Dachel Media Update:
Carmichael Pediatrics in CA Flouts HIPAA and Exposes Well Kids to Sickness.


cia parker

Our county case manager told me last week that autists here get between $200 and $700 a month in SS benefits. What? They're supposed to live on that? They or their parents have to turn in a detailed list of what all their expenses are to decide how little they can get away with giving them. Her predecessor said that ALL the autists here are still living with their parents. He said that there are no plans for who's going to feed, house, and care for them when we parents can no longer care for them. No plans. They told me that some parents have bought houses for their grown autistic children and pay for live-in caregivers to live with them. Again, what? What about all of us who could NEVER afford to do anything like that?

Is our system going to get its act together in the next decade and figure out how it's going to care for a huge population of permanently disabled young people? Are they going to be turned out to beg in the streets? Maybe have a vocational program to train them in effective techniques for begging? Do they have any grasp on what autism is?

Laura Hayes

Excellent job, Mark! For those who haven't read your book with Dan Olmsted, Age of Autism, this interview provides a helpful summary. Additionally, you were able to cover many other topics and impart so much great information...bravo!

Favorite statement from your interview (I'm paraphrasing here):

"Autism is a manmade epidemic, which means we can UNMAKE it."

Amen to that!

Everyone, please take one form of action today, and then again tomorrow, and the next day, and so on, to help UNMAKE this manmade epidemic that vaccine profiteers like to call "Autism", versus what it is: catastrophic vaccine injury; mercury, in combination with other vaccine ingredients, poisoning; iatrogenic illness; and one more...medical ignorance and arrogance gone mad, resulting in the permanent harming and killing of our children.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Mark Blaxill and The Legal Edition!


It is no longer about the science but about draconian political policies.

Help me out. I am low on cash - but I bought a book and I am sending it to Mitch McConnell.
What would be the best place to mail it too?

His Louisville office in Kentucky or Washington D.C.

You all must have some idea - how many people are working for him in either place?

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