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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Things Go Better With Massive Conflicts of Interest

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Most media outlets continually overlook the huge conflicts of interest that help perpetuate the autism epidemic – the studies done by pharma-funded interests, the CDC recommending and tracking the safety of vaccines for children and determining the “autism rate,” the collective obeisance of the media itself to those who buy ad time and space.

When conflicts this large occur in other areas of governance and public health, they get pointed out, making the blind spot when it comes to vaccine safety and scrutiny even more glaring.

For instance, this front-page Washington Post story: "John Roth is the top watchdog at the Department of Homeland Security, a position shielded by law from outside pressure so he can conduct independent inquiries of the government’s sensitive internal workings.

“But during a nearly completed investigation of the Secret Service, Roth’s office has taken the unorthodox step of allowing officials from the service to work alongside his agents as they tried to determine how unflattering information about a congressman was disclosed from the agency’s files, according to half a dozen people familiar with the inquiry.” (The congressman is Jason Chaffetz of the House Government Reform Committee who -- not terribly shockingly -- once applied to be a Secret Service agent!)

So, someone who works at a federal agency is allowed to investigate something that could cast it in an unfavorable light? Reminds me of the CDC’s response to the William Thompson disclosures that the agency hid the truth that the MMR causes autism when given earlier than three years of age:

“CDC shares with parents and others great concern about the number of children with autism spectrum disorder.

CDC is committed to continuing to provide essential data on autism, search for factors that put children at risk for autism and look for possible causes. While doing so, we work to develop resources that help identify children with autism as early as possible so they can benefit from intervention services.”

Oh, baloney. The CDC says it is investigating the claim it covered up the truth about autism and vaccines – meaning, investigating itself. When the Homeland Security department tries to duck and cover like this, it’s front-page news in Washington. When the CDC does it, it’s the same old thing.

In the few cases where we do get positive associations in independent studies looking at vaccines and autism, the results seem to mysteriously change – see the macaque monkey experiments over several years that first found a strong connection but just this week said there was none, none at all. The problem with independent studies is they need to get published in journals that are anything but, in order for their authors to stay viable. 

Then there's this from the New York Times this week: “When the American Academy of Pediatrics needed support for a website it created to promote children’s health, it turned to a surprising partner: Coca-Cola.

“The world’s largest maker of sugary beverages, Coca-Cola has given nearly $3 million to the academy over the past six years, making it the only ‘gold’ sponsor of the HealthyChildren.org website. Even though the pediatric academy has said publicly that sugary drinks contribute to the obesity epidemic, the group praises Coke on its website, calling it a ‘distinguished’ company for its commitment to ‘better the health of children worldwide.’”

As we’ve also found out recently, part of Coke’s good works include spreading money around for research that – wait for it – tends to show that sugary soft drinks are not a culprit in the childhood obesity epidemic. Just get out there and play tag, kids!

At least these folks have a sense of shame – the AAP is ending its relationship with Coke, and even the company’s president said, “We’ll do better” than to gin up bogus studies.

When it comes to vaccines and autism, though, shame is not in the picture. This week the Post ran an article about a family with two autistic sons. It was, to my mind, unrelievedly bleak. The father recently left. One son is in a group home, the other will soon join him: “Alexander, just like Connor did, has outgrown our little family here,” the mother said. “I’m certain at this point it’s time. Time for someone to step in and be stronger and more awake than I am.”

The article repeats the nostrum that “Scientists don’t know all the causes, but most agree that the condition has a strong genetic component.” It includes a link to an article that includes the cheerful neurodiverse no-epidemic nonsense now being peddled by “Neurotribes.”

It’s not quite clear to me what purpose stories like this serve, since there is no curiosity about why two boys in one family have a disorder no one heard of a generation ago, why there are so few services, and what on earth could be causing this catastrophe. Why can’t journalists have a little more curiosity? Then, at the bottom, we learn, “This story was produced for The Washington Post by Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent program of the Kaiser Family Foundation.” (I have to say I misread this at first and thought it was a joint effort with the Post. Now, in reading more closely, I see it was "produced" for the Post entirely by Kaiser, like a cheap T-shirt is produced for a big box retail store by a sweatshop in Asia. Even the former is bad enough, but the true circumstances are appalling.)

Oh goodie, one of the chief suppliers of childhood vaccinations in the country is now indirectly “helping” the poor bereft media (in this case, an outlet owned by zillionaire Jeff Bezos) produce its articles on autism. I’m sure Kaiser Health News is a paragon on independence, but why is it involved at all? No health media group like this is ever going to want to be associated with the supposedly debunked claim that vaccines cause autism. It will be pro-vaccine by default, part of the conflict of interest so gigantic that making itself invisible is one of its niftiest tricks.

Another article from last month put out by Kaiser Health News was headlined “Ouch! Vaccines for Older Adults Falling Short,” and begins:

“Three out of four Americans older than 60 don’t get a shingles vaccine to protect themselves from the virus’ miseries: rashes over the face and body, stinging pain that can last for weeks or months and the threat of blindness." How exactly does this differ from the ubiquitous Merck ads that show actor portrayals of hideous rashes on the evening news at dinner time? And Merck, of course, contributes to the shingles epidemic every day through its needless chicken pox shot, which boosts the number of shingles cases by preventing the immunological boost from exposure to naturally occurring chicken pox through later life.

You get the picture. Like the water fish swim in, the uncritical pro-vaccine bias is so pervasive almost no one sees it. Things really do go better with massive conflicts of interest -- at least for those with money to make and Truth to hide.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



Dr. Hotez obviously hasn't read about aluminum in vaccines where a little is quite a bit different than a lot: to inject massive amounts of aluminum into young children is one big experiment and the outcome in children may be no different than it was with the Spanish sheep, one day there will be massive die off. Dr. Hotez hasn't considered that effectiveness of vaccines wanes when the viruses and bacterium mutate, which appears to have happened with whooping cough bacterium and hepatitis B vaccine. So why would the viruses and bacteria behave differently than they do with antibiotics, that is, develop resistant strains which they have. I could go on but it is useless because Hotez probably fits the bill for all the above name calling: willful ignorance, useful fool, and liar.


I just looked up Henry J. Kaiser on Wikipedia.

I find this very interesting:

"Kaiser founded Kaiser Aluminum in 1946 with the lease and eventual purchase of three aluminum facilities from the United States government. Over the ensuing decades, Kaiser Aluminum grew to become involved in virtually all aspects of the aluminum industry, including the mining and refining of bauxite into alumina, the production of primary aluminum from alumina, and the manufacture of fabricated and semi-fabricated aluminum products. In 1948, Kaiser established the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (also known as Kaiser Family Foundation), a U.S.-based, nonprofit, private operating foundation focusing on the major health care issues facing the nation."

Anybody care to comment?

Christina Waldman

I so very much appreciate the good work of all of you here. When the media doors of censorship slam down, Age of Autism provides a place for telling the other side of the story. Shame on Newsweek.


Go Oakland!

Jeannette Bishop

Without William Thompson, I'd be still asking if there is any conflict internally as it seems that otherwise the entire CDC vaccine division continually appears to only forward pharma/shareholders' interests.

For anyone interested in some open vaccine discussion:


...interesting input from another doctor @ 25:25 ... "it's accurate when people report that physicians are not taught about vaccine components and injury..."


They believe they can cover it up and coerce people into vaccines with threats and mandates. And for all practical purposes they are succeeding. Of course, there is that 30% of the population that believes that vaccines cause autism and would never take another vaccination even in a case of a mass epidemic and I'm one of those people. The depressing truth is that this horrible epidemic should have been stopped a long time ago, and yet it continues..continues...continues... year after year after year it gets worse. I guess the autism rate really will have to go up to 50% before Congress is willing to act. The media is so invasive, even on Facebook where all my neo-liberal friends can hardly contain themselves from posting every nasty article ever published. And sooner or later we'll all be buying fake paperwork that we have been vaccinated rather than get harassed.

Angus Files

Murderers being allowed to investigate their own murders would seem fair, and cash incentive's to find themselves not guilty..and then write an article explaining how they are not guilty...and include, it was Andy,Jenny or genetics that mis-lead us.



Hi Laura,
Do you have a link to your last MD quote? Very interesting.

Gary Ogden

Dan: Our very own Jason Chaffetz, who many of us emailed and snail-mailed pleading for a subpoena for Dr. Thompson? This gets slimier by the minute. When you think you've heard it all . . .


The macaque study results were perhaps changed to get published in a better journal? Maybe I watch too much Sopranos, but other things occur to me as possible explanations for inexplicable flips, especially given what's at stake.

Laura Hayes

One more comment, Dan. You mention the results of the macaque monkey study mysteriously changing (we knew that was coming!). Here are some comments from an MD regarding the original study (at the start, the MD is clarifying that, yes, the monkeys in the original study had difficulty latching on for nursing after being given the Hep B vaccine). Once again, Dr. Carson needs to have a read:

"Yes, they did have difficulty latching on.

These animals were agitated, antisocial, hyperactive and obsessive-compulsive. There was nothing normal about them after exposure to TCVs (thimerosal-containing vaccines). They declined even further and developed GI disease after MMR vaccination.

To see the full immunological and epigenetic impact, we actually need to study two generations. The first generation of monkeys needs to have the previously given vaccines (i.e., from the 60s and 70s), including the MMR booster given to virtually all women when they entered college in the 70s and 80s. It is highly likely that these live viruses survived in some women and crossed the placenta during pregnancy. This may be a factor in some early onset cases where children were apparently born impaired. Repeated vaccination also sets the stage for autoimmune diseases, and we know that women with autoimmune conditions are 8-9 times more likely to have a child with autism than women who do not have an autoimmune disease. In any case, I believe that the consequences of vaccination will be amplified with every generation due to cumulative immune dysregulation and epigenetic changes."

Laura Hayes

Great article, Dan...so nice to have your weekly column back after your well-deserved summer hiatus :)

NVIC's newsletter this week had a great article about the synergistic toxicity of substances. Here is a GREAT quote from it, a statement made by Dr. Boyd Haley, a toxicologist and chemistry expert, in reference to one of Offit's erroneous comments. Dr. Carson needs to take a lesson from this criticially-important information.

"The dose makes the toxin, which was stated several hundred years ago. And he’s right, but he doesn’t understand synergistic toxicity. For example, we know that if you take a non-lethal dose of mercury that would kill 1 of 100 rats, and you add to that a level of lead that would kill less than 1 in 100 rats, that mixture will kill 100 of 100 rats. So the presence of lead at very low levels can enhance the toxicity of a known level of mercury over a hundred fold. So then add to that cadmium and other toxic metals, aluminum, etc., and you don’t know what that is in each child that comes in, or each person that gets the vaccination. So no one can predict what the level of toxicity is for each individual human being…"

Bob Moffitt

"Most media outlets continually overlook the huge conflicts of interest that help perpetuate the autism epidemic – the studies done by pharma-funded interests, the CDC recommending and tracking the safety of vaccines for children and determining the “autism rate,” the collective obeisance of the media itself to those who buy ad time and space."

Unfortunately .. as bad as the media is on the subject of ignoring "conflicting interests" regarding vaccines .. I think it far worse that a pediatric neurosurgeon .. Dr Benjamin Carson .. running for the Republican nomination for President as faux "outsider" .. supposedly un-beholden to the pharmaceutical/public health cartel that literally wrote the "talking points" he recently spewed .. "better diagnosing" .. "broader definition" .. "correlation does not mean causation (CARROTS!!!) .. when asked his opinion of a link between rising autism rates and our outrageously aggressive vaccine policies.

The man should be ashamed of himself .. he alone .. of all the candidates .. had a "golden" opportunity to inform MILLIONS of citizens during those two debates of the vast "conflicts of interests" that have funded, manufactured, manipulated and produced .. the numerous studies HE .. DOCTOR Carson .. cited to deny the demonstrably scientific plausibility the link between vaccines and autism is not only possible .. it is PROBABLE.

Dr. Carson an "outsider" ... not bloody likely.


MSM all over the net are carrying stories to dissuade people from looking deeper into the vaccine issue be it Autism, developmental & neurological connections to vaccines, Flu shots and recent articles reporting children who have died after being vaccinated:

-5 Year Old New Jersey Girl Died from the MMR Vaccine, Holly’s Law Created: http://www.healthnutnews.com/5-year-old-new-jersey-girl-died-from-the-mmr-vaccine-hollys-law-created/ and

-Two-year-old Girl Is Found Dead 2 Days After Vaccinations:

It's time to circle the wagons because the media saturation of the debates have had the opposite affect on the public. Instead of celebrity doctors such as Sanjay Gupta and his repetitive chant vaccine don't cause Autism causing the public to say yea, I stand with Sanjay-people are reaching their tipping point and thinking maybe I need to look into this since there is so much media attention. I ran across this article last night and was appalled by what this doctor wrote:
Myths about autism and vaccine spacing: http://momentumblog.bcm.edu/2015/09/30/myths-about-autism-and-vaccine-spacing/.

It's amazing how many lies can be packed into such a short article with absolute no sources:

Myths about autism and vaccine spacing:

The vaccine debate seems to have recently moved in new direction, with many people questioning the timing of vaccines in children. This issue was raised yet again at the recent GOP debate. I feel that it’s important to address this new myth before the safety of our children is once again put at risk.

In a previous piece, I explained why it was not plausible for vaccines to cause autism, based partly on the genetic and epigenetic basis of autism and more recent findings that the anatomical alterations in the brain of children with autism occur by the second trimester of pregnancy, i.e., well before a newborn ever sees a vaccine.

The second issue of vaccine spacing is an interesting one. In my opinion, it’s the latest boogeyman in a long line of made up accusations about vaccines that include (failed) attempts to implicate the MMR vaccine or thimerosal preservative (used in other vaccines) as triggers or causes for autism.

In the former case, the original paper linking MMR to autism was retracted, while the roles of both MMR and thimerosal have been debunked through thorough scientific investigations.

The newest flavor of the month – the need to delay or further space apart childhood vaccines – goes something like this: Children’s immune systems are being overwhelmed because they receive too many vaccines at once. Somehow the overwrought immune system triggers a chain of events culminating in autism.

Among the reasons this theory makes no sense is the fact that the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tree represent powerful antigen presenting organ systems, such that babies from the moment of birth are exposed daily to dozens if not hundreds of new antigens. Therefore adding a few extra antigens through vaccination could not possibly overwhelm the immune system.

Along similar lines, spacing out vaccines will not make any real difference in the number of new antigens an infant is exposed to on a daily basis, but more importantly it is a dangerous practice.

The current vaccine schedules are based on decades of clinical research studies so there is a big concern that changing this schedule will reduce the likelihood that your baby’s vaccines will induce an effective and protective immune response.

Again it is important to emphasize that the changes in the brain associated with autism are already well underway while the baby is still in utero – still in its mother’s womb. For these reasons vaccines could never trigger autism.

As a father of an adult child with autism, I believe that resurrecting well-disproven links between vaccines and autism only serves as a further distraction that propagates myths and helps ensure that adults and children with special needs will not get the full services they require daily.

We urgently need to move away from fake links between vaccines and autism, and instead focus on providing important early interventions from children on the autistic spectrum while simultaneously better supporting parents and families.

–By. Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.

Massive conflict of Interest? Take a look at how much money Baylor receives from the pharmaceutical industry: https://projects.propublica.org/d4d-archive/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&term=Baylor+coller+of+Medicine&state[id]=44&company[id]=&period[]=&services[]=

Conflict of interest????? 7 1/2 pages of documented donations to Baylor from pharma.

So it can be concluded that:

-Dr. Hotez is in denial because he says he has an autistic son (which I assume to his readers gives him more creditability)and doesn't want to face the reality that something he did to protect his child via vaccinations actually caused a life alternating event and like other parents who have done the same can't face it. Being he is a MD the guilt would be overwhelming so to block it out people usually swing to the extreme.

-Hotez suffers from willful ignorance.

-Hotez is a useful fool.

-Hotez is a liar and therefore engages in the the same practices that the CDC/HHS/IOM/IOH/FDA/WHO/Gates Foundation & Task Force for Global Health otherwise know as a massive conflict of interest among those involved or that word that TPTB love to throw out when the heat is on--you know. It starts with a "C".

John Stone

But, of course, we know that Kaiser are in it up to their ears:


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