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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Is Autism a Holocaust?

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

I’m fortunate to be included on some e-mail threads where people go back and forth on important issues around autism advocacy. I mostly just listen in, and often get a sense of topics that are bubbling up or events that are in the planning stage.

Sometimes the discussions are so good that they are worth sharing verbatim. Such is the case this week. The topic was the title of a book published this year, “The Autistic Holocaust – The Reason Our Children Keep Getting Sick,” by Jon E. Mica, an autism dad from Auburn, N.Y.

I haven’t read it yet, but it looks very much like the view shared by most of our readers and myself – corruption at the CDC and big pharma leading to a vaccine-induced catastrophe – a holocaust, in Mica’s word. I’ll try to say more about it later.

Meanwhile, the discussion it provoked centered on whether calling autism a holocaust, capital H or lower h, in a book title or anywhere else, is simply out of bounds. I asked three of the participants -- Bob Krakow, Lou Conte and John Gilmore -- if I could share their extended comments, and happily they all said yes.

This is the argument against the use of the word in regards to autism. What do you think?


Bob Krakow -- I have a strong view that the choice of the word “Holocaust” is not appropriate and does not serve the interests of our children.

What is happening to our children - has happened and has continued - is devastating but differs in substantive ways from what is known as "the Holocaust” or in Hebrew “Shoah”, which literally means the “destruction” or “catastrophe” (the word Holocaust, is from the Greek “sacrifice by fire") - the deliberate, organized, state sponsored, systematic murder of Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Communists, some Slavic ethnic groups (Poles and Russians), and others from approximately 1939 to 1945. It was overt government policy. The burning aspect comes from the gassing and literal burning of corpses in the camps, such as Auschwitz. The imagery is powerful as is the word used to describe it. 

Naming what has happened to our children a ”Holocaust" calls for a comparison that diminishes what happened to the children, but distorts the sense of what has happened. It is a facile comparison and unhelpful. What happened to our kids is something new, devastating and horrible. The response to the devastation - in many levels - warrants extreme moral outrage. But there is no Fuhrer orchestrating a systematic exercise of killing against one or more groups based on ethnicity or belief.  In fact, what is happening here today is more insidious and less obviously evil, so it is more challenging to identify and counter. “Autism” - a word I equate to a slave name because it is, in a sense, a medical euphemism, which means little and signifies ignorance about cause -- is also not a good word for what afflicts our children.

Choice of language is important. Using the word “Holocaust” is use of a word that is a sort of blunt linguistic instrument that fails to describe what has happened. It will also offend certain groups and elicit resistance to our narratives - although that is not my primary concern. We have to use our own language, new language, not use comparisons that are inapt.

The book may be great, but “The Autistic Holocaust” is a title that I find offensive and ill-conceived.


John Gilmore: "Holocaust" is a word with too powerful associations to be of much use describing anything other than the crimes of the Nazis. But in your thorough enumerating of the Nazis’ preferred targets you left out an important group, the first group targeted for elimination by the Nazis: developmentally disabled children.

I think we might be dealing with something potentially worse than National Socialism; as a society our prevailing guiding principle is what I would describe as nihilistic careerism, nothing matters beyond personal material and status advancement, nothing. If your own career, material well-being and status are advanced, the consequences of what happens to others simply isn't a consideration.


Bob Krakow: Absolutely correct and thank you for pointing out that omission - disabled children were the early target of the eugenics movement in the US, the promoters of which were the progenitor of the Nazi movement in Germany. That is right - the Nazi movement, especially in its ideas of ethnic cleansing and extermination started in the US with eugenics. The Nazis refined and amplified, making it their overarching public policy and practice.


Lou Conte: Which is why I refer to what we're experiencing as being "The Great Poisoning."

It's not just a poisoning of our children but a poisoning of our morals, of our public institutions and sense of what people should do for each other.

Let's be clear here. This isn't about disease prevention or public health any more.

It's about corporate profit and if you can get the government to mandate the use of drugs, billions can be made. NY just mandated the meningitis vaccine on a population where meningitis hasn't happened in 5 years. NY did this because it could, because they were paid to do it and because they didn't even care enough to question it.

Hundreds of young people will be injured by a drug they don't need - many seriously. They will be poisoned so that pharma can make a few billion more.

NY - like the federal government and California - protected and enabled the drug dealers instead of protecting kids.

Our media has accepted the poison too because they're also dependent on pharma money - they're drug dependent. 

What sickens me is that people actually suspect that we are right. When I talk to people about this (people without injured kids or loved ones) they just shake their heads. I've heard people say stuff like "I believe you. … The government is bought. … The country is gone."

Then they go about their business.

What happened to the folks who landed on the moon, defeated the Axis powers and ended the holocaust?

They've been poisoned.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Madeleine Boisvert

The Silence of the Innocents

Cherry Misra

I have no trouble with the term holocaust. Forget the dictionary- just think how you feel. This word evokes Evil and Something extremely Horrible. It is perfectly apt - or we should find something even beyond holocaust., because there are almost unbelievable aspects to the autism Holocaust. Imagine the worldwide army of spectres- the people who no longer live but are not yet dead. Their brains changed forever, their personalities erased and frozen. We have to say, If you dont like the term Autism Holocaust, you actually dont know what autism means.
I think that the more we engage people in discussing autism, the better it is for us. We need to admit that many people do not understand very much of what autism can mean, .

Cherry Misra

To Birgit Calhoun- That is a good description- What I often wonder is When are all those parents going to get angry??? I often wonder why they dont. They dont even say anything to their doctor, when the normal one and a half year old child becomes autistic suddenly after a flu shot. I suppose that era will come in the future. Maybe by then we can bury the Neurodiverse era.


Cia Parker:

My point is that people are not animals. Animals if you let nature take it course will breeeeeeeeeddddd as long as conditions allow it.

Human beings should not be treated like cattle. They should not have stuff sneaked into their vaccines to make them barren, they should not have a government that says you will have one child and if you have two; we will kill it, cause now China said about the female shortage - that it is okay if one woman marries two men.

You convince people - not through propaganda - but real education. If a country is too lazy, or cheap, or too use to treating them like cattle that is not right and you now it!
-- China has accepted smaller families if you listen to some of the interviews that are given.

And anything that happens in Africa -- Blood diamonds come to mind.


Cia Parker;

I read a lot too. Greenland - Europe - about that time you mentioned - it was not over population but a mini ice age caused by volcanic eruptions -- yes as in the writings of a Priest in Iceland at that time described.

South America - More and more archaeological findings (I found this just fascinating) that the volcano eruptions of Iceland and Greenland may cause temperatures to fall in the northern Hemisphere regions but caused drought conditions in South America.

So we are talking about populations in the past that rose and fell with climate conditions. Easter Island - it does seem to be something of not good stewardship and over population.

I know you talked about 6 points - but I knew this and just find it so interesting so I thought I would add my two cents worth of what I knew!

cia parker

I was very much influenced by reading Jared Diamond's Collapse and Bill McKibben's Maybe One (meaning that to be responsible couples should only have one child each). Jared Diamond has about six points which cause the collapse of a civilization, but no case has all of them present. Overpopulation is one of them. He explains in great detail how overpopulation caused the collapse of the civilization on Easter Island, that of the Maya in Mexico and Central America, and how it caused the genocide in Rwanda. (My favorite is the Norse culture in Greenland, they survived there for five hundred years, but finally died of starvation, in part because they had a cultural taboo on eating fish the way they saw the Eskimos do).

McKibben also goes into a lot of detail about how overpopulation is destroying the environment and causing massive death and miserable lives in the countries most drastically affected. There is no way out other than limiting family size. He discusses the effect of developing new strains of major food crops, but says that we've come as far as we can go along those lines. If corn were bred to hold any more ears, it would topple over from the weight. Malthus was right: there is no natural limit to the number of children any given group of people may have. Well, say six to ten children for each woman is the limit, but that leads to the doubling of the population in just a few years, and then doubling again a few years after that, until starvation, disease, massacre, and war intervene.

The book Man as God discusses how vaccination and antibiotics introduced in the Third World have saved millions of lives (from measles and T.B., not pertussis), but have created want and misery rather than prosperity, because there is just no way to feed them all indefinitely, especially when they all have eight children each.

The first chapter of Collapse is unbearable, discussing how even in the US we've dug an ecological pit for ourselves from which there simply is no escape. But the first step toward ending the misery in the Third World is to reduce the population to a self-sustainable level. You're right, Europe is in a REALLY bad position, but one largely brought on themselves by extremely unwise politicians and policies. Not because of depopulation: Japan is in the same situation of ever smaller families, but is not in the physically precarious position as Europe. Yes, it will be difficult for everyone during the years of striving to reach the level of an ecologically and agriculturally sustainable population level, but not impossible, and necessary for permitting future generations to live in a decent world.


Looks like our 'good friend', Orac, has responded to this blog, calling us out for describing the autism devastation as a holocaust, and while we also claim not to be anti-vaxx, but just wanting safer vaccines. Orac, if you are listening, and most likely you are, there is nothing contradictory about reflecting on the vaccination induced autism holocaust, and arguing for safer vaccines. Quite the opposite, I see them as complimentary.

Whether there can ever be a thing as a safe vaccine (and I suspect you and I are in agreement that there will never be) is a separate discussion. No doubt this discussion will evolve to the matter of whether we will have vaccines, or the autism holocaust. For me it's a no-brainer. Others may not be so sure, but denying the vaccination autism holocaust certainly won't assist in coming to the right decision.


Cia Parker; I like you a lot, I like your comments - so don't think I am picking on you.

But here is a question?

do you as a human being like some one to come in from the state and tell you, that you may have one child; or no children?

Meanwhile Africa's problem is not so much over population -- as policy problems. That is what most of it is; in a lot of cases.
You mentioned nature - nature of man is - you give him machines to work his land and help with labor and an education on how to live a better life, with less mouths to feed and I do wonder if that would work.

Why yes: The French population is so low - they will probably lose their country to immigrants.

Birgit Calhoun

It's cruel and unusual punishment. It's life in prison without parole and without much hope of ever getting out, where the perpetrator goes free and keeps on doing his business without any repercussions while receiving economic advantages. It's the world turned around. There is no escape. There is no hope, not even the hope of an Innocence Project. It's the life of the forgotten. It's a life that damages siblings and parents. It allows the physician to say: "We don't know."

cia parker

Many African countries have left population control up to Nature, and the result has been, often actual starvation, but also massacres, genocide, civil wars, and epidemics (such as Ebola caused partly because millions of Africans have to eat bush meat, meaning every single living thing that crawls upon the earth, including monkeys, bats, rats, and porcupines, in order to survive, some of them infected with Ebola). It is leading to the extinction of many species. I am certainly against killing girl babies, but in situations like that of China in the '60s, I am in favor of limiting population by legal measures. The Chinese (and many other peoples) have traditionally dealt with starvation by killing excess babies and children (like in Hansel and Gretel, it was traditional for impoverished peasants to abandon or murder the children they couldn't feed). It hasn't been just since the one-child policy starting fifty years ago. Millions of people have died of starvation or events precipitated by malnutrition and scarcity of resources: it is not as though, if left to their own devices, people will always figure out a way to deal with the problems in their lives in a rational and effective way. What they do is die, and often die horribly. Birth control, even enforced birth control, is a much less painful way to cope with overpopulation.


Holocaust is very appropriate word for massive maiming and extermination of already 2 generations of American children for profits of pharmaceutical mafias. We can' use euphemisms anymore for description of this genocide.


Cia Parker;

Linda pretty much told you what might be a bit off with your thinking.

China had lots of female babies put out on mountain sides to die. The worse though was the orphanages were filled with unwanted females. Orphanages had death rooms where they culled out some - reduced the numbers - they tied the chosen in chairs over a poop pot which helped in the clean-up. They starved them to death. This is well documented.

What you are saying is Eugenics propaganda. I have heard it before.

You are in good company though. My Mother - a sweet, lovely person was raised prior to WWII right in the Appalachians and she likes to still spout this stuff too!

Yeats; the Irish poet - loved this stuff too- and him from the Ireland and all their hard history of populations not able to support the English life style.

The trouble with people, is that God made them "ALL" stewards of the earth. We can count, and we do that very well. We count rats , cats, dogs, ---- well you see where I am going.

I think people are very logical about their survival and they don't need government or rich Gate's zillionaires to look at them like cattle, to be culled or breed, or populations shifted from the mountain regions to some where else.

If humans are given the correct information, and if we don't have brain injuries; we can "ALL" make logical, good, and free choice.

Lots of people don't give their fellow man credit.

And it won't change until Jesus comes back, cause there are a lot of people that thinks they are not just the stewards of the earth of their fellow human beings.

Bob Moffitt

@Jim Thompson

"And yet when members of the United States Congress, and members of the Supreme Court, and members of the Administration, and scientists at the CDC and FDA, and doctors, and nurses see this devastation and do nothing to help stop it then there is a word for that--it is immoral!

I agree the despicable indifference .. by all those you mentioned .. who have "done absolutely nothing to stop it" .. is "immoral" .. but .. I prefer the word "insanity" because these people ..have to be INSANE to ignore what HAS already happened since the late 1980's .. there is no other word to describe what they have wrought.


I think many times it is wise for man to stand back and allow mother nature to have the last word (because she will anyway), to work with her and not try to manipulate. The Chinese ended up forcing millions of abortions in women who wanted those babies and many of those women became mentally ill from the trauma. Would have been better for the Chinese to try to figure out a way to feed their people, discourage large families, but not resort to rigid laws against nature.


"I don’t think the word Holocaust is too extreme. But perhaps some might want it spelled with a small h.. / “holocaust.”"


How about all caps - HOLOCAUST. Is mass poisoning and murder since WWII less important? Less noteworthy? Less horrific? Are we anesthetized?


“The Holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers,--it began with words.” It began with laws.

Laws like the 1986 Vaccine Protection Act. It continues with CA 277 or Oregon's 442. Holocaust is not an exact fit. Nothing is an exact fit given the scope, the scale and totality of what we are witnessing today. But there are parallels to the Holocaust.

Consider this: January 20, 1942 a meeting took place with the purpose of "coordinating a Final Solution to the European Jewish Question.” More than half of the 15 Nazi's present held doctor-al degrees. Adolph Eichmann took minutes. - The Wannsee Conference, 1942 A Final Solution

Think of Dr. Pan or Dr. Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward or the dozens of PhD's sprinkled into this current state of medical fascism.

Or, Consider this:

"We are recording the individual characteristics of every single member of the nation. We are proud that we can contribute to such a task that provides the physician of a German body politic with the material [the needs] for his examination, so that our physician can determine whether, from the standpoint of the nation's health, the data thus arrived at correlates in a harmonious, that is healthy, relationship--or whether diseased conditions must be cured by corrective interventions.... We have firm confidence in our physician and will follow his information blindly, for we know that he will lead our nation toward a great future. Heil to our German people and their leader!"

Willy Heidinger
Managing Director of DEHOMAG
January 8, 1934

DEHOMAG--Deutsche Hollerith Maschineu Gesellschaft, A subsidiary of IBM since 1922. The Hollerith machine played an integral part in tracking, who was Jewish, who had Jewish features, who was gypsy, who had gypsy features, who was black, who had black features, who had diseased conditions, retardation, handicapped, neurological disorders, homosexual, genetic or congenital defects....the ultimate victims of the Holocaust

In the mid nineties, the Oregon Health Division began developing for the Center for Disease Control a prototype for an electronic tracking system tied to the schools, hospitals, doctors offices of every child in Oregon, which the vaccination history and other pertinent information. This electronic tracking system is now fully implemented and linked to other data bases. You can run, but you can't hide.

Think about Gates, the "Security State".

Or consider the degree to which ethics or morality doesn't matter anywhere,especially in matters of science or medicine or government policy.

September 18, 2000: "The majority of the panel could envision circumstances when intentionally dosing humans with pesticides could be scientifically and ethically acceptable." Scientific Advisory Board final report to the EPA on human testing of pesticides.

Indeed, there are parallels to the Holocaust.

The most poignant and appropriate:

The First to Perish were the Children.......From these a new dawn might have risen
-Yitzhak Katzenelson, Holocaust Memorial

cia parker

The reason China implemented its one-child policy was that 45 million Chinese had starved to death in the early '60s. If you have more people than you can feed, they starve to death. Limiting the population to the number you can provide for was and is a responsible thing to do. Had China not done it, many more millions would have starved to death. I don't think it's fair to criticize a policy meant to spare lives and which did spare lives, literally billions of them.

Jared Diamond in Collapse included a chapter on the reasons which led to the genocide in Rwanda: basically it was overpopulation. By that time twenty years ago, each of the numerous sons inheriting land at their fathers' death was only getting a ninth of an acre, not enough to feed even himself, much less a family. 100% of the young men were still living with their parents at 25, unable to marry since they had no means of supporting a family. The massacre occurred because there was simply not enough of anything to go around, and the tragedy of Darwinian law came into play. Modern man has a choice: family planning so as only to bring into the world those for whom there are resources to support, or having more children than there are such resources for, in which case Nature has the last word, with famine, war, and disease reducing the population to a sustainable level the hard way.

go rand

I don’t think the word Holocaust is too extreme. But perhaps some might want it spelled with a small h.. / “holocaust.”

This might recognize all the "little hitlers” that have done so well in keeping the matter covered up for over twenty years.


"Of course, David Healy coined the term Pharmageddon for his book."

Well there you go.


John Stone

Of course, David Healy coined the term Pharmageddon for his book.


Reading Benedetta's insightful post, it hit me that maybe Holocaust isn't the right word after all. How about Armageddon?

(And some thought holocaust was hyperbole.)

China is having one woman marry two men now? Really? How does that work? Do the three still get to have only two children or do they get a special package deal?



China had their one child policy - and now they have decided to make that a two child policy -- not enough women to go around either so they said it will be okay for a woman to marry two men.

Sooooo just wonder what they are going to call all this -- One Child policy - I guess.

Words no matter what words will ever truly describe the anguish of what policies of eugenics of people in control have brought on us.

That would be WWII --Holocaust, Nazi- Eugenics.
Or WWI -The gased and the trenches. That war too was Eugenics since all rulers of Europe at that time were all cousins, and none seem to care to throw all the population into harms way. It took all the soldiers and the population becoming for disgruntled with the upper class for it to end.

Pol Pot and the killing fields is yet another name for Eugenics.

For what is happening now it will be called the Age of Autism - or Autism and Vaccines - and that will imply - all the rest -- the madness, school shooting, rise of auto immune disease, mental illness, drug addiction, obesity. We have already named it. I think that is what will stick.

cia parker

Most Germans were unaware of the Holocaust while it was happening. The concentration camps were constructed discreetly in relatively out-of-the-way locations, their activities conducted out of the public view. I read Hitler's Furies last year, read about Jews being rounded up, herded to a certain location, and shot en masse. One Jew banged a pot loudly as he was herded down the street, to wake up the people sleeping in apartment buildings around him, thinking they would help if they looked out their window and saw what was happening. But one woman wrote in her diary that she peeked out her window, was shocked to see what was happening, and pulled down her blind. The book also related what Greg observed, that a large factor in the motivation to murder all Jews was the desire to appropriate the eastern "territories," kill the millions of landowners there (most of them non-Jewish) and colonize them with Germans. So greed was a major factor as well as hatred and envy of the "other."

The advantage of using the word Holocaust is that everyone feels horror and revulsion when they hear the word, anger and indignation, sorrow at the innocent lives destroyed. Awe and terror trying to grasp the meaning of the astronomical numbers involved. The impossibility of doing so. It is a spiritual word for a spiritual event, albeit one along the lines of War in Heaven in which Evil triumphs. Other words proposed are dry and analytical, but have no literary, historical, or spiritual resonance.

Granny Blue

"Genocide" is best, in my opinion, but "Slow" not active enough. I'd call what's happening and so awesomely discussed here "Creeping Genocide."

cia parker

I agree that bumper stickers and T-shirts are a great way to educate the public not yet aware enough to reach out. I have a bumper sticker that says Vaccines cause all auto-immune diseases (I think they cause MOST cases of all auto-immune diseases, but possibly not ALL, like bee sting allergy sensitizes the immune system from a natural injection). Last spring a woman followed me to the health food store parking lot and talked to me when I got out, saying that her 8-year old son had just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and did I think it had been caused by vaccination? She asked what she should do now. I sent her a lot of stuff by e-mail, but she never answered. Several people have stopped me to comment on my T-shirts, one woman said that her granddaughter was autistic and her parents were sure it was from vaccines. She turned out to be a big supporter of Autism Speaks. (What can I say?)Even those who say nothing have seen it and it starts a crack in the wall, to show them that the weird anti-vaxxers that they hear about on TV actually live in a suburb near THEM, it brings home the reality of it to them.

Shannon Epstein

Sorry, but it is a holocaust. It just is.

david m burd

Re my Comment a couple hours ago:

OK, I think if I had to name a book on all this, it would simply be "The Schedule" - and on its cover would be in all its CDC colors their "aged 0 to 6 years" Immunization Schedule."

A picture speaks a thousand words, the old saying goes.

david m burd

Angela Smith

We need to continue to educate the public about autism and vaccine dangers with bumper stickers. The more people we awaken, the more we can affect change. has a great selection.


Why is climate change so much more important to argue about than the destruction of so many young? Apparently in Canada the scientists are now "unmuzzled." What about the health scientists?

John Stone

This is what I wrote to Bob Krakow exactly six months ago when we last had this discussion:

"When I talked about "slow genocide" in my letter to Collins against the [this] background it was in reference to the fact that more than half of US children were chronically ill and 1 in 6 had a developmental disorder. I was thinking that this was a generation which in significant population terms would likely die young, would not have children of their own - whose lives were being taken away before they could grow up, before they could even have a proper childhood they were being poisoned. I think one of reasons why we don't think in terms of "genocide" is because the process is so slow. But of course what is being done is being done en masse, through food, through vaccines, through medicines, through toxic environments. I wonder, are the perpetrators entirely deluding themselves?

"On a historical perspective there were of course terrible genocides in the twentieth century and terrible genocides before that. Perhaps the term Holocaust has become too specific and we should avoid it. We should certainly avoid giving unnecessary offence but we also have to address the gravity of these surreptitiously inflicted horrors. It is definitely tricky but we also have to find powerful language."

I stand by "slow but inevitable genocide" from my 2011 letter to Francis Collins and I think Lou Conte's "the great poisoning" is also very good.

Karen Woytowitz

An appropriate title would have to speak to the deception, greed, corruption, delusion, and negligence on the part of trusted adults that resulted in the death and widespread damage to an entire generation of children and beyond...perhaps there aren't any words that can adequately describe such evil.

david m burd

For more than two decades there have been many books clearly informing the extreme dangers of infant/child vaccinations, including clearly citing the terribly corrupt Government Agencies who've abetted the carnage. The main culprits being CDC & FDA & NIH (and Congress via their '1986 Vaccine Protection Act' that has thrown families and their babies to the Pharma predators).

Title after title after title, but, these books have been essentially ignored by an indoctrinated Public, a public who have also been conned by a bombardment of "main stream media news" that Pharma, CDC, et al., have long bought via $Tens of Billions of Ad Dollars per year.

So, I don't think a title of a book including such as "Holocaust" - no matter how eye-catching the title - makes any difference.

When the dawn will come I've given up guessing.

It will take a MAJOR mainstream news media entity to break away and relentlessly challenge the Gov't/Pharma Vaccine Juggernaut. Until that happens, the unprecedented-in-history of World-Wide Medically-Caused-Vaccine-Carnage of literally billions of babies will continue.

On our personal levels we can keep saving one family, one baby at a time; and I will keep handing out the Child Immunization Schedule Graphic that is NEVER, will NEVER, be shown on TV because visually it stuns the viewer, grabs their attention, like seeing an atomic bomb mushroom cloud, that mere words can never do.

At any public forum, I also advocate this "Aged 0 to 6 years" Color Graphic be front and center.


I suggest that whatever you decide to call it, that you don't make it too esoteric considering the dumbed down condition of the populace you are trying to reach. There are a lot of people who won't be familiar with or be able to understand the term holocaust, let alone molochaust or anthropocene toxicaust.

And I'm talking about the Phd's.


If people don't like the word Holocaust, how about:
Federal and State sanctioned Genocide.
Holocaust or Genocide-either one works for me but actually neither one is strong enough to characterize what has become the destruction of several generations of people not only in the US but around the world.

In George Carlin's routine "The American Dream" he makes a point that is becoming clearer every day:

"You know what they want? They want obedient workers. Obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork. And just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shitty jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it,"

The first wave of Autistic children are of age and going into the work force. I see them in service industry jobs behaving just as Carlin characterizes in his routine. As these individual grow older there will be no pensions that employers pay for them, limited benefits because some are on government subsidies which would preclude any job related insurance so more money for corporations to pocket. However at some point, corporate America and the elite who lives are more comfortable by basically using slave labor will discover every autistic person is not "Rain Man" (no offense intended) and those who they help create will no longer be trainable because they are subjected to continual poisoning, than they (CA) will began to turn to the brownnosers that helped them create the problem---the doctors who chose willful ignorance over "first do not harm", the MSM people who chose money over truth in journalism & people, the social workers, nurses, the people in the school systems who benefit from the federal government for vaccinating students, the online trolls and the parents who live in fear from childhood illnesses that billions of people have survived over the eons-they will become the obedient workers and in the vernacular of the day corporate America will say to them: you my bitch now!

Jim Thompson

While so many children are ravaged with injuries from vaccinations, injuries that include severe neurological damage from mercury, we see it.

We see it in our homes. We see it in our schools, in our churches, in our doctors’ offices. We read about in media without bias like Age of Autism. We read about it in the data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

We see it and we are devastated. These are our children, our grandchildren, our brothers and sisters, and our family. These are our neighbors. This is our future. And there is no single word that can capture a description of this crime against humanity.

And yet when members of the United States Congress, and members of the Supreme Court, and members of the Administration, and scientists at the CDC and FDA, and doctors, and nurses see this devastation and do nothing to help stop it then there is a word for that--it is immoral!


"I think it does little good to use the word since it gives people semantics to argue over instead of the facts."

I agree. If we're looking for a new word, how about Molochaust?

"Moloch finds particular pleasure in making mothers weep; he specializes in stealing their children. "

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

So many thoughtful responses here. Having dealt with autism for 50+ years, most of my life, most discouraging are the "professional" attempts to minimize the seriousness of autism.

The brain damage underlying language disorder might have been understood decades ago, based on the evidence of auditory system damage by asphyxia at birth, and evidence that the auditory pathway is likewise damaged by many toxic substances.

How anyone trained in medicine could in anyway support the neurodiversity movement is appalling. We need to demand to know why causes of autism remain so minimally addressed.


I think it does little good to use the word since it gives people semantics to argue over instead of the facts. That is a tactic the "skeptics" pride themselves on and use ad nauseum to distract people from more pertinent information and to attack those with whom they disagree.

I propose that a more accurate and evocative description of what has happened/is happening to our children, and really all of us, and much of life on Earth, should be called the anthropocene toxicaust.

The -caust part of the word evokes the destruction, while toxic refers to the cause-- multiple toxin exposures all due to human actions--the poisons range from pesticides and herbicides, a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, to nano particles of plastic and volatilized hydrocarbons from the use of fossil fuels.

Anthropocene is a word already coined by others--

relating to or denoting the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been been the dominant influence on climate and the environment."

Art of Autism

I think it's understandable for a dad, Jon E. Mica, to call his book “The Autistic Holocaust". However, we can't equate vaccine's devastation to six million deaths (at least, today).The Holocaust stands alone. It's true countless families have been consumed by this malicious vaccine calamity driven by PharmaGov. This too stands alone. But I hope we don't adopt the Holocaust terminology, as communication is our biggest challenge. And it seems the U.S. government will never relent based on mere fact or truth. There's too much money at stake. It'll take the majority of Americans, twisting their arm. So "selling" the America people is the avenue and Holocaust analogies are ill-advised. (The closer we get.. the farther it gets, see CA)
For all of 'society' to "handle the truth" will take time. The collective "we" will look back in 20 (God-forbid, 50-100) years and tally the cost in human lives. And the way they're adding vaccines 'the record' is sure to fall. Regardless, I'm with Bob Krakow, we need new words. The PEOPLE wreaking this health and social havoc are the so-called 'good guys' "saving the babies", the same narrative of the so-called 'bad guys". Lots of truth yet to sell.
In the meantime, we must slow down the train.


So the prevailing view is the difference between the Holocaust and the ‘Mass Autism Poisioning’ can be seen as a matter of motivation? In one case a certain group of people are systematically eradicated out of deep-seated hatred and bigotry, in the other case, it’s due to political and economical considerations. Yet, some historians point to the Nazis’ Germanplan Ost, that called for genocide and ethnic cleansing on a large scale, as rather than emanating solely from Germany’s bigotry towards other groups, was motivated by nationalistic political aims – particularly the necessity for Germany at the time to expand and capture resources for its growing population. The Jewish Genocide also nicely fitted into this plan, since Jews served as prime scapegoats where rich Jewish bankers could be pointed at as controlling finances and influencing monetary polices that kept Germany down. In fact, they argue that the entire War may be explained not as a result of one egotistical, maniac due to personal shortcomings rising to power and seducing a nation into pursuing his evil, sinister goals, but by Hitler simply fulfilling Germany’s historical political aspiration for a Mettleurope. The plan called for Germany’s cultural and economical hegemony over Central Europe. It had been an aspiration for ages, but coalesced into a formal plan around the start of World 1, and it would’ve seen Germany invading, annexing and exercising satellite influence over its neighbours.

I guess the lesson to be taken from all this is even with the Holocaust we should never underestimate the influence of money and politics.

Dawn Loughborough

These are atrocities against children. This is a holocaust happening now and it has to be stopped.

Evelyn Pringle

I have my first talk radio this week and the topic is going to be the US created Holocaust all over the world. The US is killing people off in a 100 different ways and vaccines is one way.

Betty Bona

The term, Holocaust, was not used to describe what was happening to Jews in Nazi Germany until well after the fact. Once everyone understood the horrors of what happened and had time for it to sink in as the reality of those years in Germany, the term began to take on a meaning specific to that horrific crime. I don't think it will gain us anything to use that term until nearly everyone understands what has happened to our children. Even then, the horrors that happened (and continue to happen) to our childdren may be deserving of a new word all its own.

Joy B

Absolutely, Grace Green. The children are lost after their brains become overly INFLAMED. Burnt offerings, to the altar of "Science"™.

In reality, not in some abstract sense, the casualties absolutely do parallel that of human sacrifices of yore. Often those who were sacrificed were picked from a young age, and also, the cause this was all in service to was the dogma and heirarchal structure of the day, as ephemeral as todays' "settled science".

Human sacrifices of yore were an agreed-upon loss, for "The Greater Good"!

Anyone who has a problem with this language, anyone who refuses to engage on the actual issue, isn't on the side of progress anyway. They're still concerned with standing at the top of the pyramid, prancing around, trying to impress the Gods.

Grace Green

Jonathon Rose, I'm sorry but none of those examples you give come anywhere near the suffering of autism. Even Minister Tony Mohammad said that the autism epidemic is far worse than the Tuskegee experiment. As someone with relatively mild autism I can assure you that it is a nightmare, and how the seriously affected children must suffer I hardly dare imagine. You seem to have no experience of this issue. It is not exaggerating to call it a holocaust. I saw pictures of a baby burning up from the inside (Steven Johnsons Syndrome) after a vaccine. This was caused by caustic chemicals. What's that if not a holocaust?


Holocaust it is, and not just for our children but for whole families too.

Cia's posts say it perfectly.

Our reparation(s)? The learning of patience and expectation of good.

cia parker


I don't think it's hyperbolic, and I really don't care if the Dark Side thinks we should be more stoic in our appraisal of the destruction of millions of lives. I don't think any of the abusive situations you listed holds a candle to the vaccine/autism holocaust. And I really can't think of another word which conveys the nature of this massive, cold-blooded crime against humanity as succinctly as Holocaust.


I personally find it offensive that anyone would think the maiming and killing of even one child, let alone hundreds of thousands worldwide, and possibly all vaccinated people everywhere, is less than a holocaust, or that the WWII holocaust is the most horrific thing that humans have ever done and that this crime does not rise to that level. The WWII holocaust was horrific, but it is delusional thinking to believe that it was the first and last crime against humanity of that magnitude. I find it offensive to suggest that this present evil is less than the Nazi evil and that the comparison is hyperbole. It is not and we need to stop worrying about pleasing the complacent, the blind and the guilty, and focus solely on telling the truth, with whatever word or words accurately describe it.

Madeleine Boisvert

Toxins taken orally are poison. Toxins injected are venom. That's the way a zookeeper I know puts it when she teaches kids about snakes.

Jonathan Rose

Given the desperate situation our children face, the temptation to resort to hyperbolic language is understandable -- but that temptation must be resisted. If we throw around the word "holocaust", we lose credibility, and we give the Dark Side an opportunity to slam us -- as they slammed RFK Jr. The reality is awful enough: there is no need to exaggerate.

What we face is not a holocaust but a mass abuse scandal, and we can find plenty of horrifying analogies in recent history, for instance:

The sex molestation scandals currently wracking the Catholic Church
The pedophiles-in-high-places scandal just now being exposed in Great Britain
The forced sterilization of the mentally handicapped in the United States and other countries
Australian aboriginal children removed from their homes and families
The horrible conditions in residential schools for Canadian Indians
The treatment of Magdalene laundry girls in Ireland
And of course the Tuskegee Experiment

So when people ask if there is any precedent for the Autism disaster, we can point to plenty of examples. All of these crimes were committed in democratic societies blessed with a free press, but the abuses were covered up for decades, and the press didn't report them until very late in the game. And some of the worst abuses (eugenics, for instance) were endorsed by "scientific experts" at the time. So yes, it can happen here -- and it has happened, all too often.

cia parker

Holocaust is actually from a Greek word, holos (whole) caustos (burnt), as in caustic substance. And, again, it's a completely appropriate word and concept for what they're doing to our children. It is not uniquely linked to the murder of six million Jews by Hitler, but by saying it, you evoke images of wholesale destruction of innocents.


I agree that Holocaust is not the right word because this is a Jewish word for a jewish's like the word is already under patent.

We have to find a word that describes this horrific state we're in where possibly an entire generation of American children are having their immune systems destroyed by chemicals, viruses, and bacterium that are force injected into them. It reminds me more of what happened under Stalin in the Old Soviet Union when untold millions of people were systematically murdered for disagreeing with the regime. Many were lined up against the wall and shot with machine guns. Many died from overwork in the gulags. Many died from starvation while the government shipped grain for trade. Trains of grain ran past fields where people were starving and the leaders of the regime closed their curtains to block the view. ( Similarly the vaccine injured are unseen, uncounted, almost do not exist. Similarly the Big Pharm makes their profits while people die and are maimed) They have never found the right word for what happened under Stalin because these deaths have gone unrecorded, almost unnoticed. Only now many years later can we begin to fathom the level of destruction of an entire people--somewhere between 20 million and 60 million people died. I traveled through Russia and whole areas of the landscape between Moscow and St. Petersburg are vacant... empty, uninhabited, de-populated. How many people in our current generation will never see the age of 40? How many lives will be cut short by chronic illness? Will our towns become vacant, empty, de-populated?
The only thing that is similar to the Holocaust narrative is the word Nazi because that word has become generic for a brutal police state. We are in the process of trying to obtain a medical exemption for our granddaughter and while she will probably get one because my daughter has autoimmunity, viral overload, and anti-bodies in her blood stream, which puts her child at risk for "autoimmunity or autism"; we also had to contemplate the possibility that we might have to move out of the state of California to a philosophical exemption state. We own a home, a business, pay big taxes, and are politically engaged, etc. etc. Our children have grown up here but like the Jews of Europe a time comes when you realize you had better leave because the Nazis have taken over. I know that story as well because my husband is Jewish and his family left Europe after the war, but his father left before the war. Anyway, when I described the government of California as Nazis he totally got it, and said.. yes that's what happens you have to leave.

Jeannette Bishop

When the question expands in my mind to "Is vaccine injury a holocaust?" it gets a little harder to say no, though autism might most especially take one somewhere hard to communicate... but I don't want to use the term personally, even though I'm still looking for a way to convey somewhat simply what's going on (and I'm haunted by awareness that we aren't finished with wherever this is going to go).

Video of RFK Jr. at the Commonwealth Club was posted on YouGoogleTube yesterday. I don't know if this presentation was the specific one that got media attention for using the word "holocaust," but it was there, it seemed to me, as part of an attempt to convey how autism impacts a family, more than is often undertaken in a few minutes...

... I am unable to advise better.

I personally have some impatience with people "making a man an offender for a word..." (maybe because I just need to get over stressing about how I come across).

And it seems like when there are PC police jumping down someone's throat there's often something being suppressed...and I get more irritated by the appearance of people being played...

But online one gets the feeling that many more people are seeing through these types of tactics, so I'm not sure that the vaccine-injury-suppression-vaccine-injury-acceptance police jumping on someone for using a word, even unwisely or thoughtlessly, might not least with some.


Such a good article - and many astute comments. Respecting Bob Krakow's opinion re use of holocaust, I checked in Thesaurus and came up with: human sacrifice, infanticide, carnage, destruction, devastation, ruin and destruction. All fairly appropriate, I think.


Holocaust is the first definition in my book.
First defintion of vaccine induced autism.

Anita donnelly

Apologies for iPhone typos

Anita donnelly

The reason survivors want us to remember the Holocaust is so that it never happens again. Whether or not the term is appropriate, the story is appropriate. The slippery slope. It being okay to scapegoat (our families) Fot the "greater good". Many many analogies and it does not take away from that horrific crime to see the parallels to this/-that it can only get worse that people willfully deny it because it is painful to admit and painful to be implicated.
That it is so terrible so heinous that it can't be true!!
The Grest poisoning is great but it implies it was accidental. This was once accidental. It is now intentional in the sense that they know it and have rationalizes it. The great corruption or

Tragic profits
Holy war
Rationalizing brain damage

It is a genicide against the 5-10 per cent of us who metabolize poisons too well. Even environmental poisons.
God told Abraham he didn't need to sacrifice his son for the greater good. Can we somehow come up with a name or story around that?
The Isaac question --the myth that you must destroy some to keep others healthy
Jus some thoughts

cia parker

I think the word Holocaust is appropriate. Our children have been flung onto the altar and burnt there to sate the thirst for corporate profits. Burned on the altar of Mammon. All of the imagery evoked is moving at the deepest levels of our soul. The perversion of the worship of God to that of the scientist and doctor in the white coat claiming to have taken the place of God in the religion of Science, while behind the scenes it is the power and money-obsessed plutocrats who are throwing children into the flames, while proclaiming that they are really saving lives, don't look behind the curtain. Imagery of millions of Jews being rounded up and led to the slaughter, most of them submissively and uncomprehendingly. Both of these image pictures are accurate. They are obscene, but again, that is exactly how to describe what is happening. It is obscene.

Laura Hayes

Loved Lou's comments.

I do think that the term "holocaust" is apt to use with what's been done to our children, and which is now escalating and being done to people of all ages.

If you look up the definition for "holocaust", it is defined as "great destruction, resulting in extensive loss of life", or "any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life", or "destruction or slaughter on a mass scale". The definition usually also includes "especially/often by fire" and I also found one that said "often by fire or nuclear war". Were the definition to be updated, it would now also include "often by fire, nuclear war, or VACCINATION."

I often use the term "vaccine holocaust" in both my writing and speaking. The defining of a holocaust as "any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life" fits to a tee in my opinion.

This book title is the first time I have heard the term "Autistic Holocaust". That sounds like it fits to a tee, too.

If people find "vaccine holocaust" or "autistic holocaust" shocking, they very well should. We need a lot more people to be shocked and horrified about what is being done to our children here in the U.S. and worldwide via vaccination under the guise and false name of public health. As Lou said, "Let's be clear here. This isn't about disease prevention or public health any more." I'm not sure it ever was.

Meanwhile, the result is the massive and reckless destruction of the health, development, and lives of our children. Yes, it's a holocaust all right.

John Stone

I think there is a basic problem of not learning from history. I am not addicted to the term "holocaust" but part of the present idiocy is the pretence we have advanced so far that we can't repeat mistakes. RFKjr probably had it right when he said that mandates were un-American, and I think he was probably talking about the problem of over-powerful and tyrannical interests overwhelming the state, which is just what the authors of the American Constitution we seeking to avoid. Could it be that nearly two and half centuries on we shouldn't still be on our guard.

These things are allowed by often relatively well-meaning people: even in Germany the Nazis came to power through people who were right-wing perhaps, but nothing like them, failing to see the difference. Today we are letting the government-pharmaceutical complex run our lives - pretending that these are inherently benign - and we are paying a terrible price. As I see it in the USA today, and the UK - worse still Australia - certain basic principles of good government have been subverted in the foolish belief that we are somehow so enlightened that we cannot make the same mistakes (failing to be on our guard against ruthless interests).

I remember thinking at the first UK Holocaust Memorial Day in January 2001 that there was something disagreebly smug and complacent about the exercise: in some ways we do make the same mistakes again.

Another way in which we make the mistake is putting faith in a sciency ideology.

David Taylor

Regardless of what the OED or any other dictionary says, "holocaust" with a big or little "h" hands the deniers a "That Was Easy" button because of the word's historical and political associations.

My guess is that the book is a home brew because it's hard to imagine a paid editor knowingly choosing a title that will cause the book to be dismissed and lose sales. But maybe they were hoping controversy over the title would boost sales.

In either case, the people who need to read it now have a ready excuse not to.

Grace Green

I think what has gone wrong here is the arrogant mistake of believing that only the German people are capable of carrying out what we have come to describe as a holocaust. I have always believed that event was the result of the worst aspects of human nature. I think calling the Chemical Poisoning a holocaust is to challenge people to examine the issue and their attitude to it.

Bob Moffitt

Albert Einstein defined "insanity" as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" .. therefore .. I would suggest the title be:

"Insanity: The reason our children keep getting sick".

What other word better explains the incomprehensible rise in chronic autoimmune disorders in our most recent generations of children?

John Stone

I am looking at my 1929 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. In those days "holocaust" was a middle English word for a "sacrifice" or "burnt offering", the first citation c.1328 is a translation from Genesis about the sacrifice of Isaac. Later versions of the word suggest a large sacrifice. Of course, the idea of the rejection of human sacrifice lies at the foundation of the Jewish religion. Where many people in the Middle East were making human sacrifices to their deities the God of Abraham having made the demand to test Abraham then rejects it. Gehenna, the Valley of Hinnom, where children were sacrificed to Moloch is also the Hebrew hell. I suppose this might in fact be relevant to our situation. But I like Lou's idea of "the great poisoning".

Angus Files

My opinion, it’s fair to call it a Autistic Holocaust ,and the perpetrators have the same kudos, as the Nazis, that they should be hunted down into old age, given a trial, unlike the kids they have destroyed, through un-trialled vaccines. I think it’s definitely a Autistic Holocaust, and at the same time taking nothing away from the horrific Nazi Holocaust.


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