NY Show Your Opposition to Forced Flu Shots for Preschoolers
SB277 Sponsor Dr. Richard Pan Says Water More Toxic Than Mercury

Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty in the Spotlight

Dont-reward-bad-behaviorSent by a reader:

When I watched the AAP video of Pan receiving his Legislator of the Year Award,  (embed has been disabled, view the video here) I thought it odd that the plaque presented by Offit came not from the AAP, but from an organization called Children's Healthcare is a Legal Duty (CHILD).  Curious, I looked CHILD up.   CHILD was started by former Christian Scientist Rita Swan in 1983 after she tragically lost her toddler son to a failed attempt at faith healing for meningitis.  Following her loss,  Swan, who later earned a PhD in English,  has worked to protect other children from what happened to her son.   The great irony is that while her organization has undoubtedly done some good in advocating for children in dire situations, CHILD has also been instrumental in handing a few generations of innocent children over to profiteering predatory medical and governmental interests whose abusive tactics rival the worst abusive parents, and the laws that she has helped to create have hindered the ability of loving parents of all faiths and no faith to protect their children, as rarely will a judge side with a parent over the recommendation of a medical doctor and as states like California, West Virginia and Mississippi force vaccines that carry risk of injury and death on children without parental (or child) right of refusal.  From CHILD's site:

"CHILD, Inc. is a membership organization founded in 1983 to protect children from harmful religious and cultural practices, especially religion based medical neglect. CHILD believes laws should protect all children equally and opposes religious exemptions from child health and safety laws. CHILD is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 educational charity."

Most people would agree that it is wrong to deprive a diabetic of life saving insulin.  But treatment of diabetes and other life threatening conditions is not the same as experimental vaccination of healthy children for an unprecedented, long and rapidly growing list of diseases and conditions.  This is true especially since children vaccinated according to this expanding schedule are not as healthy as children were in prior less vaccinated generations, since the United States has the heaviest, most aggressive vaccine schedule and the worst infant mortality rate in the industrialized world,  since vaccination science is far from settled and is plagued by multiple scandals revealing scientific fraud, since a study of vaccinated and unvaccinated children has never been done, and since discoveries in related fields such as in the human microbiome and the relationship between microbes and health is just now beginning to be explored (microbes altered by vaccination in ways that are not understood) - all factors that cast a dark shadow on the antiquated, barbaric practice and "science" of vaccination, not to mention the human casualties of vaccination, a medical intervention which has been declared by our government to be "unavoidably unsafe" . In her drive to eliminate health care choice, Swan seems to be either unaware of or ignores the facts that medicine has a history of paradigm shifts (what is true in one decade is false in the next), that there is a long list of drugs that have been taken off the market after harming or killing thousands of people, drugs that were properly prescribed according to accepted medical standards by medical doctors, many to children, many to children in state sponsored foster care, among those many drugs, vaccines.  She seems to be unaware of the billions of dollars of awards paid to victims of vaccine injury and the billions of dollars in fines paid to the government by every major pharmaceutical industry for criminal fraud in harming citizens with nonvaccine medically prescribed drugs, citizens that include children, fines that are considered a cost of doing business and that are a tiny fraction of the profits earned from the criminal fraud, profits that the industry gets to keep.  If Swan has her way, parents would have no right to refuse any medically prescribed or recommended drugs for their children.

Interesting that CHILD is by all appearances a front group endorsing AAP, Pharma's and governmental financial interests and agendas.  Vaccination is a growing multi-billion dollar industry that is at the foundation of the business of pediatrics without which I propose the specialty would all but collapse and shrink (from not needing so many doctors, and from the majority of unvaccinated long-term breastfed children being so much healthier that they would rarely require medical attention, leaving a much smaller patient population base for a much smaller industry). At the same time, CHILD enjoys tax free status as a charitable org.   Paul Offit, among other vaccine and medical industry insiders whose income depends on the services that CHILD works to legally mandate, is a member of CHILD's Board of Directors. 

It is stated under contact info on the CHILD site:

"We welcome your comments. We also appreciate your sharing with us information about cases of child neglect or abuse related to rigid belief systems."

When Christian Science failed her, it seems that Swan filled the void with a tenacious worship of medicine that has unwittingly landed herself right back in the same mindset, this time with her focus on the children of others.  Rita Swan's new religion, which includes the CDC recommended vaccine schedule, is itself a rigid belief system based on fraudulent tobacco science done by criminals who have hid data showing evidence of harm that goes back more than a decade.  Swan's unquestioning embrace and insistence on forced widespread compliance with medical dogma has the appearance of religious fanaticism in which she is using the law of the land in her mission to usurp the parental rights of all those who refuse to convert to her way of thinking, fiercely working to institute the worst medical child abuse and parental rights transgression in the history of mankind, which is exactly the kind of sick thinking that our Government and Constitution are supposed to be protecting us from.  But instead, our massively corrupt, opportunistic, government medical industrial complex has been all too happy to take advantage of and partner with Swan and the CHILD she created out of her legalistic religiosity, using her and her organization as a weapon in their arsenal to attack human and civil rights for power and profit.

Barbara Loe Fisher, who started NVIC in 1982, right about the same time that Swan started CHILD, was also a mother suffering a great loss, determined to save other children from that same fate after her toddler son had a severe reaction to the DPT vaccine, which left him permanently injured.  For more than three decades, Barbara Loe Fisher has been dedicated to empowering parents with accurate information, to making industry and regulators accountable for safety and efficacy, to rooting out dangerous conflicts of interest, to guaranteeing that these products are based on legitimate transparent science and the highest manufacturing standards, to tracking and recognition of injuries (it was her work in Congress that led to the development of VAERS - before her activism, there was no system to track vaccine injuries), to just compensation of the injured, and to protecting parents' right of self-determination with regard to medical decision making for themselves and their children, without government and industry interference, coercion or mandate.  Where Swan's loss came from lack of medical care, Fisher's loss came from medical care.  Instead of blindly accepting dogma, Barbara Loe Fisher has been steadfast in her intelligent, level headed examination of the science and has sought legislation based on the science and ethics that is wise, well reasoned and compatible with what one would expect to find in a democracy and a free society that values human and civil rights, and the sanctity of the parent-child relationship within the family, which is at the core and foundation of any healthy society.  

There are few forces in nature more powerful than the energy created by a mother's drive to protect her children and by the lifelong grieving resulting from the loss of a child or a child's health.   Here are two mothers who suffered this painful loss from which one never truly heals - two mothers who for more than 30 years have pushed against each other with that tremendous energy.   Swan has all the might of Goliath on her side.  We all need to get behind Barbara Loe Fisher and NVIC in any way we can.




Same mindset - just traded one belief for another.
Poor thing and poor us.


For sure, Rita Swan is no Barbara Loe Fisher, an inspiration to us all.

I'd like to add some clarity on Christian Science healing. First, it isn't faith healing, although one certainly has supreme faith in God's goodness and love for all of us.

I have had multiple broken bones twice, both times healed through Christian Science prayer and study alone.

My daughter had a wonderful healing of cachexia in a hospital (where they had not been able to help at all) when she began to read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures straight through many times. Whatever had caused the cachexia was healed prior to the hospital for they could find no reason for it.

Truly understanding God's Love is the best and the greatest physician. The children had almost no vaccines as an early, early smallpox one had caused her autism.

There's so much more I could say on this!

Laura Hayes

Thank you for digging deeper into Pan's recent "award" bequeathed upon him by the man who is not doubt his mentor, and most likely his trainer, too.

I think you have hit the nail on the head with this insight of yours:

"Interesting that CHILD is by all appearances a front group endorsing AAP, Pharma's and governmental financial interests and agendas."

It is a sad state of affairs in our country today that THE very thing our country was founded upon, religious freedom, is under fierce attack.

Thank you for shedding light on and further exposing the sick underbelly of the beast known as "The Vaccine Profiteers".

How perfect that your article is running back-to-back today with my article about Pan's recent presentation, make that debacle, at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health. The two articles dovetail well.


Excellent article. My adult son was on seizure medication. He broke a shoulder in what is considered a classic seizure fall, and he does have subclinical issues that put him in a risk category. However, I have no evidence of another seizure, assuming he actually had one in the first place. The drugs seriously trashed his mind, and he became violent toward me, developed insomnia, and developed potentially dangerous behaviors. Neither his neurologist or psychopharm would accept that the drugs were at fault. I weaned him very slowly off the medication, and after two years of interventions, he's back to baseline. But what would have happened to him if he were in a group home or if I were a parent who doesn't research everything? I believe that had he continued with medication, he could have died or his mind would have been so trashed that he would have been in hell. Medicine is not an all-knowing god, and anyone who treats it as such is either a lunatic or a criminal.

David Taylor

Thank you for this information about CHILD and Swan. Also thank you for integrating them into the Big Picture of vaccines and health care in this former democracy.

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