a whole new world.

Stay tuned."

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate


I would, if I could figure out what to say!


In the 90s onward I was an environmental activist and it was like magic here in California because we got everything we wanted. We would show up in hearings and that was sufficient, we were mighty. What I discovered with the vaccine issue was that once outside the power structure it's almost as if we have no power. Thousands can show up and the legislature yawns, and finds a way of going off to celebrate what is their agenda. What does that say about democracy, that the people's voices cannot be heard, or are only heard if they fit what the power elite want (those big money people).

In terms of gay rights activists who are using the principle of bodily integrity for access to rights , I keep wondering why it doesn't translate to the bodily rights of people who want to refuse vaccines. Hep B is transmitted through blood and dirty needles so there is no way that a child unvaccinated against hepatitis B could possibly threaten other kids in a classroom and yet they are being denied an education. At the same time students that have the disease are permitted into the classroom because it would be discrimination based on bodily rights. How is this justice?

John Stone

I am sure it didn't matter where they were given that they were bought out and not listening anyway.


I am going to touch it - with a 11 foot pole -
Our hormones and hypothalamus rules our mood, concentration, socialization, our stomach, our sexual preferences.

What makes me just want to start my own head banging, grabbing every one and shake it-- shake it good -

That YES the gay community is increasing and it is not all of 'em coming out of the closest.

YES; three are more people on drugs and it is not because of peer pressure, or that drug pushers are now considered just really "COOL"

There is something bad wrong with the health of the American People.

Whites are now really dying - young. 1/2 percent increase every year since the 90s.

Now what happened in the 90s -- to the children?
And for adults the were sneaking in the D and the P into the use to be just tetanus shots
Flu shots and flu scares.
Flu shots given at every Wal Mart, Sams, Rite Aid, Drive thur Wal Greens, every farm house, hen house, out house, and dog house.
And then when there are those aching all over -- morphine sulfate stomach ache - bentyl and hydrocodone - No discussion of diet, massage, Boswellia, turmeric.

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