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First Peanut Allergies Cured and Now Milk Allergies - Bacteria Strain is Superman of the Gut

Peanut angryBy Teresa Conrivk

It was just in May that I reported on the very miraculous news that peanut allergies were being cured by the use of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus:  

A strain of probiotic bacteria could offer a cure for potentially fatal peanut allergies, according to scientists in Australia. The breakthrough followed a trial in which a group of children were given increasing amounts of peanut flour, along with a probiotic called Lactobacillus rhamnosus, over an 18-month period. About 80 per cent of the children who had peanut allergies were subsequently able to tolerate peanuts.

 I'm happy to report that new research is showing that the same bacteria strain has shown to be curing MILK allergies:

Probiotic formula reverses cow's milk allergies by changing gut bacteria of infants 

-  There has been an unprecedented increase in food allergies in developed countries, rising by as much as 20 percent in the past decade. Allergy to cow's milk is one of the most common, occurring in up to three percent of children worldwide.

-  Emerging evidence suggests that modern environmental influences, including widespread antibiotic use, high-fat and low-fiber diets, reduced exposure to infectious diseases [ do they mean due to use of vaccines?] , Caesarean birth and formula feeding have altered the mutually beneficial relationship between humans and the bacteria that live in our gastrointestinal tract. 

-  ... infants with cow's milk allergy who are fed formula containing a form of the milk protein casein, supplemented with the probiotic bacterial species Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG), develop tolerance at higher rates than those treated with a non-probiotic formula.

-   "This suggests a novel mechanism by which commensal bacteria regulate allergic responses to food."

-   Overall, the gut microbiome of infants with a cow's milk allergy was significantly different than healthy controls, suggesting that differences in the structure of the bacterial community indeed influence the development of allergies. 

-  "The ability to identify bacterial strains that could be used as novel therapeutics for treating food allergies is a fundamental advance,"

Here's the abstract.

Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



Benedetta: Both my girls have VDR mutations and studies are showing Vitamin D regulates the human microbiome and a lack of VDR (vitamin D receptors)can cause gut dysbiosis.

We spent our savings on an amazing private academy for my oldest daughter (SOAR in North Carolina) and it changed her life to where she is an independent adult. Before she left, her vit D levels were low. The class spent a lot of time in Florida and Belize and she came home right after. Her vit D levels were tested again and didn't budge even after all that time in the right kind of sun. The last thing that Fox news doc should be doing is making a war on vit D!


Angus; Dr. Offit early this year was making war on vitamin C and I see that the Fox News Doc --the one with the son that has autism is making war on vitamin D -- but coffee is good.

Is it? Or has the coffee producers paying him for his lip service. It causes dense breast ? I think? Making it harder for those "safe soft breast X rays" harder to detect any growth.

Marci Garner

I have a son with All Nut Allergy,Egg and several other food Allergies all cause anaphylaxis been taking Allergy Shots for several years it would b so Wonderful if they could cure him of nut and egg allergy,it's so hard to find foods he can have!!

Angus Files

See the feds are after Kombucha a good,cheap, source of Lactobacillus..



I have two ASD daughters 22 and 18. One has IBS-C (the most difficult to treat) and the other has IBS C and D. One has had the good misfortune of being diagnosed with Chiari malformation 1, spina bifida occulta and a syrinx. Why I call that a good misfortune is because many ASD kids don't get those kinds of scans to find those diagnoses. Why this is apropos is due to the fact this indicates neurology which may affect gut motility. Gut motility is king and fiber is queen for building a good microbiome. I was hoping to start building beneficial bacteria for my daughter by giving her inulin and it altered her behavior so terribly within 2 days,I soon realized something was amiss since she's usually a pretty sweet teenager. It turns out inulin intolerance is a significant sign of SIBO. Another sign is antibiotic use. Some people get better on antibiotics. Once again, mine had dramatic behavior changes for the negative. She's currently being treated by the SIBO clinic in Portland, Oregon (They do long distance consults over skype). I would warn anyone to not give probiotics as a belief you’re fixing something if you think SIBO is a possibility. Giving inulin certainly is a fast and dirty way to find out because IBS will worsen or behavior will. Or both. I opted to go on the 14 day elemental diet to treat my SIBO and it was the best worst thing I’ve ever done for myself. My joints no longer ached and my perioral dermatitis finally went away for good after having it recur over a decade. My daughter is utilizing rifaximin, diet, motility meds to abate her SIBO. One last item I’m throwing in the kitchen sink here is sleep apnea. Both my girls have had significant sleep problems growing up: night terrors, teeth grinding, nocturnal seizures, catathrenia(so I later learned), sleep walking and more. They were both recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. It’s not just about snoring and being overweight and middle-aged . In fact, women and children often don’t snore and can have severe sleep apnea. It can be genetic and both my girls are slim. The end product is someone who may have low energy, attentional deficits and hyperactivity, memory deficits, low frustration tolerance and many other problems trying to operate on very little sleep can do to anyone. Please look into this if this is even remotely a possibility. And yes, I do believe vax challenged their very tender microbiomes. Worth reading on the interenet: American Gut Project, Jeff Leach’s blogs, drbganimalpharm, vegetablepharm and others to learn more about citizen science microbiome.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you!


"infants with cow's milk allergy who are fed formula containing a form of the milk protein casein, supplemented with the probiotic bacterial species Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG), develop tolerance at higher rates than those treated with a non-probiotic formula."

I just want to point out that the abstract specifies that the formula was "extensively hydrolyzed casein formula". The protein in regular cow milk formulas is heat treated to make it less allergenic. But the protein in the hydrolyzed formulas is broken down even further so that the immune system doesn't recognize the protein as foreign, so these formulas are considered hypoallergenic (hypo- as opposed to non- because although rare, it is still possible for some babies to react). Examples of hydrolyzed formula brands are Nutramigen and Alimentum. Since this study specifies the use of "extensively" hydrolyzed, it's possible, without seeing the full paper, that the formula used for the study was even more hydrolyzed than what is sold in grocery stores. Just wanted to clarify this point in case there is a parent reading this who has a child who is allergic to cow milk based formula, that the researchers didn't just give the probiotic with regular bovine formula.

Angus Files

Thanks Teresa for sharing that's interesting to know.


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