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Part 3: Anne Dachel Interviews Tony Muhammad on CDC Vaccine Safety Accountability

Brother Tony MBy Anne Dachel Part 3 of Anne's 3 part interview with Brother Tony Muhammad is below. You can view Part 2 here and Part 1 here.


Here Brother Tony issued a call to action. The black community will be organized and uniting with other groups to make this into a movement.

“One of the things that was shocking to me is that…I really didn’t know much about autism because I thought, like many in my community, we thought autism was like a white problem.

“…But I was shocked to find out how disproportionately that black boys in particular [were] ill-effected by autism. I didn’t even know what the word autism meant. To get involved with this now and to see the debilitating effects of autism and to know that it's linked to vaccines that are given to us by doctors that we trust who may not know because they’re driven by money, blew me away.

“Since it’s come to my attention that it does ill-effect black boys in the black community, Native American community, as well as white community—and now it’s all of our fight. Now that we’ve taken up this fight with others, when we go to our community, there were at least four mothers in the low-income area called the government projects, when I took this information into the City of Los Angeles and to my community, these mothers knew something had happened to their children after they were vaccinated. But because the literacy rate is not high, because they were bullied by their doctors and their doctors passionately pleaded with them …that it was genetic, and the mother was carrying the guilt—when I mentioned this, to see the tears coming down these mothers’ eyes who in their spirit knew that it was nothing wrong with her, that it happened as a result of the vaccines. …It didn’t make her feel any better, but some of the guilt of thinking that this disease was passed on through genetics, was relieved, and now these mothers are a part of the movement to help us to bring to bear what’s going on with these vaccines. So that was incredible. It was incredible that I didn’t know much about autism and thinking that autism was a white problem, and now to see all of us working together to save our children.

“And as I said in Atlanta at the rally, any human being, whether you’re a father, a mother, an uncle or a lover of humanity—any of us who won’t fight for the safety of children, that they may have a future, we don’t deserve to live ourselves. That’s how serious this movement has to be.

“And we owe it to the American public, we owe it to children no matter where they are on this planet, because these vaccines are just ill-effecting us here in America. These vaccines are ill-effecting us all over globe, and now, countries in Africa are reaching out to us, the Caribbean is reaching out to us, Central and South America is reaching out to us because now they know the Nation of Islam [has] picked up this mantel and joined others of you, and our voices will be heard. We will not back down. You will not break our spirit. We do not care how much money the big pharmaceutical companies have, we put our total trust in God. And as our trust is in God, we know that this movement will grow like no other movement has ever grown before, and you will see black, white, brown, red, and yellow coming arm in arm and we will make our voices heard. We will get the information out because we deserve to know the truth about what’s going on at the CDC.”

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.



John Stone


You mean the FDA - they gave up long ago. I remember a senior FDA scientist writing to the (London) Sunday Times in 2001 to say thimerosal in vaccines was a cause of autism, and he had to write again to state that it was only his view.

Tony Bateson

I am amazed that the autism family has not been able to mobilise itself into a powerful force in the USA especially as only recently a very large manufacturer was obliged to remove food colorants from its products because of consumer pressure. How come vaccine makers can continue to use known toxins in vaccines because they claim we parents have failed to prove they are unsafe! FAILED TO PROVE THEY ARE UNSAFE! It is their duty at any time, in the use of any and all materials, to satisfy their users that the materials are safe. In the case of Thimerosal that is impossible and we all know that. Where are the regulators?

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.


I work in the field of education. We are seeing a very significant increase in autism and ADHD for the ESL or ELL (refugee and immigration) population.


Thank you Anne and Tony Muhammad for your activism and commitment. It does take awhile for what has happened to dawn on us. The first sign you've been bamboozled by the medical establishment is that they stop treating your child for vague symptoms like chronic infection, ataxia, learning disabilities. How many kids out there that are learning disabled or chronically ill are really vaccine injured? Since your child is never well again they vaccinate your child anyway.

I was wondering if it would be possible for a California lawsuit to subpoena William Thompson? It looks like our legislature are not going to do it so could California parents?


The good is going to win out in this battle.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Wonderful! Thank you.

JB Handley

Minister Muhammad is experiencing firsthand what so many of us have dealt with: the wisdom of the crowd, in this case the parents of children with Autism. How many times does someone need to hear the story of decline after vaccination appointment before they realize it's true? In the case of Minister Muhammad, he clearly had no fight in the game and came with an open mind and let the parents educate him. A welcome new member of this fight!! JB Handley


What a good and courageous man.


I think in the near future, PHARMA and all the astroturfers are going to regret taking such a hard line on this. Can't stop the truth, it will always find a way to the light.


God IS on our side. And no matter what your view of God is, he's right about not deserving to live ourselves, if we can't speak up about this.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks for getting in touch with Minister Tony, Anne.

"But I was shocked to find out how disproportionately that black boys in particular [were] ill-effected by autism. I didn’t even know what the word autism meant. To get involved with this now and to see the debilitating effects of autism and to know that it's linked to vaccines that are given to us by doctors that we trust who may not know because they’re driven by money, blew me away."

Echoing what Jill said, it's hard to explain how much it means when someone not directly impacted gets it and not only that but then jumps in to push back against this assault on our infants and youth.


I love the passion. So many of us are so frustrated at this time that no one higher up will listen and do the right thing. Are they all bribed or blackmailed? These are our children. This is our society.


Excellent video, thank you! It's amazing how Minister Muhammad heard about this corrupted science and then as he travels around the country meets mothers who have experienced the autism-vaccine link in their children. Once people see a crack in the wall of denial, the truth is so obvious. Parents who have not been involved in a movement will become so.

I remember Representative Chris Smith said at the 11/29/2012 Congressional Oversight Committee hearing that he chairs the African Global Health and Human Rights Committee Foreign Affairs and African committee, and has worked on the Foreign Affairs committee for many years, and that they have never seen such an autism prevalence spike in Africa as they have seen during the prior 15 years - during a time of more and more vaccines being distributed in Africa – many of which still contain mercury in the preservative thimerosal.
See Rep Smith speak at 01:50:10 here:
It takes time to load. If it freezes let it sit for a while and come back to it.


Thank you Anne and Tony Muhammad. I can imagine the tears on the faces of the moms in your community as they listened to you speak to them about the whistleblower information - who knew in their hearts that something was wrong, that something happened to their babies. None of this had to be. Let's make sure our grandchildren don't get hit by the same bus that the CDC says does not exist. Thank you.

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