Dachel Media Update: Autism and Dating
19% of Kids Signed Up for an After School Sports Program Had Food Allergy


Cherry Misra

To Harry Tembenis- In fighting this battle you have done exactly what you should have done! Others do not have the ability to do this. I thank you and hope that the voice of true science prevails.


My son is a vaccine injured child,born a happy healthy little boy until 4 days before his routine vaccines at 16 months,he had a gran mal seizure and was comatose for 3 days,he then had to relearn everything he had learned from birth,he is now diagnosed autistic,speech impairments,severe sensory processing disorser and has seizures.thanks to pharmacueticals that say they are safe..they arent

Theresa Cedillo

Bless you Harry, Gina and Elias. You're extraordinary witnesses and spokespeople for us all.Thank you, also, to Mauro DePasquale and the People's Channel.

beverly gardner

Mr Tembenis, my heart goes out to you and your family for your son's murder by injection of poisons. This is a heinous crime and the murderers should be held accountable. I thank you for coming out in public with your story. I think the murderers should also receive death by injection in prison. I mean everyone involved in the death of your son should also die; evil pharmaceutical companies, doctors, nurses, etc.


Good for you, Gary, writing that letter. They may not respond, but I hope it gives them nightmares and one day they will be held accountable.

True Laura, vaccines not only cause autism. VACCINES KILL.

Gary Ogden

An articulate and knowledgeable spokesman for sanity is Harry Tembenis. Kudos, also to the host. I agree with you, Laura Hayes and Bob Moffitt. I would add Pan to the list. Prison with hard labor. How many AoA readers know that Ben Allen, Pan's partner in crime, is the protégé of Henry Waxman, the author of the infamous 1986 NVCIA? Incestuous. Shortly after our idiot governor signed SB 277,I prepared a seven-page (five of text and two of citations) complaint to the medical board, asking them to revoke his license, based primarily on Section 2001.1 of the Business and Professions Code, as well as a copy to the AG for violations of relevant criminal statutes. I'm not holding my breath for any action by them (the Dems stick together just like the Reps), but it was immensely satisfying to do this, just as it will be immensely satisfying to picket the CDC ten days hence.

Bob Moffitt

I agree wholeheartedly with Laura Hayes regarding the "criminal" conduct of pediatricians .. such as .. Harry''s original pediatrician .. as well as .. the entire medical staff .. admissions, nurses, doctors .. who initially received and treated Harry's infant son in the emergency pediatric intensive care unit.

Surely the entire lot of those morally-bankrupt "professionals" .. not only knew what happened to Harry's infant .. they deliberately ignored Harry's observation linking his infant's seizures with the vaccines he had received .. and .. then deliberately refused to report the injury as they are supposedly recommended to do.

Since the Vaccine Court agreed that Harry's infant died as a result of a vaccine injury .. every single one of those who participated in "covering up the child's vaccine injury" .. should be PROSECUTED under the very same RICCO laws .. that allow prosecution and long prison sentences of "organized crime" thugs.

How do these people sleep at night????


Bravo Harry

Difficult to tell the world.

From your bacon brother from a different mother.


It's not just children of America, Benedetta, it is the same in the UK. Although vaccines aren't mandated here, pressure is put on parents to comply with the schedule. The media here is exactly the same as yours - complete blackout of vaccine injury stories, with the exception of one or two articles about Gardasil, which are never followed up by our BBC. Like you, each day I cannot believe the cover up of damage to our vulnerable children. As the excellent Harry Tembenis said, we are living in the dystopian world of George Orwell's 1984.

Laura Hayes

Also, I would like to share with this father and this interviewer the link to an interview I did on a same-named show, Soapbox, here in Sacramento, CA. A few weeks prior to it, I did a radio interview with the same host...I have provided that link, too.

http://www.ageofautism.com/2015/09/laura-hayes-on-soapbox-about-mandatory-vaccines.html#comments (TV interview on "Soapbox")

http://www.ageofautism.com/2015/10/radio-interview-with-laura-hayes-re-sb277-and-vaccine-mandates.html#comments (Radio interview)

Laura Hayes

This family's pediatrician should be IN PRISON (as should the pediatrician who vaccinated our severely vaccine-injured son). These pediatricians who continue to vaccinate children who have suffered blatant adverse vaccine reactions are guilty not only of serious malpractice, they are also guilty of the decimation of the child's life and of the family's...and in some cases, of murder by vaccination.

I will continue to contend that at this point in time, given the information that is known and available, and admitting all that we still don't know or that has yet to exposed, any doctor who continues to vaccinate in his/her practice is guilty of child abuse, malpractice, moral breaches of conduct, and violation of first-do-no-harm ethics, and is therefore responsible for all adverse outcomes that result...end of sentence.

We know what led to the 1986 Act (terrible and numerous vaccine injuries and deaths, yet, this Act led to the almost-immediate tripling of the vaccine schedule vs. the complete halting of all vaccines until a careful and thorough investigation was done), we know there exists an undisputed and vast array of vaccine injuries, including death (and that many remain unknown), we know of the unfathomable corruption from vaccine manufacture to mandate, we know basic science facts, and common sense alone at this point is enough to say NO MORE OF THESE HORRIFIC VACCINE PRODUCTS!

If doctors were liable, as well they should be, these children would not be continually harmed. As a matter of fact, I think there would be nary a doctor left who'd be willing to inject these heinous, toxic cocktails into anyone once they, their medical licenses, and their bank accounts were on the hook for the horrible outcomes. And, of course, the pharmaceutical companies and government regulators are tremendously GUILTY, too...more so, as they are the ones feeding the lies to the doctors.

Enough is enough. Don't support doctors who continue to poison, harm, and kill their patients via vaccination.

Thank you to this father for sharing his story publicly, and thank you to this interviewer for covering this critically-important topic. It is THE MOST IMPORTANT issue facing every American today, hands down!


Brilliant interview. Mission accomplished, Harry.
Kudos also to the interviewer for his part as facilitator. Great job.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for getting out this important information!

LInda L.

I called the TV station to tell them how happy I was to see someone putting the issue out there.


Every morning I wake up and for the last 30 years the first thing I think of is; How can this be happening to the children of America and yet the medical society, media, even other parents just act like life and health is just going on as it always has before.

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