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Dachel Media Update: Response to Harriet Washington

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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My response to Harriet Washington's comment on my story, Samsarah Morgan on CA Vaccine Mandates & African American Children:

Ms. Washington wrote:

"No one contacted me before offering my name and work to imply, erroneously, that I am opposed to vaccination. I am opposed to all unethical and abusive uses of medical science such as the imposition of a discredited, FDA-unapproved vaccine without informed consent that I detailed in Medical Apartheid. I am also opposed to the use of vaccination issues to demonize and punish parents.

"But with one exception, the vaccines offered in the US are necessary and save lives and I urge parents to avail themselves and their children of their lifesaving benefits. May I suggest that in the future, you contact someone before you use their scholarship in an attempt ventriloquize your own opinions. Harriet Washington."

My response:

At no time did I mean to imply that you are opposed to vaccination.  You were cited specifically because of what you wrote about the vaccine trials in Los Angeles and the effects on minority children in your book. 

It seems that anyone who even brings up the subject of vaccine safety is quickly labeled anti-vaccine.  In my years of writing on this subject, I have never taken a stand that could ever be labeled anti-vaccine.  The reality is that even raising questions about possible risks results in the same reaction.

It should concern every American that we have a one-size-fits-every-child vaccination schedule that is mandated for school attendance, yet the makers of these vaccines have no incentive to produce a truly safe product since they have absolutely no liability.

Parents who live with vaccine-injured children find themselves vilified for even bringing up the subject. 

If our government truly wanted to convince us that vaccines are safe, they'd call for independent science on vaccines--something they have never done.  Where are the studies comparing the health of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated children?

Why has there never been research on children with regressive autism?  No official has ever wanted to look into why healthy, normally developing children suddenly and dramatically lose learned skills like speech and eye contact and end up with an autism diagnosis.  The late Dr. Bernadine Healy, former head of NIH, called for this kind of study on CBS News in 2008.   That was seven years ago.

No studies have been done to determine which children may be at risk for vaccine injury.

No studies have been done on the cumulative effect of our ever-expanding vaccination schedule.  Vaccines are tested individually, yet they are given in combination with other vaccines, followed by more vaccines within a span of only a couple of months.

See the official recommended schedule.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approves, recommends and vigorously promotes the vaccination schedule.  This agency is also in charge of vaccine safety and they eagerly produce one study after another showing their products are safe. 

Nothing is ever said about the fact the CDC is the place where hundreds of individuals have conflict waivers because of their direct financial ties to the vaccine makers. Each of the CDC's studies showing no link between their vaccination schedule and autism has been shown to have ties to the vaccine makers.  The last head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, a long time denier of any link between vaccines and autism, went on to become the head of the vaccine division at Merck after leaving the agency.

In July, 2015, U.S. Rep. Bill Posey went on the record in the House of Representatives calling for hearing on the allegations make by a CDC scientist of a cover-up of vaccine research results on African American boys.  It's now October and nothing has happened.

This scenario should concern every American, but with the media universally on the side of the vaccine industry, serious questions about vaccine safety are never raised in the press.

What has happened to Robert Kennedy Jr since the publication of his book, Thimerosal, Let the Science Speak, is a good example of the backlash.  (And Kennedy describes himself as "pro-vaccine" every time he speaks on the subject.) 

June 3, 2015, RFK Jr.: CDC Vaccine Program a 'Cesspool of Corruption' 

June 8, 2015, Dachel Media Update: Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Official Media Censorship

July 9, 2015, New York Amsterdam News: African-American autism and vaccines 

July 11, 2015, Robert F. Kennedy Jr Responds to NYT's Frank Bruni RE Vaccination Safety


The health and safety of our children should be the main concern for everyone involved. 

Your impressive work on medical experimentation on black Americans stands on its own merits. I am in full agreement with your statement, "I am opposed to all unethical and abusive uses of medical science such as the imposition of a discredited, FDA-unapproved vaccine without informed consent that I detailed in Medical Apartheid. I am also opposed to the use of vaccination issues to demonize and punish parents."

I think it is our right and our duty to ask for answers when it comes to vaccine safety questions. 


Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.




You can't have things both ways. People like Harriet Washington are part of the ridiculousness of what the media want people to say and do.The name of the game is muddy up the works, so no one knows what's right. OK, so you wrote a book reflecting on past medical transgressions? Yet, when others are galvanized to want to actually use this information and take a stand against these CURRENT AND CONTINUING unjust and inhumane acts of satism against ALL CHILDREN....bang! Vaccines save lives. Here we go again (cue the circus music)
Everyone seems to want us rising up and rallying around in the streets....of course with no real cause and never armed with facts.
I am the mother of TWO African American vaccine damaged sons. Shame on those that want to call their damage into some shady partial light and then deny that this pharma crap is not the essence of all abuse.


I'm so glad Ms. Washington is going to speak out against vaccine mandates and the increasing trend of making children state wards when their parents refuse Gardasil or flu shots or hepB at birth when the mother isn't positive for the disease.

So glad she clarified her stance.


I suppose I have a theoretical question re this. Should I decide to post as rep Bill Posey on this site for example ( no, I'm not him!), how would anyone know whether in fact was really him posting? Does A of A have a way of verifying posters identity? Just a theoretical question, but one that would be interesting to hear the answer to.

As a side note it seems that in her article "Non Consenting Adults" printed in the New Scientist, Harriet A Washington states

"Since the 1980s, around 20 U.S. research projects have won legal waivers allowing them to bypass any form of consent. From 1990 until 2005, for example, the Department of Defense obtained a waiver that allowed it to force 8.9 million ground troops to accept inoculation with experimental anthrax vaccines"

From this article, it appears that Harriet A Washington respects the right of individuals to informed consent with regard to taking vaccines, and does not seem to feel that anthrax vaccine is necessarily lifesaving, or am I missing or misinterpreting something?

( By the way, Ms Washington, my younger son was conceived and born after my husband was injected with, and reacted badly to the anthrax vaccine shots.) Our son was born with multiple birth defects.I feel pretty strongly about informed consent and the right to refuse anthrax vaccination too.

cia parker

What is the one exception to vaccines being safe and saving lives? Sounds like Dr. Thompson's face-saving comments and those of the Republican debaters, everyone has to say that vaccines are safe and absolutely necessary to save lives. That is SO silly.

Laura Hayes

Ms. Washington,

I sincerely hope your posting here and your reading of incoming comments will inspire you to immediately begin researching vaccines, our nation's untested vaccine schedule, and the immoral and unfathomable corruption behind our nation's vaccine program from manufacture to mandate.

Some resources I highly recommend include:

1. This 90-min. presentation by Raymond would be an excellent starting place for you.

2. Two fantastic and easy-to-read-and-digest books: "Vaccine Epidemic" by Habakus and Holland and "What About Immunizations? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy" by Cynthia Cournoyer.

3. Two documentaries: "Trace Amounts" and "The Greater Good"

4. Reading this blog on a daily basis and the incoming comments will provide a wealth of timely information.

Lastly, I recently gave 2 interviews here in the Sacramento, CA area which I think would give you some helpful background and current insights into many vaccine-related issues. By the way, I speak from personal experience. My 3 children all suffered vaccine injury, with my middle child being the most severely injured. He suffered catastrophic brain injury from his "routine" vaccinations and is permanently disabled. Now 21, he requires round-the-clock care and supervision, and will for the remainder of his life. He was robbed of ever leading an independent and satisfying adult life due to his childhood vaccinations.

Here are the links to my 2 interviews. I do hope you will watch these, and that you will watch and read the other resources I recommended, too. I hope you will be horrified by what you learn, enough so that you will use your writing skills to help stop this vaccine holocaust against our children, a holocaust which is now spreading like wildfire to all age groups. (TV interview) (Radio interview, which was a few weeks prior to the TV interview)

For Harriet Washington

Please tell us, Harriet Washington, in your infinite wisdom, what vaccines are necessary and save lives? Based on what? Industry skewed studies? Hey, you can do with your children what you want but I'm not a fan of 3 or 5 in 1's. Chicken pox isn't fatal for most, hep b at birth is laughable considering there is prenatal testing, flu is not deadly for healthy infants, rota virus...Gardasil has maimed many girls...In fact many vaccines probably have higher death rates and disability than the actual disease (not that we would really know thanks to rigged, poor studies). You may not be awake, Ms Washington, but I assure you much of the parenting population is.
Please let it come up in the debates. Please let them put on record what they are willing to lie for. Oh, but they won't.


"the vaccines offered in the US are necessary and save lives and I urge parents to avail themselves and their children of their lifesaving benefits"

This is the CYA statement every person who comes close to criticizing the Vaccine Political Paradigm. MSM journalist who semi-question the practice, researchers who do studies that state clearly vaccines are causing outbreaks and are ineffective, MD's that say this happened to a child as a result of this child being vaccinated but it's a very very rare occurrence-it's the bow down to the altar of the Vaccine Collective. It's their get out of jail free card-a way to say something they know in their gut needs to be said but in saying it there will be consequences so to avoid the consequences of that action they bow down somewhere in their reveal---"the vaccines offered in the US are necessary and save lives and I urge parents to avail themselves and their children of their lifesaving benefits"

What a disappointment.


Your article came hot on the heels of Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam saying that RFK Jr. had (paraphrasing here) offered proof that the MMR vaccine had been genetically modified to attack blacks and Latinos. Maybe Muhammad said it was Andrew Wakefield....Anyway, we know, of course, that neither one of them said any such thing and nobody here has ever expressed such an opinion, but who knows what was said to Ms. Washington?


I hate to be the first to comment since what I have to say may contradict the majority opinion. I am anti-vaccine with rare exception. I am not a doctor or a research but I have read every book published on vaccination and it seems to me that vaccination is a 19th Century science in the 20th Century when we know so much more about the immune system.. Here are some reasons I am not in love with vaccines:
1. Vaccination of children (especially over vaccination) utilizes the humoral immune system and de-emphasizes the cellular. So kids are suppose to play in the dirt and have pets so that they activate their cellular immunity but get 40 plus vaccines that favor the humoral immunity, and so no wonder they are prone to autoimmune disease.
2. Vaccines contain all kinds of chemicals, animal viruses, human DNA and bits of bacteria that should not be floating around anyone's body. Injection of all these toxins to defend against diseases that are mild or even beneficial to children like mumps makes no sense.
3. Overuse of vaccination is creating resistant strains like the resistant strain of whooping cough. What happened with antibiotics is now happening with vaccines. So, what happens when all the bugs are immune to vaccination? Shouldn't we save something for the future just in case.
4. Vaccines are therefore not safe or necessarily effective because they are losing their potency with overuse and only cellular immunity gives long lasting immunity that contributes to protection of the herd. Plus vaccines shed viruses and bacterium that do spread disease. In other words half of what they are suppose to do they don't do and they may even do the opposite.
5. There are utterly ghoulish fringes of research that should make all of us run screaming to the CDC like the research on the vaccination of the Spanish sheep with vaccines loaded with aluminum. At first only 1% of the herd died but eventually 70% did. What if too many vaccines are creating the same situation in a whole generation where at some point there will be a massive "die off" Do you really think parents would ever in a million years give their kids all those aluminum containing vaccines if they knew they could get autoimmune disease or possibly die off?
6. I'll end here with YES vaccines do cause autism, death, learning disabilities, etc. etc. So why take the chance. What is so terribly horrific about the chicken pox, the mumps, the measly measles?

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