Tim Bolen's Gay Fantasy
Anne Dachel Interviews Tony Muhammad on CDC Vaccine Safety Accountability

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Thank you typeFrom our old friend Anonymous Donor: It’s THANKS-GIVING time again, and for AoA readers, that means  giving Tax-Deductible-Donationthanks for this wonderful blog platform where we can come each and every day, to OUR uncensored meeting place, to learn, educate, discuss, support one another, share, brainstorm, strategize, and EXPOSE the many truths that mainstream media refuses to cover. 

How best to thank Dan Olmsted, Kim Stagliano, Mark Blaxill and the inimitable team of Contributing Editors for  running this website 24/7/365 and providing this much-needed and greatly-appreciated platform?  

A MONETARY DONATION…along with some heartfelt words of appreciation, too, of course :) Cash

Donations enable Kim and Dan to continue to run this daily blog, which has become so important to those of us who want and need a place to discuss Autism, Vaccine Injury, Biomed Treatments, Legislation, Parental and Individual Rights, and Health Choice Freedom.  AoA is our go-to place, providing invaluable information, timely news, and uncensored truths.  Thus, we must support it to keep it going!

Here’s the great news…donations to AoA are now TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!  Donations will not only enable AofA to keep on doing what they’re doing, but a portion will be used to fund Dan’s investigative work on his new book!

Take a moment to consider NOT having this amazing blog every day.  If you value it, and are grateful to everyone for their continued commitment to providing this platform for all of us, then please don’t hesitate…make a donation TODAY!

5 10But wait, there’s MORE GREAT NEWS!  From now through Nov. 30th, Anonymous Donor is back, ready and willing to match all donations up to $5,000!  That means your $20 donation is really $40 for AoA…your $50 donation is really $100…or your $500 donation is really $1,000!  Let’s do this!  Let’s blow last year’s fundraiser OUT OF THE WATER as we thank Dan, Kim Mark and the team, and support that which we appreciate and look forward to daily.

Every donation counts - $5 becomes $10 and that adds up fast!

You can donate through PayPal - use the button on the right side bar of this site,  or you can mail a check made out to "Autism Age" to:

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For tax purposes, the legal name is Autism Age, and the EIN Assigned # is:  47-1831987.  Dan will be sending official thank you notes in January which will include this information for your tax reporting purposes.




Carter's Daddy

I used to support AoA with pink toy Camaros and breakfast, but cash is good too.

Jeannette Bishop

Along the lines of a fantasy theme that seems to be running through AoA this week (Gates' philanthropy, the CDC investigating itself, the Irish-Scot battlefield charge into a friendly embrace, some other stuff), did you know SB 277 passed bravely in the face of "the professional anti-vaccine types...a politically savvy, media backed, often ... lawyer backed group that can make your life miserable..." ...


and I can only fantasize that I'm a wealthy donor backing the above, but I put something in the mail today.

(Added apology, if there's a diagnosis for having to share crummy discoveries, I can't even fantasize that I don't suffer from it...)


I have no doubt this will not be posted to this site, but I had planned to donate this month to AofA, however, I am very unhappy with the two articles that the request was posted between. Do you not have any type of editorial board to review stories (i.e. Tim Bolen's gay fantasy, and Laura Hays I have questions....) before they are posted? I have always looked to this site for accurate and useful information. I am thoughtful where I place my hard earned dollars and give to organizations that I respect. Please AofA, we don't need the (political) disruptions to implode our cause. Respectfully submitted,

Bob Moffitt

Done .. donation gladly given to a great organization. Thanks for all you guys have .. and .. hopefully .. continue to do far into the future

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