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Dachel Asks Doctors: Thoughts on the CDC Whistleblower

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler

“Hi, I'm Dr. James Lyons-Weiler.  I'd like to speak with you today about vaccine safety research.  Recent allegations by Dr. William Thompson that CDC scientists pressured him to change the results of a study showing an association between a vaccine and risk of autism are deeply disturbing. 

“Rep. Posey entered all of the evidence provided to him by Dr. Thompson into the Congressional Record.  The next logical step are congressional hearings.

“If the CDC scientists faked their way through 10, 15 years of vaccine research, that means that current public health care policy on vaccines is not founded on science.

“We need to know whether or not the vaccines that are used to protect our children and ourselves from infectious agents have adverse events, have side effects such as autism or ADHD, or stutters, or any other possible adverse event that may have been hidden by CDC practices in vaccine safety research.

“Please sign the petition and tell your congressman, and tell President Obama that you want congressional hearings immediately so that we can understand whether the vaccines that we need to protect our population are in fact, safe.  Thank you.”

Petition Link:

Dr. Lyons-Weiler is a veteran of the of age of genomics and bioinformatics and author of "Ebola: An Evolving Story (World Scientific)" (rel. Aug 28, 2015) and "Cures vs. Profits: Successes in Translational Research" (due out in 2016). He is the former Scientific Director of the Bioinformatics Core at the University of Pittsburgh (Senior Research Scientist) and former faculty member (Biomedical Informatics & Pathology, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh). He spent six years collaborating deeply with researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, working with organizations such as the Early Detection Research Network, and the Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid initiative at NCI. He is currently the Managing Director of the Ebola Rapid Assay Development Consortium, and is building a research institute that will focus on research that generates knowledge in a manner independent from profit interests.




@John, it is obvious that the 'scientists' at RI do not want to address certain criticisms at all. Real scientists would. Of course Dorit Reiss is relieved.

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

Dr. JLW here. Happy to confirm I am a PhD, not an MD. Also happy to confirm that The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (IPAK) Memo #1 insures that no IPAK employee's scientific judgement will be clouded by financial interest in the outcome of the research we conduct, collaborate on, or issue Scientific Opinion Articles (SOAs). For more information, visit ipaknowledge.org. For more info, also visit jameslyonsweiler.com

John Stone

It is curious with the new paper - Gadad (Hewitson group) - that the title highlights the thimerosal finding when they had five non-placebo groups (cherry picking, or what?). Of course, if you do these things to millions of human infants and you get serious effects not say 1 in 12 but say 1 in 30 or 1 in 100 which would be catastropic in total population terms (and is) you might expect not to pick up anything much here.

However, it is not at all clear looking at the behavioural graphs (Fig.1) - even if some of the vaccinated behaviour is graded positively, none of the trends for the five vaccinated groups mimics the placebo trend (black line) closely. If you were looking for evidence for no behavioural effect you haven't got it. The 1990s schedule (red) sores and swoops in all sorts of ways, for example. Thimerosal only (purple) is by no means the same as the placebo trend.

I think this might pose interesting questions. I note that in their previous paper the group were not keen to share data.




Reader wrote, "Also the study went up to 18 months- when was the last vaccine given? I recognize that a chimp lifespan may be shorter than a humans but it seems convenient to end an experiment too soon to see effects?

Good question. A press release from the Johnson Center for Child Health and Development (formerly Thoughtful House; the Johnson family, along with SafeMinds and the National Autism Association, helped to fund this study) addressed that issue:

"It has been well established that rhesus macaque infants develop approximately four times faster than human infants, particularly in terms of the infant visual system, pattern recognition, and the acquisition of object concept permanence, all of which were tested in this study. The vaccine-dosing schedule was therefore adjusted to accommodate this projected 4:1 developmental timeline for infant primates. At 12 months of age, a rhesus macaque would be considered developmentally similar to a 4-year-old child, an age at which autism should be easily identified in affected children." Apparently, then, an 18-month old macaque would be roughly developmentally equivalent to a six year-old child.



Last night on Foxy News -- some Congress woman -I did not get her name - any one help me with that????

Came on and said that aborted fetus research has done sooooo much good -- aborted fetuses was involved in the making of the holy MMR vaccine and hep C or was it A -- and I did not catch all of it -

I am sitting here knowing all I know - and goodness knows if I know it-- well I am the last to know. They come on with a straight face and try to save Planned Parent Hood's funding -by the government by telling us good gosh with them we would not have the Holy vaccines.

It is like -- Ms. Congressman -- you don't know about Senator Posey and Dr. William Thompson -- I know and I am not even in Washington.


EXCERPT: "Rep. Posey entered all of the evidence provided to him by Dr. Thompson into the Congressional Record."

That's inaccurate, isn't it?

david m burd

@ Rachel,

Precisely because he is NOT a "medical doctor" Lyons-Weiler is able to objectively and scientifically come to his conclusions - unlike the vast numbers of "doctors" who make their rich living by blindly accepting what CDC and Pharma tells them.

However, IF he is receiving CDC/Pharma funding on Ebola I will also be suspicious of his work in this field.


"Dr Lyons-Weiler... is building a research institute that will focus on research that generates knowledge in a manner independent from profit interests."
Please let it be so!!!


So deficits in learning and they won't show data sets. Also the study went up to 18 months- when was the last vaccine given? I recognize that a chimp lifespan may be shorter than a humans but it seems convenient to end an experiment too soon to see effects?

John Stone



The study period goes up to 18 months, so presumably that is when they were slaughtered. It is a very small number of monkeys so it does not really tell you very much if there are not positive results.

Hewitson et al were silent about comments on a publication earlier this year:


Janet Kern2015 Apr 23 5:31 p.m.

Because of differences noted between the study conclusion and the results, on February 24, 2015, an email was sent to Dr. Hewitson requesting the dataset. However, to date, the authors have ignored repeated requests for the dataset.

Dan Laks2015 Feb 20 10:31 p.m.

Supplementary Figure 5 clearly shows a drastic reduction in learning in the thimerosal exposed group. The authors discussion: "In the present study animals in the TCV group appeared to perform poorer than controls in learning set testing but showed little evidence that their responses had organized into a strategy that was different from that of the control group.In fact, the reported difference was only found in the overall mean averaged across all of the blocks and trials, not in their learning across trials or blocks, which is the outcome needed to indicate a strategy difference." But in fact, a deficit in learning seems to be in multiple groups, for if one looks at group E, there seems to be a slope difference from the control signifying a key difference between exposures for learning strategy. These results are not reported. Perhaps Supplemental Figure 5 results should have been the title of this study instead: "Ethylmercury from vaccines reduces learning capacity."

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Anne and Dr. Lyons-Weiler!


What about that monkey study Orac is talking about, the one with Hewitson involved? I'd like to know at how many days exactly did the study the monkeys for before they killed them. The study did sound interesting.


I think you should point out that he's not a medical doctor.

Sophie Scholl

They want a "one world government" , so they can presumably take complaints letters on a "one world basis" .

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