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Pro-Vaxxers Are America's Acceptable Bullies

Fisher Price BullyBy Dara Berger

Everyday we hear horrible stories about children being bullied in school.  Some refer to it as an epidemic.  The tactics are so much worse than when I grew up in the 70’s.  You could not get an entire school to gang up on someone’s Facebook page or send a compromised picture or video of that person and have it go viral.  You pretty much had only a few choices to hurt them.  Whisper rumors about them to other people, which let’s face it takes time.  One popular thing was to scribble something mean about them on the bathroom wall.  Although you had to hope that people used the stall and actually noticed the writing.  

Bullying is a horrible thing to live through especially when it involves a child.  It can leave lasting physical and emotional scars.  Children have even lost their lives to bullying as some get pushed over the edge and commit suicide.  We here these stories everyday.  Luckily there is more awareness and parents have some recourse.  They can sue the school or do something more drastic like move or change schools to protect their child.

But what happens when an entire country is bullying individuals?  I find that this is the case for Vaccine Bullying.  

The Vaccine Bully is comprised of our entire government who doesn’t even accept that vaccines are hurting adults and children even though they secretly pay out billions of dollars in their not well disclosed Vaccine Court.  Most americans barely know that it exists.  People get bullied by their doctors when they are in their most vulnerable position with their baby at a check up.  The doctor usually treats them like a horrible mother/father if they even question anything about vaccines.  I have heard countless stories where people go in not wanting to do any vaccines and walk out after getting a few, since the doctor threatened to not treat the child anymore.  I actually had this type of bullying happen to me over ten years ago.

I went to a new doctor on West 79th street.  He was a highly recommended pediatrician.  During the visit, I told him that I only wanted to do the Polio vaccine since I heard it was one of the more benign ones and that I was worried about giving vaccines to my 3 month old baby.  He started to raise his voice and said that I need to give a more useful one like the DTaP.  I said that I didn’t want to.  He proceeded to speak much louder and told me “I will not stand by and watch you kill your baby”.  He actually said these words to me! I left immediately as tears fired down my face.  I marched right up to the receptionist and said “don’t even think of submitting this visit to my insurance, since this was not a proper doctors visit and I now have to go see another doctor”.  Then I continued “tell him I will report the visit as fraud if he tries to get paid”. She looked at me shocked and kind of mumbled okay.  I checked every explanation of benefits for the next 6 months.  He never submitted it.  I felt some vindication in my small way that I stood up to him and did not pay him for his lousy behavior.  Years later I found out he married a speech therapist and became much more lax about vaccines.  Hmmm wonder where the change of heart and influence came from!

Vaccine bullying also comes from school administrators who threaten to kick children out of school or not let them in.  Do these people even realize that they don’t have the right to govern another person’s body??  It’s insane to me how we live these days.

I even got bullied by a cousin the other night at dinner.  It was more subtle than my doctor story, but it was there front and center at the dinner table.  I was at a loverly Italian restaurant eating dinner with 10 cousins of mine through marriage.  We were having a good old time.  Somehow the conversation about my son’s vaccine injury came up.  I was telling someone seated next to me who I know well about the story how my son had a stroke after his 18 month HIB shot.  My cousin seated across the table interrupted our conversation by saying “How do you know he had a stroke” in a condescending voice.  I answered “we did an MRI that showed an old ischemia on it”.  “Our current pediatrician said he had an apgar of 8 and 9 at birth, so there is no way it could have been then, even though that’s what the neurologist suggested as a cause.  Next she said in a more questionable tone, “you can’t be sure it was the vaccine”.  I answered “yes I can.  He had a vaccine given at 6pm at night and the next morning he never spoke again just like what happens to an adult stroke victim”.  She decided to go at me one more time with “there is no way for you to be sure”.  And I said “YES! I am sure”.  Then I turned my head as if she didn’t exist and continued my conversation.  I felt very angry how she could even think to question me not once, but three times.  If my son had broken his leg, she would never have asked me how I could be sure.  It is her own brainwashed views on vaccines that caused her to try to bully me at a dinner party.  It was both inappropriate and inexcusable.  I have decided to forgive her ignorance for my own peace and sanity.  It’s just incredible how pervasive vaccine bullying can be.

Another type of bullying comes from friends or acquaintances.  I recently had someone send me a link to a book called “Neurotribes” which is about how autism has always been around and it’s just better diagnosis.  I haven’t read the book but watched three minutes of the author speak.  I immediately closed the link and wrote my “friend” that I find the link upsetting.  I said my son was vaccine injured like many children with Autism.  The authors’s book undermines what has happened to so many children like my son".  This person ignored my comment.  I was angry that he would not even acknowledge that the link upset me.  I went at him again the next day.  I explained further that "I live in a world everyday that pretends what happened to my son did not happen.  I continued "when we were growing up there were not all these kids that could not walk and talk".  He again ignored my message.  I felt silently bullied.  So I pressed on with my third and final message the following day.  Here is what I wrote verbatim: "that link was more upsetting than child porn would be to me. Your insensitivity explains why you are still alone. Most people just apologize when they realize they have upset someone even if it's unintentional”.  He finally said that he was sorry.  I probably have not changed his views, but I believe he might think twice the next time he talks about vaccines and autism with a parent who has a vaccine injured child.  And if he upsets them, maybe it won’t take 3 days to apologize.

Bullying is a terrible thing to happen to a child and especially one with a disability.  But what happens when it’s an adult being bullied by an entire country and it goes unrecognized.  Doctors, newscasters, politicians, parents, friends, family members are all involved in the current epidemic of Vaccine Bullying.  

The CDC recently released a statement saying that autism is now 1 in 45.  They then suggest that the rates have not gone up, but it’s due to "better diagnosis".  Our own governmental organization is at the top of the food chain in distorting the information which is given to the people.  Doctors and Scientists who know the truth say nothing out of fear of retaliation.  This is exactly what is creating our perverse state of Vaccine Bullying.  I purposely have left out the vaccine internet trolls, since I did not even want to give them the recognition that they don’t deserve.  They are some of the most despicable group of people firing some of the nastiest online comments.  It's unbelievable to me, what they feel comfortable saying to another human being, especially one with a sick child that has had an injustice done to them.  

So what do we do about the problem of Vaccine Bullying.  I suggest always speaking up to a bully as long as it does not infringe upon you or your child’s safety.  We could write more articles on the subject to educate people.  There could be a task force created to counsel those being bullied.  Most of all we can stand together and support one another for a cause that affects the entire community.  You would think that the world would feel some empathy for parents who have a child with vaccine induced Autism, but instead we are persecuted for standing up and warning others.  

Vaccine bullying not only affects us adults but ultimately will effect our children, especially when they grow up and have to deal with it for themselves.  I am hoping that the world will catch up by then.


Angela Coral Eisenhauer

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I aint writing the whole post again.

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I am totally upset by @Rosie's behavior on Twitter.

She posts "comedian" mocking Autism/vaccine link.



Celebrity bullies have become so abhorrent that I'm naming names. Cher and Jimmy Kimmel, what in the world about publicly bullying the Autism Community makes you feel good about yourselves?


Looks like my former post noting that commenting at RI was down significantly on Thanksgiving, and especially in comparison to AoA's, was a big hit with Orac and his cheerleaders. If anyone cares to recheck my figures, I considered blogs in the week immediately preceding Thanksgiving. They include: Orac's -- 'A pharma shill here', 'Déjà Vu all over', and 'Hubris versus skepticism'; and AoA's -- 'Pro-vaxxers are bullies', 'Fear sells', 'Dachel Media Update', 'SB277 sponsors Dr. Pan', and 'Children's Healthcare'. Note that I left out AoA's 'Happy Thanksgiving' in case it could be argued that such a blog biased things in our favor, prompting regulars to comment who may have otherwise also taken the day off.

I am still pondering how an 80% plus decline in comments on Thanksgiving at RI is not indicative that we are dealing with 'professional commenters'.


Thanks guys! Yes, I agree Mercurious; very rare. I think one of the ancient doctors had only seen two cases in his lifetime? So, definitely nothing like the huge rates of autoimmune disease happening now.

Georg Elser

Fair play Hera - tipping my hat to the depth & level of your research . Glad you are on my side ! lol

I wouldn't want you as an opponent .

Mercurious Ter Maximus


I stand corrected:


Also note that the condition while sufficiently distinct to be diagnosed from ancient texts was also said to be very rare.



Sorry; the quote was from "the genetic landscape of diabetes"


Hi George, Barry, Mercurious,
No need to believe me if you don't want to; just saying what I believe and have read. Wasn't there, so I am not an eye witness :)
Agree with you George that all autoimmune diseases are increasingly massively, and I suspect the cause is vaccines, possibly combined with pesticides and gmo foods But for those interested in history:

One of the effects of diabetes is the presence of glucose in the urine (glucosuria). Ancient Hindu writings, many thousands of years old, document how black ants and flies were attracted to the urine of diabetics. The Indian physician Sushruta in 400 B.C. described the sweet taste of urine from affected individuals, and for many centuries to come, the sweet taste of urine was key to diagnosis.

Around 250 B.C., the name “diabetes” was first used. It is a Greek word that means “to syphon”, reflecting how diabetes seemed to rapidly drain fluid from the affected individual. The Greek physician Aretaeus noted that as affected individuals wasted away, they passed increasing amounts of urine as if there was “liquefaction of flesh and bones into urine”. The complete term “diabetes mellitus” was coined in 1674 by Thomas Willis, personal physician to King Charles II. Mellitus is Latin for honey, which is how Willis described the urine of diabetics (“as if imbued with honey and sugar”).

Georg Elser

very good point well made : Mercurious Ter Maximus

Why didn't I think of that .... lol

Mercurious Ter Maximus

So, how did they test for diabetes type 1 in 250BC?

Georg Elser

Hera , yes I perhaps agree that diabetes type 1 can be traced back to 250bc if you say so .

But I wholeheartedly agree with Barry , not in these numbers . There is a cancer pandemic , and autism pandemic and a diabetes pandemic (I cannot leave out Alzheimers and others MS ALS Huntingdons). The media only talks of Ebola.

To my mind somebody powerful has learnt how to create disease. That somebody is powerful enough to control all media across international borders .
Who could it be ? I wonder .
It is definitely not the cub scout movement .


If you are concerned about immune compromised children, you might want to thank me for standing my ground and refusing the OPV live polio vaccine for my oldest son.
( it was finally fazed out in the U.S by about the year 2000)
We very recently discovered that at least two family members have IG A deficiency.
What does that have to do with anything, you ask?
Well people with IGA deficiency continue to shed live polio virus for a long time.
for example, this peer reviewed article
Inadequacy of Muscosal IG A antibodies in selective IG A deficiency, excretion of attenuated polio virus is prolonged
From the abstract
Five weeks after oral poliovirus vaccination all eight IgA-deficient individuals were still excreting polioviruses, in contrast to one of nine controls

But it gets better. Some with IG A deficiency continue to secrete live polio virus for much longer than that

From a different peer reviewed article
Failure to clear persistent vaccine-derived neurovirulent poliovirus infection in an immunodeficient man

"Long-term asymptomatic excretion of vaccine-derived neurovirulent poliovirus 2 was identified in this hypogammaglobulinaemic man, and was estimated to have persisted for up to 22 years"

So possibly as much as 22 years spreading polio after vaccination!
And of course, IG A deficiency is not routinely tested for, or easy to diagnose, as it is can be asymptomatic.

By the way, if my son had been turned into a polio "typhoid Mary" what would you have had me do next? Not test to see if he was still excreting polio and hope it was okay, putting all those immune compromised children at risk for possibly years? Or find out,and then what : keep him in isolation for 22 years if necessary? Or perhaps, it would be better if I had just refused, and, as now get to thank God that I did not let him get the shot?

By the way, we must not forget that one of the healthy controls was still excreting live polio five weeks after vaccination.
I wonder if later on they will discover that IG A deficient people shed other live viruses from other live virus vaccines too? I haven't seen any peer reviewed testing on, say MMR vaccine, or flu virus excretion in IGA deficient people.
But if you have, please, let me know .Otherwise, I suppose it is Russian roulette for those immune compromised children.
And remember, by already refusing the live polio virus vaccine, we may have saved a lot of immune compromised children's lives.


Dana, Keep in mind that vaccines shed and spread disease. If you had an immune compromised child or a child going through chemo the doctor probably would tell you to keep your child away from the recently vaccinated for fear of catching the disease--whether whooping cough where the vaccinated have asymptomatic case of the disease or the chicken pox vaccine which is known to shed and is dangerous to the immune compromised. In fact, there are probably families where the mother is undergoing chemo or the family has a newborn and the doctor warns against the child getting a vaccine that can shed viruses. Hence, the argument that the immune compromised are at risk from the unvaccinated is bogus. The immune compromised are at risk from the recently vaccinated who actually spread disease. You need to catch up on your reading.

I actually had an immune compromised child so I know what it is like when it is your child who can't fight a common cold, and goes through three different antibiotics to just shake it. She got the whooping cough vaccine and came down with the whooping cough, but it was the MMR that really did her in. She developed chronic tonsillitis that lasted for twenty years. So... a lot of vaccine injured families can relate to immune compromised children. Vaccines destroy the immune system. We all know what it's like to have chronic illness in the family.


You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

Have you ever once thought of those who CANNOT receive vaccinations? Those who have immunological disease, immunocompromised, the very young and the very old, those undergoing cancer treatment, and a plethora of other health conditions. Being near YOUR unvaccinated children puts THEM at extremely high risk.

As for the vaccine-injury compensation court. You do realize don't you, that this isn't a trial-based thing - you don't even have to come up with much proof, just an ambulance-chasing attorney to say something, the panel (who are equally as uneducated), just do their jobs and hand out the compensation funding - no need for medical facts or science. But, you already knew that, right?

Seems like the only bullying going on here are antivaxers who wish ill harm upon the rest of society because you can't grasp the fact that the most horrendous diseases have been nearly eradicated due to vaccines. Try going to a third-world country and seeing for yourself the diseases you'll never see in your lifetime because those diseases are virtually eradicated here. It's easy to ignore them when you've never seen them or watch entire families and communities taken because they didn't have vaccines or their govt. is propagating a conspiracy (African AIDS, anyone?).

Your child's physician did the right thing by telling you he would no longer care for your unvaccinated child. By doing so, YOU risk putting his other patients at harm. What is so hard to understand that as a society, each of us is responsible to curb deadly disease, to protect those who are the highest risk of fatal disease?

Anyone who challenges your beliefs and assertions must automatically be a bully, huh? Sorry you feel that way. Didn't anyone ever tell you, you don't always get what you want? Who is the real bully here?


False Skeptics, I agree that Orac and his minions with their bullying are truly repugnant, and I will also add that they serve as excellent case examples of phoniness. Take for instance their commenting profile over the Thanksgiving week. Over the week, Orac posted three blogs at RI that garnered, respectively, 86, 14, and 25 comments on the 25th, 26th, and 27th. With Thanksgiving falling on the 26th, interestingly, that’s 86 comments from the previous day falling to 14 on Thanksgiving Day, and representing an 84% decline! Now, it’s natural to expect a decline in comments with each passing day, but an 84% decline?! Notice also that the comments actually rebounded on the 27th, the day after Thanksgiving.

Now if you listen to Orac and minions, they would have us believe that they operate from a personally desire to counter our ‘misinformation and dishonesty’ in regards to vaccines and autism. Supposedly, as passionate as we are in our views, so too are they in theirs. Yet, where was that passion on Thanksgiving Day?! Seems like with the occasion they saw it fit to dock some time off ‘from the office’ and have a break.

Perhaps, some may argue that it is unreasonable to expect that everyone now and again will not take time off from their routine and enjoy an holiday, including Orac and his minions. Very well then, let’s look at the commenting history here at AoA over the Thanksgiving week. In the week prior to Thanksgiving Day, five blogs were posted. They garnered 18, 16, and 16, comments, respectively, on the 25th, 26th, and 27th. Notice that the comments on Thanksgiving Day fell insignificantly from the day before, and in fact they remained the same the day after the Holiday.

Whether these peculiarities serve as incontestable proof that Orac and his minions’ motivations are not personal at all but ‘bought’, they provide an interesting contrast: They reveal that Orac and his minions can, for at least one day, kick their feet up and free their minds of concerns relating to autism and vaccines. As for the victims of their bullying, living the 24-7 autism-vaccination hell, such a mental escape remains just a pipedream for most.


type 1 diabetes which is an autoimmune disease goes back to 250 BC, and continues to have been described in the 1600's so I think saying all autoimmune diseases are caused by vaccines is wrong.

Really … you're sure thats not 249 BC??

You're free to think whatever you want. And I'm free to completely disagree with you, which i do.


Thanks Dara. With everyone's show of support here, I hope you and all are encouraged to continue to persuade others.

Besides the CDC whistleblower story, let's share this link to a CDC table of ingredients.


This should be enough to make a reasonable person stop and think. Trouble is, some are still too busy/too lazy/too corrupt to bother to research themselves. We just have to convince enough of the population to care.

We have to keep trying, motivated by those we love dearly.


type 1 diabetes which is an autoimmune disease goes back to 250 BC, and continues to have been described in the 1600's so I think saying all autoimmune diseases are caused by vaccines is wrong.
However, if people with immune systems that are given to over reacting anyway, are injected with more than 30 substances designed to provoke an immune reaction, all while very young,is it really surprising that they develop autoimmune conditions, or that their health is damaged?

To be honest, what would anyone expect?


With vaccines, it makes sense that the people most likely to get injured in a population are those with a family history of autoimmune issues, and those who have genetic mutations and can't process toxic metals well (MTHFR mutations)


Each and every autoimmune 'disease' …IS a vaccine injury.

So yes, it does make sense that the direct descendants of vaccine injured parents, are the ones least able to resist injury from vaccines.


Betty Bona; One answer could be: I get my science from peer reviewed journal articles; ( and if you are feeling nasty you could add) I assume you get yours from vested interests?
And you can peruse Ginger's peer reviewed articles and pick a couple with quotes to hand out with a smile.

Or get a copy of the table injuries that the federal govt approves for vaccine side effects. Hard to pretend vaccines are safe when the govt admits they are not...
Then smile and say " I know the reality of vaccine injury makes some people uncomfortable; that's ok. I don't mind" and then change the subject. Might as well get the last word in. A bit passive aggressive perhaps, but sounds like they have been obnoxious for a while.
Of course, none of the above is probably good for family relationships, so up to you what you choose to do. With some folks, I argue, some I let it go.


Anti-vaxers remind me of the old witch hunts when an unpopular person would be accused of shape shifting into a pig. Superstition reigned supreme, rationality was in short supply. Somewhere I read this good comparison: a woman on birth control has a breakthrough pregnancy and promptly blames another woman who is not on the pill. Let's say a child is vaccinated against chicken pox. Doesn't that mean that he is protected from getting the disease even if an unvaccinated child is sitting next to him in class. According to anti-vaxers all epidemics among the highly vaccinated are caused by the unvaccinated, the vaccine itself is never to blame. Remember the big mumps outbreaks of awhile back when all the unvaccinated had to stay home even though they didn't have the mumps, meanwhile the mumps outbreak seemed to be solely among the vaccinated. Hasn't it become routine almost to have the biggest whooping cough outbreaks in vaccinated populations and of course the unvaccinated who don't seem to be getting as sick are blamed. Of course, we will never know how effective vaccines really are if the vaccinated can get blamed for all vaccine failures. Even those who can see the flaws in anti-vaxer logic still blame the unvaccinated because all those parents have to do is just comply with regulations because vaccines are safe if not so effective. But of course vaccines are not safe that is why more parents are refusing and leading to the divisions.


False skeptics make me laugh; good point. Of course those kind of comments are bullying.
I applaud the author for challenging the pediatrician. What happened to informed consent and telling people about the risks as well as benefits of any medical procedure?
Cait; I agree that "that's why you are alone" was pretty harsh. I did not like that comment either. But describing someone as "gratuitously cruel" wasn't kind either.
I also agree with Barry; I suspect the people out in front will be abandoned very quickly if/when the political tide on vaccine injuries turns.
tracey; as John points out, what you said doesn't make sense. Some people have peanut allergies, some do not. Are we going to say that no one has a real peanut allergy because some people can eat it safely?

With vaccines, it makes sense that the people most likely to get injured in a population are those with a family history of autoimmune issues, and those who have genetic mutations and can't process toxic metals well (MTHFR mutations) Well what do you know, studies repeatedly link both of these issues to vaccine injury and/or autism.

Betty Bona

Two lines I hate hearing from family and friends are, "we get our science from very different sources," and "we'll just have to agree to disagree." It's their way of ending the argument without having to consider my points. They get to continue with their "more educated than thou" beliefs with the second assumption that I'm a nutcase. I feel bullied then.


Willie, Georg, Dara and all. I do not even have a child with autism but feel passionately that something is very wrong. I know I have lost some friends more or less because I would not back down on my views, even facts. People just do not want to acknowledge the sad state that our children are in. Complete denial for most, I would say, and the fact that seizuring, asthmatic, developmentally delayed or ADHD children are just so common now.
The other day a professional I interact with kind of blurted out that her child had just got 3 vaccines that day and I just was very neutral about it. Her children struggle academically. I too have learned that sometimes it's just not worth going there if it upsets family members too much. I'm afraid until the doctors speak out, it's going to be rough. I've talked to people in other businesses like construction and they see that there aren't many "normal" children left. Of course there are many factors - poverty, nutrition, parenting etc. Pretty soon, though, we will have huge social and educational costs, less skilled labor and no one fit to serve. Not to mention more children and adults with mental illness, shootings..

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

There's a litmus test to tell if it would be considered bullying or hate-mongering.

Take one of their comments. Exchange the word "anti-vaxxer" for a minority or racially charged name. If people would find that comment offensive, then it is bullying and hate-mongering.

For example:

"Anti vaxers are the skidmarks of society"

Now, try changing "Anti vaxer" to either "jew" or "black." Is that comment still offensive?

To people like Gorski and his drooling lickspittles, no it does not. Because they agree with what the original comment says. Which means that they agree with the bullying and hate-mongering of vaccine resistant people.

If I had more time, I would take some of their more derogatory comments (like the one above) and post the altered version on several different sites to see if people become offended. Then, when they do, I'd post the original.


"Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include..."

In other words, this is what other people say will happen to you if you take this vaccine and you may or may not agree with them after you too experience it. But that doesn't matter because it will all be anecdotal if you do.

Now step right up.


"the act of forgiveness is not done for the other person. It is a gift to the self, an act of self love. Not forgiving and holding hatred inside is like drinking poison and hoping the other person gets sick."
Maybe so, but if everyone runs around forgiving who will punish the wrongdoers, if everyone runs around forgiving how will the offending people even know they are offending? Hatred and anger can be useful motivational tools. And what if hatred and the glimmer of vengeance is all some people have left to look forward to? The wicked suffering and the righteous prospering, I call that Justice. And hopefully the hammer of justice will be crushing down on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.




We both feel we were made for this fight.

I have gone to conferences, medical conferences and just gone off on these people who have not read anything and refuse to be educated or read anything because that is the path of least resistance- just accept what has been said rather than to investigate and confirm or disprove and disavow the science.

They have let everyone down and it is contrived in my view.

My family is just more important than wasting words on people that either have no children or do not want to acknowledge the truth.

The most nonsensical response is what one of the readers gave here and that is "why doesn't everyone have it then?"

Why doesn't everyone get the flu or pneumonia or MS or ALS or cancer or have Diabetes? etc.

We are all genetically different and that is just the simple fact, we all get different immunoglobulin coverage from our mothers some breast feed some do not, our blood brain barrier closes at different times etc. etc.

Have a great night.


Georg Elser

Willie - my story is identical .
I have never been able to stop myself fighting over this .
I feel I was made for this fight .
Authority figures were something I used to at least fear , all respect has gone for them .
Yes the marriages do suffer. But is that solely your waging the war , or is it returning from the parties to seeing a child at home struggling and suffering as they do .

It seems to me the only ones who are capable of executing a recovery of a child , is where the parent is a doctor .
The success stories are very rare indeed .
We have tried practically everything .And the returns are just never enough .Hence my sheer anger .

JCVI - Jenocide Committee for Vaccination & Immunisation



Happy Thanksgiving to All!!


Extremely well written piece of literature, very insightful and illuminating on a number of levels.

Most people do not realize that they are being bullied because the parents are made to feel that they are bad parents and thus the person's behavior, the bully, is justified. This of course is not true however, and you have to look past your own hurt and analyze the behavior in a global fashion looking at the forest instead of the trees just as you have done so well in your piece.

Although you have not written it what you describe is the lynch mob mentality of the vaccination crowd. No matter how clear the evidence is to support your position, and the evidence is overwhelming on so many levels, they feel you must be wrong and guilty and therefore figuratively lynched because of your position.

This is very frequent now in medicine with all manner of just ridiculous theories being touted as sound science despite evidence to the contrary which often times is ignored or not even evaluated and never acknowledged.

This begs the question as to why? The answer of course is ideology driven by individual megalomania-a condition or mental illness that causes people to think that they have great or unlimited power or importance. This would be your first pediatrician and your cousin.

The pediatrician rather than being compassionate and reassuring chose to be authoritative and abusive. You recognized that he tried to bully, he hurt you and you responded very appropriately. I am quite proud of you.

He has clearly not read ANY of the literature and at the very least should have some substantive questions of his own regarding the vaccines.

Your cousins story was quite interesting to me also because I had a similar experience on a much grander scale with my own family.

I have a child with Autism and I have not been shy about why it was caused and I am vocal about it and it has caused problems for me and I will not back down period.

As I am a physician this has become problematic on so many levels. We have family that are pediatricians and family practitioners. Holiday dinners can be just brutal, not just for them being obliterated by me but for my wife as a bystander observing this - because I let them have it- all of it. Even regular parties with other docs and their wives are a challenge and we rarely get invited or go anymore.

I have had to tone it down for the sake of my wife because me brow beating others into submission at a public gathering is quite negative will not cure my child of convince others of the merits of my position.

Please understand that I am not saying that you did that however these discussions almost always escalate as they did in your case.

I have read thousands of papers and come to my own conclusions about the pathophysiology and NONE OF THE DOCTORS have read any literature or remember embryology, developmental immunology, the epidemiology of the various diseases that the children are vaccinated for, the pathophysiology of the disease itself and the inherent risk of exposing an young immune system to multiple pathogens at once etc, etc, etc.
This of course leads to questions that they cannot answer and inevitably there are inappropriate comments and then look out I start dropping bombs and the night is ruined.

Because I actually do love my wife and she is already hurt by the whole thing and does not want to relive it I just stay away from the subject now. I do not want the collateral damage of her being emotionally injured over and over so I can swat pro vaccine fly's publicly. This would be a pyrrhic victory for sure - a victory won at to great of a cost.

When people ask me about vaccines and autism at parties I just tell them that this is not the time or place and I would be happy to discuss it them or their doctor one on one or over the phone etc.

This is because some people are jealous and just want to provoke the issue and try to ruin the party for everyone and that has happened, I have been a part of a few of those.

I am resolved to the fact that we have to prove our point by curing our children. I truly look forward to the day when I can in a matter of fact and dispassionate way smile and say that we corrected the injury caused by the vaccines and my children are fine now.

Holidays will then be sweeter and there will be more reasons for being thankful to God and to celebrate our lives.

I want that for you too Dara Berger and for all of us and our children and families.


John Stone

If you look at the wording they are not admitting anything much, although they are also not denying that there may be a connenction.

"Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting. Because these events are reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is not always possible to reliably estimate their frequencies or to establish a causal relationship to components of Tripedia vaccine."


Leah and Barry, the autism epidemic is allowed to go unchecked not so much out of people being good or bad, but it’s a matter of whether they are strong or weak, having the moral fortitude to do the right thing. Think about it: If you are a pediatrician witnessing in your office scores after scores of kids regressing after their vaccination, do you speak up, essentially turning your back on your ‘prestigious’ profession and becoming a pariah amongst your peers? If you are that parent who witnessed how vaccines made your child autistic, do you share this and risk being ostracized by family and friends? As well, if you are that pharma figure, knowing fully well that your products are obliterating a generation of kids, do you fess up and thereby spelling your company and shareholders’ doom? Barry, I agree with you that on the whole people are good and really are inclined to do the right thing, but sometimes they feel the ‘right thing’ carries just too huge of a price tag to bear.


JDS & TonyB

Very very grateful for that gem on page 11 .


Yes, autism listed in print as a known side effect of the vaccine.

Right there in the line below the one that includes SIDS, as another known side effect.

Georg Elser

JDS & TonyB

Very very grateful for that gem on page 11 .

Tracey & Cait do you see it there FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE

Happy thanksgiving to all - I'm Happy NOW anyway .


When I was younger I thought the world was basically good. Sure bad things happened but most people and certainly our country was good. Now, I have to wonder. People seem very hesitant to help others.


The world still is good, most are just mired in a state of cognitive dissonance. It's a pretty ugly truth to stare down, if life hasn't forced you to do so.

People like Pan represent a minute, very sociopathic fringe who are shielded from any and all forms of debate. And who present a far bigger threat to our society, than the cooked-up disease threats that they routinely fabricate. Threats that have become so predicable to me, that I actually laugh when I see them now. And kinda pity those who still cling to the belief that vaccines do, or ever did prevent disease.

But that cognitive dissonance aint gonna last forever. And when society fully awakens to the truth about what vaccines have done to their babies….. people like Pan better be ready to run for the hills. Because the people who are shielding him now, are going to offer him up in a heartbeat when parents start looking for someone to hang.


"There's a medical 'conspiracy of silence' about vaccine damage reinforced by a culture of collective professional bullying. Only when doctors and health professionals are prepared to speak out en masse, will these important vaccine safety issues be debated and hopefully resolved."

YES. I have been saying this for ages, given what I know now; unless and until physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals speak out EN MASSE, the vaccine damage seen worldwide in our children, and in adults, will continue, unabated.

for Cait

Hi Cait

The true empathy of the troll, eh?

Child abuse via syringe

Eveyone go see spotlight. The similarities and parallels will astound you and I think it shows a path to finally get this heard and apologized for and compensated and STOPPED.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Tracy, don't be so simplistic. Autism is associated with many known medical conditions, but none of these medical conditions leads to autism in 100% of cases.

My son suffered head trauma and asphyxia at birth (which no one wants to happen), and autism is not a predictable result of difficult birth. However irresponsible the present-day vaccine schedule, I think clamping the umbilical cord immediately after birth may also be blamed for the increase in autism prevalence.

No health benefit can be claimed for clamping the umbilical cord. If clamped before the first breath, some degree of asphyxia will occur, which is known to damage the blood-brain barrier. Components of the hep B vaccine and vitamin K injections will cross the damaged blood-brain barrier, and exacerbate damage done by asphyxia.

I will continue to try rewording my argument against umbilical cord clamping in hopes of discussion by medical professionals. Last December in the UK, the protocol for immediate clamping of the cord was changed, and a delay of at least one minute made the new standard. Let's see if special education needs decline within the next few years.


When I was younger I thought the world was basically good. Sure bad things happened but most people and certainly our country was good. Now, I have to wonder. People seem very hesitant to help others. Doctors collect high fees for what seems to be at the very least highly questionable "healthcare". Pan and others get money from Big Pharma to force medical treatment which is absurd and dangerous (Hep B) from day one. It is good to speak out when you can. But a lot of people are huge jackasses and in that case, protect your kids and your family first. If I was in California I would consider moving.It is certainly far easier than dealing with even one disabled kid. I would not donate one of my children just to be well thought of by the kind of cousins Dara was dining with. The hardest thing is to separate yourself mentally and think for yourself. No one is very friendly about it.

David Taylor

Jeff--the act of forgiveness is not done for the other person. It is a gift to the self, an act of self love. Not forgiving and holding hatred inside is like drinking poison and hoping the other person gets sick.

Tony Bateson: Yes, autism is listed as an adverse reaction on this image of Tripedia's DTaP's product sheet:


Tracy the Troll: Please leave and don't let the door hit you in the ignorant arse on the way out.

"Psychological study says internet trolls show all the signs of sadism" http://bit.ly/Z2HWZc

Bullying becomes a major issue in middle school. Often the shame that the bullied child feels will make him/her stuff it inside and keep it a secret. This is what happened to our son. I urge all parents with children on the spectrum to watch their middle-school aged children for the signs of bullying and to take immediate action.

Although our son's school administration was wonderfully responsive and did everything in their power to stop it (including suspension of the bullies and threat of permanent expulsion), it simply is not possible to stop all of it. Matter of fact, things got worse.

We opted for home schooling. In addition to his other therapies, now our child has to be treated for PTSD caused by the bullying. Children on the spectrum are often much more aware of what is going on around them than we know, due to their verbal disabilities.

The signs that a child is being bullied are well known, but just in case:

* Is reluctant or refuses to go to school
* Clams up when you try to discuss school
* Demands some sort of change in a long-standing routine, like riding the bus to school or going to the park on Saturdays
* Does not want to participate in after-school activities or play with old friends
* Shows signs of physical distress such as headaches, stomach-aches, or nausea
* Goes to the nurse in order to avoid going to class
* Performance in school (grades, homework, attendance) suddenly declines
* Acts sullen, angry, and frequently wants to be left alone
* Uncharacteristically uses bad language
* Shows marked behavior change after computer time or a phone call
* Starts asking for more lunch or transportation money without a clear explanation of why it is needed
* Has unexplained bruises or injuries

Cait from Canada

I question your assumption that your friend was trying to bully you by sending you the link to "Neurotribes". He may have sincerely, though naïvely, thought you'd find it interesting and possibly helpful.

Your response was defensive, hostile, and gratuitously cruel: "Your insensitivity explains why you are still alone." How is this helpful, or sensitive for that matter? To my mind, insulting someone else in defense of your position just undermines your credibility.

Not an MD

Yes, Dara. Phama/government/institutionalized medicine/alphabet agencies, whether real or faux/trolls/public health officials/paid thought leaders and attorneys/and all other indoctrinated buffoons and/or non-thinkers-- what's the difference any more? -- are definitely bullies.

John Stone

Hi Tracy

That is not perhaps the brightest comment. If smoking causes lung cancer do all smokers get lung cancer?

Tracy Dailey

If vaccines causes Autism, every single person would have it.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

The medical establishment has become the biggest bully, especially now that doctors do not know their patients, and they are very stingy about sharing information. When I was growing up in the 1940s and 50s, our family doctor was our next door neighbor, and my best friend's father.

In our school there was one girl with athetoid cerebral palsy. My friend's father explained athetoid to us. She made wide swinging movements of her arms, from her shoulders, forward and down, jumping from one foot to the other. How often I see this kind of movement disorder now in autistic adults and children.

Their were two retarded children in our school, brother and sister, and their mother was alcoholic. Again my friend's father explained fetal alcohol syndrome to us. It is beyond belief that we are now told developmental delay was simply overlooked in the past.

John Stone

Hi Tony

Here you are p.11


Also , as an important piece of history Bill Inman (founder of the UK Yellow Card scheme "Don't Tell the Patient" Chapter 7 "A Plethora of Commitees" p.131-40. But note also they accelerated the schedule in1990:



tony bateson

I heard that Sanofi list autism as a contra-indicator on their DTaP - DPT insert. Can this be confirmed? - if so get hold of a copy and show it to Pro-Vaxxers.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK


A friend's 11 year old nephew will have to go residential soon because he's becoming violent and too big to restrain easily. His mother refused my help (I'm very well connected in autism circles) because I believe vaccines are a factor. Provaxxers are impressively irrational, and we all know irrational people overreact. I've had a vaccine reaction and so have both of my sons. Somehow that's not real because it's not the party line. Her other son has issues, and her daughter was held back a year in school and is still struggling academically. Three kids with problems, and I wonder if they're all getting flu shots. I'm sure they're all up to date on the standard vaccines. But hey, let's avoid thinking as much as possible about consequences. I occasionally feel as if I'm in a lifeboat and the Titanic is slowly sinking behind with parents insisting there's no need to worry. The ship is unsinkable

Jenny Allan

"Most of all we can stand together and support one another for a cause that affects the entire community."

Thank you Dara for this brave article and yes, parents with vaccine concerns can count on receiving support and education in these AoA columns. I was interested in your experience with the patronising arrogant paediatrician who stated non vaccination would 'kill your baby'.

From above:- "Years later I found out he married a speech therapist and became much more lax about vaccines. Hmmm wonder where the change of heart and influence came from!"

I would hypothesise, this paediatrician's change of attitude, was related to the damage caused to some vulnerable babies he vaccinated. Perhaps his speech therapist wife was closely involved with children whose speech was delayed. This commonly happens with autism. My Grandson weirdly could read before he could properly engage in conversations. His speech therapist was the first person to mention the 'A' word. She will have noticed an increase in her caseload following the MMR vaccine introduction.

Teachers also complain about the recent huge increase in 'special needs' children. Systems are already being overwhelmed by the large numbers of autistic children, most of whom require extra educational provision. Better diagnosis? NO - These children would have been noticed if they had existed before the introduction of more and more vaccines, and more and more doses of them, including so called 'boosters'.

And what about doctors? Are they too being bullied? We all know what happened to Dr Andrew Wakefield for simply stating the obvious, but what of his 12 well qualified multidisciplinary Lancet co-authors? Professor Walker-Smith was completely exonerated in the UK High Court and his licence restored, but that still left fellow paediatric gastroenterologist, Professor Simon Murch, who was admonished by the GMC, but allowed to keep his licence, in a 'limbo' with no GMC apology or pardon, even though the charges against him were identical to Prof Walker-Smith's. Both these clinicians were involved with treating my grandson's gastro problems and they were wonderful. No one else was prepared to help, before or since, with his gastro problems, other than to prescribe endless constipation bottles and powders. There are now millions of children worldwide with my grandson's syndrome, as diagnosed in the Royal Free Hospital London, and reported in the Lancet 1998 Wakefield et al paper, "Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children."

* NB My grandson was NOT one of the Lancet 12 children, but was one of the 50 or so OTHER children diagnosed and treated for the same syndrome at the Royal Free.

It is now admitted by 'mainstream' medicine, autistic children have a high incidence of other co-mobidities, including bowel disorders and epilepsy, but precious little is being done to properly diagnose and treat these children. When my grandson's family relocated from London, my grandson was referred to the paediatric gastroenterologists at his new local NHS hospital. These individuals took one look at his Royal Free notes and were TERRIFIED. My poor grandson was passed around like 'pass the parcel' and sent home with prescriptions for constipation. After a very short time, the hospital clinicians discharged him to the care of his own GP, an excellent doctor but NOT a specialised gastroenterologist.

Pan's notorious SB 277 mandatory child vaccination legislation is designed to ensnare ALL children, including those born to doctors and health professionals. In the UK, child vaccines are not mandatory, but the same kind of bullying experienced by Dara is widespread. Health professionals make their own arrangements regarding their own childrens' vaccines, often paying extra for single measles and rubella vaccinations, available here in the UK.

There's a medical 'conspiracy of silence' about vaccine damage reinforced by a culture of collective professional bullying. Only when doctors and health professionals are prepared to speak out en masse, will these important vaccine safety issues be debated and hopefully resolved.


Applause for this article!! Hear hear!!


You are definitely awesome. Didn't agree with this part though.
" I have decided to forgive her ignorance for my own peace and sanity."
Lets leave the forgiving to God shall we? Like Phil Anselmo says, " The releasing of anger can better any medicine under the sun"
What? should I have quoted Thomas Jefferson instead?

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