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JB Handley: An Angry Father’s Guide to Vaccine-Autism Science (understanding “distracting research”)

Scary-truth_495x150Thanks to JB Handley for this important article - please share.  You can read the entire article at  An Angry Father’s Guide to Vaccine-Autism Science (understanding “distracting research”)

PORTLAND, Oregon — We autism parents are being browbeaten by a mantra from the mainstream media and health authorities spoken so loudly and repeated so often that it seems it simply must be true, namely:

    “It’s been asked and answered, vaccines do not cause autism.”

The science has been done. Deal with it. Case closed.

How do you fight against something repeated by so many seemingly respectable and informed people? Ben Carson just said it yesterday:

    Because we live in a society where almost everybody gets vaccines, they make that false correlation. There’ve been multitudinous scientific studies that have demonstrated that there’s no correlation. It’s sort of like if all of a sudden everybody had to eat carrots, and we say that every week you have to eat a dozen carrots, and then somebody would be saying, ‘You know, that’s what’s causing the autism.’ They’re all eating the carrots, and this certain percentage has autism.

(And, yes, he just compared getting vaccinated to eating a carrot.)
He’d probably prefer the carrot.

If a doctor running for President is saying it, it must be true! Right?

Well, no, wrong actually. If any interested party would devote 30 minutes of their life to looking at the actual details of the “multitudinous” science done to date, they’d understand the truth, too.

If I told you that none of the studies used to “prove” vaccines don’t cause autism come remotely close to asking the right questions about cause and effect or even consider the proper control groups to get to an answer, would you believe me?

If I told you that every time someone like Richard Pan of California or Ben Carson or Bob Wright of Autism Speaks references the “science”, they are just promulgating a lie, would you be skeptical enough of their collective motivations to consider that I might have a fair point?
Backstory: manufacturing doubt

Modern history is replete with examples of the true causation of man-made calamities being obscured and contested for decades by experts producing “science” to support their predetermined conclusions. This “manufacturing of doubt” — an explicit and well-understood process — is not only delaying justice for millions of children around the world, but it’s also falsely reassuring parents right now that vaccines are playing no role whatsoever in permanently damaging the neurology of America’s kids.

Tobacco and lung cancer, coal smoke and acid rain, CFCs and the ozone layer, and global warming are all recent examples of the very same phenomenon: relatively obvious scientific truths (today) had to endure decades of contention from “scientists” publishing “science” that was, at the very least, artfully contrived, and, at worse, downright fraudulent. (You could argue that the “WMD” fiasco justifying the invasion of Iraq was an offshoot of this same phenomenon.)

A 1954 article from The Guardian newspaper rings eerily reminiscent of what we are today experiencing with the autism epidemic. In 1953, a pair of scientists reported their findings that coating mice in tobacco tar had produced skin cancer in 44% of the mice. Importantly, the mice study produced the first alarm bells around the world that smoking may in fact be bad for one’s health, which triggered a forty-year campaign by the tobacco companies to obscure the truth with funded “science”. The Guardian article from 1954 also discusses a scientist from the American Cancer Society — Dr. Cuyler Hammond — who expressed deep cynicism about the initial findings of the smoking-cancer link from the mice study and other studies bubbling up implicating tobacco. From the article:

Dr. Cuyler Hammond

“He has deep doubts about all the studies reported so far. He suspects that the interviewers of lung-cancer patients probably induce an emotional bias in their victims who will thereby be led to make suspicious confessionals of heavy smoking. He says that it is extremely difficult to find a control group with the matched characteristics, of age, social standing, occupational habits, and regional location, of any given sick group. He warns against the false premise which might be exposed to prove only that smokers produce earlier symptoms rather than more cancer. He suggests that even if there were no significant association between smoking and cancer in the general population, a telling one might be found in the hospital population. He is even sour about the claims of the filter-tipped cigarettes, remarking in his wry way that the carbon in tobacco smoke probably neutralises some toxic agents, and that if the filter removes those carbon particles ‘filter cigarettes would do more harm than good.’”

Sound familiar?

How many times have we parents heard scientists throw mud on the relatively straightforward lines so many parents are drawing between brain damaging products (vaccines) and their children’s brain damage?

Not only was Dr. Hammond the Chief Medical Statistician [epidemiologist] for the American Cancer Society, but at the time of the publication of The Guardian piece in 1954, he was also a 4-pack a day smoker. (More on him later.)

As late as 1979, tobacco companies worked closely together to develop “an extensive body of scientifically, well-grounded data useful in defending the industry against attacks.” In their remarkable book Merchants of Doubt, authors Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway provide further perspective:
Amazing book!

“The goal was to fight science with science — or at least with the gaps and uncertainties in existing science, and with scientific research that could be used to deflect attention from the main event. Like the magician who waves his right hand to distract attention from what he is doing with his left, the tobacco industry could fund distracting research.”

I pulled part of the title for this article from the above quote, because I think two words perfectly encapsulate what we are dealing with in the vaccine-autism science war: “Distracting research”.

Knowing the published science as well as I do — because I have read every study the other side cites as “proof” — it’s painful for me to read the never-ending quotes from people like Doctors Ben Carson and Richard Pan. I take some solace in all the historical examples of science being used as a weapon to protect people and profits because I know this movie will end like all the ones before it: with the truth finally being revealed.

(Five years ago, I got so sick of all the lies, I wrote an entire website devoted to this single topic, 14Studies.)

Most people today look at the tobacco-cancer history and think how silly it is that we ever thought sucking burning tar into our lungs WOULDN’T create health problems. I believe the same truth will emerge here:
“Why couldn’t people see that when you quadruple the load of a product known to cause brain damage in children, you’re going to cause more brain damage in children?”

Three principles lead to understanding

biological plausibility: “refers to the proposal of a causal association — a relationship between a putative cause and an outcome — that is consistent with existing biological and medical knowledge”.

encephalopathy: “means disorder or disease of the brain. In modern usage, encephalopathy does not refer to a single disease, but rather to a syndrome of overall brain dysfunction; this syndrome can have many different organic and inorganic causes”.

wisdom of crowds: the notion that “large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant–better at solving problems, fostering innovation, coming to wise decisions, even predicting the future.”

No one wants to blame the childhood vaccine schedule for the autism epidemic. Vaccines were invented to save the lives of children, not harm them, and I believe most people on both sides of this debate believe they are helping children by either fighting for more vaccines or fighting for the recognition that vaccines are causing autism in a sub-set of children.

There are two points that I find resonate with most independently-minded people who’ve never spent a lot of time thinking about the details of the actual scientific studies that have been done:

    1. Blaming vaccines for the autism epidemic is the most biologically plausible hypothesis.

Sorry, vaccines, but it’s just true: you provide benefits to society in preventing certain potentially fatal diseases, but you also have a very nasty underbelly: you cause brain damage in some of the kids who receive you. Don’t take my word for it — our federal government could not be more clear about this truth, the truth that vaccines cause brain damage in SOME children. Time and again, the department of health and human services makes it clear that “encephalopathy” is a vaccine injury, and they go on to define one form of “encephalopathy” in the following way:




Also taken from Orac...

As for the studies, silly Mr. Handley. No one says that any one study is sufficient to show that vaccines cause autism. Rather, it is the accumulated weight of the findings of each study, taken in context with and added to what we learned from previous studies, that leads to the conclusion that vaccines do not cause autism. Or, not to use that shorthand and to put it more precisely, it is the accumulated weight of these studies failing to find a link between vaccines and autism makes it incredibly unlikely that there is a significant link between the two, because if such a link exists it is so small that multiple well-designed, very large epidemiological studies have failed to detect it.

Indeed Orac is suggesting that the bulk of the epidemiology studies on one vaccine --MMR -- or one vaccine ingredient --Thimerosal-- taken as a whole is sufficient in answering the question of whether the current childhood vaccination schedule is linked to autism. Yet, even if one was to buy into this insane reasoning, a simple question comes up: Why not then put your money where your mouth is and do the definitive studies that will indeed test the schedule, and be done with it? What's to fear in doing a well designed retrospective study to see the autism rate in vaxxed/unvaxxed kids, or whether there is indeed a 1 in 68 autism rate for unvaxxed kids?


Excellent piece JB Handley! This should be seminal reading for those grappling with vaccine/safety research, and which will expose the ‘studies finding no autism link’ claim for the bull that it is. I also noticed that you dropped by RI to call-out Orac on his ‘feigned exasperation’ that you so acutely anticipated. Good for you!

My only issue with your piece is your assumption that Ben Carson may be truly in the dark about those vaccine/autism studies. Given Carson’s expertise as a paediatric neurosurgeon that most likely carries ‘insider knowledge’, his tepidity when taking Trump to task for his ‘anti-vaxx’ views during the debate, and his ‘too much too soon’ talk, I must conclude that Carson is not in the dark. I also find his ‘too much too soon’ comment all the more telling, and especially in a certain way with respect to SB 277.

Remember that Pan revised the bill, reducing the amount of required vaccines, before the bill was voted on. Is SB 277 vaccines purveyors sly way of ‘quietly’ changing the vaccination schedule, reducing it, in hopes of slashing autism cases. Indeed fessing-up that they blew-it with a bloated schedule and calling for less vaccines would be an extremely dangerous move. A bill mandating fewer vaccines, however, is definitely a ‘suaver’ way of doing things in that it would simultaneously tackle the autism epidemic while also safeguarding against a 'cataclysm' wholesale rejection of the vaccination program.

Indeed, some here may point out that Pan only agreed to fewer vaccines so the bill would pass. Yet, the prevailing consensus amongst us was the democratic legislature was bought and the bill was bound to pass anyway. Reducing the mandated vaccines then wasn’t necessary.

I consider that SB 277 was intended to be a crafty way of ushering a reduced vaccination schedule, and with all the vaccine pundits that were assailing it as a model for the nation, I believe it was intended to be the law of the land. With the insane pushback against it, with the CDC whistleblower allegation as exposed by Posey, and with vaccination mandates becoming such a partisan issue during the election cycle, however, I am sensing the drug-pushers are finding themselves to be in quite a conundrum. Push too hard with mandates and risk igniting an inferno of populace backlash against vaccination. With such an event, attempting to save the day with reduced vaccines would indeed be a moot affair.

Angus Files

Thanks John,

I forgot about Yoko Ono, misguidedly,supporting the dark side.Well we do have her half way, as she is against Fraking,Sean is as well,Julian Lennon keeps off radar(wise man).

"Don't Frak My Mother"



Yoko Ono?

John Stone



Autism Speaks
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A logo with a blue puzzle piece and text below saying "Autism Speaks It's Time To Listen"

Autism Speaks is an autism advocacy organization in the United States that sponsors autism research and conducts awareness and outreach activities aimed at families, governments, and the public.[1] It was founded in February 2005 by Bob Wright, vice chairman of General Electric, and by his wife Suzanne, a year after their grandson Christian was diagnosed with autism.[2]

In January 2008, child clinical psychologist Geraldine Dawson, Ph.D., became Autism Speaks's chief science officer. In April 2010, the organization named Yoko Ono its first "Global Autism Ambassador."[3] Since its founding, Autism Speaks has merged with three existing autism organizations and raised millions of dollars for autism research.[2]

Angus Files

The planet is now a dystopian result of corporatism thanks to the elitist poisoners.

John Lennon
Power To The People (no wonder they had him shot)


Grace Green

I think for people here not to believe in the chemical poisoning of the land and atmosphere of planet earth is ironic. It will be proven eventually, as was cigarette poisoning and also vaccine poisoning. The point about the planet is not that it will be destroyed by our pollution, but that the environment must be very finely tuned to be able to support life, particularly the more advanced life forms, such as us. This is exactly the same argument as ours, that the human body is very easily damaged by artificial toxins. We should be standing shoulder to shoulder with all environmentalists, and JB Handley is right to compare these issues.

Sophie Scholl

Mr Handley - I think you are being about as dilute and limp wristed on the subject as its possible to be .

Smoking was first known to be harmful in 1760 .
ZyklonB was known to be highly harmful in the 30s & 40s

cia parker

Most vaccines do provide immunity to the targeted disease for an uncertain length of time. There is no doubt that if you inject any antigen into the body, it will create antibodies to it, including, in this case, to disease pathogens. That's why very few in the US get measles these days when sixty years ago it was 99% did. J.B. is right about that. The question is the cost of acquiring the disease protection: the cost is often severe brain damage or autoimmune disease, or serious disorders which can affect every system of the body. The cost is the prevention of healthy immune system development toward a predominant Th-1 immune system response rather than that of the autoimmune-favoring Th-2 response. Children need to get the childhood diseases. But it's also true that some people who do not get the vaccines are going to die of the diseases or be disabled in some way by them. We need to recognize the truth that lies on both sides. Most people who get vaccines will not be noticeably damaged by them and will also not get the diseases. We'd have to wait and see how common or how bad tetanus or polio would be if no one vaxed for them (and we might never reach that point). And we're going to see how mild measles, mumps, pertussis, and chickenpox nearly always are.

Gary Ogden

Joe Saluco, Jenny Allan, Barry, David M. Burd, and Benedetta: You are absolutely right to be skeptical of the science of global warming as given to us by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. We must always be skeptical of science, especially that produced by government and commercial interests (very little basic science is conducted with independent funding), and we must always question everything. But there is no doubt that atmospheric temperatures are increasing rapidly, in a geological time frame. The Greenland ice cap, and arctic polar ice are shrinking at an alarming rate. The line of permanent permafrost and the ranges of land animals, sea animals and birds are steadily moving north. In some areas of the Antarctic continent the ice is increasing, and in other areas the ice is disappearing as warmer seawater undermines the tongues of glaciers which extend well out to sea. So atmospheric temperature changes in the Antarctic are minimal. It is also true that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is far higher than it has been for hundreds of thousands of years. There is little doubt that human activity since the mid-18th century is responsible for this. What the government never mentions is the role of plowing up the grasslands in releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Grasslands grazed by wild herbivores sequester an enormous amount of carbon, far more than forests do. The Great Plains were an enormous carbon sink before humans plowed them up to plant wheat, corn and soybeans. In California we have cap and trade as a solution to excess carbon emissions; meanwhile, here in the San Joaquin Valley grasslands are being rapidly plowed up by investors, not farmers, to plant almonds to ship to China, entirely neutralizing cap and trade. Carbon is a cycle, a beautiful cycle. All life forms on Earth are carbon-based. When the politicians and the U.N. get involved, though, they invariably screw things up. Benedetta, you are correct about the oceanic algal production of oxygen, though I remember that I was taught that it was 90%, but I may be misremembering (gettin' old).


It's funny because some climate skeptics use the vaccine debate as a case where the critics really ARE nuts. (Unlike them of course...) I see a lot of parallels between the two.

In a lab setting doubling CO2 causes a single degree of warming. In climate models, that single degree of warming is amplified up to four times higher. There is no evidence to support this amplification but without it there is no crisis.

According to satellite data there has been no atmospheric warming for the past 18+ years.

Link to table 2 for quotes from tobacco ceos like this:
I am saying that the science to date and over a hundred million dollars of our industry's money indicates that there is no causal link. RJ Reynolds CEO, testifying before Congress 1982

John Scudamore

''Sorry, vaccines, but it’s just true: you provide benefits to society in preventing certain potentially fatal diseases''

nice one JB, but you propagate two great lies, which just give legs to vaccination, the main and longest child abuse on the planet. Vaccines don't prevent disease, only cause it, and it's easy to prove

''Vaccines were invented to save the lives of children''

they were never invented to save lives as the smallpox vaccine story proves conclusively. Never mind how many people believe it

I notice my reply to your article has been deleted. Why would that be?


Richard at that time most fats in the 70s - on up through the 80s was coconut oil. But soy bean society - I think - that must have been it -- wanted to corner the market on food oils.

So coconut oil and avocado oil was pointed out by some doctors -- heart doctors -- that to eat coconut was just filling up your arteries with fat.

I now wonder if those heart doctors received any money from soy bean guys.


70 to 80 % of the worlds oxygen comes from the oceans


Most of the CO2 is taken up over the oceans by blue green algae and that same blue green algae - releases oxygen.


I highlighted the VW fraud as an example of the way we are all being fed corporate sponsored misinformation and propaganda at every level.


Me too Jenny. That's why I believe this VW story is pure propaganda. Aimed at keeping diesels off the road, in favor of gasoline engines that last half as long, and burn far more fuel.

The people behind this couldn't care a less about the environment.

david m burd

OK, here's some relevant info for vehicular diesel fuel here in the U.S. as it pertains to both cars and scores of millions of typical tractor/trailer diesel-powered trucks.

Virtually ALL fueling stations (except some Agricultural diesel supply) have been mandated for many years to sell only the "ultra-refined" diesel fuel.

That is why diesel fuel prices at the the multitude of Truck Stops and other gas/diesel Stations for domestic autos have a much higher price-per-gallon for diesel fuel (compared to gasoline) - because diesel fuel in now "ultra-refined."

This VW Diesel Topic is yet another "bait and switch" about a topic that is essentially meaningless, and it deflects attention to the monumental disaster of Vaccine-Caused Injuries.

IGNORING VACCINE INJURY, and scaring the public about other topics, is what Mainstream Media does. Thank our lucky stars for such as Donald Trump who cannot be bought like Mainstream Media.


It is an excellent article -- and as always wonderfully written. Carrots -- really!

Jenny Allan

For your interest, this is the UK Government's publication about Diesel emmisions in Europe and the regulations concerning this. (written BEFORE the VW scandal was exposed):-

Jenny Allan

"Going after VW , on the basis of the argument you're making, seems pretty insincere to me."

Not MY argument Barry!! So far VW has only been fined in the United States, where only a small % of cars run on diesel. In the UK nearly half of all new cars are diesel, and YES VW has installed the same fraudulent software in the UK, in order to fool our quite stringent emissions monitoring systems.

You are quite correct about the polluting powers of "transport trucks, buses, and other industrial sized diesel engines", and since I own a car, use buses and buy goods and food transported on lorries, I am hardly in a position to preach to anyone about energy usage and pollution.

I highlighted the VW fraud as an example of the way we are all being fed corporate sponsored misinformation and propaganda at every level.

david m burd


Hey, most of us are not right all the time. I for one don't fret about your misguided belief about mankind causing global warming, because you are such a hero-warrior fighting the Vaccine Catastrophe, an order of magnitude greater disaster than a global temperature rise not measurable the last 18 years.

Massive agricultural chemical pollution and animal/human destruction via vaccines has risen dramatically as measured these past 18 years.

You are one of the seminal Whistle Blowers, thank you.


And in my old age -- Ohhhh in my old age I get to read a periodical about how the thyroid epidemic is not a real one. Yeah, did you know that we are carnivores and that for 10s of 1000s of years we have been killing our meat we mixed in the thyroid gland with the meat we consumed. So it is not really a thyroid epidemic but the fact that we have really good butcher practices now that separates out that thyroid gland now and we just are not getting it.

I swear on the Bible there was such a study and an opinion offered.


I was in the environmental bizzzzz.
Soooo, you can see how I am about as jaded as can be with all science. I have got bad science in the bucketfuls for years!

Nothing like sitting around reading article after article in my youth about ozone holes at the South Pole affecting frog eggs up in - Montana, and all it was about was the government wanting to fine and gets lots of money from all those little job producing plastic companies found in so many local communities. Heavy Freon that would never get into the atmosphere let alone the most outer atmosphere was a blowing agent - a safe blowing agent for these plastic companies. These plastic companies through real research changed to safe CO2 -- Hmmm CO2 blowing agents. Now we have some people in the government and other companies sniffing around with dreams of Cap and Trade.

Or in my youth listening to a very worshiped professor that was moon lighting for Merck on the side; telling all us hero worshiping students that the parents are all messed up about this vaccine reactions --

He did not use the analogy of carrots -- instead it was something about -- a cars - every body rides in cars - so we blame cars -- and we never heard the stories of these parents what these reactions were.

In addition I spent hours down in the University Library basement in the periodicals; there were article after article on what effected the hypothalamus; with soooo many different weird behavioral problems in rats -- that it raised the hair on my neck - how could we as a human race avoid it. Now here it is in my family.

So I have gotten it all from all different sides and all I can say is I am going to take my religion serious and start looking for Jesus to come down from the sky - cause it is so messed up - I don't know were to begin.


The unpalatable truth, which VW was well aware of, is that NO2 and vast amounts of carginogenic particulate matter, are far more harmful to both human health and the environment.


If that really is the unpalatable truth, then can you explain why noone seems even the least bit worried about transport trucks, buses, and other industrial sized diesels engines, which are polluting the environment with the exact same pollutants… but on a MUCH larger scale??

Going after VW , on the basis of the argument you're making, seems pretty insincere to me.

A more likely scenario to me, is that diesels engines are far more efficient, and last far longer than comparable gas powered engines.

And for corporations like big oil and big auto, that equates to reduced sales of fuel and vehicles. Which to me, sounds a whole lot closer to the unpalatable truth which is driving this latest media circus.


JB, I like the article, but you lost me on "climate change" as an "inevitable truth" that has finally come out. Uh, WRONG. It's a nice world government tax scheme that will take money from us for every breath we take. More polar bears than ever? Check. More ice in Antarctica than ever? Check. Record cold temperatures recently (check Boston's winter last year) and VERY OLD sizzling temperatures across the U.S that haven't been surpassed since the 1930s? Check.

For someone who has a deep, visceral hatred for an officially-sanctioned carefully crafted federal lie, the irony is just too rich. Do your homework on "climate change" for God's sake. It's a scam almost as great as vaccines.

I completely agree. Climate change is a scam, and you don't have to dig too deep into the 'science' to figure that one out.

it has nothing to do with truth or science, and has everything to do with creating a tax on nothing.

And it's a lie that's been brought right into our living rooms, by the same media who consistently ignore the truth about how dangerous vaccines really are.

Jenny Allan

Just an aside about "climate change" as an "inevitable truth", can I ask readers to reflect on why 'global warming' (ie man-made) has apparently metamorphosed into 'climate change' in the media?

Joe Sulaco is correct about the Polar Bears, Arctic Ice etc. He omitted to state there has been no actual 'global warming' recorded for the past 18 years.

As one who studied palaoclimate as part of an Earth Sciences degree, it was fascinating to learn about recent climate fluctuations in the Northern Hemisphere. By recent, I am talking about thousands rather than millions of years, a mere blink in geological terms. In other words, 'climate change' is happening for the simple reason it has ALWAYS happened, before and after the ascent of Homa sapiens! We live on a dynamic planet. If we wreck our world and our childrens' health we will soon become extinct. Our planet will be just fine without us.

The recent VW fiasco should remind us about how we are all being continually 'conned' by corporate and political interests. In the UK, diesel was heavily promoted as being 'greener' than petrol(gasoline), because it produces less CO2 emissions. The unpalatable truth, which VW was well aware of, is that NO2 and vast amounts of carginogenic particulate matter, are far more harmful to both human health and the environment. Carbon dioxide is an important part of the 'carbon cycle', absorbed by green plants, which produce life giving oxygen via the process of photosynthesis. Concreting over green areas and chopping down the rain forest also contributes greatly to CO2 atmospheric increases.

In Scotland, our SNP Government has succeeded in producing more than 30% of our household energy requirements from renewables and are aiming for 100%. This is laudable, but there has been the inevitable chorus of dissent from the pro-nuclear anti wind turbine lobby. Unfortunately in England Prime Minister David Cameron has signed up to Nuclear energy deals with China. These won't come on stream for at least 15 years. It will end in tears!!

Shannon Epstein

Wow-just read a Dorit comment on JB's piece saying there is no evidence supporting a link between DTAP and encephalopathy! Maybe she should read the Tripedia (DTAP) package insert which LISTS BOTH AUTISM AND ENCEPHALOPATHY AS ADVERSE EVENTS!! What a despicable liar she is.

Joe Sulaco

JB, I like the article, but you lost me on "climate change" as an "inevitable truth" that has finally come out. Uh, WRONG. It's a nice world government tax scheme that will take money from us for every breath we take. More polar bears than ever? Check. More ice in Antarctica than ever? Check. Record cold temperatures recently (check Boston's winter last year) and VERY OLD sizzling temperatures across the U.S that haven't been surpassed since the 1930s? Check.

For someone who has a deep, visceral hatred for an officially-sanctioned carefully crafted federal lie, the irony is just too rich. Do your homework on "climate change" for God's sake. It's a scam almost as great as vaccines.

George stevens

Wonder if there is any association between aluminum and aggression, seems like our society as a whole is more aggressive and angry.


Yeah; that is correct - a brain injury and on top if it psychs trying to fix it with meds or pain clinics getting their patients needy -- which by the way the pain meds can mess you up too.

I just found out this week that fluoride is one of the main ingredients Prozac.


Shame on Ben Carson! I'm so distressed that I didn't read any more; just came here to say that!

Going back to read now.

Listening to the song You Raise Me Up. Beautiful song, and hasn't autism done that for us, as the parents.

david m burd


Your points I completely agree with, as do maybe most who view AoA? I should have included you when I addressed Benedetta's comment, my fault.

So, I will add two more ULTIMATE VILLAINS when it comes to ruining our children and culture. They are America's pediatricians, and, America's mental health professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists, who have completely sold their souls for not only financial gain, BUT TO EXERCISE THEIR OWN UNACCOUNTABLE POWER over individuals.

david m burd


You've brought up a MAJOR vaccine-relevant topic in addition to JB's focused points.

When it comes to school massacres the news media/Obama always focuses on "gun control" but completely ignore that virtually all, if not all, perpetrators are on prescribed psychotropic meds identical to that are also given in vast quantities to those on the Autism Spectrum, and to those millions on ADHD drugs throughout their lives.

These mind-altering drugs IN PROBABLY ALL CASES have been prescribed for the duration of the perpetrators lives because of VACCINE BRAIN DAMAGE, and then lifelong social alienation, originating from the Immunization Schedule's vast amount of brain-toxic substances.

The massacre list is long but includes Columbine High School, Virginia Tech University, and Sandy Hook Elementary where ALL perpetrators have been documented to be on such drugs, most all from their childhood and to the day they committed their horrific deeds. I lay all this on the doorsteps of CDC, NIH, FDA, and Pharma.


Also reminds me of the lipid hypothesis with regards to heart disease, it conveniently became prominant when the corn, soy (and now canola) industries got big, scaring people away from traditional fats and then paving the way for all the cholesterol lowering drugs with nasty side effects. The whole idea has always had its skeptics and was based on deeply flawed studies to begin with.

Angus Files

Great article,

Humans who needs us?..

"they've discovered water on Mars" Run!! shouted the Moon to Mars...


Laura Hayes

Wow, J.B., excellent article! So thorough and so excellent educational tool to share with others...thank you!

Reminds me of an email I recently sent out to my email group regarding the CDC's "RECIPE" to increase influenza vaccine uptake. Here it is:

CDC "Recipe" for increasing flu vaccine uptake (specifically, slides 5-7, but be sure to read through all of them!) -

Here's a little 400-pg. workbook that is thought to have accompanied the slides by the person who provided the link:

Seems the CDC is always busy "cooking up recipes":

-Recipes for how to hide the fact that the MMR vaccine causes Autism (requires nothing more than corrupt, heartless, evil people at the top and a large garbage can)

-Recipes for how to hide the fact that thimerosal in vaccines causes tics, Autism, speech and language delays, and more (this recipe requires watering down the same recipe over and over again until it's extremely, and illegally, diluted beyond recognition of the original)

-Recipes for how to keep its very own Whistleblower silent (this recipe includes a special award!)

-Recipes for how to keep Paul Thorsen abroad and far from any witness stands or Congressional subpoenas

-And SO MANY recipes for increasing vaccine mandates for all, without exception; they are currently experimenting with recipes in nearly all 50 states with great success, and also in D.C.

*All CDC recipes require the ingredient "LIES", and they always keep plenty on hand.


I've read of individuals being concerned about the dangers of smoking back in the '20s. Both my father and father-in-law had hard deaths because they smoked. I doubt they would have smoked had they known the risks they were taking. When alarm bells ring, it is always prudent to investigate, but when it comes to anything that generates income for someone somewhere, suddenly the rules change, and we don't look. I always think of what Max Planck said, "Science changes one funeral at a time." I just wish the old guard would pass away more rapidly.


Everyone please go over to and comment, like, etc. Dorit is already there talking in circles.


Autism caused by vaccines is just the tip of the iceberg.

Other neurological / brain damage, autoimmune disease, metabolic disorders, asthma, eczema & cancer are all being caused by vaccines.

As chronic disease increases, the IQ of our children decreases.

Drugs, vaccines, food, water, were all discussed as ways to deliberately damage, degrade & ultimately control populations by social engineers & philosophers.

Finding out what happened to my son has opened my eyes to the trouble we are in.

God help us all.


But President Obama is quick to get on the TV and talk about gun control.

Well he has his security guards surrounding him with guns and now that we have what we have -- and I live out in the country -- hmmmmm

David Taylor

My response to Dorit Reiss© at

The attempt by Dorit Reiss© to debunk JB’s article is a perfect example of JB’s main point: manufacture doubt (none of Reiss’ claims are sourced) and distract by “scream, yell, repeat.”

This morning’s Reiss© (at Twitter we have screenshots of several Dorits posting at the same time from different locations) is not one of the better ones. Notice how the parenthesis starts but never ends in this paragraph:

“First, the biological plausibility claim doesn’t hold water, because the evidence goes against the claim that vaccines cause encephalopathy (yes, it’s still on the Table of INjuries used to compensate victims by the no-fault program designed to compensate vaccine injuries, and since its presence on the table creates a presumption of causation, people are still compensated; but the evidence is that neither MMR nor DTP, the two vaccines accused of it, generally cause brain damage. And autism is not brain damage; autism brains on MRI do not show the same damage that someone with encephalitis does.”

Her argument that the Vaccine Court’s legal findings do not support causation is how skeptics respond whenever the billions in awards for specific vaccines and their specific injuries are brought up. By the same logic all those who have been legally convicted of murder didn’t really cause the death of their victims? Great news!

Then there is the unsupported: “autism brains on MRI do not show the same damage that someone with encephalitis does.”

Here Dorit Reiss© makes a brazen claim without support and without noting the medical difference between “encephalitis” and “encephalopathy.” Also, imaging and dissection (a post-mortem technique Dorit© left out) show an array of differences, both gross and microscopic (, that are now standard in textbooks on the issue. Sloppy or intended to deceive? Does it really matter with these Pharma-funded shills?

Not one of the better Dorits© on duty today.


Vaccine injury causes brain injuries in some children -- Question: What if it causessssssss injury of some kind - mild and unnoticed -- in "ALL" children.

And what we are trading off is every child having some kind of mild brain injury, and just a few - though rising rapidly has more severe noticeable brain injures.

At what percentage of more severe brain injuries to they start worrying -- 1 percent - 2 percent -- 5% Mild I am pretty sure is right now 100%.

Another mass shooting yesterday at a small community college in Oregon -- mental illness was involved.

Our precious President Obama -- the LOL -- Autism President that said there is one parent right here that thinks their child's vaccines caused it's autism -- we need more research.

And Tom Insel and the IACC as did a wonderful job putting off that, and I might add - as President Obama's hand picked peacocks came to one of the meetings to strut.


Thank you for publishing this. This may just be the best single article that I've read on vaccines.

David Taylor

Dorit Reiss© has "debunked" JB's article in the comments section over at Medium. Her comments are a perfect example of JB's main point: manufacture doubt (none of Reiss' claims are sourced), distract by "scream, yell, repeat."

This morning's Reiss (at Twitter we have screenshots of several Dorits posting at the same time from different locations) is the one with bad grammar. Notice how the parenthesis starts but never ends:

"First, the biological plausibility claim doesn’t hold water, because the evidence goes against the claim that vaccines cause encephalopathy (yes, it’s still on the Table of INjuries used to compensate victims by the no-fault program designed to compensate vaccine injuries, and since its presence on the table creates a presumption of causation, people are still compensated; but the evidence is that neither MMR nor DTP, the two vaccines accused of it, generally cause brain damage. And autism is not brain damage; autism brains on MRI do not show the same damage that someone with encephalitis does."

As a parent whose claim was rejected by the Grand Masters, I take issue with her claim that the court is "no-fault."

Her argument that the Vaccine Court's legal findings do not support causation is how the skeptics respond whenever the billions in awards are brought up. So all those legally convicted of murder didn't really cause the death of their victims?

Then there is the unsupported: "autism brains on MRI do not show the same damage that someone with encephalitis does."

Here he/she/it makes a brazen claim without support and without noting the huge medical difference between "encephalitis" and "encephalopathy."

Not one of the better Dorits© on duty today.


The studies don't ask the right questions or use appropriate control groups and then if the answer still isn't the one they want, they just fiddle with the numbers until they get it.

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