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Barbara Loe Fisher Speaks at Vaccine Rally in Atlanta Bringing People Together From All Walks of Life

BLF Rally30 years after Barbara Loe Fisher of NVIC demanded vaccine safety from CDC, following her son's severe reaction to DPT, she and many others rallied this weekend in Atlanta to demand safety, un-doctored science, and an END to forced vaccination.

 View a 12 minute video below. The embed code is from FB - it should work on AofA. Thanks. And sincere thanks to Barbara and A. Omar Muhammad for the video.
Press Conference Against CDC in Atlanta GA

Press Conference Against CDC in Atlanta GA . Coverage by A. Omar Muhammad of A-1 Video Production

Posted by A Omar Muhammad on Friday, October 23, 2015


Cinthia Hampton

And the numbers are growing! More and more of us!

go Rand

Thanks to all you attended the rally in Atlanta. Sadly, there are many divisions in the USA on many issues, but there is certainly no race issues with the Autism groups and the need to stop harming children around the world.

Thanks to Barbra Loe Fisher has had things figured out for nearly 35 years, stating her organization with a typewriter and a roll of stamps.

The CDC was lying to the public about the first DTaP shot, and created the “new medical term SIDS” in the early 70’s to make it simple to explain the problem to parents.

They continue to lie about other vaccines until they are pulled off the market as a precaution. Vioxx was replaced by the “help pay for Vioxx” vaccine Gardasil, a multi billion dollar vaccine which did not make it through testing in India.

The CDC cannot investigate their “indicted vaccine experts in Denmark” or even allow there own scientists to speak in regards to the destruction of records, and phony, corrupt Autism data.

Gary Ogden

Maureen: Yes, the Nation of Islam is a powerful and righteous ally in this battle. All the speakers at the rally in Grant Park were excellent, but I found minister Tony Muhammad's call for unity among all faiths particularly stirring, particularly heartfelt. I met several of the NVIC people, and I mentioned how much I appreciated Barbara's testimony against SB 277, and they said something to the effect of "you ain't heard nothing yet. Wait till you hear her today." She did not disappoint, but gave the best speech I've ever heard on the subject of the vaccine policy and corruption. The only jarring note was, near the end, a drone flew back and forth over the crowd, spying on us. They're scared of us. They have the full power of the mightiest empire in history, the power to crush anyone like a bug, but they're scared of us, scared of a bunch of pissed-off moms.

Jeannette Bishop

CDCTruth solidarity rally in Oakland, CA:

Brandy Vaughan

Tina Kimmel Speech - explained history of hepB vax in California:

8:00 - "using CDC's on data...on the day hepatitis B became recommended for all children in California it was already more dangerous than the disease it was required to prevent..."

"Minister Keith Muhammad Speech - #CDCTruth Rally Oakland,Ca."

Anita donnelly

Can someone update us on what happened ? What was the thing about CDC cleaning a wall?


AND THE BAND PLAYS ON.... Stop stop stop all the music that obfuscates vaccine injuries and destroys lives. Hooray for the Nation of Islam that is willing to speak truth to power.

Maureen McDonnell,RN

I can tell you what was different - some of the most glowing with health, passionate (& willing to defend our children's health) individuals from the Nation of Islam were at the rally! Thanks to Robert Kennedy Jr making the Black Muslim leaders aware of what the CDC did to hide the damage vaccines cause young black boys, this community is now wiilling to join our ranks! I know this new emboldened group protective of their young will add a new dimension of hope, power & dedication to our cause!


Maybe next time demonstrate in front of CNN instead.

Bob Moffitt

Ah yes .. I well remember being at that very same location on June 8, 2007 .. (8 years ago) .. participating in a well attended "Mom's Against Mercury" demonstration to recall the seventh anniversary .. (now 15 years ago) .. of the infamous Simpsonwood meeting .. held in virtual secrecy .. attended by highly vested interests .. both public and private .. where I believe the conspiracy to "cover-up" the incomprehensibly careless increase of mercury then being routinely injected into our most innocent and precious children.

In fact .. I still have the .. "Remember Simpsonwood .. 1 in 150" autism magnetic ribbon attached to my car.

As I see it .. yesterday's media coverage of the rally in front of the CDC .. received the very same NON COVERAGE as was given to our demonstration 8 years ago.

Apparently ... some things never change .. the CDC and public health bureaucracies have the same priorities .. their highest priority being successful "marketing" of vaccines .. a far lesser priority being overall "safety" of vaccines and the policies by which they are researched, recommended and approved .. all to the benefit of those who profit from them ..

while the main-stream media continues to turn their collective blind "eyes and ears" to the thousands of voices raised over the last 15 years.


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