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Parkinson’s, Autism, and Back To the Future

1981_Delorean_DMC12By Teresa Conrick

Like most Chicago Cubs fans, I watched the curse ending last week but then the Mets, on fire, had us all hoping for “next year.”  It was BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY, October 21st, 2015, the day Marty McFly and the Delorean were headed into the future.  In BTTF2, the Chicago Cubs were shown to have WON the World Series, hence our dismay that the Cubs actually lost the playoffs on THAT particular day. The irony of it all…  Michael J. Fox of course, played Marty brilliantly back then in all of the BTTF films. I bet no one could predict that his future contained a diagnosis of Parkinson's just six years later.

I loved Back To The Future and saw it twice at the theater. It was in 1985, and I was engaged to be married that next year.  Little did I know that in my future, my first-born daughter would be diagnosed with Autism in 1995.  Her regression into Autism before her 3rd birthday was torture, with horrible GI issues, chronic infections and total loss of both receptive and expressive language.  Here we are in 2015 and the connections of both Parkinson's and Autism are becoming more and more intriguing:

Study finds high rate of Parkinson’s disease among adults with autism:

In the first part of the study, the investigators found high rates of Parkinson’s motor signs (trembling, rigidity, instability, etc.) in a broad investigation of health issues among 19 adults with autism in their fifties and older....(20 percent) received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.  By contrast, Parkinson’s affects less than one tenth of one percent (0.1 percent) of the general population over age 60.

Overall, the main finding from the study  is that adults with autism may have substantially elevated risk for Parkinson’s disease….We find a high frequency of parkinsonism among ASD individuals older than 39 years. If high rates of parkinsonism and potentially Parkinson’s disease are confirmed in subsequent studies of ASD, this observation has important implications for understanding the neurobiology of autism and treatment of manifestations in older adults.

Connections to the gut and the Microbiome make this pertinent.  Many children, like my daughter, Megan, began their descent into the symptoms of Autism with GI issues, usually  constipation:

Overall constipation was the most common GI diagnosis in this study. It occurred in 85 percent of children with both autism and GI disorder and was most likely to occur in children who were younger, nonverbal and/or had significant social difficulties. Indeed, the researchers found a six-fold increase in communication disturbances in the group of children who had both ASD and GI disorder, compared to children with ASD only.

Coincidentally, constipation is a hallmark symptom of Parkinson’s :

In recent years, an important Parkinson's disease (PD) research focus has been on gut-related pathology, pathophysiology, and symptoms. Gastrointestinal dysfunction, in particular constipation, affects up to 80% of PD patients and idiopathic constipation is one of the strongest risk-factors for PD. .....

Heartbreaking to see that Parkinson’s patients usually begin their regression with GI issues as well, but it is a big clue.

Not too long ago, I reported that the Michael J. Fox Foundation has been doing some brilliant research.  I do believe it is from the increasing Autism studies on the Microbiome that they have decided to delve.  Here are some of those findings for Autism:

•   Children with autism appear to have distinctly different levels of intestinal flora, which may increase their vulnerability to pathogenic bacteria and perhaps play a role in autism pathogenesis, new research suggests… "Most notably, we also discovered that the genera Prevotella, Coprococcus, and unclassified Veillonellaceae were significantly reduced in autistic children”  

•   Fecal flora of children with regressive autism was compared with that of control children, and clostridial counts were higher. The number of clostridial species found in the stools of children with autism was greater than in the stools of control children. Children with autism had 9 species of Clostridium not found in controls,  

•   We show that numbers of Sutterella spp. are elevated in feces of ASD children relative to controls, and that numbers of R. torques are higher in the children with ASD with a reported functional gastrointestinal disorder than those without such a disorder. 

•   Here we first summarize previously published data supporting that GI dysfunction is common in individuals with ASD and the role of the microbiota in ASD. Second, by comparing with other publically available microbiome datasets, we provide some evidence that the shifted microbiota can be a result of westernization and that this shift could also be framing an altered immune system. Third, we explore the possibility that gut–brain interactions could also be a direct result of microbially produced metabolites. 

Here is related research in Parkinson's:

The Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research - Gut Check on Parkinson’s: New Findings on Bacteria Levels:

Intestines as a Window to the Brain

There is a clear effect of Parkinson’s disease on the gastrointestinal system. Nearly 80 percent of people with PD have constipation, and this condition often predates the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s by several years.

Additionally, alpha-synuclein — a protein that clumps in the brains of all people with Parkinson’s — has been found in several locations outside the brain, including the nerves controlling the intestines. Investigators question whether the abnormal protein could show up here first, causing non-motor symptoms, and later spread to the brain to cause motor symptoms.

Lastly, researchers believe the normal bacteria of the gut might affect the functioning of the gut nerves which could in turn affect the nerves of the brain.

Another interesting finding was that, within the PD group, abundance of Enterobacteriaceae bacteria was related to the severity of postural instability and gait difficulty (PIGD). So there was a connection between gut microbiota and the motor symptoms of our patients. Our study is the first to demonstrate alterations of microbiome composition in neurodegenerative disease. With respect to previous research it is interesting to note that reduced abundance of Prevotellaceae has been reported also in children with autism spectrum disorder and type 1 diabetes.  

Fascinating and hopeful.  After reading that, let’s go back to the research from Autism Speaks above:

Overall constipation was the most common GI diagnosis in this study. It occurred in 85 percent of children with both autism and GI disorder and was most likely to occur in children who were younger, nonverbal and/or had significant social difficulties. Indeed, the researchers found a six-fold increase in communication disturbances in the group of children who had both ASD and GI disorder, compared to children with ASD only.

A six-fold increase in COMMUNICATION disturbances of those with ASD and GI issues is an important finding. The MJFF found certain bacteria were affecting different motor symptoms in Parkinson’s:

Their research, funded by MJFF and published recently in Movement Disorders, revealed that people with Parkinson’s had lower levels of a certain bacterium and that concentrations of another bacterium varied among subgroups of those with PD with differing motor symptoms…..In people with Parkinson’s with more severe postural instability and gait difficulty, as opposed to tremor, the bacterium Enterobacteria was present at higher levels.

Is it possible that the COMMUNICATION DISTURBANCES of AUTISM might have a similar pathology – the bacteria in the gut?  Autism Speaks did not include that in their study – their conclusion ….the researchers found a six-fold increase in communication disturbances in the group of children who had both ASD and GI disorder, compared to children with ASD only……These findings highlight the need for healthcare providers to be vigilant in detecting and treating GI symptoms in children on the spectrum. This is particularly important in the care of nonverbal children who can’t describe their distress.

Yes, indeed these children need urgent care to their GI issues -- of course -- but let’s look at the theme and patterns here.  Kids with a sole diagnosis of ASD and significantly less, or no GI issues, did not have the same problems with communication (could this also be describing higher functioning Autism/Asperger’s compared to those, like Megan – “nonverbal and/or had significant social difficulties”?)  Could it be possible that the differences in SYMPTOMS on the Spectrum of Autism are based on the MICROBIOME of the gut, similar to what the MJFF is discovering with “subgroups” of Parkinson’s?  What is disturbing the balance of the gut in this devastating manner?

What this all means is this – a post Michael J. Fox wrote on Back To The Future day, in a letter to the White House:

We’ve come a long way since 1985.

When Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled thirty years into the future, we could only imagine the innovations we take for granted today -- new ideas and technologies that have completely changed the way we live, learn, and work.

Back then, if you’d told me that I’d go from talking on a cell phone to talking cell biology, I would never have believed you. But today, The Michael J. Fox Foundation is helping to spearhead research collaborations to speed a future in which we can treat, cure, and even prevent brain diseases like Parkinson's.

I thankfully agree and want to add Autism to that list – treat, cure and prevent. Since the rate of Autism in 1985 was 4 cases per 10,000, and the rate is now determined to be 1 case per 68 children, we are in a critical situation.  What we have here is the merging of symptoms and research, and it’s very important. I hope there will be more to come very soon.  The Microbiome is truly turning out to be our window to the brain and hopefully, we can use the technology of today to change the future.



After my Parkinsons Disease diagnosis, my neurologist was very open when looking at alternative medicines and procedures, with his guidance i started on natural PARKINSONS DISEASE TREATMENT from Rich Herbs Foundation (ww w. richherbsfoundation. c om). The treatment worked very effectively for my Parkinson’s, most of my severe symptoms simply vanished within the first 3 months on the treatment, i feel better now than I have felt in years and i can feel my strength again.


"Now, the synuclein fibres [found in the brains of people with Parkinson's] have been shown travelling from the gut to deep within the brain. Collin Challis at the California Institute of Technology and his colleagues injected synuclein fibres into the stomach and intestine of mice. Three weeks later the fibres could be seen at the base of the brain, and by two months they had travelled to parts of the brain that control movement. "



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Here's a small piece of the history of Lyme and the CDC, its a part of the Pam Weintraub book, Cure Unknown.
Interviews with a small town Missouri family practice Dr Masters, who stood up to the CDC. If you like David and Goliath stories this is one.

And this is an interview with Willy Burgdorfer who discovered the Lyme spirochete. It will give you the willies!

And Teresa, I owe you yet another apology.


Why not treat Lyme? Same as autism: the cure leads to the cause, doesn't it.
What if some kind of man-made resistance has been bred into certain bacteria/virus/parasite/fungus that stemmed from big business? What if it could be proven? Can you say liability? And not just liability, but the future of the entire industry(ies) finacially?

I know someone who's mother had a 10 day bout of diarrhea, which turned out to be c.diff. She was admitted to the hospital, where they diagnosed the c. dif. But it wasn't the reason she was admitted. She was admitted for a stroke caused by bleeding on the brain. There was incoherant talking/behavior.
Anyone want to speculate as to whether a c dif infection can lead to bleeding in the brain/hemorrhage/ - or is it just a coincidence?

Just a quick google shows something worrisome.
"Clostridium difficile Brain Empyema after Prolonged Intestinal Carriage?

The bacteria found in the brain perfectly matched the stool samples they took next, despite the patient's abdominal symptoms having resolved after the proper antibiotics.

Makes one wonder what, exactly, all those lost autism brain samples would have shown if they were examined in "real" time and immediately made available to the public, instead of being "accidently" thawed and designated as contaminated/unusable.


Benedetta, you can read inside this book on Amazon.com:

Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Germ Laboratory

The outbreak of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases may very well have started at a govt lab off the coast of Long Island, just across the sound from Old Lyme and Old Saybrook Connecticut.

An article about this -

As for AIDS, it may have started with polio vaccine trials in Africa.

You make good points, Benedetta, that Lyme seems like the ideal disease for the CDC to excel at, an opportunity for heroism in fighting communicable diseases - the CDC's mission. Instead they are pulling back, suppressing diagnosis, suppressing treatment, claiming that if you're not better after a month of antibiotics then it isn't Lyme.


I can see why there is a cover up of vaccines -- because the CDC and NIH is responsible for the vaccines.

But lyme that is the very thing that the CDC is set up to do. It is an infectious disease that needs to be tracked. It is the CDCs dream disease - better even than the deadly Hantavirus carried by mice. It allows the people working at the CDC to get on a big jet plane, and then big shot it to the area of the dead person's home; and announce the dead person had mice living under their trailer.

Some thing is not right about the lyme disease, or maybe hmmmm --- you know I thought they did a horrible job with the spread of AIDs as well. They said it was spread from the east coast to the west coast by just one very attractive gay air line steward. One person and they seem unable to do what they were suppose to do with AIDS and HIV too. ?

Some one said here that the Hep B was first tested on the gay community and that it was the Hep B that had that virus in it.

It all seems far fetched.
But what if lyme is in some of the vaccines?

Something is not right - but why not treat an infectious disease like lyme - they can blame deer, birds and ticks and not the vaccines.


Greyone, that's an outrageous story about the FOIA request which took years and finally resulted in docs showing that:
"Part of the group’s stated mission was to run a covert “disinformation war” and a “socio-political offensive” to discredit Lyme patients, physicians, and journalists who questioned the group’s research and motives. They exerted pressure on a state health department to launch an investigation into a competitor’s lab. They covertly co-wrote a medical journal article with a psychologist to create the appearance of scientific consensus supporting the group’s premise that Lyme patients with lingering symptoms may be suffering from psychological problems, rather than a persistent infection. Within the FOIA emails, Lyme patients and their treating physicians were called “loonies” and “quacks.”"

I'm reading this book:
Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic
It's a really good book, written by a science journalist whose family has been affected by Lyme. It covers many aspects of this situation. Some chapters describe CDC actions, and it's amazing how much the stories are like the CDC Whistleblower and Brick Township stories. The CDC comes in acting like it's going to do a study to get at the heart of the issues, and then changes the data - for example by using arbitrary cut-off dates which excluded a man who developed carditis fourteen days after being bitten by a tick, but five days after the end of the study period. I thought the world of medical treatment for autism was bizarre, but the world of diagnosis and treatment for Lyme is at least as bizarre if not moreso.


Linda1, yes, yes, and yes.
Neonicitinoids, glyphosate, atrazine, etc,etc, etc.
Coating our seeds, in our soil, in our food, in breast milk.
And this,
Kudos to Ronnie Cummins for speaking at the CDC Truth Rally.

Tim Lundeen

@Cherry Misra -- thanks for suggesting Haritake -- we've ordered some to try :-)


Parkinson's is strongly linked to pesticide and herbicide exposure. Conventional farmers suffer more from Parkinson's than the general public.



Teresa, I apologize too for being off topic.
I am not trying to present Lyme as the "answer", just another question, one that has a relation to some Parkinson's. I appreciate your articles.
I didn't know you would be posting about Lyme too!
The baseball player, Ben Petrick, in the film, Under Our Skin, , who had Parkinson's tremors, abandoned his Lyme treatment, and I believe tried deep brain stimulation.

Mr Conte, you might be interested in the saga of the FOIA requests the filmmakers had with CDC/HHS.

New York Times recently noted the death of CPR Dr James Jude, 8-2-15
" the cause was complications of a Parkinson's like neurological disorder stemming from a tick bite, his son Peter said."


Thank you for posting those interesting articles, Greyone.

Cherry Misra

Teresa, Thankyou very much for your research. It would seem likely to me that both Parkinsons and Autism are caused by mercury toxicity. Anyone who has been exposed to mercury, whether by vaccines, fish or dental amalgams would have overgrowth of candida. People with candida often, but not always have constipation. The best cure for candida is not any drug in your pharmacies- It is Haritake (also called Harar or Chebula Terminalia in north India), a natural herb and strong antioxidant , which everyone in India insists is without side effects of any kind. I would qualify that however, by saying that anyone with candida will experience diarrhea initially, as the candida is killed (die-off reaction). For adults, 650 mg per day is ok and half of that for kids. You can purchase Haritake in supplement stores or get it very cheap by purchasing Triphala from an Indian grocery store- but then you would have to go to some trouble figuring out the dosage and I dont think kids would be willing to take Triphala. The Haritake alone can be crushed and mixed with honey and given to kids. It is quite amazing to see how you get improvements in health and behavior when the candida is killed. The first time I saw someone give a young child Haritake for severe constipation I just expected the constipation to reduce, but it vanished entirely and the child's voice became more audible, speech clearer, her hair grew thick and silky, and she became a leader of a group of little kids. Just six month's earlier the father had been asking me if she ever interacted with other kids. (She rarely did) She also stopped her sudden crying and tantrums - absolutely stopped . These improvements happened over 8 weeks, and most of them happened within a few weeks. One question remains in my mind- Is mercury the only cause of Parkinson's? It seems likely that some other neurotoxins may be the cause for some people.


I do suspect that vaccines can give Lyme a leg up.
Dr Horowitz has said mercury issues should be resolved in treating Lyme.
I don't know what vaccination practice was in the 70s, with the occurrences at Lyme CT.

But a robust immune system with Lyme can actually be a problem, as noted in the unexpected deaths of these three younger adults.
One of those people had sudden anxiety problems, as some other patients have noted as the onset of Lyme.
And this young man.
This oncologist wrote about his experience with cardiac Lyme.
More about oncologist lyme patient Dr Spector
"Dr. Spector calls Lyme disease "the infectious disease equivalent of cancer." Cancer is not one specific disease and neither is Lyme, says Spector. "We talk about Lyme Disease as if it is ONE disease caused by one uniform strain of Borrelia when we know there are at least 16 pathogenic strains of the bacteria that cause disease in the United States."
Spector notes both cancer cells and Borrelia burdoferi (the spirochete which causes Lyme disease) are equipped with mechanisms to resist therapeutic interventions. Both pathogens have a "sweet tooth," says Spector, since each relies on glucose as a source of energy."

And this is a relatively new findings on Lyme, persister cells, from Dr Kim Lewis, MRSA researcher at Northeastern.


Benedetta, it may well be that damaged/imbalanced immune systems are less able to fight off Lyme. But it has also become more common, perhaps for reasons explained in this book:

Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Germ Laboratory

At first glance may sound like a crazy govt conspiracy theory, but this book is very well written and referenced, written by an attorney who is general counsel for a NY financial firm, and endorsed by former governor Mario Cuomo who says, "If we're lucky, someone in the media will read this carefully researched, chilling expose of a potential catastrophe and force government to do something about it. If not, Mike Carroll's [the author's] brilliant work will have been wasted and we may be the victims, once again, of government inadvertence."

My grandparents lived in Old Lyme. My mother and great aunt both had Parkinson's. Now I really wonder…

Lyme is very controversial these days, with doctors being punished for diagnosing and treating outside of narrowly defined mainstream guidelines, and patients holding protests. A good movie:
There is a sequel called "Emergence" which I haven't seen yet - it is apparently more upbeat, as many of the people from the first movie are doing a lot better.

A good comprehensive book -
Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic

Here is an article about one of the Lyme doctors who has been "Wakefielded" although he has managed to continue practicing. BTW he mentions in this interview a link between the MMR and autism. (As if he's not already in enough hot water!)

Teresa, as always thank you so much for your fascinating articles about the microbiome. Sorry if this comment is rather off-topic!


Thimerosal-resistant bacteria/viruses/parasites/fungi vs non thimerosal resistant bacteria/viruses/parasites/fungi?

Savvy slow food and environmentalists know that pesticides are creating antibiotic-resistance on farms which then transfer to human populations.

With coal-burning energy dumping mercury (a known antibiotic and anti-fungicide) into the air, which comes down in the rain on every bit of land and water, not just farms, you know that it has to be changing nature's biome, which also will affect the human biome. Add vaccines to the mix and it's game over. Vaccines - the keystone xl pipeline of the medical industry.

Maybe an even better reason than "global warming" to switch to clean energy sources.


Is this really a common bacteria that a good immune system would take care of - but a poor immune system cannot?

Just wondering if Lyme might be a unforeseen result of over vaccinations.

So many questions; no one willing to try to answer them; time is so short on this earth.

Alan Schwartz

...and then there's the mercury connection to autism and PD:




Another aside for those with Parkinson's syndrome.
Louis Reik's book, Lyme Disease and the Nervous System had a reference to Parkinson's syndrome, as opposed to Parkinson's disease, as second stage Lyme.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I cannot thank you enough, AOA, Teresa Conrick, and the MJFF! I am going to forward this to my son, and I am sharing this on FB also, because this is the merging of two lines of questioning and research that has deviled me for years. My mother had Parkinson's and I spent 20 years in nursing homes taking daily care of many Parkinson patients, and giving them their medications. And trying in my way to learn more. My mother fits into one of the Parkinson sub-groups described in your article. She followed the research passionately until she was no longer able to. She died in 2007 two weeks shy of 81.

I am going to email this to my son, because my grandson fits the severe ASD and bowel disease category. I cannot thank you enough for publishing this, and I urge everyone who is on any kind of social media to please spread this news. Thank you.


As an aside on the gut microbiome, I recall reading a Lyme doc mentioning he had a patient who got a biopsy done during a gut procedure for other reasons and they cultured Borrelia.
Anecdotal, but adds more questions to the mix.

Gary Ogden

There is no doubt in my mind that having a healthy gut flora is the key to good health, the key to most modern disease, and a crucial component in improving the health of ASD children and adults, so this research is truly exciting, so absolutely necessary. Good for Michael J. Fox! The government almost certainly will put little effort into microbiome research because there neither are, nor will be, pharmaceuticals to fix an unhealthy one. Poop pills can't be patented.


Lyme disease may also be a factor in both Parkinson's and autism.


My Mother was a elementary school teacher and her principle one year made them all get flu shots.

She ended up with the flu right after that, and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. She got out -- and that whole years she came down with -- some type of virus and by spring - was in the hospital with pneumonia again.

That summer she would break out with sweat or a fever like the flu.

By Fall she developed stomach problems -- that I grew up with listening to her whine and complain about.
She made regular visits to a doctor three hours away up in Louisville - for years.

My daughter same thing.
My son -- same thing -

I am not done!!!

I married a man - that had two parents with long history of stomach problems. His Dad actually had an operation done on his stomach twice for ulcers and his own Mother complained all the time (like my own mother) all the time.
These two people never bothered with a garden, but they got those flu shots and tetanus shots all the time.


your Auntie into gardening probably made her better than she would have been other wise.

They have been vaccinating for a very long time; from the very beginning of the 19th century.

You must remember we all came from rural areas; living off our gardens.
My grandfather that has so much trouble with his stomach; was not around steel mills or coal, but his family made their living off of 1000s of acres of forest, and timber.
Back in the 40s he walked out of those woods and got on a Grey Hound bus to take him to the University of Kentucky to have them help him with his stomach problems.

They told him to eat lots of that store bought white bread.

My other grandparents lived right up the road, and no - they were not related in any way -- Both families could trace every body back - including siblings to Adam and Eve - it was a pass time hobby.

The too had stomach problems - my grandmother had parkinson too. Developed just like my own Father in their late 80s after gettin their flu shots every year.


Holy Robin Williams, Teresa - How many times will we have to thank you?!!! Yes, yes, yes -

When the oldest aunt in our family passed away, it was from Parkinson's.

When I started learning about autism and gastrointestinal correlations combined with motor and/or behavioral problems, I started asking about family history.
Family members distinctly remember auntie's father having to drive down to the train station once a week - to pick up the goat milk shipped in for his continually constipated daughter who just couldn't tolerate cow milk.
In the years prior to passing away, Auntie was in and out of the emergency room - pain from her bowels becoming compacted. Would have to go in and get cleared out. Auntie and her husband were avid yard gardeners - until research in the microbiome started picking up pace, I had assumed their heavy use of pesticides led to her parkinson's. Knowing what pesticides due to the natural world's biome, I'm still sure it compounded the issue somehow.

Auntie's children? Her older biological one: quiet, shy, but intelligent and funny. Then Auntie, unable to bear more children (hmmm- how does gut dysbiosis affect fertility? And Auntie at some point had a hysterectomy) she adopted a baby. That child had some aggression/confrontation issues as a child, had to spend time in a detention facility, grew up into crohn's disease (adopted remember, so no genetics involved). Third generation? Crohn's victim has children, one as a young teen having to move to a special school for discipline problems. The other I remember having febrile seizures as a newborn but seems very smart to me.

Did Auntie Parkinson, living with bad bacteria, spread some of her bacterial differences through childbirth and just from living in the same house and sharing the environment with her husband and children, indirectly affecting her grandchildren too?
What about laterally? Auntie Parkinson's husband - love of drink or two but not what would have appeared excessive, but soon after sipping - he would rapidly go from talking to sleeping. The family used to joke whether he was narcoleptic. He grew up hundreds of miles away, was a teacher, worked overseas for military, and taught again stateside (heavily vaccinated). They married overseas, had their first child there, before their second child's adoption and gardening began.

Auntie Parkinson grew up in a coal and steel area. Old enough to probably have gotten first generation polio shots.
Auntie was a teacher and worked overseas for the military for a spell as well as back in the states, ie much vaccinated in middle life.

Her siblings, raised in the same steel/coal area, have arthritis, joint replacements, heart disease. 2nd generation nieces and nephews: asthma, autoimmune, diabetes, crohns, rosacea, migraines, food allergies. (We have 3 second generation level relatives with crohn's or ileostomy issues - none of them related by blood. Is there an increase in ileostomy surgeries among the vaccinated?) Third generation under those: asthma, tics, spinabifida, genius, autism. 4th generation just sprouting now.

Speaking of fertility/hysterectomies: I know a school parent now, kids in elementary school, who recently had a hysterectomy. One child is kind of on the slow side. The other has ADHD. The husband had a neurological/motor impairment episode a couple years back - appears to be recovering ok.

My interest is really peaked, now, about microbiome research and fertility/women's health issues. Was there an increase in infertility and hysterectomies in midlife in the generation that got those first polio shots/vaccinations in the first half of the 1900's.

If the MJFF is on the throws of understanding the microbiome effect, Teresa, how are things looking on the Huntington's Disease side of things? SOOOOO much overlap in symptomology, in a disease that is supposed to be purely genetic, was supposed to be easily helped due to it's simple genetics, yet there is still no solution.


It would be great if there were some studies that show we can change the types of gut microbes.

Mine certainly had bloating and constipation.

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