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If You Must Vaccinate Your Child, Do So Selectively

Decal AofA Vax ChoiceBy Dr. William H. Gaunt

If parents had to make a choice between vaccinating their child according to the current recommended vaccine schedule or choosing zero vaccines for their child, which choice would be safer?  If they choose all the vaccines on time, they are risking vaccine injuries including sudden infant death, seizures, autism, learning disabilities, asthma, type one diabetes, severe food allergies, and many more.  If they choose zero vaccines, they are risking the infectious diseases and other conditions that vaccines are claimed to prevent.  Which is the greater risk?  I believe that zero vaccines is a far less risky choice if those are the only choices.

There is a viable third choice if parents are willing to do some research and choose only those vaccines that they believe are best for their child.  This is called selective vaccination.  If parents choose this route they will have to search out a pediatrician who will respect their right as parents to do what they believe is best for their child.  Do not be intimidated by any doctor.  Keep searching until you find one that will cooperated with your decisions.

The book Vaccines 2.0  is a great starting point.  This book describes each of the 16 recommended vaccines in detail and gives each a grade.  You will discover that many of these vaccines provide virtually no benefit for your child but plenty of risk.  Why are these useless but dangerous vaccines on the schedule?  Sadly, the vaccine schedule is based on maximizing profits for vaccine companies and not on what is best for children.  Another excellent resource is Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

When it comes time for your child to go to school, there will be a problem.  They will not be permitted to attend a public school unless they have had all of the vaccines mandated by your state.  This is a solvable problem in most states.  At this time all states except Mississippi, West Virginia, and California have legal exemptions to vaccines.  Parents need to find out the details of these exemptions in their state.  In Florida, we were able to get a religious exemption for our children.  This exemption is kept on file at the child’s school and we have had no problems.

Simply being selective regarding which vaccines your child gets and at what age they get them is only part of the foundation for maximizing your child’s health.  Excellent nutrition is equally important.  Minimizing junk food and providing the healthiest possible foods will go a long way toward ensuring good health.

We are repeatedly told that vaccines are safe and effective and that vaccine injuries are rare.   Don’t believe it.  In 1986 a law was passed eliminating the liability of vaccine companies for deaths and injuries their vaccines cause.  At the same time Vaccine Court was established to hear petitions from injured parties and award damages.  Since its beginning, Vaccine Court has paid out more than $3,000,000,000(three billion dollars) in damages despite denying most claims.  Among the denied claims were 5,000 claims for autism.  The “vaccines don’t cause autism” big lie is backed by numerous fraudulent scientific studies funded by the CDC or vaccine companies.

Most people are unable to go against the flood of pro-vaccine information coming from the CDC, mainstream media, the vaccine companies, and their pediatrician.  For parents who do choose to go bravely into the night on this selective vaccination path, I wish you well.

Dr. Gaunt is a retired doctor of naturopathic medicine.  He has also taught chemistry, anatomy, and biology at high school and college levels.

To read more articles by Dr. Gaunt, google “articles by Dr. William H. Gaunt on”.



It's so confusing, i have a 7 month old and never been vaccinated yet, we'll be travelling in July and seems like have to get her vaccinated so she doesn't catch anything :(


How can I say it loudly enough: don't go there. If you don't vaccinate your child your life will be so much easier.


And more importunely, so will theirs.


I definitely have to read 2.0 because one of my children will probably not be on the anti-vaccine band wagon and hopefully will be open to selective vaccination rather than the full schedule. I am basically antivax because I had a child that was sick for twenty years after the MMR at age 4. She just had that single shot, MMR. She lost her hand/eye coordination, her balance, her language regressed, she had chronic tonsillitis, severe anemia, and multiple strep infections. For many years my life was focused solely on keeping her in mainstream classes in school. People don't realize what one single shot can do to your life. Her immune system basically collapsed. It took a very long time to realize that the doctors didn't want to find out what happened to her. I didn't get it. They just prescribed her antibiotics and told me not to be so neurotic. No one investigates vaccine injury. So if your child is injured insurance companies won't cover the expenses, doctors won't treat your child, the educational system is indifferent, you're on your own completely. You get to be the doctor, the educator, and the best friend of a friendless child. She has recovered (more or less) with a strict diet, cod liver oil, and vitamin C; but she will never really recover because one drink of alcohol or piece of pizza or going off the cod liver oil and she regresses. How can I say it loudly enough: don't go there. If you don't vaccinate your child your life will be so much easier.


Most people are unable to go against the flood of pro-vaccine information coming from the CDC, mainstream media, the vaccine companies, and their pediatrician. For parents who do choose to go bravely into the night on this selective vaccination path, I wish you well.


I wish they would give their frickin' heads a shake.

There is no such thing as a safe version of ANYTHING, that is capable if inflicting

".... vaccine injuries including sudden infant death, seizures, autism, learning disabilities, asthma, type one diabetes, severe food allergies, and many more...."

upon ANY human being.

Tim Lundeen

The "side effects" of vaccines are brain damage, autoimmune disease, severe allergies and asthma, and chronic illness. Hard to believe that the risks from any "vaccine preventable illness" is in the same ballpark.


The measles vaccine doesn't work so why risk it?

-Killed measles Vaccine developed in 1963 mutated and caused a severe disease called Atypical Measles syndrome, symptoms: coryza [head cold], with red and watery eyes, and photophobia present themselves, closely followed by troublesome cough and corresponding feverishness reaching 103º and 104º F. (39.4º and 40º C.) Severe manifestation: Encephalopathy.(James Tyson MD, The practice of medicine: a text-book for practitioners and students with special reference to diagnosis and treatment, 1910, p. 116.)

The early vaccine (KMV)that was experimented with was a dead virus. This vaccine resulted in a much higher fever in about half the children that received it. Meaning, they had a 106 degree fever as opposed to the 103 degree fever they might have had with natural measles.

However the vaccine produced a modified measles rash in 48 per cent of the children who received it and fever as high as 106 degrees in 83 per cent of them. (“Measles Vaccine Effective in Test—Injections with Live Virus Protect 100 Per Cent of Children in Epidemics,” New York Times, September 14, 1961.)

To temper this problem, measles-specific antibody was given in the form of immune serum globulin alongside the live vaccines. This practice blunted the obvious reactions (fever and rash) to the live virus in the vaccine, but had serious potential consequences.

The data show a highly significant correlation between lack of measles exanthema [rash] and auto-immune diseases, seborrhoeic skin diseases, degenerative diseases of the bones and certain tumors . . . We think that the rash is caused by a cell mitigated immune reaction, which destroys the cells infected with the measles virus. If this is correct, the missing exanthema may indicate that intracellular virus components have escaped neutralization during the acute infection. This may later lead to the aforementioned diseases . . . The presence of specific antibodies at the time of infection interferes with the normal immune response against the measles virus, in particular with the development of the specific cell mitigated immunity (and/or cytotoxic reactions). The intracellular measles virus can then survive the acute infection and cause diseases manifesting in the adult age. (T. Rønne, “Measles Virus Infection Without Rash in Childhood Is Related to Disease in Adult Life,” The Lancet, vol. 325, no. 8419, January 1985, pp. 1–5.)

In other words, suppressing the measles rash and fever, which may have seemed like a good idea at the time, interfered with the normal immune response. Interfering with the body’s immune response, in attempt to compensate for a worse vaccine reaction, may have resulted in future problems in the adults that received this treatment. The use of immune serum globulin was recommended to be discontinued in 1968, but continued long after that. (J. D. Cherry, “The ‘New’ Epidemiology of Measles and Rubella,” Hospital Practice, vol. 15, no. 7, July 1980, pp. 49–57.) This practice continues to this day.

KMV was halted and a new vaccine was developed-Live measles Vaccine (another one). On 1st November 1966 US Government vaccine experts announced momentously to the world in a paper presented to the American Public Health Associations meeting in San Francisco, November 1,1966 that measles was to be eradicated in 1967 and just 55% vaccine coverage. It wasn't a better vaccine, it was just a live virus version. Vaccine science continues to be crude. As Dr. Maurice Hilleman,Chief of the Merck Pharmaceutical Company's vaccine division stated: Dr Maurice Hilleman: I think that vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th century -http://www.liveleak(dot)com/view?i=e8a_1376292788.

The live vaccine was suppose to require ONE dose for eradication by 1967: EPIDEMIOLOGIC BASIS FOR ERADICATION OF MEASLES IN 1967: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih(dot)gov/pmc/articles/PMC1919891/pdf/pubhealthreporig00027-0069.pdf.
"With the isolation of the measles virus and the development and extensive field testing of several potent and effective vaccines, the tools are at hand to eradicate the infection. With the general application of these tools during the coming months, eradication can be achieved in this country in the year 1967, "it is evident that when the level of immunity was higher than 55 percent, epidemics did not develop. This is an estimate of the threshold of herd immunity providing protection to the city against a measles epidemic.(Herd Immunity doesn't exist) ………
"There is no reason, however, to question the validity of the basic assumption that the occurrence of measles epidemics depends upon the balance of immunes and susceptibles, and that for all areas and special groups in this country the immune threshold is considerably less than 100 percent."

And after the failure of measles eradication programme in 1967, it kept failing during the 1970s, failed again in 1984 in the USA and 1988 in the UK and other countries with the introduction of the MMR [with the also unnecessary mumps component]. Failed again when MMR two doses were introduced because one was not enough. Failed again and again as health officials kept raising the level of vaccination coverage to achieve supposed “herd immunity” [they started with 55% coverage in 1967]. And now even with 95% coverage levels it is failing. After that it will be 100% coverage enforced with compulsory vaccination and it will be failing again, with boosters already being suggested for adults.

-Measures taken to eliminate Measles thru vaccines:
Highly effective, safe vaccines are available for eliminating measles in the United States. Collaborative efforts of professional and voluntary medical and public health organizations are directed toward eradicating the disease in 1967. (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, August 12, 1967, vol. 16, no. 32, p. 269.)

Effective use of these vaccines during the coming winter and spring should insure the eradication of measles from the United States in 1967. (David J. Sencer, MD; H. Bruce Dull, MD; and Alexander D. Langmuir, MD, “Epidemiologic Basis for Eradication of Measles in 1967,” Public Health Reports, vol. 82, no. 3, March 1967, p. 256.)

Neither of the above programs worked.

A so called stable Live Virus Vaccine was developed by 1980. Those vaccinated before 1980 might not be as immune as had originally been believed because it was later determined these older vaccines were not necessarily effective.

“Dr. Ralph D. Feigin, physician in chief of Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston and an expert in infectious diseases, said people born before 1956 are assumed to be immune to measles, because nearly every child was exposed to the disease. The vaccine was first developed in 1963, but it was made from a killed virus and was not widely effective. In 1967 a live vaccine was introduced, but it was an unstable solution and lost its effectiveness if it was not properly refrigerated. It was not until 1980 that a stable live vaccine became available. As a result, people vaccinated before 1980 may not be immune. That is one reason measles is breaking out on college campuses. (Lisa Belkin, “Measles, Not Yet a Thing of the Past, Reveals the Limits of an Old Vaccine,” New York Times, February 25, 1989.)

In the year 2000, cases had declined, and measles was finally declared eliminated from the United States – 33 years after the original elimination target date. However, in 2012 the CDC pulled back from that declaration, stating that measles reappeared and was spreading. Of the total number of cases, 200 were attributed to foreign travel, but the source for 22 cases was never determined. (“Measles Outbreaks in 2011 Were Worst in 15 Years: CDC,” Health Day News, April 19, 2012.)

A single shot was said to provide lifelong immunity. Didn’t work. Another shot was added. Despite the number of shots given and despite the rapid increase of measles outbreaks in highly vaccinated population-the CDC’s only response is to say another shot is needed.
Lawrence Solomon: Vaccines can’t prevent measles outbreaks

Measles Vaccine sheds for up to 21 days and longer in immunocompromised individuals. The interesting thing about the Measles Vaccine-it was not developed to prevent a child from catching measles. It was developed to have enough of the virus in their system to prevent them from developing encephalopathy-which was a problem that the FIRST measles vaccine created when it mutated in 1963. The Killed Measles Vaccine mutated and caused a new strain of measles called Atypical Measles or AMS. That's the strain that causes pneumonia, fevers as high as 106, which can lead to brain swelling and meningitis. What's more important for people to stop believing is if a child has the vaccine they won't get measles. Following vaccination with a "live virus": The following is a quote from the CDC's measles chapter of the "Pink Book":
Adverse reactions following measles vaccine (except allergic reactions) represent replication of measles vaccine virus with subsequent mild illness. These events occur 5–12 days post vaccination and only in persons who are susceptible to infection. There is no evidence of increased risk of adverse reactions following MMR vaccination in persons who are already immune to the diseases.

Fever is the most common adverse reaction following MMR vaccination. Although measles, rubella, and mumps vaccines may cause fever after vaccination, the measles component of MMR vaccine is most often associated with this adverse reaction. After MMR vaccination, 5%–15% of susceptible persons develop a temperature of 103 F (39.4 C) or higher, usually occurring 7–12 days after vaccination and generally lasting 1–2 days. Most persons with fever are otherwise asymptomatic. (but contagious)

Measles- and rubella-containing vaccines, including MMR, may cause a transient rash. Rashes, usually appearing 7–10 days after MMR or measles vaccination, have been reported in approximately 5% of vaccinees. Measles chapter of the "pink book" can be found on the CDC website at: http://www.cdc (dot)gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/meas.pdf.

What the CDC & pharam will never try and determine is how many vaccinated with the MMR are asymptomatic carriers. Just like Pertussis, whic there has been more research on, as reported by Tod Merkel of the FDA, lead researcher-
“When you’re newly vaccinated, you are an asymptomatic carrier, which is good for you, but not for the population.”
Another study: Whooping cough resurgence due to vaccinated people not knowing they’re infectious? clinicalnews(dot)org/2015/06/24/study-whooping-cough-resurgence-due-to-vaccinated-people-not-knowing-theyre-infectious/comment-page-1/.
"a detailed epidemiological model of whooping cough transmission to conclude that acellular vaccines may well have contributed to — even exacerbated — the recent pertussis outbreak by allowing infected individuals without symptoms to unknowingly spread pertussis multiple times in their lifetimes."

If the Measles was ever studied like Pertussis has been the finding would be the same-alot of grief and no benefits from the vaccine. Plus according to Golding and Scott-FDA researcher:
-In 1995, Golding and Scott, published the need for strategies to make vaccines that would generate the “required” Th cell to the corresponding microorganism. Since that time, attempts to produce vaccines that would generate a “natural”- type response have failed. So, we are left with vaccines that generate “protective” responses as a second choice. How does this work? In vaccine-induced Th2 responses, called humoral responses, the body produces large quantities of specific antibodies that block the virus from entering cells. This response is why a vaccinated child doesn’t get a full blown infection and why the child won’t spread as many viruses into the environment. However, antibodies cannot get into cells to eliminate viruses once the viruses are in the cells or cannot kill infected cells themselves. Therefore, the body has no choice other than to internalize the virus and be chronically infected when the body is forced into a Th2 antibody response. The body is essentially constipated with viruses that it cannot expel!

Golding S., Scott DE., Vaccine Strategy: Targeting Helper T Cell Responses. Ann. NY Acad. Sci. 754:126-137, May 31, 1995

cia parker

But parents must be aware that even selectively vaccinating often results in severe and permanent damage. It's always back to the risk/benefit analysis, bearing in mind that it's always going to be possible to have a severe vaccine reaction no matter how few vaccines you get. I agree that Vaccines 2.0 has a lot of interesting and valuable information, but parents must be aware that they must go further before making their decision. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, in Make an Informed Vaccine Decision, gives a lot of detailed information on studies proving many different kinds of vaccine damage, and pages listing representative VAERS vaccine reaction reports by their numbers, for independent verification. He doesn't believe that any of the vaccines is worth the huge risk.

Dr. Randall Neustaedter's The Vaccine Guide also gives an analysis of each vaccine with many studies on dangerous adverse reactions described. He includes a paragraph on recommended personal strategy at the end of each section. Most vaccines he doesn't think should even be considered because of their risk. He thinks parents should seriously consider the hep-A vaccine IF they live in a high-risk area (I disagree). If they live on a farm with animals which pose some risk of tetanus transmission, he recommends serious consideration of the tetanus series (other sources say only after the age of two years old). He says that Hib is not a mild childhood disease and that by the time the vaccine was introduced in the late '80s, was not an uncommon disease. The vaccine does present serious risks, especially that of peanut allergy (now in one in fifty American children). He says that avoidance of day care and breast feeding dramatically reduce the occurrence of Hib meningitis, and recommends careful consideration of both sides.

The book Vaccines 2.0 rates the pertussis vaccine as coming out the highest on its benefit to risk scale, a conclusion I believe is unwarranted. Pertussis was an extremely common and dangerous disease in the nineteenth century, but by 1960 no longer was: it had evolved, like measles and scarlet fever, to become much less dangerous. Dr. Justus Strom said in 1960 that it had become so much less dangerous than it had been that he did not recommend giving it routinely to all children. Sweden stopped giving it for seventeen years, 1989-1997, because of inefficacy and severe damage in many infants, and yet while some sources say that 70% of Swedish children got pertussis in those years, there was less than one death a year from pertussis (Dr. Victoria Romanus). Pertussis is only dangerous to young infants less than four or five months old, and can be cured by the use of high doses of intravenous vitamin C. My eight-month old baby got pertussis after having had three DTaPs, but got it anyway and gave it to me. It was very unpleasant, ten coughs per breath, and long-lasting, over a month for her, over two months for me, but was not dangerous. The vaccine continues to cause asthma (one in nine children in the US), allergies, seizure disorders, SIDS, and autism. The 18 month booster erased my baby's only two words and she was diagnosed with autism two months later.

I think a better strategy would be to NOT give the pertussis vaccine to anyone, build true herd immunity in which nearly everyone gets the natural disease, and if they have never had the vaccine, they'll get permanent immunity (original antigenic sin). Facilitate allowing one parent to stay at home with the newborn for the first four to six months, and warn everyone of current incidence, the importance of sheltering newborns, and the need to use vitamin C treatment if they get it despite precautions.

The measles, rubella, and Hib vaccines also are rated above the center line as having more benefits than risks. Parents must be aware that measles is a relatively mild disease which confers many benefits (permanent immunity, the ability to protect future newborns, a better-trained cellular immune system, and protection from many diseases and cancers in later life). They should know that they should never use fever reducers for any illness, the importance of good hydration and bed rest, and, in the case of measles, of a long recuperation period until the immune system is back to normal several weeks after the fever ends. No need to take the extreme risks of the measles vaccine, alone or in the MMR.

Rubella is harmless in children, who should be allowed many years to try to get and recover from natural rubella. Girls at puberty should be taught the dangers of both natural rubella for young fetuses and the risks of the vaccine, arthritis among them, and be allowed to choose.

Hib meningitis IS a devastating disease, and the vaccine has been very effective, but the vaccine has caused the worldwide epidemic of peanut allergy. Hib meningitis was not a big problem before the introduction of the DPT in 1948, but by 1968, its incidence in the US had quadrupled from the 1940 rate. The pertussis vaccine weakens general immune function, and avoiding the pertussis vaccine, which doesn't protect young babies even in the best of cases, would result in low risk of meningitis in babies. Sheltering at home and breast feeding would give babies better and safer protection than the vaccine.

All parents must realize that there is no solution which will provide a safe outcome for everyone, and then make their choices bearing in mind both the current incidence of the VPDs in their area and how dangerous they would be if their child got them. Also be aware of the many naturopathic, vitamin, and homeopathic treatments available to treat every VPD. There are many naturopathic treatments but no reliable antidote to vaccine damage, even if it is realized to be a vaccine reaction still in progress.


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