Deirdre Imus Rebuttal to Regarding Chemicals in Vaccines
Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: From Lemons, Lemonade (and no Flu-Mist!)

Get Your Boo Shot!


Flu shot halloween

We know Halloween can be tough on kids with autism.
Halloween profile
"So I ring the bell, but I can't go inside?"

"You mean I have to wear this thing on my face?"

"Why does everyone look different?"

"Why is the doorbell ringing over and over?" And so it goes.   We hope you have plenty of candy to fortify YOURSELVES and maybe even some (blood)red wine. 

Happy Halloween!  K


Michelle B

Not much scares me more than a flu shot, so the pic is perfect!


The Grim Reaper peddling flu shots.

How incredibly appropriate.


I was going to say this is classic but Maurine has already said it. Boo to y'all, too!

Maurine Meleck

Kim, your photo is classic. It even scared me.

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