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Autism Speaks' PSAs Ignore The Reality of Autism for Many

Georgia Mom in Murder Suicide with Autistic Son

Cute character with autism from Autism Speaks' New PSA

Welcome to the tribe of the dead. Sound harsh? Good.

Tumblr_nfuntfMoZa1s2wio8o1_500While Autism Speaks treats Autism like a Rankin and Bass holiday special, and the literary world treats it as a National Geographic anthropological cover story, the reality of autism is grim for more Neurotribesfamilies than most of us care to admit.

Yesterday I read a friend's FB post, her son was accepted into a residential program. He has wandered onto a busy highway, been aggressive with family to the point of assault and struggled with myriad health issues. His Mom has worked for over a decade to try to help him.   Few people know what goes on behind closed doors even here in my own home.  Below is a tragic story from Georgia that I fear will become yet another horrific American "new normal," like school shootings.  I never, ever condone harming or murdering our children. I do understand that some families will be so overwhelmed, so set adrift, so exhausted and facing such despair that murder and/or suicide seems the only solution. There but for the grace of God.


Mother Murders Autistic Son: Atlanta, GA NBC

Detectives said Dustin’s body was lying on a couch and his mother Nina Hicks was next to him on a pallet. Both had gunshot wounds to the head.

Investigators said the mother’s wound was self-inflicted.

“It’s pretty tragic to see that a mom shoots her own child,” Wooten said.

Geraghty lives down the street and learned of his neighbors’ deaths while walking his dog.

“We don’t all know each other very well, maybe, but still – to hear news like this it really makes you stop and think,” he said. “It’s a sad, sad day.”

The scene was just as unsettling for deputies.

“It’s not something that I’ve experienced,” the sheriff said. “Usually in a murder-suicide, it’s couples or significant others in some type of relationship.”

Officials said crews on the scene found evidence that may reveal the mother’s motive.

“Basically, his health issues had gotten worse and she didn’t want to be living without him,” Wooten said.

Read more HERE.



I have an autistic son. i live in the UK and we get nothing at all in help and my partner has been emotionally abusive since my son was born, and now because he knows now he can be,. I dont want to handle this alone and if i tell him to leave it is what he wants. I've thought about my own suicide so much in the last month. i'm at the end of my rope. I don't see anything but a life of anxiety ahead. no joy just pain. my life is over, it really is.


No one will help you and your child with autism, one who may wander as well? You better not do anything the ignorant dupes disagree with. I hope she sues if they charge her. The confiscation of her computer might be enough reason.

Kristi's Kids: Tucson mom may face charges over 'autism diet'

"New statistics have 1-in-45 kids being diagnosed with autism. A local mom told deputies she found a diet for her stepson online, but experts say that diet is dangerous. Now, the woman could face criminal charges.

Pima County Sheriff's detectives responded to a call at Banner-University Medical Center last month. Doctors reported a 10-year-old boy who weighed 25 kilograms, or about 55 pounds. A doctor said the boy had abnormal bruising and the Department of Child Safety was made aware of the case.

According to investigators, the boy's stepmother found a diet on the internet that was supposed to cure his autism.

On Halloween, Pima County detectives searched the family's home just southwest of Tucson for evidence of child abuse. They seized two computers, an i-Pad and a cell phone.

At the hospital, detectives got the diet outline. Court records reveal the Sheriff's Department already had contact with the 10-year-old back in June, when they released his photo to the media. He was found far from his home, in the early morning hours, wandering the streets. Since then, he has lost seven-and-a-half pounds...."

"It's scary that parents go online and find diets that they think will cure autism," Kirsten Polivchak with the Tucson Alliance for autism told Kristi's Kids.

Polivchak told us, while the internet can be a good resource for parents, any diet changes should be cleared by a pediatrician.

"There is no scientific evidence that diet does or doesn't improve behaviors, or the symptoms of autism," Polivchak said.

Hoping for a "cure" from the Internet, is a false hope.

"Autism is a lifelong disability," Polivchak added. "We might be able to lessen they symptoms of it, but once you're diagnosed, you'll have it for life."

Kristi's Kids contacted the Arizona Department of Child Safety, but a spokesman would only confirm that a temporary custody order has been served.

Sheriff's investigators told Kristi's Kids the case has been referred to the Pima County Attorney's Office, but, so far, no charges have been filed."

Polivchak..this someone I read about on the internet that is a bad source of information. Ironic.


I never, ever condone harming or murdering our children.

Suuure, you don't. And yet, you're totally okay with Wakefield, who if there was any justice, would be charged with being an accomplice in Alex Spourdalakis's murder, not to mention the harm you, he and all your buddies did to the Minneapolis Somali community. I guess it's okay to lie to Muslims, huh? Never mind that you were preying on a poor community who literally can't afford to be sick.

Oh, and let's not forget all the MMS pushers who keep being invited to Autism One, or the Geiers, who everyone still loves, despite the fact that they were castrating kids willy-nilly. Sure sounds like harm to me. But let's face it, Kimmy, if you made honesty a habit, you'd have fled your home years ago- and I suspect your daughters would be much better off without you.

Haven Delay

Certainly, I always believe there has to be a a better solution than what this mother did, but those on the outside do not understand the reality of vaccine damage. I don't call it 'autism" anymore. Autism is just a set a behaviors that goes along with this iatrogenic condition that renders children often very medically ill and neurologically damaged.

Certainly, my child still has some behaviors that are identified as autism, and while excruciatingly difficult at times (more so the first nine years than in the last five), the lifelong medical problems caused by vaccines take an enormous toll emotionally, socially, and financially.

Service waiting lists are often at least ten years long. Schools DO NOT live up to the spirit of the IDEA, and hey get away with it. Families go broke in that time span caring for these children. Structure social skills programs are very few and far between and are expensive. Likewise, most of these children need speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Adequate amounts of these to effect progress can cost 4500 dollars per month. Rspite services are very hard to come by.

Dietary and nutritional interventions that do effect progress can cost the families a minimum of another 600 dollars per month. Placing these children on psychotropics may help one area while causing ten other problems, and I believe this approach tho be a failure. I'm certainly NOT against medication if that is what it takes to keep an aggressive or self-injurious child in the home, but I do believe these drugs should be used as a last resort.

The issue is the GREAT worry we all have as to what will happened to our children once we are no longer able or we are no longer here to care for and protect them. They are extremely vulnerable. Those without speech even more so. It is a terrifying nightmare we all have, for we know the conditions of state institutions.

We know in these places our children will be easily abused, sexually abused, neglected and certainly not showered with love. Some children are given shock therapy. Another horror. Sometimes this nightmare can be too much for a parent to bear.

We want our children cared for lovingly. This is what they should have: good care throughout their lives, and those who harmed them should be the ones to pay for it. PERIOD.

What we are seeing happen all to frequently today is the result of parents having to bear the burden of a forced market without consequence and without accountability, it will only perpetuate.

I do not condone what this mother did. But I can understand how she was driven to a point where she felt she had no where to turn.

We know there is a horrid lack of supports and services. First, they force parents to risk damaging their children in this manner. Then they take away their right to sue those who harm them, and then they stand around wondering why a parent cannot shoulder this burden alone. This disorder isolates parents,and it steals all their dreams. It bankrupts them. How much are parents expected to have to bear in the name of "the greater good"? People can only take so much. People can break.

In the words of a very wise character named Ruby Thewes, "They call this [disorder] a scourge upon the land, but they made the weather, and now they stand in it saying, "shit! It's raining!" And yet they still ignore and deny the real cause. And they just keep on creating more and more damaged children.

And justice will only be served when those who are as yet unaffected become as outraged by it as those of us who are.

Sadly, far too many more will wind up as statistical tragedies before justice is served. I often wonder just how many more children will be damaged before parents finally take to the streets with tar and feathers.

For almost thirty years, diplomacy hasn't gotten very far.

Joy B

Denise, perhaps you need to adjust your sarcasm meter. Or perhaps I do. Sorry, regardless. Not sure exactly why you think I'm a "troll", but take care.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Well, Joy B: don'tcha think it should've been spelled TROLL? Not Toll? If you aren't a troll, then I am very sorry to be exposed to your ignorance of what goes on in a home where there is severe autism. Because anybody who knows lives every day with the realization knows that this is the end solution. And every single person who knows this, prays every day that it won't really come to that.

Hey, Joy B... prove you are not a troll by daring to sign your real, full, legal -- yes, legal name.


“We don’t all know each other very well, maybe, but still – to hear news like this it really makes you stop and think,” he said. “It’s a sad, sad day.”

The scene was just as unsettling for deputies.


Yet no-one from law enforcement seems the least bit concerned that thousands of children are being poisoned by vaccines every day.

Many before they're even old enough to walk!!

Joy B

Also, worth mentioning, the "Autism generation" is having children of their own now, and there are also LOTS of blurbs about them or their partners(also likely on the spectrum) abusing their children to the point of severe injury or death, for perplexingly mundane of circumstances. There are several cases, off the top of my head, where the "dad"(usually early 20s) abuses the child to severe injury or death because it wouldn't stop crying while dad was trying to play video games or whatever. This specific story has repeated itself enough over the past few years for me to notice at least 3 specific incidences with only the the most casual media observation(no searching, googling etc).

The "toll" will only increase, imo.

Joy B

I think this DOES happen more frequently than we know. Lots of mothers murdering their children these days. The details are RARELY reported. Every time I see a blurb about a mother killing her child I wonder, "Autism"?

I think more often than not, it is. The thing is, it's seen as such a tragedy in the first place that the media deems it disrespectful to go "in-depth" with their reporting, and even when they do, they blame it on the mother's own supposed "mental illness". Because who in their right mind would kill their kid?

This might be a case of societal self-censorship, as opposed to a top-down gag order situation. But it's definitely being covered up.


Even in education the stress is increasing. People are leaving the field. Of course it is not just autism but this is all becoming very difficult to manage.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

I put my name on the waiting list, and finally was able to borrow the ebook NeuroTribes from the library. It is possible to search for things in the ebook, like language, echo, pronoun, etc. Clearly Steve Silberman has zero understanding of the language disability that prevents normal development in the most severely afflicted autistic children.

Steve Silberman is a lay observer, with no formal education or experience dealing with severe autism. What an outrage that his 15 years of reading about Asperger's Syndrome is viewed as meaningful new insight.

A book I highly recommend is Thirty Million Words, by cochlear implant surgeon, Dana Suskind. She points out the importance of hearing language during a child's first two to three years of life. This is why hearing must be assessed as soon after birth as possible, and the cochlear implant done as soon as possible.

Auditory system damage is higher up in the brainstem in autism (my theory). Words and syllables must be explicitly taught to autistic children, and written as well as spoken. My son finally learned to speak just before he turned six. I wish I could have helped him sooner. I wish the professional experts weren't so harshly critical of parents.


I'm honestly surprised this doesn't happen more frequently than it does. I was just talking to someone yesterday who is doing some work at my house. They told me they know a mother who is divorced and has three pretty severely autistic sons. The mom has a lot of mental health issues (go figure) and is on a ton of meds. She's barely holding it all together. She has no help. Sounds like a tragedy waiting to happen.

Bob Moffitt

Unfortunately .. the "reason" why mom .. obviously living a life of quiet desperation .. was driven to such a desperate act .. will quickly be forgotten by the usual prominent loud voices .. and .. the media that serves as their echo chamber .. who will eventually find these two tragic deaths useful .. for only one purpose .. another statistic .. another example .. of homicide and suicide committed by someone with a gun.

Sad to say .. but .. that is who we are as a country today.

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