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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: What’s Wrong With a Little Speculation?

Truth, Transparency and Freedom Rally in Front of CDC

(Look for the magic words from the mainstream reports, "debunk" and "myth." As if our kids are unicorns.)

By Anne Dachel

Here's what's online about the rally in Atlanta.

This is a piece about a rally in Oakland, CA in support of the parents at the CDC.)

California Newswire: Newswire: Oct. 24 Rally for Vaccine Truth in Oakland will Stand Together with Freedom Rally at the CDC in Atlanta

Minister Keith Muhammad, of the Oakland Mosque, in collaboration with community leaders, announce that on October 24, 2015 at 12 noon, protesters will rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, Calif. in solidarity with the Truth, Transparency & Freedom Rally happening on the same day at the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia.

Protesters are standing against CDC corruption and the disturbing partnership between industry and government, which undermines the health, safety, and freedom of American citizens. In particular, the protesters are calling for the "CDC Whistleblower" Dr. William Thompson, to be subpoenaed to give evidence to congress, following the revelation by Florida Rep Bill Posey (R) that CDC scientists were allegedly instructed to destroy vaccine research which revealed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, particularly African American boys. . . .

LINEUP – The speaker lineup at the rally will include:

* Minister Keith Muhammad – Resident minister at the Nation of Islam mosque in Oakland. He is an educator and activist and has served Bay Area communities for decades.

* Sister Tesha Muhammad – Tesha is a graduate of University of California at Berkeley, a mother of four including two vaccine damaged sons. The experience of dealing with the challenges associated with autism has motivated her to become an activist against unsafe vaccines.

* Dr. Tim O'Shea – Author of "Sanctity of Human Blood."

* Dr. Tina Kimmel, former research scientist for the California Department of Public Health's Immunization Branch.

* Samsarah Morgan, mother and grandmother.

* Brandy Vaughan, former Merck employee, and founder of Council for Vaccine Safety (

* Christina Hildebrand, founder of A Voice for Choice.

There's the following coverage from CBS 46 Atlanta.  (The story has been picked up in several places.) Atlanta Reporter Dante Renzulli  approached this in the most irresponsible manner.   He presented the most heated controversy in pediatric medicine as if it's the first time he's heard about it.  He's done no background on this or he wouldn't have brought up "thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative" and William Thompson's claim that thimerosal causes autism, which surfaced last summer. 

Thompson's MMR study showing a greater susceptibility to regressive autism in black boys isn't even mentioned.  The truth about events at the CDC vaccine division have been trivialized and misrepresented.  Thompson is described as a "former" CDC employee.                                                                                                                                   

All this is a curiosity to the news industry.  Autism isn't important.  It's certainly nothing officials are worried about.  A bunch of conspiracy-minded parents shouting in front of the CDC don't deserve to be taken seriously.   They couldn't possibly know what they're talking about.  (Notice how Renzulli pronounces the word "thimerosal.")  For whatever reason--fear, sloppy reporting, pressure from advertisers/doctors--members of the press universally fail our children every single day. 

Fox Carolina (Greenville, SC): Protesters want CDC investigated, Doctor debunks vaccine myths

WTOC Savannah, GA: Protesters want CDC investigated, Doctor debunks vaccine myths

CBS Atlanta: Group worried about autism caused by vaccines protests CDC

Anchor: "More than a hundred people waved signs and shouted at scientists and doctors.  They're angry at what some call a vaccine conspiracy. 

Reporter:  "All day long, people have been out on this corner shouting derogatory things about the CDC and accusing them of being a corrupt organization."

Marcella Piper-Terry: "That's too much corruption.  Too much conflict of interest, and our children are paying the price."

Reporter: ". . . a supposed link between vaccines and autism, and the protestors think there is some kind of cover-up to keep the public from finding out.

"Protesters are worried about THIMEROSAL, a mercury-based preservative that’s supposed to keep the vaccines bacteria free. . . .

Reporter: "The controversy was stirred up about a year ago, when a former CDC scientist named William Thompson, claimed the additive causes autism.  Since then very few others in the medical field have agreed with him, which is something the protesters explain as a conspiracy.

Mother: "The CDC did a study.  They know that they are harming children.  They will not admit the truth. "

Reporter: "We asked the CDC what they think about all of this, but they wouldn't comment on the issue, only saying they respect the right of the protesters to express their views. 

"So is there anything to this?  We went to experts at Emory Hospital who were not directly involved, to get their take on whether there is anything to worry about."

Doctor:  "Actually, we have looked at this phenomena,  that vaccines are often a victim of their own success." 

Reporter: "We'll have those answers at six."

CBS Atlanta: CDC protesters want vaccines investigated

Anchor: "Right now, protesters are gathering near the entrance of Atlanta's CDC, calling for the government to investigate certain vaccines they think, have harmful side effects.

...Dante, what are the concerns there?"

Reporter: "Well, Kim, the people you see out here waving signs and shouting into bullhorns are worried that there is a link between vaccines and autism.  They're here in front of the CDC because they're trying to get the attention of people in charge of giving out the shots to the public to tell them their complaints, which is with any vaccines that contain something called thimerosal.  There's currently a conspiracy theory about a cover-up at the CDC.  They think a preservative meant to kill bacteria, is actually causing autism, and the CDC is okay with that for whatever reason.

"Now this is not a theory supported by mainstream medical science, and not one that the CDC is in agreement with."

Marcella Piper-Terry: "Doctors are relying on the CDC in order to make recommendations for their patients.  When the science is corrupt, doctors can't make good decisions."

Reporter: "I asked that woman why she thought a government body like the CDC would want to deliberately cover up a link between vaccines and autism, and she thinks it has something to do with business interests.  She said the people who make vaccines, make a lot of money, and she thinks they're able to influence government to look the other way when it comes to research.  Now this all started last year when a doctor at the CDC proclaimed himself as a whistleblower.  His name is William Thompson. He said that there's a link between vaccines and autism, specifically a higher rate in African American children. 

"We're going to be speaking with doctors at Emery Hospital later this afternoon to see if they think there's anything to worry about."

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



there is something, still require sound investigation and improvement.

Gary Ogden

I attended the demonstration, and it was powerful. When I first arrived I thought I was in lower Manhattan; there seemed to be dozens of massive, gleaming skyscrapers, surrounded by a formidable-looking security fence, but this monument to Ottoman Empire quackery was puny compared to the righteousness of the three hundred or so of us who were there to bear witness to truth. I met so many wonderful people, including two heroic young ladies from Mississippi who are fighting the good fight in their state amid apathy, and, entirely by chance, Dr. Mikovits, who, clearly, like me, has nothing but contempt for the pseudo-science practiced in those gleaming gazillion-dollar edifices. Despite what the media says, we are waking up the public. I spoke with many people about vaccines in the four days I spent in Atlanta, particularly in restaurants, and not a single one believes the lies! I mean it. Not a single one. We will win.

Jeannette Bishop

@reader, thanks for sharing!

Jeannette Bishop

"MMR Vaccine & Autism - Press Conference at CDC Headquarters"


PS Missed Eric Gladen's speech (laptop froze so did not hear any of it). Did not like snippets I heard of Bark's speech; liked speech by Bro Akbar Muhammad.

Periscope did not transition between speakers for me. Glitches remain for unsophisticated users, but it's infinitely better than missing event entirely. is archive site, apparently. Discovered on twitter via Barbara Loe. Don't know how to search it yet myself. Good luck!


Best speeches (except for speech by Lyn Redwood), IMO, are archived here:

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Anne, for compiling this coverage.

Query, is anyone live streaming from the CDC rally today?

TannersDad Tim

This is the way we thought yesterday's news stories should be re-edited praying for a great safe meaningful day!


Sorry Complex I and III


Emory clinic is right next door --- how long does it take to walk over to the Clinic -- and get a -- well perhaps the doctor "Right Next Door" has to have a few minutes to be primed by the CDC.

How fitting that my vaccine injured husband made his way down to Emory clinic and got his diagnosis of acquired mitochondrial disease -oxidation phosphorylation on the complex 1 and II.

Thank goodness he never mentioned vaccines at that time. They found that he was a polymer research scientist and was really all excited to investigate his environment - if we had let them. But we already knew the environmental cause.

So, sure Emory clinic is not at all connected with the CDC right next door. Oh, for heaven sakes.

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