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Fear Sells - Are You Buying?

Fear sellsBy Anne Dachel

I'm sure everyone would agree that  Kim Stagliano is an incredible managing editor.  She keeps our issues out there everyday on AoA.  Our stories are online right along with those from the New York Times and CNN.

I think her Nov 21, 2015 piece, Who Decides Our Level of Fear and What is Acceptable Risk? speaks volumes.  It's about FEAR.   Kim compared the fear being generated over Syrian refugees and the threat from ISIS to our concern over a generation of sick children.

Kim wrote,  

What I was asking was, "Who decides what risk is real? How do we decide for ourselves?"  

Fear sells. It's the oldest trick in the Mad Men book. . . .We've seen what fear of disease, even a  survivable disease like chicken pox or measles or flu can do within legislature and how it can turn American against American.  Remember this waiting room in California?

We have a nation of sick kids.  There's precious little alarm about the state of pediatric health.  Why?. . . .

What do you think?  Why are some fears greater, more valid, more newsworthy than others?

Kim is absolutely right.  FEAR SELLS, and it's the media running the sale.

News outlets are asking very urgent questions about the terrorist threat around the world.

What is our plan going to be? How can we make sure a Paris-style massacre doesn't happen here?  What's the right thing/wrong thing to do?  The debate is on.

Just like Kim, I compared this issue to autism among our children.  It's coincidental that CDC officials have just announced another whopping increase in the autism rate, now at one in every 45 children, one in every 29 boys.  One more big leap in a condition that was almost unheard of 25-30 years ago got a big yawn from the media.  Reporters repeated assurances from the CDC that this only showed more better diagnosing, the same tired chant that has accompanied each and every increase over the last 15 years. No one from the CDC has ever referred to autism as a "crisis," despite all the increases, and neither does the media.


The media gave us non-stop coverage of ISIS over the last week.  There were panel discussions.  The President and the candidates were interviewed.  Everyone offered their views on what we should do.  Opinions were criticized.  Military experts were called on for guidance.  Ordinary citizens in Paris were heard from.  What are governments going to do?

Contrast this with the news of an increase in the number of children with a condition that no one in public health can rationally explain.  No one is EVER AFRAID OF AUTISM.  No one is ever expected to have answers.  No one even asks questions.  Why is that? 

Answer: It's because the media has always told us not to worry about autism.  There is nothing to fear.  All we need is awareness. 

The press faithfully puts out every lame claim about the cause, mostly guaranteeing that it's genetic.  (The millions spent on dead-end studies looking for the autism gene/genes have not been in vain.  If experts are looking, there must be something to find.)   No one brings up regressive autism, rather we're sold on the idea that children are born with ASD. 

The press tells us to celebrate autism every April, and they only show us the cute side of autism: the kids who look and sound pretty much like typical kids.  With such a massive, worldwide annual show, we can all relax.  People are doing things.  They are aware.  What else could we ask?

The press cites the decade old $3.2 million lifetime care cost from Michael Ganz at Harvard.  No one ever updates that.  National news outlets never take the time to talk about the future when all these children with autism are adults.  There isn't even a mild curiosity about where all the autistic adults who've always been here are living currently.


The press has created FEAR.  It's fear of measles and other communicable diseases.  As far as autism is concerned, the vaccine issue is dead.  The media has given two main antagonists, namely Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy.  They're the bad guys talking unsuspecting  parents into not vaccinating.  The protagonists are all the white coated doctors, led by Paul Offit, who only want to save lives. 

And it works.  Quite well in fact.  There is no fear of autism, no fear of vaccine side effects, only fear of disease and parents not vaccinating.  This scenario hasn't changed over the last 15 years, despite Simpsonwood, all the autism rate increases, David Kirby, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Sharyl Attkisson, Hannah Poling, Bernadine Healy, Unanswered Questions, Poul Thorsen, Thomas Verstraeten, and William Thompson.

An example to prove my claim can be found in the recent story from KVOA-TV, Tucson, Arizona.  Watch the video and you'll see why people DO NOT FEAR AUTISM.

Nov 16, 2015, Help for adults with Autism http://www.kvoa.com/story/30409485/help-for-adults-with-autism

Autism is often thought of as a childhood disorder.  However, adults on the autism spectrum also vary widely in terms of their ability to fit in with a non-autistic world. 

According to experts, there's a large adult population, spanning generations, who were never diagnosed with autism as kids. Even just 25 years ago autism symptoms were often dismissed as just a learning disability or social delay, due to the lack of educational tools and awareness.

According to Kirsten Polivchak from Tucson Alliance for Autism, receiving a diagnosis of autism, or Asperger's Syndrome, can be life changing and may help people understand why they've been just a little different their whole lives. 

“They've come to us for support in finally getting diagnosed at the age of 45 or 50 and it’s not for just for clinical diagnosis. It's a weight lifted off their shoulders. They have learned the hard way, just the social norms how to behave what to do in order to hold jobs."

 The Tucson Alliance for Autism offers support groups for adults with autism and for family members of adults with autism.

When I was a kid, the medical community was clueless about autism.  No one had an ASD diagnosis.  (Back in the days before all the prescription drug ads no one told us to "ask your doctor.")   

VIDEO: "There's no one really to blame, according to experts, for the misdiagnosis.  The educational tools and awareness we have today just weren't as prevalent years ago as they are today. 

 (Video shows a shot of Temple Grandin's book, Different, Not Less.) 

". . .They've been just a little different their entire lives.  .  . .  Adults 25 and older could be part of that generation gap that were never diagnosed.  However, identifying the lost generation of adults with autism can be tricky . . . "

And what is autism, according to KVOA in Tucson?  "People who can't easily read the emotions of others, difficulty making friends, difficulty having relationships, difficulty working,.  . . . "

The media, which has never honestly and thoroughly covered autism, now tells the public that shy, quirky, obsessive folks--those just a little different--are the lost generation with autism.  Yes, it's easy to believe they've always been out there, misdiagnosed/undiagnosed.  Of course what they're talking about is not classic autism; it's Asperger's.  Showing us individuals with severe autism would be a cause for real concern.  Forget the inability to read emotions.  I'm talking about children and adolescents who don't even recognize that others are in the room.  They don't talk.  They're in adult diapers.  Forget the difficulty working.  They need care 24/7 so they don't get out of the house and possibly die. 

KVOA in Tucson and other news outlets continue to ease our fears about autism.  See, there are adults out there, and the rate change once again is sign that doctors are finally discovering the kids who are affected, and best of all: there's nothing to fear!

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.



John Stone

Thanks Gary - my pleasure. Of course, I am unused to inventing mathematical formulae (I think this may be the only occasion) but I am glad we agree. John

Gary Ogden

John: Now I get it. The reciprocal of the rate times boys + girls; separating boys and girls is division by two, giving the girls' rate, and division by four gives the boys' rate, thus division by eight, so (5/8)45=28.125 It was the initial step that escaped me. Thank you ever so much.

Betty Bona

I see the same type of "epidemic" happening with study abroad students. They go to the travel clinic and get all the shots for their trip and maybe some larium, and they come back a changed person. Young people who save up for an amazing honeymoon in some exotic place that requires multiple vaccines come back changed and soon divorced. The complaint is often that the new wife is bipolar -- just didn't notice it before the wedding.

John Stone


We are asking the question, if the rate of autism is now 1 in 45 for schoolchildren and there are 4 times as many autistic boys as girls what is the rate for boys. So I am saying multiply by 5: 5 in 225 is the same rate but it gives 4 + 1, 4 boys and 1 girl. Roughly half of 225 children will be boys and roughly half will be girls. So that is unroughly 1 girl in 112.5 and 4 boys in 112.5 (1 in 28.125), or according to the formula you could just divide 225 by 8, and get the same 1 in 28.125 figure for boys.


Gary Ogden

John: Thanks. Makes eminent sense, but I'm still in a bit of a fog-must be the Algebra I've nearly entirely forgotten. What I don't understand is the rationale behind using 45 as a factor; the 5 seems to mean boys + girls, but may mean nothing of the sort. And why division by 8? I understand fractional relationships well, but this is still a great mystery to me, and it's driving me nuts. Why 5/8 of 45? Thank you and bless you for your patience.


You are not a vax bigot. There is nothing wrong with wanting your boys have partners who are smart and healthy and who are not part of the experiment. It's frightening to think what effect HPV vax will have on this generation's offspring.

John Stone

Hi Gary

45 x 5 =225

225/8 =28.125

Put it another way:

1 girl in 112.5
4 boys in 112.5

How is that? I make that 7 times further away from 29 than from 28



@John Stone
You're quite right. My error!

Grace Green

Researcher and John, Yes, but girls find it harder to get a diagnosis, some would say because the diagnosis is made on the basis of challenging behaviour, and girls are better able to modify their behaviour.

Gary Ogden

John: I'm unclear on the math (and I'm a math guy), but would the difference between 1 in 28 and 1 in 29 reflect the fact that there are more boys than girls (about 105/100 of live births)? Please explain the math. I'm curious.




And the terrorism fear doesn't even make the statistical list of top 25 ways to die. You have a 1 in 20 million risk. You have a greater chance of dying from being struck by an asteroid. Heart disease actually tops the list, approaching 1 in 3. I wonder where the true risk of dying from vaccination would be on the list.


How's this for nuts? The little girl that went to homecoming with one of my guys took her HPV, started seizures, lost months of school, is back on track now,and while they are no longer an "item", those like her are everywhere. I feel that I have to back off before I make non vaxxing a religion. I'm becoming a vax bigot!! Do I want my boys dating a fully vax'd girl from a vax compliant family? Do I say, "find yourself a nice little --- (fill it in) girl." I read fb every day,the moms of girls, an epidemic of bipolar and anxiety disorders, myriad physical oddities, from loss of feeling in hands to a new anorexia that seems to be neurological not psychological and more. So many taking neurotin that it must be the prescribed antidote for vax damage?!

John Stone


By rule of thumb (much disputed) of four boys to one girl it ought to be 1 in 28 boys to the nearest integer on the present figure. On an overall figure of 1 in 88 it would be 1 in 55 boys. That's 88x5/8.


We were told that it was 1 in 29 boys when the autism rate was 1 in 88.

So now it must be closer to 1 in 10 boys.

Feeling very alone

Very good comments here from good people. It's absolutely true that there are very few normal children left. So few, that there is no longer a control group to compare these kids to. There is no autism, no developmental delays, no mental health disorders, those are just made up words to cover the truth. There is only brain damage...and body damage. The brain is in the body. It's a holistic approach! I have worked with children with special needs for many years and the ones who I would have diagnosed as having a problem 10 years ago are now considered to be normal. The whole special educational needs and mental health set-up exists for that purpose. It is a disguise, so that things may be named as other things and true numbers can be disguised. As the situation got worse, the diagnosis procedures got harder. For anyone who doubts what I'm saying, my information has not been learned by reading things on the internet. I have direct knowledge and it breaks my heart to see good people (most people are, despite what the news tells us), confused and therefore unarmed. Truth is power, but only if enough people are prepared to know it. There is a difference between ignorance that is not your fault because the truth has been hidden from you, and deliberate nescience, which is willful ignorance when offered the truth. The real problem is not that the truth does not exist, because it cannot be hidden. The problem is that people will not look at reality. Julius caesar said something like if he offered his soldiers an unwelcome truth or a welcome lie, they would willingly take the lie every time, even if it made no logical sense. Even if it contradicted what they saw with their very own eyes. That is true today. I have the truth and it can't be found on the internet but it is there all around you. People have simply been trained very successfully not to see the elephant in the room. I would show people, but it seems I am invisible too.


Jersey guy and Angus, the situation is very grim. Add in all the gender ambivalence, or whatever they are calling it and our population is donzo. Very few normal children left. The "health" industry, AAP etc can be very proud. Pesticides and vaccines are killing us.


Reader; I think the snow ball is still nearer the top of the top of the hill, on us all being in collective agreement. Darn slow 30 years for me - 40 I guess for others. But yeah I think we are getting there; and perhaps it will start speeding up.


As far as fear goes, I think the main thing people fear these days is their own government and a media that lies- either directly or by omission, on important matters like child health.

Angus Files

Jersey Guy, I think it was David Thrower UK, who said over 10 years ago ,that they the Government's ,will only look at the problem when they cant sustain it any more. I think we have gone past that.The cuts to Social budgets such as schools, classroom assistants etc show this.
As we all know the government's have created a disabilities dam,and behind this dam are all the kids damaged and killed by vaccines, I think the dam is on the verge of bursting.
Sadly call me the cynic,but its too late for the population, because a lot of the kids will have damaged DNA,and are going to possibly pass on the disabilities,if they ever marry,gotten through vaccines.

Yes, the Dam did its job..



Angus, I recently sat down with a career counselor (who herself has Asperger's) at the college where I teach. I asked her to estimate how many of the students she sees are on the spectrum, and she said about one in five. I would offer the same estimate among the students I teach. Many of them are not registered as disabled, have not been professionally diagnosed, and may not be aware that they have ASD. But they are struggling with academics and personal relationships, and the counselor noted that they are terrified of entering the work world -- not without reason. They may be able scrape by in the relatively sheltered environment of college, where there are plenty of accommodations, but what happens when they move into a ruthlessly competitive workplace? And of course, all these kids are relatively high-functioning: otherwise they never would have made it to their senior year in college.

And that raises a troubling question. Whenever autism rates rise, we're told that it's all due to "better diagnosis". But what if diagnosis isn't getting better? It's practically impossible to miss low-functioning ASD kids, but what if we're still missing a lot on the high end? With support, they might get through high school and college, but then, when they try to earn a living and find a life partner in the adult world, their condition will constantly trip them up. And because they've never been diagnosed, they won't really understand what the problem is, and won't be able to deal with it. So in addition to creating a low-functioning cohort which will need lifetime support, we may also be handicapping (to a lesser degree) 20 percent of our college graduates. How can we possibly sustain that?

Maurine Meleck

Once again, Anne, you've hit the "nail on the head, the "ball out of the park" and liars in the gut. Only wish they had some gut.
Yesterday there was an article in the Washington Post(right up there with sisters and brothers from the N Y Times) about the mental issues of autism. All about a boy with autism and mental issues that really hit home with me. An aggressive teenager like my grandson, prone to violent outbursts against others and then himself. I've spent years with this. So what does the article tell us.? Caregivers suffer too(really new news). Then " look at how terrible mental problems can be with autistic children. Duh now again. Not a single mention of the medical issues of autism.
Yes, the story is sad and we should feel compassion for the boy and his family. We are left with this terrible story that really tells us nothing new . Only autism is a mental disorder. Some of us have to fear our own childrens' behaviors. I'm surprised they didn't say "now get him to a doctor for his psychiatric drugs at the end of the story."

Grace Green

I agree with your main message here, Anne. But as a sixty-two year old woman with "Aspergers" who has been refused a diagnosis, even I have far more problems than they describe. "Having difficulty" with all these social situations implies it's just an emotional problem rather than a biological one. I have some medical problems like classic autism cases, and every day of my life I'm misunderstood, cheated and abused. Without the protection of being looked after us Aspies are at the mercy of every sicko who enjoys kicking mentally disabled people, and such people gravitate towards jobs where they have power and influence.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Retarded development has always been viewed as sad, but to be accepted. When my 53-year old son was 2 to 3 years old, one pediatrician tried to tell me how graciously most parents adapted to having a retarded child.

I remember an article in a Women's magazine chiding mothers unhappy about a child not allowed to attend public school. "You have to be home with your other children too." Women who worked outside the home were royally criticized back then too.

There are way more children with neurological disabilities now. I am so glad parents are no longer allowing pediatricians and others to force "acceptance" on them. Why so many children have suffered brain damage must become a priority, the way spinal paralysis and polio were 6 to 8 decades ago.

Anne, thanks for your continuing efforts.


Thank you Kim and Anne for excellent posts on the Great Autism Cover-Up. Our children deserve so much more than the denial by the media and the medical experts. Keep posting and maybe someday they will finally listen.

Angus Files

Paris and all the other mass shootings sells fear..rightly so.If the media reported our NEWS, people would stop vaccinating.Big business rather than making money from fear, would loose money i.e. UK last week announced increase in Terrorist budget,by 30% .....how do we decrease the vaccine budget,and get some sanity back?..
I noticed in my home town state Argyll,that 1-5 now need class room assistance to attend school 62% being boys...hear the silence?


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For every bear that ever there was
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