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Public Affairs Media Presents Haley Vs. Offit: A Virtual Debate About Vaccines

Thank you to Richard Milner of Public Affairs Media for this informative documentary featuring Dr. Boyd Haley.  Please visit the PAM page, donate if you can and share the video link.

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Viewing this "virtual debate" provides clear evidence of WHY Offit is so adamantly resistant to participating in a "real time debate" between himself .. a strong proponent of vaccines .. and .. any one of a number of well qualified professionals .. who .. like Dr Boyd Halley .. are strongly critical of vaccines.

It defies common sense that Dr. Offit would be unwilling to debate this issue .. if HE were as confident and informed on the subject .. as he pretends to be. What is HE afraid of?

Unfortunately .. HE is as afraid to publicly debate the issue for the very same reason that public health officials are afraid to conduct an independent .. scientific study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations to ascertain .. once and for all .. if BOTH populations .. have the same number of children with chronic autoimmune disorders.



If they had shown the last two minutes first, the film would have been over before it began. In the last two minutes, Offit says there is no autism epidemic -- that the rate of autism is exactly the same as it was 30 years ago. He also insinuates that people are claiming their kids are autistic so that they can free services.

I would like to invite Paul Offit to come to my classroom and spend a week with me. Tell me that he remembers having classmates like the kids who fill our classrooms today. Tell me that he can remember even ONE classmate who struggled the way so many kids in our classrooms struggle today. Tell me that he can remember even one classmate who HAD a DEADLY FOOD ALLERGY; one classmate who WORE AN INSULIN PUMP; one classmate who carried an INHALER; one classmate who COULD NOT FIND ANY WORDS with which to speak when CALLED ON; ONE CLASSMATE who SPUN AROUND IN CIRCLES or FLAPPED HIS/HER ARMS when excited or anxious. I'm willing to bet he has NO MEMORY of ANY of these kids when growing up, even though he claims they were all around him.


When Offit talks about the Burbacher study at 22:00, he says that Burbacher shows that it's possible that ethyl or methyl mercury can exist in the brain as essentially inorganic mercury, but that there's no evidence that this is toxic or dangerous. (Dr. Haley's response in the video is unfortunately not really on point.)

Offit goes on to say that, rather than animal studies, epidemiological studies are the key to showing harm. This is a standard argument of environmental polluters according to Deceit and Denial by Markowitz and Rosner.

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