Public Affairs Media Presents Haley Vs. Offit: A Virtual Debate About Vaccines
Parkinson’s, Autism, and Back To the Future


go rand

Thanks to whoever provided the RFK video clip, it will become an all-time historical classic. The only thing that could make it better would be for a presidential candidate to be introduced after RFK …. or perhaps he could just run…

A nice challenge to Dr. DeStefano… far beyond what anyone could hope for…

I would have been happy if Dr. DeStefano would have just come outside to take his FU shot.

Betty Bona

DeStafano can't accept the challenge because the CDC can't allow a real court case with discovery!

Grace Green

Of course, if DeStefano doesn't sue he acknowledges the truth of the accusation by default. Mr. Kennedy, himself a lawyer, knows that either way, he wins (on behalf of all of us.)


Sending a HUGE thank you to RFK JR and all those who continually speak up for our children! My jaw about hit the floor when I heard Mr. Kennedy's brave talk.
DeStefano is likely too much of a coward to take him up on the challenge (can't have the truth about his crimes documented in public records for the world to see, can we?), but one can always hope. The vaccine branch of the CDC is so corrupt, it's unbelievable that they continue to get away with all of this with so many innocent children suffering and being harmed.


This is a bold move by Robert Kennedy, and perhaps a tactic to be followed by others in the future. After all, it's not libel/slander if it's true.


Deep gratitude to RFK Jr, Barbara and the Nation of Islam who showed up in force to demand truth and transparency. People cannot fathom the harm that these actions have caused. It is truly mind boggling. The scope of this tragedy is enormous and grows exponentially.


Thank you Thank you Thank you Mr. Kennedy. Thank you for being our voice. Let's see if DeStefano picks up the gauntlet. Keep up the pressure!

John Stone

What a great example RFKjnr - almost alone of the political class to stand up for the truth and for our children. Other people in and around power must realise that this cannot go on any more: government has been lying and lying. You can't trust the CDC and you can't trust FDA (in the UK you can't trust the Department of Health, the MHRA, the Department of Business, the Ministry of Justice). This is not just about one vaccine, it is about a failed and contemptible system, and it is about the dereliction of politicians (the politicians in this instance who leave the CDC to investigate itself, bearing in mind we already know that Thompson took the matter to the top in 2004). The horror of what they have done under the guise of the public good is appalling.

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