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Autism Super Sibling: "Worth It!"

Suyser sisterNote: Thank you to Miss Fiona Jameson, daughter of our own Cathy Jameson, for this wonderful post.

By Fiona Jameson

The topic of a person’s worth came up during a recent discussion in one of my high school classes.  We were talking about how some people assume that kids with disabilities are not able to think because they have cognitive developmental delays.  That assumption is false.  

Kids with disabilities are able to think.  Some kids with disabilities have some level of being able to choose for themselves.  Some are able to ask for help and can also express emotions.  I thought this was a great topic to discuss because it pertained to a very interesting lesson and because my brother has given me insight about it.

The teacher and my classmates know a little bit about my brother, Ronan.  They know that he has autism and that he is non-verbal.  They know that he needs help with lots of things like going to the bathroom, getting dressed, and being safe.  I think that’s why the teacher asked me specifically during our discussion, “Fiona, do you think Ronan is able to form thoughts in his mind?”  I immediately thought about how Ronan gets a thought in his head, like that he wants to eat a cookie, and he acts on that thought by asking for help to get the cookie.  I was excited to answer her, “Yes, he is!”  I was excited also because I felt like the teacher actually understood Ronan and understood why it was important for me to talk about him in class.   Fiona Ronan

I’ve been able to share more of Ronan’s story in class.  I share that he has value just like I and my classmates do.  Some people look at Ronan and might think that he doesn’t know how to act around other people or do things like “normal” people.  Well, sometimes, Ronan doesn’t know how to act around other people or do things like “normal” people.  That’s where I tell people that Ronan may be different, but he’s still a person.  He’s just as important and worth being given respect just like you, me, and everyone else.  

Ronan is worth fighting for.  He’s worth being cared for even if it takes a lot of time and money.  He is worth being loved for who he is.  As his sister, I’ll make sure that someone always fights for him, cares for him, and loves him.    

Fiona Jameson is a freshman in high school.  She loves to play volleyball and had a successful season playing on the JV team.  Fiona hopes to be a photographer, interior designer, baker, professional volleyball player, and a Mom when she grows up.  


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, again, Fiona. Beautiful essay! I always appreciate getting a peek at your wonderful family.

go Rand

Fiona, I am sure someday there will be an "Autism Super-Sister" web site... meetings... conventions...

A few million of you will be needed... God bless you.

Brooke Potthast

Our experience with our son James is that he was way more intelligent and cognitively aware than we ever dreamed. At 13 we realized that he was ALL in there. I bet Ronan understands a lot more than you think and is forming thoughts in his mind that are well beyond basic wants. I hope your family gets a chance to unlock Ronan because he is all in there and I am certain he wants to tell his dear sister Fiona how much she means to him!
All my best, Brooke Potthast


Fiona is wonderful! How I wish my daughter's sibling and half siblings were as kind and wise as she.

Thank You Fiona.

Laura Hayes

Thank you for sharing this experience from your class with us, Fiona. You siblings of those with Autism are quite a phenomenal and amazing bunch. You are filled with kindness, compassion, humility, wisdom, and ethics...to such a degree that the majority of adults in this world needs to take lessons from you and follow your examples.

Here is my favorite paragraph of yours:

"Ronan is worth fighting for. He’s worth being cared for even if it takes a lot of time and money. He is worth being loved for who he is. As his sister, I’ll make sure that someone always fights for him, cares for him, and loves him."

God bless you for knowing that, sharing that, and putting it in writing for many to read, Fiona.

I wish you all the best in your personal endeavors...and you might just want to add writing to your list! You are an excellent writer for one so young with impressive content, style, and grammar.

Keep being a light to the rest of the world, Fiona, and know that you are a huge blessing to your brother and family.


Adorable photo, too! :)


Thank you so much for writing this wonderful piece, Fiona! Ronan is lucky to have you as one of his sisters!


Tremendous essay, Fiona!


"Fiona hopes to be ..." How incredibly thankful we are that she already is life-affirming respectful loving big sister!


Fiona has discovered the true value of existence...Unconditional Love.. It is the Fiona's of the world that will change the culure from.. Me, Myself and I...to the all embracing...brotherhood and sisterhood needed for true and lasting World Peace. I am proud of my granddaughter Fiona and of my grandson Ronan and his other sisters and brother and especially his Mom and Dad. Let's all take this as our motto... ALL LIVES MATTER.. Rose Mary..

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