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Dachel Media Update: Oliver's (Vaccine) Army

Ben Swann on Vaccine Safety and the Release of the #CDCwhistleblower Documents

Note: Ben Swann began reporting on the problems in the vaccine program two years ago, and today on Age of Autism he discloses that Congressman Bill Posey has released to him the CDC documents turned over to Congress by Dr. William Thompson concerning the cover up of the links between the MMR and autism.  Swann discusses Vaccine safety, vaccine choice, potential corruption at CDC and his plans for the #CDCwhistleblower documents in a video interview with Age of Autism Media Editor, Anne Dachel.

By Anne Dachel

A month ago vaccine safety advocates and members of the autism community witnessed some astonishing news coverage on CBS 46 in Atlanta.  On the segment Reality Check, reporter Ben Swann presented a piece called, CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed.  


The story focused on the October protest held at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the claim being made about an agency whistleblower.  For the ordinary viewer turning on the local news this report must have seemed a little unsettling.

Ben Swann: "Just days ago over a hundred protesters gathered outside of the CDC right here in Atlanta, demanding transparency when it comes to vaccines. . . .

"Those protesters... say that the information being provided to the public about vaccines is not completely honest, and all of it hinges on one man...a scientist you probably never heard of.   That scientist's name is Dr. William Thompson, and it was on August 27, 2014 that Dr. Thompson made an admission that got very little media coverage but it was a major statement...." 

Swann went on to quote Thompson regarding the findings of a 2004 MMR study published in Pediatrics.  Thompson said that the agency concealed data showing African American males were at increased risk for autism if they received the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age.  Viewers were told about thousands of CDC documents that were now in the hands of U.S. Rep. Bill Posey. 

"Congressman Posey brought this information to the floor of Congress and what he read there was nothing short of stunning, that authors of the study not only hid the actual findings, but attempted to destroy evidence. ..."

Swann cautioned his audience that just because someone raises questions about vaccine safety, doesn't mean they are anti-vaccine.  He then talked about the risks involved with vaccination and the compensation that's been paid to victims. 

All of this was astonishing to those of us who follow the vaccine/autism controversy in the news.  Reporters simply don't do this kind of thing.  This was real investigative journalism.  Swann raised serious questions about government oversight. 

I was able to talk with Ben Swann about his story and about what he's learned.  He are his comments on Skype.

I asked Ben how he became involved in the issue of vaccine safety.


Ben: "It was in 2014*, I was in Minneapolis for an event that I was asked to speak at.  It was an event about liberty, and while I was there, I had a chance to meet really two people whose names I did not know: Jennifer Larson and Mark Blaxill.  These were two people who came to this event that was in part sponsored by the Canary Party.  And I didn't know what the Canary Party was either by the way, and while we were there, I had a chance to talk with them for a few minutes. They started explaining to me some of the issues with vaccines and concerns about vaccines.  (*Correction: 2013)

"This is an issue I knew very little about, but the thing that really caught my attention as they were explaining a lot of different things at one time, was they mentioned something called vaccine court.  Having never heard of vaccine court before, I asked, 'Well, what is that?'  And they started to explain to me the process for vaccine court: how it works, the fact that this proxy court that's set up, and the fact that vaccine makers cannot be sued.

"Does that mean all vaccine makers should be sued?  No, not necessarily, but the fact that you can't sue them, any of them, was kind of alarming to me.  Why can't you do that?   What kind of protection has been set up?

"And then they were beginning to explain about the vaccine schedule, how much it's increased over the past thirty years vs the number of cases that actually make it into vaccine court. It was really interesting.  And so we decided to create a Truth in Media episode with Jennifer and Mark, and to interview Mark about this because the issue of vaccine court was so interesting to me. 

"Now it was interesting, after we did this piece, that so many people came out and said, 'Oh, this means you're anti-vaccine.  This means you're trying to link vaccines and autism.'

"It didn't mean any of that. We were just interested in a very specific portion of this story about vaccine court,... most people, I know I'd never heard of it--no one that I talked to after the fact, friends and colleagues, had ever heard of vaccine court.  They had no idea that it existed. 

"It was about informing the public and saying, listen, while this whole debate is going on about vaccines and autism, whether they're safe, whether they're not safe, and do parents have rights to choose, do parents have the ability to make this decision for their children, does the state have the ability to mandate it for everyone, as we have this debate, here's something that's not being debated.  [What] probably should be front and center in this discussion is the fact that you have this that was essentially created to shield all these vaccine makers.  So that was how I first came into this discussion and from there it kind of snowballed."


From there, Ben began to pay close attention to the story, and reported on the #CDCwhistleblower case shortly after it came to light:

CDC Whistleblower Admits Suppressing Information Regarding Vaccines and Autism

I was curious why Ben made the effort to become so well-informed on this topic at the same time most journalists aren't.  There seems to be this overriding attitude out there that the press should not look into issues of vaccine safety.

Here is his explanation. 

Ben: "Well the process for me in terms of educating myself on vaccines really came through reading a lot of information, talking to people who've been in this fight and in this community for a long time. As a journalist, when you're trying to cover something like this it's very difficult for a number of reasons, and one of the reasons for that is 'group think.' 

"Because there is this assumption that if you cover a certain subject you're obviously taking a position on it, you're taking a side on it.  And as a journalist, that should never be true.  No matter what issue you cover as a journalist, it should not be based on your own preference or your own opinion. 

"As a lot of journalists would look at this story, ...they're told, 'Well listen, those people are crazy.  There's all these anti-vaxxers out there. And if you do anything that indicates that you're among them, or you're one of them, it discredits you.'

"Now what's completely nonsensical about that is, if we cover terrorism, if we cover ISIS, that doesn't make us a part of ISIS.  If we say, 'Hey, let's take a look at how ISIS formed in the first place,' that doesn't make you a terrorist or a suicide bomber.  And yet if you say, 'Let's take a look at what these people are talking about when it comes to vaccination,' they'll say, 'Oh wait, that makes you anti-vax.'  It's a very bizarre thing. 

"I think what it really comes down to, it comes down to influence.  There is a concerted effort to smear, demonize anyone who raises questions in this arena.  It's been very effective.  And it's combined between the smear campaign, but along with the ability of big pharma, which contributes enormous amounts of money in terms of ...advertising that goes to TV networks.  They have a lot of influence.  And they have influence with what makes the air and what doesn't.  So ultimately I think as a journalist, yes, it's difficult. It's difficult to cover a story like this, but again, what we did with the Dr. Thompson piece wasn't about questioning the validity of vaccines, it wasn't questioning the validity of whether or not you should have your child vaccinated--we weren't even going there.

"The issue is, is what we're being told by the CDC true?  Because if it's not true, then we need to question everything they've been telling us.  And I think that comes down to a myriad of issues where we can look at and say, 'If government is lying to us about any of these things, then we have to question them on everything.'

Ben told me about what happened after his whistleblower coverage.

Ben: "The response to the Thompson piece was pretty interesting. We had a lot of supportive emails that came in, a lot of phone calls that came to us really from people saying how excited they were about it.  They were so excited about the fact that we would talk about this and cover this issue, because we were really the only ones who have. 

"This is by far the largest news organization that's ever covered this issue, and done it in a very public way.  And I believe in a very responsible way, by the way. 

"And of course we also got the emails from people who were saying, 'Why would you do this? You have an obligation to not tell people this because you will encourage people to not vaccinate their kids and that's dangerous.'

"Other people saying that the story's made up and it's all information that was made up. 

"I’m very blessed that I have news managers, first of all, who care about facts.  And so they essentially came back to me, everything you said in this piece you can back up, right?  And I said, of course.  And I was able to show them.  And they went went back and watched it and reviewed it, and said everything you're saying is factual, you have evidence of everything you're talking about.  And to that end, the conclusion again was not, by the way folks, vaccines will cause autism.

"The conclusion was you have the right to question these things.  And if Dr. Thompson is coming forward and saying that the premier agency that tells you there is no problem was not honest with you, even if Dr. Thompson is wrong in his assessment, even if the work that was done--and it may have been--the research they did may be faulty.  You may come back later on and say, actually everything that Thompson thought that they were hiding, that was wrong anyway.  That doesn't matter.  What matters is they believed they were right, and said we can't let the public know what we think we know. 

"Even if they were wrong, to say we can't let them know what we think we know demonstrates an entire level of corruption within the agency that says that you don't matter and your kids don't matter, and that the public doesn't have a right to know.

"If the public doesn't have a right to know, in my humble opinion, then the agency doesn't need to exist.  Because an agency that exists for the protection of the public that hides truth from the public, is not serving in the public's interest."

Ben explained his personal interest in the CDC documents.

Ben: "As a journalist, one of the things that's most important to me is transparency and information.  My belief is that, ...I am beholding to no one in terms of what I share and what I don't share, and what I investigate--except for the public at large.  I believe that as a journalist, my job is to provide information--whether people like it or don't like it.  And there are some people who don't like what you do, and some people who love what you do. And the same people will swap spots depending on what the story is.  

"One of the questions, one of the issues that was raised by people who were attacking the Thompson piece, was they were saying, 'Look, this Swann guy's been talking about these documents that were handed over by Dr. Thompson to William Posey, and--Congressman Posey--and saying, he says there are thousands of documents, even a hundred thousand documents that have been handed over, and yet no one's ever seen these documents. They've been out for over a year, and yet, where are they?  They don't really exist.'

"One of the claims was that this whole thing was made up.

"As a journalist, that bothers me.  It bothers me because, candidly, I haven't seen the documents either. Maybe they're right, maybe they don't exist. 

"So the next step for me was to contact Congressman Posey and say I would like to have the documents.  Please release to me all those documents. And I'll let your listeners know that Congressman Posey has complied with that request for the documents.

"So I now have copies of all of the information that Dr. Thompson handed over to Congress.  We're going through that information right now.  We're studying it and we'll be releasing that information at some point, to the public.

"Again, because it's not my information--it doesn't belong to me.  It is my job, I believe, as a journalist, to share that information.  I want to do it in a responsible way.  But it will be shared with the public because I believe they have a right to know.

"And again, the CDC should have done this themselves a long time ago.  They should have come clean with it. They didn't. Dr. Thompson could have come clean on his own, but he didn't. He's gone through the channels, based on what his attorneys have told him.

"But as a journalist, I have the ability to share that information.  That's one of the reasons that we've established Truth in Media Project and so that truth can reach the public. 

"So stayed tuned for that because very're going to have access to those documents yourselves."

Finally, Ben Swann talked about his plans for worldwide activism

Ben: "So I do want to mention quickly also that we have this amazing project. It's probably a project closer to my heart than anything that we've done so far, and it's called, Global Activist. It's a show that's dedicated to focusing on and showcasing the work of activists around the world, here in the United States and abroad.

"And what's so remarkable to me about activism right now is that right now, we are living in the largest global protest movement in human history.

"It's not all interrelated. They're not all protesting the same things, yet people globally are protesting everyday, and they're activating themselves everyday. So activism is a big umbrella. Protest is one vein of activism, but there are many veins of activism: education, business, art, music--so many things that kind of fit into activism. 

"So one thing that we want to do is show people how there are generations of people who are no longer sitting around

waiting for the world to change.  They are changing the world themselves, and I think that your audience knows all too well what that's like. [We] cannot sit and wait for someone to ride up on a white horse and say we're going to save the day. [We] say, you know what, we're going to roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves.  And that's what this show is about.

"And so right now we're actually crowd-funding the first episodes of this show.  We have an Indiegogo set up. There's about two weeks left on it. We just want to encourage people to get involved and go out and say, let's contribute and let's support what's happening with this project, because it is giving a voice to people who don't have a voice right now.

"There's multiple ways that you can contribute, and I know you guys will have a link to the actual Indiegogo page, but one thing I'd actually encourage people in is that when you go to crowd-funding site like that, there's some things that you get--you get some swag and you get a few little things that we can send you. But the main thing that you get is that your name is in the credit as having contributed and helped to make this project a reality. And that's something that's been very important. 

"We did a crowd-funding project for Truth In Media on the origins of ISIS and over the last two weeks, that video has been viewed 40 million times. It has an impact.

"When people see that and they say, 'Well I'm not sure if it's really going to reach people.'--40 million people watched one video that we put out about ISIS.  And I know we can do the same thing with Global Activist. We can inform people on these subjects--subjects like what we're talking about today.  And we can say, here are people who are working and they're fighting and they're changing things.  They're not just going to sit around and wait.

"So I encourage people to get involved and to donate on December 5th; we're having a money bomb on December 5th to try and bring in that largest amount of money possible on that one day.  So I want to encourage people on that day--but you don't have to wait until December 5th. If you're seeing  this before then, you can go right now to our Indiegogo page and you can donate there now. And I hope you'll consider doing so."

During our conversation we discussed the role of the press in all this. Ben said, "We can't let the media define this issue."  That's a very simple concept, but it's the center of what the public's being told about this controversy. Reporters almost without exemption present this debate in the most egregious and one-sided manner.  They start from the premise that vaccines are universally safe.  They tell us that all the science is in, and only misinformed, irrational parents question the official denials and they threaten the health of all of us. 

Ben Swann's coverage is a wake up call for members of the press.  There is a lot more to the debate over vaccine safety than most of them are willing to give us.  We want the truth about an ever-expanding, mandated vaccination schedule. Those of us who've long called for oversight reform can all take heart from the fact that Ben will be following this story as it unfolds. 



This 2007 Congressional report reminds us of how the CDC operates:

Be sure to check out the woman made of vegetables because you'll want some vegetables to go with the pork.


Hi Cherry, friendly reminder that it is not thousands, we have millions of autistics in USA alone. This is not counting the millions of children that have been disabled with autism by vaccines worldwide, and millions more with many other vaccine-induced diseases and disorders in USA and globally!
Of course as parents, you and I think it is unfathomable to cause and cover-up the injury or death of ONE child. This shows us the magnitude of crimes against humanity we are actually dealing with.
Unlike USA, foreign press in many other countries actually are their public watchdogs, even in Third World nations. When these documents go to press the manure is going to hit the fan, worldwide.


Rachel, my understanding is that #CDCwhistleblower did NOT destroy his copies, so it fell under FOIA, and therefore Dr Hooker was able to obtain them through FOIA request. Can someone confirm my interpretation?

Cherry Misra

Isnt this an interesting concept , that we have not really tackled in the same way as Ben Swann- That we could achieve a situation where we can say

And I would like to tell you all that just yesterday I picked up a quotation that was greatly meaningful to me and I have been pondering when it will come into use for autism. The topic is: slow but certain divine retribution. Here it is:


Ben Swann- Thankyou for your search for truth and honesty. It wont make you many friends today, but it will earn you a place on the great white marble wall of the Museum of Autism- one fine day when AUTISM takes its place along with MINAMATA in the history of medicine.

John Stone


As I understand it Brian Hooker got the data under FOI in discussion with Thompson. I hope that sets your mind at rest.


I hope I can ask something here that's been bothering me about the William Thompson / Brian Hooker situation.

If William Thompson is correct, or rather, what he is reported as saying is correct, and at the end of the study a lot of "inconvenient" data was destroyed in the big trashcan as described, how did Brian Hooker get hold of that data some years later, through legitimate CDC channels, in order to produce his study; the study which claims to show that inconvenient result?

Or have I misunderstood something?


Here's the link for the 2 hr Coast to Coast AM segment with RFK,Jr. scheduled for Dec. 2, 2015. Since the nightly program is for 4 hrs, the information, as of now, doesn't indicate if the RFK,Jr. segment is for the first or second half of the program:


Great post. It's nice to see a mainstream reporter not apprehensive to report on this issue.

Slightly off topic, but *noteworthy:*

RFK,Jr. is scheduled to appear for a two-hour segment on the Coast to Coast AM radio program with George Noory for Wednesday, December 2, at 10:00pm PT. The topic is "Vaccine Dangers." Coast to Coast has had previous anti-vax guests before, most notably Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, but never RFK,Jr. on this particular topic.

Coast to Coast AM is the most listened to program in it's time slot and reaches around 600 stations in N.America. This should be a good one...I can hardly wait.


I fear for him, this is not the America we knew, it's a dangerous place. Even the little guy , doesn't understand that "discredit, neutralize" isn't an idle threat. I worry when I read the local papers, and see a brave soul, clearly not understanding what evil is attached to the issue. This young man and the teacher, may be on the road to destroyed careers or worse.


Go Ben!


Truth in media and truth about vaccines. Why? Because it's 2015! Thanks CBS and Ben Swann.


How is it that the police chief of Chicago can be fired and yet no one from the CDC ever gets questioned even? Untold numbers of children harmed by vaccines and this isn't concerning anyone?? Corruption rules the day. And just in case pundits wonder how people can question things like global warming, when you know there is corruption happening in one sector (health) it isn't such a jump to question other issues.


Linda and Jeff,

Indeed it weren't just black boys, there were also the 'isolated' cases. In fact, the Destefano study may be seen as merely pointing to the tip of the iceberg. Imagine that the mere timing of one vaccine would cause these effects. Imagine the results when we get around to studying the full schedule!

On another note, the way Swann is wading so heavily into these rough waters leads me to suspect that he may have a vaccine injured loved one. Even Kennedy is sounding as he does.

Reflecting on parents and grandparents who speak out on behalf of their vaccine injured children, I feel all the more disgust and sadness for Bob Wright's AS brainchild. Bob Wright had a responsibility to stand up for his grandson's cause -- not prostitute it!

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Linda1 and Jeff, for pointing out that the CDC's fraud included babies of ALL races. I don't understand why this fact is continually omitted.


I think it is important to point out that not just blacks were affected by this and this is not the only fraudulent study. The data showed an even higher statistical effect for cases of isolated autism in any race.


Yes, Greg, disproportionately greater numbers of black baby boys, but we have to remember to include that there were also normal babies of other races that became autistic after receiving the MMR before 36 months of age.


I had no doubt that someone will eventually release the documents. Seems the 'dark side' refuses to heed the adage that, often it's not the crime that's worse but the cover-up, and even with the crime being so bad in this case. Imagine we have allegations that the CDC for over a decade concealed the evidence that MMR has and is continuing to harm generations of black boys, and the 'dark side' is still hoping that the allegations won't be taken seriously, and the whole thing will blowover. If this isn't stupidity personified, I don't know what is.

Louis Conte

Thank you Anne for all that you do.

This was another great interview.

Lori Harvey

Truth in journalism is hard to come by anymore & its refreshing that someone is coming forward with all of the documents to tell us the truth.

Parents of vaccine injured will finally be vindicated. Those of us who have been speaking out against vaccines for years will be vindicated.

I can't wait for the truth to be finally revealed.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Anne. Thank you, Mr. Swann for pursuing an investigation of the CDC's veracity and Dr. Thompson's documents.

Michelle Ford

All of the years of parents sharing their stories, activists pounding the pavement, honest scientists and journalists daring to expose the truth have all culminated into this moment. THANK YOU for boldly continuing to share. We are AWAKE, UNITED and we are NOT going away!


Wanting to share this. Mike Adams is a good researcher.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Ben and Anne.

Ben, I hope you will continue to be outspoken regarding vaccines and the lack of truth surrounding them.

I wanted to comment on one of your paragraphs:

"I’m very blessed that I have news managers, first of all, who care about facts. And so they essentially came back to me, everything you said in this piece you can back up, right? And I said, of course. And I was able to show them. And they went went back and watched it and reviewed it, and said everything you're saying is factual, you have evidence of everything you're talking about. And to that end, the conclusion again was not, by the way folks, vaccines will cause autism."

First, I remember in that piece you said, "Vaccines have probably saved more lives on this planet than any other single medical advancement." (3:57 mark)

I challenge you to back that statement up. It can't be done. There has never been a study comparing the short- and long-term health and development outcomes of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. Without that, such a claim can never be made. Additionally, no vaccine has ever been tested according to the gold standard of medicine, i.e. that of a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Nor have vaccines ever been studied in the endless combinations in which they are administered. Unbelievable, I know.

So, I would ask that you be extremely careful not to perpetuate the propaganda. Make no assumptions. Challenge every piece of vaccine information and see if it can be verified. If not, consider it propaganda...including the "vaccines have saved millions of lives" line.

Second, in this interview with Anne you said, "And to that end, the conclusion again was not, by the way folks, vaccines will cause autism." Vaccines can and do cause autism, exposed not only by Dr. Thompson's confession and documented evidence which you now have, but also by numerous other sources (Verstraeten's original data, cases of vaccine-induced autism compensated by the VICP, "secret" data kept hidden by GSK which was revealed in a recent Italian court case, eye witness accounts by millions of parents worldwide, and more). Dr. Thompson is but one in what is now a long line of "smoking guns" in the vaccine-autism causal link.

Gary Null recently wrote a succinct and excellent summary I think would be of great interest to you:

Also, I posted this comment to another article running on AoA today. Thought it would be helpful for you to consider:

"Forced vaccination (which includes coerced vaccination) = Medical assault

There are no 2 ways about it.

Any doctor, nurse, pharmacist, legislator, or government regulator who supports, condones, and/or participates in forced (including coerced) vaccination is guilty of violent assault...both against the person being vaccinated, and in the case of a child, also against the child's parents who are being coerced/forced to submit against their will.

Therefore, please inform those you know, be they "medical professionals", elected officials, government regulators, or law enforcement officers, that they are GUILTY OF VIOLENT ASSAULT if they in any way support, condone, participate in, or enforce coerced/forced vaccination, or coerced/forced medicine of ANY sort.

Remind them, also, that these vaccine medical assaults ALWAYS cause some level of harm...including harm that often results in permanent disability, chronic illness, and death. Furthermore, the harm also results in forever forfeiting natural lifetime immunity for oneself, forever forfeiting the immune system benefits of contracting these childhood diseases during childhood, and forever forfeiting passing on naturally-acquired immunity, untainted blood, and unaltered DNA to future children and grandchildren.

SHAME ON ANY PERSON complicit in or supportive of vaccine mandates."

As someone else already stated, Ben, prepare to be viciously attacked by your media peers and others. Stand firm. We need men and women of great moral courage if we are to put an end to this vaccine holocaust. Hoping you will be one of those men of courage!

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I am so very happy to read this news. Thank you, Anne, thank you, Ben Swann, and thank you AoA!


Sometimes I am very pessimistic. But there have to be many other journalists at all levels who are realizing that there is a major problem with Pharma and the CDC/government tying their hands and taping their mouths. There has to be. And Swann hints at that when he says, "I’m very blessed that I have news managers, first of all, who care about facts."

That's a very good sign.
What an intelligent and decent man Swann is.

Bob Moffitt

Some quotes that may help Ben Swann travel his lonely road of reporting the truth:

"Three things cannot be long hidden: The sun, the moon and the TRUTH" .. Budda

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" .. Voltaire

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance" .. Albert Einstein

"A foolish faith in authority is he worst enemy of truth" .. Albert Einstein

"If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppression" .. MLK

"The further society drifts from the truth, the further it will hate those that speak it" .. George Orwell

Dan E. Burns

Anne and Ben, thank you!

Ben, you are a shining example to journalists, and a light in the darkness for parents who despair. In the spirit of the season, fear not. Those who defend their citadels of privilege and power may crucify you, but they cannot destroy you. God bless you and all those who speak truth!


It would be truly wonderful, and LONG overdue, if all the whistle-blower documents were finally made public. We need to shine a huge spotlight on this, so it needs to happen ASAP.
However, when will we learn to not announce these things before they happen?!
My fear is that trolls following AOA will take this information and somehow block this from ever happening (we've seen this time and again).

I believe Ben Swann is a different kind of journalist, and have total respect for a journalist who is actually doing his job for a refreshing change. But can he stand up to the threat of his own job loss? The pressure will be on in a big way to silence him, just like they always do when anyone brings up anything to do with vaccine safety.
I hope for the sake of our children and future generations that he is up to this!!! I'm not sure he knows what he's gotten himself into, but I am cautiously hopeful the tide may finally be turning.
It's horrific what the CDC is inflicting on innocent children.Those responsible need to be held accountable, and that won't ever happen unless people like Ben Swann expose the corruption.
Mr. Swann, please do not give in to the pressure that surely is coming your way! Thank you!!!

Maurine Meleck

Just fantastic. Thank you Anne Dachel and Ben Swann.

Diane Farr

Maybe we should comment #CDC whistleblower when donating to Ben's indiegogo fund.

George stevens

I'm extremely excited to hear more from this guy as he seems legitimately honest. However we all know this will be the only news outlet to cover this topic as the rest are bought even if the amount of corruption uncovered is astronomical. If age of autism was smart they would contact trumps campaign immediately even if it cost a campaign donation put this guy in contact with trumps campaign. Let them sit down go over the information let trump do an interview with Ben Swann which would be good for Swann let Swann prove him right from his first debate comments. Being to light the corruption in government and the media which will increase trumps numbers and Bring national attention to the issue which is what we want and everyone is happy.


Why a year to release the documents? When do the Congressional hearings for the criminals start? Because Congressional hearings have not been a priority how many children in the last year have been neurologically assassinated? Does the new vaccine schedule start this morning with unbiased studies lined up?

Mary Pulles Cavanaugh

WOW! Ben Swann is a difference maker!!! So thankful that he now has the documents from Congressman Posey. Yes we are global activist and we all need to contribute!!! 40 MILLION viewers!!! Now we are talking! Thank you to Age of Autism!!!
It is our time!!!

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