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SB277 Sponsor Dr. Richard Pan Says Water More Toxic Than Mercury

Richard Pan
This Man is Making Laws and Providing Medical Care for Children…It’s Past Time to Can Pan

By Laura Hayes Trust Me I'm A Doctor

Every American needs to listen to this 3-minute video clip of Richard Pan, the infamous CA state senator, and practicing pediatrician, who authored CA’s rights-and-freedom-stripping SB277 last winter. This video was recorded on Nov. 5th, 2015, at a UC Berkeley School of Public Health seminar titled Child Immunization: Herding Parental Concerns.  (What kind of seminar title is that for an institution of supposed higher learning? When would it ever be beneficial to "herd" parental concerns for risk-laden medical procedures that are known to cause permanent disability, chronic illness, and death, versus carefully listening to, examining, and acting on them?).

Here is a transcript so that you can carefully read, after you listen, to each word uttered by Richard Pan. There really are no words for his inane gibberish. For anyone who missed hearing this man speak during the hearings in CA for AB2109 and SB277, there’s not much difference from this recent performance. He makes no sense when he speaks, and he rarely ever answers the actual question asked of him (unbelievably, that didn’t seem to bother the legislators or media in CA).


Pan: There’s nothing that’s 100% safe. In fact, actually, people talk about what are in vaccines. Right? They say, “Oh, I’m worried about formaldehyde. I’m worried about aluminum. Um. Thimerosal is not in childhood vaccines. People say they’re worried about thimerosal. (My comment: Thimerosal is in childhood vaccines, both in the U.S. and abroad. It is about 50% mercury, highly toxic, dangerous, and can be deadly. Accidental spills of multi-dose vaccines containing thimerosal require evacuation of the building and clean-up by a trained HazMat team. Formaldehyde is highly toxic, a known carcinogen, can be deadly if not handled with extreme caution, and requires special ventilation and outerwear when working with it. Aluminum has been proven to wreak havoc in humans, including damage to the brain, immune system, nervous system, gut, and more. It is synergistically toxic when combined with many other substances, including the mercury in thimerosal-containing vaccines and the glyphosate in pesticide-laden foods and pesticide-treated areas, including schools and parks.)

Pan: You know what’s the most dangerous substance in the vaccine? Water! (My comment: Pan’s statement is patently false and completely ridiculous. I would think it would be fraudulent for a licensed and practicing M.D. to make such a statement. Is this what he tells the parents in his pediatric practice? Each and every vaccine is a serious medical intervention that includes the very real risks of permanent disability, chronic illness, and death. These risks are admitted by the vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. government, and should never be minimized.)

Pan: More children die of water toxicity than anything else that’s in the vaccine. (My comment: I have never heard such an asinine statement in my 20 years of advocacy. Again, is this what this licensed and practicing pediatrician is telling the parents in his practice? Is this what he’s telling those patients who are 12 years old and older in his practice, who in CA are legally allowed to receive HPV and HepB vaccines without their parents’ knowledge or consent?)

Moderator: I, I’m sorry, I don’t understand that. (My comment: I should say not!)

Pan: Oh, more children die from drowning. Actually, it’s the 2nd leading cause of death in children that’s between two and five, so, sort of vaccine age. But, we’re not worried about water, because we know the dose matters, right? They’re not going to drown from an injection. (My comment: This line of thinking gives you a bird’s-eye view into Pan’s ability to think logically, or lack thereof, shall we say. There really are no words, except extremely derogatory ones, when trying to make heads or tails out of his ignorance and ineptitude. I would like to point out the tragic irony, however, that children are indeed not going to drown from the vaccine injection itself, but many will drown due to what injections do to them, as evidenced by the number of drownings every year by those who have vaccine-induced Autism. Additionally, Pan is apparently not very familiar with the vaccine schedule in the U.S. In 2016, a child who is given the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule will receive 38 vaccines by age two…42 if his mother accepted the 4 CDC-recommended vaccines during her pregnancy. “Between two and five” is not vaccine age in America, as Pan states…vaccine poisoning now begins in utero, continued on the day of birth, and at frequent intervals throughout the first 2 years of life, and beyond.)

*Notice that the moderator did not ask Pan to further clarify his inane statements. He still has not properly or sufficiently responded to her first request to clarify his statement that “more children die of water toxicity than anything else that’s in the vaccine.” She is no different than the CA legislators who did not require him to substantiate his bizarre, nonsensical statements.

Audience member: Is it possible that water’s causing Autism?


Pan: So, so you know, I think that when you come down…so, again, I, we, we…one of the things we need to do as public health, you know, uh, in the public health field, is that, is actually educate people about relative risks, right? I mean, that is something that we have not done a very good job at. So, so, often people will say, “Look! There’s something in X, and it’s”…and to, to, look at whatever relative risks. In fact, it’s actually more dangerous, uh, to get in the car and drive to wherever you’re going to get your vaccine than the vaccine itself. But, clearly, the diseases (break in the video here). (My comment: More gibberish, then a comparison of the risk of driving to get a vaccine being greater than the risk of the vaccine itself. What???)

Pan: We do not want the parents to be able to deny their child education because they made a misinformed choice about vaccines. (My comment: If anyone is misinformed about vaccines, Pan clearly shows during this presentation that it is he who is unbelievably, inexcusably, and dangerously misinformed. And as such, he should not have been allowed to push through a bill denying CA children their right to an education!)

Where is the Medical Board of California?  Where are physicians?  Why the silence from these two groups who should be outraged by Dr. Pan's imbecilic, false, and dangerous statements?  

Where is the media coverage of Pan's imbecilic, false, and dangerous statements?  Why the silence from those who have previously, and wrongly, lavished praise on Pan?

What is the matter with UC Berkeley, hosting such a ridiculous, one-sided "seminar" in its School of Public Health?  UC Berkeley should be ashamed and embarrassed that it would give this dimwitted and tyrannical man a platform of any sort.  

Shame on all of these people.

Once again, California's Senator Pan, author/sponsor of a number of rights-and-freedom-stripping bills in CA, has made a public statement that should be cause for an immediate review by the Medical Board of California...and which should have drawn sharp and loud criticism from his peers, both physicians and legislators alike.  Yet, not a peep, and no action.  

Where is the public apology from UC Berkeley for having a completely one-sided and ill-informed seminar in which erroneous and dangerous information was disseminated? (Hopefully, no one in attendance was actually daft enough to believe what came out of Pan's mouth.)  I find it disheartening and disturbing that those in attendance, including the moderator herself, didn't boo and jeer the imbecilic Pan off the stage.  So much for anyone thinking that UC Berkeley is an institution of higher appears that it's nothing more than an institution of full-fledged propaganda...and a supporter of medical tyranny.

Pan was true to form, speaking his idiotic gobbly-gook and spouting off stuff so ridiculous and insane that it sounds as if it's fodder for a Saturday Night Live lampooning the idiocy of our legislators...and in this case, also lampooning the pathetic state of our "medical professionals". Pan would be laughable if he weren't making tyrannical and extremely dangerous laws that we are now living under in CA, and if he didn't have children under his medical care.

I spent some time researching the Medical Board of CA.  Here is a link to the current members of this board, should you want to contact them regarding Dr. Pan. While you’re at it, ask them why they didn’t make a public statement vehemently opposing SB277, as the hallmark of ethical medicine is prior, voluntary, and informed consent, which this bill, now law, egregiously violates.

Additionally, here is a link to the Guide to the Laws Governing the Practice of Medicine by Physicians and Surgeons Medical Board of CA, 7th Edition, 2013.

On pp. 23-24, there is contact information for filing a complaint under section 2.4 titled Complaint and Investigative Process.  On pp. 29-30, section 2.6 discusses Competency Examinations, which should be pursued in the case of Dr. Pan after this public presentation at UC Berkeley.  Additionally, his testimony at each hearing for AB2109 and SB277 should be gone over with a fine-toothed comb by the Medical Board of CA.  It should also be alarming and problematic for this Board that one doctor, as the author of SB277, is essentially prescribing, make that mandating, scores of risk-laden medical procedures for millions of CA children in extortion for them to be able to attend school, without ever having met them, and without them being his patients.  How can they not see how wrong this is?  Unless they, too, are receiving tens of thousands of dollars from vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies.

Here is the email contact for this UC Berkeley "seminar", should you want to send a message:  [email protected]   Additionally, here is the email address for the Dean of UC Berkeley's School of Public Health:  [email protected]  Hope you will send the dean a letter expressing your outrage.

Each and every day I become further disenchanted with and appalled by those who call themselves "medical professionals" in our country.  Why the silence when one of their own is making such imbecilic, false, and dangerous statements as Dr. Pan did at UC Berkeley?

The fact that Dr. Pan publicly says the things he does, for years now, including this latest debacle of his, and that his physician colleagues don't publicly call him to the mat, and call for the revocation of his medical license, should make us all very wary of those who call themselves "medical professionals" their allegiance to patients seems to have vanished.  Their code of silence is harming and killing our children at a rate that can no longer be calculated.

Laura Hayes

Mother of Vaccine-Injured Children (and it wasn't the water, Dr. Pan)

Advocate for the immediate ban of vaccine mandates, the full restoration of individual and parental rights with regard to making all medical decisions without government interference, and the repeal of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act


Jeannette Bishop

FWIW, I've been employed as a Russian bot and didn't even know it for the past four years! How can this be possible?!? Or maybe, I was just trying to enlighten Russian bots in cahoots with Russian bots?!? Since CNN (where do they think they are headed with this?) says so...

What I most want to see (after a list of one or two hundred more important things gets done) is the data for this, especially the quality of the "anti-vaccine" Russian bot comments.

And just wanted to note in case somehow this is illuminating (I don't see how at this point though) the quoting Renee DiResta. (Sorry for the reminder: )


You really are more likely to die of an accident driving to get as vaccine than taking a vaccine


This is what I found on Prevnar 13: (Johns Hopkins)
Package Insert:

Excerpt - Caps below are my emphasis - I put in caps the shameful admission that in infants and toddlers, 40% can't sleep and 40% sleep too much (for how long?), that's 80% with sleep disturbance after Prevnar 13, and that's only one side effect. Why is it ok to do this to babies? This package insert is very long. Didn't even look at the efficacy section. See link for more:

-------------------------WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS ----------------
Apnea following intramuscular vaccination has been observed in some
infants born prematurely. Decisions about when to administer an

----------------------------ADVERSE REACTIONS----------------------
• In infants and toddlers vaccinated at 2, 4, 6, and 12-15 months of age in US clinical trials, the most commonly reported solicited adverse reactions were IRRITABILITY (>70%), injection site tenderness (>50%), decreased appetite (>40%), DECREASED SLEEP (>40%), INCREASED SLEEP (>40%), fever (>20%), injection site redness (>20%), and injection site swelling (>20%). (6.1)

• In children aged 5 through 17 years, the most commonly reported
solicited adverse reactions were injection site tenderness (>80%),
injection site redness (>30%), injection site swelling (>30%),
irritability (>20%), decreased appetite (>20%), increased sleep (>20%), fever (>5%), and decreased sleep (>5%). (6.1)

• In adults aged 50 years and older the commonly reported solicited
adverse reactions were pain at the injection site (>50%), fatigue (>30%),headache (>20%), muscle pain (>20%), joint pain (>10%), decreased appetite (>10%), injection site redness (>10%), injection site swelling (>10%), limitation of arm movement (>10%), chills (>5%) or rash (>5%). (6.2)...

--------------------- USE IN SPECIFIC POPULATIONS -----------------
Pregnancy: Safety and effectiveness of Prevnar 13 in pregnant women have not been established. (8.1)
Pediatric Use: Safety and effectiveness of Prevnar 13 in children below the age of 6 weeks have not been established. (8.4)...


Because clinical trials are conducted under widely varying conditions, adverse-reaction rates observed in the clinical trials of a vaccine cannot be directly compared to rates in the clinical
trials of another vaccine and may not reflect the rates observed in practice. As with any vaccine, there is the possibility that broad use of Prevnar 13 could reveal adverse reactions not observed
in clinical trials....

Serious adverse events reported following vaccination in infants and toddlers occurred in 8.2% among Prevnar 13 recipients and 7.2% among Prevnar recipients. Serious adverse events observed during different study periods for Prevnar 13 and Prevnar respectively were: 1) 3.7% and 3.5% from dose 1 to the bleed approximately 1 month after the infant series; 2) 3.6% and 2.7% from the bleed after the infant series to the toddler dose; 3) 0.9% and 0.8% from the toddler dose to the bleed approximately 1 month after the toddler dose and 4) 2.5% and 2.8% during the 6 month follow-up period after the last dose.

The most commonly reported serious adverse events were in the ‘Infections and infestations’ system organ class including bronchiolitis (0.9%, 1.1%), gastroenteritis, (0.9%, 0.9%), and
pneumonia (0.9%, 0.5%) for Prevnar 13 and Prevnar respectively.
There were 3 (0.063%) deaths among Prevnar 13 recipients, and 1 (0.036%) death in Prevnar recipients, all as a result of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). These SIDS rates are consistent with published age specific background rates of SIDS from the year 2000.
Among 6,839 subjects who received at least 1 dose of Prevnar 13 in clinical trials conducted globally, there was 1 hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode adverse reaction reported (0.015%).
Among 4,204 subjects who received at least 1 dose of Prevnar in clinical trials conducted globally, there were 3 hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode adverse reactions reported (0.071%).
All 4 events occurred in a single clinical trial in Brazil in which subjects received whole cell pertussis vaccine at the same time as Prevnar 13 or Prevnar...

p. 22:

6.3 Clinical Trials Experience With Prevnar in Infants and Toddlers
The safety experience with Prevnar is relevant to Prevnar 13 because the two vaccines share common components.
Generally, the adverse reactions reported in clinical trials with Prevnar 13 were also reported in clinical trials with Prevnar.
Overall, the safety of Prevnar was evaluated in a total of five clinical studies in the U.S. in which 18,168 infants and children received a total of 58,699 doses of vaccine at 2, 4, 6, and
12-15 months of age.

Adverse events reported in clinical trials with Prevnar that occurred within 3 days of vaccination in infants and toddlers and resulted in emergency room visits or hospitalizations, but were not
presented in Section 6.1 as adverse reactions for Prevnar 13 are listed below:

Bronchiolitis, UTI, acute gastroenteritis, asthma, aspiration, breath holding, influenza, inguinal hernia repair, viral syndrome, URI, croup, thrush, wheezing, choking, conjunctivitis, pharyngitis, colic, colitis, CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE [ME: IN INFANTS AND TODDLERS?], roseola, sepsis."

But don't worry. Senator Pan, MD says the most dangerous ingredient in vaccines is water - and he wasn't joking.
Hey, I have an idea. How about sending this insert to the Dean of the UC Berkley School of Public Health?

Anita Donnelly

Everyone: Go to your newstand and get a picture of this ad in your phone or buy the magazine Intouchweekly Nov 30 (with charlie sheen). The Prevnar 13 ad between pages 14 and 17 (unmarked would be 15 and 16) should just about shut down the vaccine injuries are 1 in a million" deniers. Prevnar is designed to stop pneumonia. . . so it's really worth reading the warnings. It says you need 4 doses.
It's "really important". It doesn't say "it's more effective".
On the front of the Prevnar Ad it says this:
"The most commonly reported serious adverse events in infants and toddlers were bronchiolitis (.9%) , gastroenteritis (.9%), and pneumonia (.9%)." This means that you have a close to 1/100 chance of your child getting pneumonia from a shot that is meant to avoid pneumonia. I am not sure if you can add those 3 risks together and say there is a 2.7 % chance of adverse effect--Statisticians out there? It also states that it can cause a 'temporary pause in breathing" in premature infants--it is not recommended for them. I am saddened to think of the infants who were harmed finding this out. Dr. Pan, tell me, is there a 1 in 100 chance you will get in a car accident on the way to work? If so, I guess you have had about 4 accidents this year, and if so, maybe vaccine injury is more common than you think . . ? I am printing this out and putting it with my personal belief exemption to remind the school nurses when they act like they've never heard of vaccine injury. Thank you Pfizer for at least telling the TRUTH. That is a start. The only thing is I wish they would say "The chance of getting the disease you are getting the shot for is X. The chance of getting something else is Y." But I am quite sure that they cannot say that. Still, this ad and similar ones (check out a gardisil ad to get your mind blown) make our case in a way that I don't see how ANYONE can deny --it is NOT 1 in a million it's closer to 1 in 100. You multiplly this by 69 vaccines, and the risk begins to increase exponentially. . .

Jenny Allan

@Grace Green "Home Educating parents can get round the problem of social contact by meeting up with other families just for social events."

Thank you Grace ....and I hope parents in California, who have concerns about vaccines, find ways to thwart Pan's efforts to isolate home schooling parents and children. I love the idea of 'social' sessions being called something other than school.

Grace Green

Jenny Allan, Home Educating parents can get round the problem of social contact by meeting up with other families just for social events. I'm actually wondering whether this could be a way round the private school inclusion in the vaccine mandate. Just call it something other than school.


Studies of thimerosal toxicokinetics in nonhuman primates indicate that EtHg is more extensively dealkylated to iHg compared with MeHg (Burbacher et al., 2005). Once metabolized, the presence of iHg in brain and other body tissues is persistent (Vahter et al., 1994
California has a ban ,a law against using thimerosal, however, after all of the Offit lies, and the media lies, there is no doubt it will be back, there is no way we can poison the world's children without poisoning our own, it's all about sales, and sales tactics.


Pandas Mom,
Not only that, but they have a big problem on their hands with the upcoming mass exodus from the school system as SB277 goes into effect. That they have to stop and it will be by taking away the right of homeschoolers to exempt themselves. There is no way that Pan is going to leave any segment of society unmolested. The only reason why they wrote into the law that some children would be initially grandfathered in was to prevent the sudden school attendance crisis, which will still occur, just not as many kids will leave all at once. The school brings in big $$$ for each seated kid, and Pharma loses big $$$ for each unvaccinated kid. It's definitely not over yet.

Ban the Pan

While sb277 was distracting us a hideous bill passed congress (described in Every time pan talks I wonder what they are trying to distract us from. He is like a windup dollz

Ban the Pan

Can somebody give this Pan a glass of mercury? I heard he is thirsty and it's safer for him than water.


"Pan: We do not want the parents to be able to deny their child education because they made a misinformed choice about vaccines."

Pay close attention to what he's saying there. I believe he's alluding to the next step. If he can be taken seriously, he is saying that "they" are coming for homeschoolers next.

Linda1 - Yes! That's exactly what I thought. At first I thought maybe he just misspoke (because he does it so often), but I think it was more likely some kind of Freudian slip alluding to their next step. It would be naïve to assume he's done. He PROMISED he was done after they passed 2109 and of course that was an outright lie. He hasn't made any such promises this time and is out there working as hard as ever on this issue. They are just taking a step-wise approach to completely eliminating medical choice.


But thanks, Barry, for posting the link to that 100,000 quote. Either way, it's preposterous, insane, and reckless.


if those 100,000 vaccines were mercury containing flu shots, each with 25 micrograms of mercury, then you would be injecting 2,500,000 micrograms into the recipient infant.

I know I've posted this before, but the EPA's guideline for a "safe mercury exposure level" is 0.1 micrograms of mercury, per kilogram of body weight, per day. And since a single flu shot contains at least 25 micrograms of mercury, a person has to weigh ~ 550 lbs to safely metabolize the amount mercury in just 1 flu vaccine.

If 100,000 flu vaccines were adminstered at once, the EPA says that the recipient would need to weigh 55,000,000 lbs to safely metabolize just the mercury.

55,000,000 lbs is roughly the weight of 3800 full grown African bull elephants.

That medical advice isn't reckless. It's criminal.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Laura, for the above link.

Along with Leah Russin's apparent astro-turf roots: (comment section discussion)

we have another example of the integrity it takes to promote "vaccination," or rather the removal of medical choice via vaccination in Renee Di Resta:

Laura Hayes


It seems very likely that Pan is coached by Offit...too bad he's not coachable (think Gary Ogden's "so little native intelligence" comment about Pan).

Pan did some of his schooling in PA, getting his M.D. at the University of Pittsburg...PA being the home state of Offit. It's very possible their history goes back many years.

Pan is the perfect Pharma puppet in the sense that he seems easily controllable. What Pharma didn't count on is that he's not easily teachable...not only can he not memorize Offit's asinine talking points, he absolutely cannot go "off script". My favorite moment during the SB277 hearings (if you can call it that) was during the Senate Judiciary Hearing. Pan was getting all flustered at the podium before this committee, and out of no where, he blurts out, "Did someone mention Ebola?" Clearly, he remembered something from one of his "boot camps", but it was about Ebola, not the topic at he tried to run with it. Hannah Beth Jackson, whom I have not one nice thing to say about, shut him down with an emphatic, "No." It was a classic moment.

Here's the rather funny irony...given Pharma's billions (or is it trillions now?), Pan is the best they can buy. Wow. That should give us hope.


"Pan: We do not want the parents to be able to deny their child education because they made a misinformed choice about vaccines."

Really? "We" do not want parents to be "able"...

What are "they" going to do to stop parents from, as he puts it, denying "their child education because of a misinformed choice about vaccines"?

Pay close attention to what he's saying there. I believe he's alluding to the next step. If he can be taken seriously, he is saying that "they" are coming for homeschoolers next.

Teresa Conrick

Hi Laura,

Thanks for this realistic view of the insanity that has been playing out in CA. I just wanted to add that I wonder if PAN read Ofit's book or was coached on the crazy parts to it and sputtered it out like he did. This from one of Paul Offit's bizarre books has the "water" theme:


I found it even more interesting that he refused to answer at the end of the session regarding under-vaccinated adults. They suddenly ran out of time and blew off the question. IF YOU WANT TO EDUCATE THE PUBLIC DR. PAN, YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THE PUBLIC'S QUESTIONS!

Gary Ogden

Astonishing that a person with so little knowledge, native intelligence, and character could not only qualify for and receive a medical license, but retain it as long as he has. He may be one of those super-memorizers who can breeze through school, but are incapable of synthesizing any of it into a coherent thought or narrative, and just as quickly forget it all (the pig through the python theory of learning). Do his constituents have any idea what a complete knucklehead he is?


But thanks, Barry, for posting the link to that 100,000 quote. Either way, it's preposterous, insane, and reckless.


Barry, in the article linked to below Offit said that, "each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10 000 vaccines at any one time", although elsewhere he said 100,000.


Michelle Ford

Thank you Laura! Puppetry...Pan is a pharma puppet and everyone knows it. What's so disheartening is the fact that he's also a "Lawmaker." This imbecile has created and effectively passed laws (add up all of them, by all of the Lawmakers and it's in the thousands each year) without ever needing the people to cast a vote. This is not Democracy. Be vigilant my friends...remember the likes of Pan when choosing your next Lawmaker.


Dr Paul Offit .. who once compared thimerosal to "fresh squeezed lemon juice" .. and .. stated that a child could easily tolerate 10,000 vaccines by the age of five.


Actually, what Paul Offitt's studies supposedly showed, is that healthy infants could receive ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND vaccines…. at once.

Jenny Allan

Pan: "We do not want the parents to be able to deny their child education because they made a misinformed choice about vaccines."

If I have understood this correctly, SB277 actually PREVENTS non vaccinating parents getting together with other parents to home-school their children in groups, although parents can home school their own child/children if they have concerns about ANY or all child vaccinations. SB277 was designed to apply to private as well as state school children.

I am wondering how Pan's draconian 'rules' on childrens' vaccinations and their subsequent education arrangements will actually work in practice? By preventing parents from setting up group schools for their own children, who may have missed only one or two scheduled vaccines, or whose parents might have arranged alternative immunisations via single vaccines for measles and rubella, SB277 is depriving children of an important part of their education, namely the important social interaction and cooperation provided by a peer group. Surely this is against the childrens' 'human rights'?

Angus Files

Here's an offer, Dr Pan I`ll inject the water 100 times from the vaccine you inject the rest offit 100 or no deal?


Raymond Hauglustaine

Using humor and irony in this painful and dramatic case is simply outrageous and shameful - RAYMOND


I feel a tinge of guilt putting this up here, making a point at this young woman's expense. Ah, 63 million people have already seen it, what's a few thousand more?

The point is, Miss South Carolina had one moment of incoherence while she was under an enormous amount of pressure, and being blonde and beautiful the world will never let her forget it (and I know I'm not helping right now). But Senator Pan MD sounds like this ALL THE TIME and somehow we're the only ones who notice?


Pan: "We do not want the parents to be able to deny their child education because they made a misinformed choice about vaccines. "

See what he did there? He's now saying that the PARENTS are denying their child education.

He's a classic psychopath.

Bob Moffitt

We ought not be surprised at the unashamed stupidity as expressed by Dr Pan .. "More children die of water toxicity than anything else that’s in the vaccine" remember .. Pan's stupidity is no worse than his mentor .. Dr Paul Offit .. who once compared thimerosal to "fresh squeezed lemon juice" .. and .. stated that a child could easily tolerate 10,000 vaccines by the age of five.

Would anyone buy a used car from either of these idiots?

Dawn Winkler

Well said as usual Laura. It boggles my mind that this man gets away with all that he does. Remember when he started out one committee hearing with "This bill (SB277) is about FREEDOM."? And the entire room erupted in laughter. All but the stupid bought and paid for committee members who scolded the citizens who pay their salaries threatening to kick them out of their own state Capitol. I thought maybe that was the topper. Second only to that there's no aborted fetal tissue used in vaccine production or that no one has EVER died from an MMR vaccine. Probably very few recall his lumping tetanus in with communicable diseases on the Assembly Floor during AB2109. At least that was good for a laugh and we could joke about coughing tetanus all over each other and better yet on him and his staff if we had to deal with him face to face ever again. But WATER IS THE MOST DANGEROUS INGREDIENT IN A VACCINE? And then equating it with the risk of drowning? Seriously, I know the man can't speak in a coherent, unbroken sentence. And I know that he routinely lies. And also that his IQ HAS TO BE EXTRAORDINARILY LOW, but this comment kind of reeks of the pompous "I'm a Democrat and we're drunk with power right now so I'll say whatever outrageous thing I want to right in your face, nanny nanny boo boo to all of you peasants who just had your rights stripped" attitude. Please, any Democrats reading this don't take offense as I loathe both parties already, but seriously, I don't see any Republicans saying these kinds of things or being behind the kinds of bills that Dick Pan has authored and pushed through with the help of his drunk with power party allies. In any case, the only thing that comes to mind right now is the movie, Idiocracy. We are much closer to living in exactly what that movie depicts than anyone can fathom. This just went from a really bad dream to a full on nightmare with no end in sight if we don't get morons like this out of office, repeal any and all vaccine mandates, repeal the NVCIA of 1986, and restore all parental rights. None of these things are supported by Democrats in office and in fact, the CA Democrats passed a resolution to eliminate the personal beliefs exemption. So any Dem voting NO on SB277 would have been going directly against their own party's "rules". I pray and I beg and I plead for those in California to watch this total and utter idiocy and then resolve themselves to take back control of this runaway nanny state which is currently under total rule of complete idiots like Dick Pan.

Angus Files

how much was Judas paid for this gem.


Laura Hayes

It was worth the search through many old emails to find this gem of a transcription by AoA's frequent and excellent commenter, Jeannette Bishop. During our battle against SB277 here in CA, Jeannette transcribed Pan's comment about MMR research. This is par for the course for Pan, and if I had the time, it would be so excellent to transcribe and document in a written record each and every word that Pan has uttered during the hearings for AB2109 and SB277, and at public presentations like the one I wrote about today at UC Berkeley.

Thank you to Jeannette for this post of hers from last April which I will cut and paste here as yet ANOTHER example of Pan's complete ineptitude:

My probably not perfect attempt to transcribe Pan's statement referencing MMR research:

03:04:40, "When you talk about,... do you have children who may be partially immunized...if you have, for example the MMR, the measles, mumps, rubella, is the one that's gotten the most in the news, because unfortunately, because of a debunked study, a fraudulent study that was (inaudible?) that said MMR is associated with autism and we know that from the research that that repeated numerous studies, billions of children, that there's no relationship between the two, all right. But yet, you still have people saying that my child is either vaccine damaged or I'm not getting immunized because of... and they may say, ok, I'm not going to give the MMR vaccine, we'll give the other ones....the important thing is, are we at 95% for the MMR..."

Posted by: Jeannette Bishop | April 16, 2015 at 08:09 PM

Julie M.

To further underline the inane nature of his statement, imagine the destructive power of a corollary amount of aluminum -- enough to drown a child. It would be a large scale chemical disaster.

This man has nothing but paper tigers and we just have to keep lighting them on fire.


Thank you, Laura, for this crystal clear reporting on Pan's muddy thought processes. I wonder how many of Pan's constituents realize what they voted into office? His gibberish is so laced with psychological defense mechanisms designed to hide his incompetence and protect his conscience. He should have been given an award for Rationalizer and Denialist of the Year. Now that would be an award that he deserves, for each of the past several years.

Yeah, water is the most dangerous ingredient in vaccines like Pan is a good senator who is protecting California's children from infectious disease. It's so absurd that it's funny.

Birgit Calhoun

This video should inform everybody that when a pediatrician becomes a law maker, he probably did not like his job as a pediatrician. He probably was not a very good one. He certainly doesn't know anything about toxins. Also, just because he quit his job as a pediatrician, it doesn't mean that he deserves to be an elected official. From MacBeth: Out "Damn Spot, out." People like Pan need to be panned.


Stalin would be proud of Pan. This is communism at its finest, that is if you're into totalitarian centralization of medical care.


It is so incredibly pathetic that not only have we been robbed of our most precious rights in California, but the person behind this loss is a complete idiot. And as Laura has so well articulated, calling Pan an idiot is not done out of anger, it is sadly accurate description of his abilities. The man is a pathetic tool of industry (both Big Pharma and the Big Public Health bureaucracies).

The man is a disgrace. But even worse are the ones that applaud his tyranny.


Pan was stunningly inept.

cia parker

Despicable legalese. Mercury is still permitted to be in the flu vaccine in full force because it's not defined as a childhood vaccine. While it is recommended and even in some places required that children get it, it's primarily meant as a universal vaccine, with mainly adults getting it.

Ha ha ha. Drowning is a bigger danger to children than vaccines. Only if you just deny, as he does, that there are any dangers in vaccine whatsoever, and just throw the millions of the vaccine-damaged overboard. As we see in so many spheres, political correctness and the political need to protect the vaccine program from criticism take precedence over innocent people's lives.


Given the number of children with autism who have wandered and drowned in recent years, it's incredible that Pan and his audience laugh at his drowning metaphor.

He is trying to illustrate the argument that "The dose makes the poison", that a little tiny bit of something toxic is ok. But nanomolar (very tiny) amounts of mercury have been shown to have toxic effects. Although CA has a law forbidding more than "trace amounts" of mercury in vaccines up to age 3, the state has granted an exemption to this law in many years (including 2015) because of a supposed (non-existent) shortage of thimerosal-free vaccines. And there are no studies showing what is a safe amount of aluminum for injection into a baby. The level of aluminum is especially high when multiple vaccines are received at the same time, as is recommended on the CDC schedule.

I don't understand this: "We do not want the parents to be able to deny their child education because they made a misinformed choice about vaccines." The point of SB277 is to deny children education in school settings if their parents opt to skip even one of the required vaccines. It is not the parents who are denying an education to these children; it is the state.

And something I don't get about Leah Russin: She has said that she is so worried about taking her baby out in public because of the unvaccinated. Yet she brought her baby with her to testify before the CA legislature in favor of SB277, at a hearing attended by a hundreds of parents, many of whom brought unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children along. Is her fear only selective?

Leah Russin expresses so much concern about "those who can't be vaccinated", in her sickly sweet voice dripping with fake compassion. But who should not be vaccinated? It is one of the dreadful shortcomings of our vaccine program that vaccine injuries are swept under the rug, and these injured babies and children are not studied to understand what factors cause some to be more susceptible to vaccine injury. If she cares about this group, she should advocate for better study. And she should not dismiss as misguided the parents who have concluded that their children should not be vaccinated, or should not receive all of the vaccines.

re: "What is the matter with UC Berkeley, hosting such a ridiculous, one-sided "seminar" in its School of Public Health? UC Berkeley should be ashamed and embarrassed that it would give this dimwitted and tyrannical man a platform of any sort." So true! UC Berkeley is supposed to be highly intelligent, not pathetically brainwashed.

And the title of the seminar "Herding Parental Concerns" - are they not even trying to hide their condescension, their view of parents as ignorant sheep who should be passive and herded?

One more thing -- Pan does a lot of arm flapping on this video. Too much thimerosal?

Joshua Coleman

Pan has hit a whole new level of stupidity.


There is a word for what Dr. Pan just did and said in this "seminar." It's called stunting. To characterize vaccine ingredients in such a way as to say water is the most harmful ingredient is simply ignorant and shameful conduct for a physician.


Thank you for articulating what so many of us know about this menace to society. He and his narcissistic ways will reshape generations in such a negative way and their blood will be on his hands.


Richard Pan is a public health menace and he represents a clear and present dangers to the children, not only in the US but also to children who live in other countries,whose parents follows the asinine advice of this sham individual who clearly got through medical school by just memorizing what's in the text book and regurgitating it back on exams. His name should be Dr.Google-Textbook.

John Stone

It is a notable aspect of this that the man appointed to deliver is a clown and a stooge: it is even a miracle that he is somehow a board registered physician. You would think that they would hire someone plausibly dignified but for what they had in mind it probably never mattered - they'd bought out both chambers and the governor - and what they needed was a buffoon to run around for them. Perhaps, if they got someone more able they would have asked more questions, been more concerned about how this might look if it goes wrong. But with Pan they got the man who would deliver even if he made a fool of himself (which he could scarcely help). It reminds me a bit of Brian Deer, including the immense and half-witted vanity.

David Taylor

Laura--I filed a complaint against Pan with the Medical Board of CA, citing some of his more patently incorrect utterances (one hesitates to use the word "statement" since he speaks such broken English). I heard back within a month.

Verdict: Dr. Pan is entitled to his own "opinions" and was not guilty of any malpractice or other offense under their jurisdiction. It is hard for us to understand, but Dr. Pan is actually revered at UC Berkeley's School of Health and by the Medical Board of Ca.

Recently I began compiling a list of doctors and scientists who have won accolades, including Nobel Prizes, for medical innovations that killed and ruined countless numbers of humans. The list is very long, and I going to submit it here as an article. But the point is clear:

Although we know the truth, and that truth is well-grounded in observation and hard science, medical practice is decades or more behind us. We should fully expect Dr. Pan to not only speak at prestigious academic institutions, but also to win awards.

A sampling:

1948--the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine goes to Paul Muller "for his discovery of the high efficiency of DDT as a contact poison against several arthropods."

1949--the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine goes to Antonio Egas Moniz for his development of the prefrontal lobotomy.

1950--Building on German studies of the 1920s, Richard Doll of England publishes study proving smoking causes lung cancer, not car fumes, as doctors previously suspected.

1965--Warning labels are required to be put on cigarette packages in U.S.

In 15 years, the U.S. autism rate could very well be 1 in 2 for boys.

Mainstream science and medicine at its best.


If Congress had not past a bunch of laws protecting his ass and his forked tongue and lying lips he would not be so bold.

He is like the bully buddy -- as he stands behind the school bully and makes snarly comments.

We all know how we loathed Wormtail in "Lord of the Rings".

That be who are Pan!

Did they not reach the number of signatures to recall him in California? It is designed by people that got elected to be a very hard thing to do.
How close did they get? Even halfway would be telling how put out people are.


This analysis of his insane comments should be made into an information sheet and given to every car that's about to pull into his pediatric practice parking lot, if there actually are any, that is.

Jim Thompson

There is no risk estimate for mass vaccinations because basic rules of science have not been used in determining reliable rates and risks of vaccine injuries. For instance, when auto accidents are investigated properly they provide reliable data. Then that data can be evaluated for statistical risk estimation for auto accidents.

But Dr. Pan cannot quote reliable statistics for vaccine injuries when they don’t exist and this comparison is inappropriate. So the California legislators are fundamentally irresponsible for failure to bring forth a qualified and ethical scientific witness to refute this nonsense. Apparently they can’t use critical thinking skills when someone with a stethoscope appears in a committee hearing.

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