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I Respectfully Ask Mr. Kennedy (and All Americans) These Questions

Anne Dachel Interviews Tony Muhammad on CDC Vaccine Safety Accountability

Brother Tony M
Brother Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam has taken center stage in the demand for accountability at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Brother Tony was outstanding on Oct 24 at the Rally for Truth in Atlanta.

I contacted Bro Tony for an interview so I could find out more about his views and his plans. In this first segment, Bro Tony expressed his gratitude to an activist mom from Los Angeles, Michelle Ford, who first reached out to the Honorable Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

Bro Tony described how Michelle first recognized that black babies were being “disproportionately affected …particularly when it came to the MMR vaccine. She went looking for the most courageous black …leader that she could find who could get this information over to the African American community.” This led to the meeting of Michelle, Bobby Kennedy, Bro Tony, Brian Hooker along with others and Rev Farrakhan.

Bro Tony said that when this issue was talked about at the Million Man March in Oct, “Millions heard what we said about the Centers for Disease Control here in Atlanta. Many in cities all across this country now [are] calling me, wanting me. . . to do huge town hall meetings, that we may enlighten, educate, warn, and give our people. . . the correct information. . . to avoid their babies getting autism and any other ill-effects that are happening as a result of these vaccines, and what can they do for their already affected children.

“This information is moving in the black community now like wildfire. I’m presently in Atlanta, Georgia. . . And tomorrow we will be meeting with over 500 people at our first community meeting [at] which we will have over 14 various pastors from different [Christian] denominations. We will have at least 40 organizations in Atlanta, Georgia. We will have all of the black college campuses. . . .We’ve been endorsed by the Concerned Black Clergy.

“This movement has taken on a new life in the black community, and it is my job, on behalf of the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation, to make sure I go to every urban city to warn our people that there could possibly be another Tuskegee going on right under our nose which actually according to the numbers that I have been getting on black boys who have been ill-effected, actually make the Tuskegee Experiment look like a Sunday school picnic.”

This is just the beginning of the rallying of parents. During his speech at the Rally for Truth, on Oct 24, Bro Tony talked about how at their initial meeting Kennedy, Rev Farrakhan and others discussed how they would take on the power of the pharmaceutical industry, public health officials, the media and the medical community in order to expose the truth about what is happening to our children.

Bro Tony recounted how he and Kennedy talked with Congressman Elijah Cummings, ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and asked him to subpoena Dr. William Thompson to testify before a congressional committee about fraudulent research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Cummings refused.  

(This is the same elected official who had serious concerns about vaccine safety in 2012.)

Bro Tony quoted the Honorable Farrakhan, 'Not only have our black politicians been bought, but 95 percent of the white politicians have been bought.’

Bro Tony made it clear that there would be no stopping this movement.

“Now that this information has come to the black community, I’m saying to our Caucasian counterpart, you are getting ready to see the sleeping giant wake up. . . .

“You’re going to see us rise up like you never have before. . . . It’s black babies, and it’s white babies, and it’s brown babies and it’s red babies, They don’t know that now they have united us. And if you attack our babies, then you have declared a declaration of war. . . . This is their worst nightmare, ‘Oh my God, they’re coming together.’

“I’m hurt when I see these mothers in South Central, black mothers in the projects said to me, ‘Brother Tony, I know it, I knew it was the vaccines, but I trusted my doctor. And when he told me, no, it’s genetic, she said as a mother, my intuition, I know my baby.’ Now in the black community, we don’t even know that over 200,000 black boys who would have lived a normal life, now is stricken with autism. Somebody got to pay for that. . . .

“When we got this information, I ran to Los Angeles to meet with so-called black leaders, and I showed them the information, I showed black leaders the proof, and all of them except two pushed it away and said I’m not interested. Then we looked at who financed them and found that they took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the big pharmaceutical companies.”  

“I’m saying to you brothers and sisters, as I close, , , , I want to know from you today, how many of you want to be a part of this army for truth , , , “

Three days later, on Oct 27, 2015, the Final Call published the article, An emotional, painful day at Mosque No.15,  about the meeting in Atlanta following the CDC rally. 

The article noted that those attending were of “mixed race” and faiths, that Rev. Gerald Durley, pastor emeritus of Providence Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, Pastor Khalfani Lawson, of Providence Missionary Baptist Church, and Rev. Derrick Rice, senior pastor of Sankofa United Church of Christ, were participants.

The ending was a call for truth and accountability: “That pain exists among many families and it’s time that the CDC comes clean on everything it knows and has studied about vaccine safety, autism and any negative effects, said activists.”

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.




There are no words to describe how very thankful that the Autism Community is to Minister Farrakhan and Brother Tony Muhammad for taking on the cause of #CDCwhistleblower and Vaccine Injury Awareness for the Nation Of Islam's platform.

Sallie O. Elkordy

I had the privilege of interviewing Tony Muhammad recently and hope that the Nation of Islam will join our efforts in NYC at City Hall on 11/11 at 11am joining New Yorkers for a Vaccine Free 2015 to call for "VACCINE FREE to VICTORY!" NYC has more vaccines than anywhere else in America and probably the world. I hope you listen, take a STAND where you live and if you are near NYC, will join us at City Hall on November 11th at 11am.

Interview with TONY as he gives MARCHING ORDERS!


I hope everyone here takes the time to read this:

I found this embedded in the above article; moved me to tears.


"...The super intelligent, inquisitive bright young mind exuded confidence, love and curiosity. Young Khalil started taping his grandmother talking with a Final Call writer using a cell phone. He moved from taking videos to photos rapidly. “Video ... picture. See,” he exclaimed with somewhat expanded pauses as he proudly showed the pair his work.

His grandmother began to cry as she told the Final Call about his ordeal and the trauma it’s causing her family. She’s raising him because his parents were disappointed. “The disappointment came when he didn’t walk, he didn’t talk. That was roughly like a year old to 18 months,” she continued in a slow measured voice.

“We found out he had autism when he was three,” she began to whisper. “And I tell you, he got his shots and the Minister started talking more about it, which he done 20 years ago, but being that he’s my grandchild, I could only do but so much,” she said..."


But there is something there in the black communities -- they know something is wrong but just cannot put their finger on it.

Black Lives Matter -- knows something is wrong.

I know something is wrong when I know 10 young white men from 21 to 35 dying of heart attacks.


Stats show that 1/2 percent increase each year since 1990 in the early death rate of those under 50

Jeannette Bishop

"This is their worst nightmare, ‘Oh my God, they’re coming together.’"


You wouldn't need the existence of a genetic susceptibility to vaccine injury to target a particular race of people, just a vaccine formulation that's more injurious than another and the ability to send the hot version to locations of choice. That would be pretty effective.


As long as this corrupt agency can keep us marginalized, they win. They will never mind mothers , Kennedy, the Nation of Islam, chiropractors,fringe media and so on speaking out. In fact it may play good for them to build on ways to marginalize some and push others into their mainstream. Once an organization has proved worthy, such as Autism Speaks, it can take it's place in the same arena as the CDC and Pharms, all working for the greater good. No matter that the greater good suggests many children will lose their God given right to a future on this planet while enforcing a project that has no merit in real science.
These people have had a year to build a story, and certainly it's going to be a good one, and presented well by all media, to push us back further than before. No truth is coming. I don't understand why children don't trump all, the children's bodies and minds are speaking, yet no one is representing them, all that could use their position and influence to resolve this, refuse.

Bob Moffitt

Is it true that "Black Americans" have higher testosterone levels than other races?

If so ... the higher "genetic" levels of testosterone in blacks .. could explain why black children ... more so than other races ... are more susceptible to the MMR if given the vaccine prior to 36 months.

High testosterone would also provide a plausible reason for higher autism rates in boys .. the latest being 1 in 68 for both sexes combined .. 1 in 49 if only boys are counted.

It may also explain why so many healthy female teenage "athletes" seem to be seriously injured by Gardasil HPV vaccines .. if those female athletes are shown to have higher testosterone than females their age .. who were vaccinated with HPV without any visible adverse reactions.

And so .. does anyone know .. are there any studies seeking the synergistic effect of testosterone combined with mercury or aluminum for example?


Minister Tony is an inspiration to us all. I can only hope and pray that his message of truth and righteousness gets out to all people.

Maurine Meleck

Anne, this is terrific. The town hall meeting with Minister Tony was absolutely brilliant. I hope you can put up the link so the many who didn't watch will have a chance After more than 15 years in this fight, I realized last night I didn't even know itall especially when Curtis spoke. A huge thanks to Anne and to everyone involved in last night's event.

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