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Part 3: Anne Dachel Interviews Tony Muhammad on CDC Vaccine Safety Accountability

Paul Offit and AAP Reward Senator Pan for Taking Away Healthcare Rights in California


Paul Offit presents Richard Pan with AAP award on behalf of CHILD, Inc.  Note the disdain in Offit's language.

Nov 1, 2015, NCE 2015 Sen. Pan Awards - YouTube

Paul Offit: "You are brave man. (audience laughter)  You were able to take something which those who oppose vaccines always make a parent's right issue and make it a child's right issue.  I think that to oppose groups like these--we're not talking about sort of the vaccine hesitant parents--but more the professional anti-vaccine types, that is a politically savvy, media-backed, often lawyer-backed group that can make your life miserable.  I think it takes an enormous amount of bravery to do what you did.

"You know you've gotten into the center of things when you meet the very best people and the very worst people. (more audience laughter)


Next Dr. Stuart Cohen of the American Academy of Pediatrics, California: ". . .Nothing has risen to the level in both difficulty and acclaim as your SB277.  (laughter)

"So with that in mind, we'd like to honor you, American Academy of Pediatrics California, as legislator of the year.  'For his invaluable leadership and heroic achievements to keep California children safe at school from vaccine-preventable disease, in order to protect the public health with Senate Bill 277.'"




I cannot bring myself to watch this video, I know how I will react...the devil comes out in me. The worst people huh? What do we have to gain by telling our truth about what happened to our children? Just that...truth! What does Dr. Pan, Dr. Offitt and the AAP, CDC,and HHS have to gain by pushing their truth? MONEY $$$$, which one is the root of all evil?


My children had the right to eat peanuts and nuts and certain other foods without getting a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction to them. They had the right to eat other foods without throwing up (in my daughter's case) or getting severe eczema, allergic migraines that lead to self injury, allergic rhinitis, brain fog in addition to candida overgrowth that cause severe autistic symptoms in my son for MOST foods. But less than 2 days after my daughter's four month shots is when she began throwing up her milk based formula that began our struggle. The aggressive vaccine schedule hurt our children! And the pharma bought AAP, media, politicians and government agencies continue to hurt our children, take away THEIR rights, and don't care.


Not sure what's worse.

Watching these idiots engage in their staged public ass kissing contest.

Or realizing that the average public citizen actually thinks this award shit is real.


To be recognized for child health initiatives by the American Academy of Pediatrics is akin to being recognized by the Tobacco Institute for promoting heart health. In the near future, this day will be regarded as an embarrassment, on par with the Coke logo on the AAP website.

This is what the American Academy of Pediatrics says and does for Coke, for a shockingly small amount of funds:

"the soda grants appear to have, in some cases, won the company allies in anti-soda initiatives, wielded influence over health recommendations about soft drinks, and shifted scientific focus away from soda as a factor in the causes of obesity."

The vaccine front groups give multiple amounts of what Coke gave. For that kind of money, AAP will not only talk dirty, but get you a happy ending as well.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is a dying trade group. It is an embarrassment to conscientious docs who do not want their good names sullied by association. Avoid AAP docs; it is a good bet that since they lie about Coke, they will lie to your face about anything. The awards could not have been presented by, or been given to, any two more deserving exponents of the demonstrable "say anything for money" philosophy that defines the AAP.


RE: web page....

Somewhere, a simple “AAP only page” is needed where Offit. Pan and others can sign up to take the various... “well baby visit vaccines” and “mercury flu shots”... adjusted to their body weight. Perhaps the page could have a built in vaccine calculator.

I would suggest breaking the page into the 50 states with the sound of “crickets chirping” as we wait for ANY of the 62,000 AAP members or the CDC staff to sign up.

Would one of these dimwits take the full set of “weight adjusted baby shots” for a period of 5 years ???

Of course, an award from the AoA... would be given to those who complete the schedule...


Greyone --Excellent poem.
Some musical genius should add a tune to it!

Maurine Meleck

More than 1 liar is called a Pharmagang.

More than 3 liars is called a Pharmagettem

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I could only bring myself to read it, not actually listen to the words and laughter. The picture of the lady throwing up into the toilet does exactly describe how I feel. I happily shared Minister Tony's inspiring video to my FB, but I'll be damned if I give the AAP, Pan, or Offit a platform. But thank you AOA, we need to know how low they are willing to go.

Grace Green

This is the reason why I think that 'parents rights' is not the best way to attack. ALL children have the right not to be harmed by the medical profession. We should be supporting our allies in the medical/scientific community such as Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Boyd Haley, Dr. Russel Blaylock and the Geiers, to name but a few, in putting the truth to the people.

shocked but not surprised

no words....


It seems to be one of their key PR strategies to reverse the language when talking about parents who oppose vaccine mandates, and use terms that more aptly describe themselves. For example, in this video Offit describes parents as "professional... politically savvy, media-backed, often lawyer-backed..."

It's straight out of 1984 - War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.


There once was a fellow named Pan
He was vaccine industry's man
A doctor for profit
With fellows like Offit
For them I don't give a d**n.

Jeannette Bishop

Can't comment on this particularly AAP-CA2 video, though you can on their other ones...personally not sure how the title of pediatrician is going to survive two+ decades where half of U.S. children became chronically ill with a spectrum of immune disorders on their watch ... and the only actual action taken was to promote legislation of their perceived status of authority over our children.

Basically, if you try to do what's best for your children (or if you happen to notice we harmed your children and you don't keep coming back for more), there's a "consequence to that" including getting blamed for the vaccine's failure to live up to the sales pitch:


Offit should have said, "You are a bribed man."



I had to censor my comment.

Laura Hayes

In the words of my friend and colleague who watched this video:

"It is a child's right not to be poisoned."


Oh, God, look at Pan's face, mugging for the camera. Reading body language, he seems like an immature little boy, happy to be pat on the head. "Are you proud of me now, Mommy?"

This video is on an AAP channel of youtube, I agree with go-rand, we need to secure it for our own historical purposes. If only for some priceless screen shots of Pan's grin.

But let there be no mistake. This award was not just to "reward" Pan for being a good boy. This is part of the propaganda campaign for the rest of the pediatricians that were in attendance at their national meeting. The message consists of (1) Keep repeating the lies about vaccines; (2) This (awards and recognition) is what happens if you are a good soldier (3) It's socially-acceptable and good to bash the "enemy", or as what Offit would say, "the very worst people", "media-backed" "lawyer-backed group."


Well awards can acts as a trail from the signatures of AAP leadership involved-- but I meant trials.


Well Good! He has all his rewards, awards, that can be used as documentation for the trails when the American people finally wake up and storm the Bastille.


"You were able to take something which those who oppose vaccines always make a parent's right issue and make it a child's right issue."
It's called taking parents' rights, plain and simple. Taking away parents' rights.

go rand

Certainly a charming way to start a new week.

Are these video clips being “stored properly” somewhere safe ??? This clip is somewhat of a classic with two elite arrogant bastards.

I know I have tried to check a few links to some past network news clips from a few years back that no longer work. Is there a way to locate these now lost items ???

Nine AAP "liability free vaccines" on the same day in now the "gawd given right of your baby."

Bob Moffitt

Obviously .. the inmates are rewarding themselves ..for creating the asylum of madness that our public health has become.

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