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News From Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice

Oklahomans for vax choiceOklahoma City, OK November 1, 2015

Parents across Oklahoma believe SB 830 (bill to remove the philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions) is simply government overreach, discrimination, and a violation of parental rights to make medical decisions for their children. As a non-profit organization gaining popularity following the introduction of SB 830, OVC has become what is now a diverse group of citizens, from a variety of vocational careers, educational backgrounds, including vaccinating and non-vaccinating individuals, all fighting to defend and preserve the personal and religious liberties that Oklahoma has held dear for decades. Today it is one the fastest growing grass roots effort with the largest resources on this vaccine choice in the state. 

Here are just a few organizations that stand with OVC in the opposition of SB 830:

Parent Rights Oklahoma, Canary Party, OK Grassroots Project and former State Representative Porter Davis, Restore Oklahoma Public Education (R.O.P.E),, Tulsa 9.12 Project, Living Faith Ministries, International and Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee, Oklahoma Chapters of John Birch Society, Liberty Oklahoma to name a few.

UPCOMING EVENTS - Health Liberty Rally, Monday, February 8th, 2016 at the Capitol building in the Supreme Court Hallway. Those interested in showing their support for personal and religious liberties can rally at the capitol and hear speakers from 12-1:00 and visit with legislators afterward from 1:00-2:00.  


OKLAHOMANS FOR VACCINE CHOICE       @ok4vaxchoice       



Good luck to the people of Oklahoma. There is a similar bill in NY state to remove religious exemptions (there is no philosophical exemption in NY state). What I have discovered in speaking with my representatives is that they are terrified of the media painting them as baby killing anti vaccine supporters. They are willing to discard first ammendment rights in the name of public health. The media will NEVER present a fair story on this issue.

Casey Ohlsson

Thank you AoA for your support! I love how all states are coming together to fight this awful playbook agenda!

Thank you!

Gary Ogden

Tracey: You go Oklahoma! We fought against absolute corruption here in California and lost, but we've only begun to fight. No more poisoning of our children, of our future!

Tracey Ossenkop

I am a proud member of OVC. Thank you for recognizing us today on AoA. We welcome the support for Oklahoma and love your website! Thank you so much!

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