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AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted DO Japan

Greetings from Kyoto, fellow AOAers. I was last here 22 years ago. The spiritual appeal of the ancient capital is unchanged – there’s a temple on every corner, it seems, such as the one where I snapped this selfie. 

But secular times do change – on this visit I’m equipped with a cellphone, a laptop, and WiFi. There's a Starbucks on every corner, too, from which to extract the venti hazelnut Pike that fuels this enterprise. (The sacred and profane are not far apart: My Starbucks, in fact, has a huge wall of glass looking out at the temple pictured.) Speaking of which, the Japan Times had a cartoon showing massive snarling deities on display in a museum, with one visitor saying to the other, “Apparently the Kamakura period didn’t have decaf.”

I found an article in the same newspaper headlined, “Providing patients the latest immunizations.” It begins, “Conveniently located in Harajuku Tokyo in a stylish modern building, The King Clinic has long been treating patients in need of general care and immunizations.”

Dr. Leo A. T. King, the director, inherited the clinic from his father, and it’s been operating for 65 years. “Although King’s father used to administer vaccinations, the younger King was the one who dramatically increased the number of vaccinations. ‘As a U.N. examining physician, I needed to import newly developed vaccines in the West, as they were not available in Japan,’ he said.”

But it turns out you can dramatically increase the number of vaccinations available in Japan and still come nowhere near the Western onslaught.

King said, “Immunizations and vaccine schedules for children are different in the U.S. and Europe. … Some doctors in Japan believe fewer vaccinations are better, but in the U.S. and Europe, the standard practice is to try to take all measures to prevent those diseases deemed preventable.”

How interesting. Japan, a fully developed nation, fundamentally differs from the U.S. model of taking “all measures to prevent those disease deemed preventable” – in other words, the mad childhood vaccination schedule that jabs U.S. children with 49 vaccine doses before they get to grade school. It's the most aggressive vaccine program in the world.

As it happens, Mark Blaxill and I wrote a book this year about just this subject – Vaccines 2.0 – and since I’d brought a couple along for Japanese friends, I took a look at our handy chart on page 206, “Required vaccines by year 1 by country.”

Based on this list, Japan had the lowest total doses (along with Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Denmark), and the U.S. had the most. Japan required 12 doses of five vaccines via DTaP, polio and BCG, a vaccine against tuberculosis. And that’s it! By age 1, the CDC recommends 26 doses of nine vaccines via DTaP, polio, HIB, hep B, pneumococcal, rotatavirus, influenza and hep A.

This comparison comes from a 2011 article by Neil Z. Miller and Gary S. Goldman in Human and Experimental Toxicology, titled “Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?”

The article showed that the more shots infants got by age one, the higher the infant mortality by that age. Japan’s infant mortality was listed as 2.79 per 1,000 live births, the third lowest after Singapore and Sweden, while the U.S., which takes “all measures to prevent those diseases deemed preventable,” was 6.22 – the highest infant mortality rate, more than twice as great as Japan! Or twice as horrible. The U.S. was worse than runners-up Greece, Italy, San Marino and Cuba.

Can I just say this again? The United States gives the most vaccines designed to promote infant health in the first year of life, and it has the worst infant mortality rate -- children dying in the first year of life. Japan has the lowest number of vaccines designed to promote infant health, and close to the lowest infant mortality rate of the 34 nations in the comparison.

As I said, times change; it appears that Japan has added some shots. But it’s still a lot less on the "routine list" than the U.S. As of last year they’ve added chicken pox to the routine schedule, which I fear will leave them with more autism and more shingles. (At 12 months, American kids get the MMR; in Japan, they get an MR – no mumps component!)

Infant mortality is a good marker because it takes the debate away from autism or other chronic or developmental conditions that the authorities in the U.S. have worked so hard to obscure. Death is more, shall we say, definitive. And death as acceptable collateral damage in a vaccine program designed to prevent death is a ridiculous concept, especially when it arises – as I believe it does – from a misbegotten effort to prevent every disease “deemed preventable.”

If the U.S. vaccine schedule focused only on illnesses that are truly likely to cause death or disability  in 21st century America, I believe, the infant mortality rate would decline significantly.

I’m sure the vaccine injury denialists have all kinds of reasons for Japan's lower infant mortality rate, and fewer vaccines will have nothing to do with any of them. But multiple streams of evidence all point in this direction, which is why more and more of us are howling like Kamakura deities on Starbucks.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.




I'll keep my eye out for your button! lol! Now that I've finally noticed the banner at the top of the site regarding the rally at the CDC this month, I know where to go and what to do, and look forward to meeting many of you, I hope.

I'm going to pretend it was just put up so I don't feel like such an idiot for missing it!

Birgit Calhoun

Eindeker, Your observation are probably correct. However, they do not alter the fact that when vaccination schedules and infant deaths are compared, there clearly is a correlation, whether infants die of SIDS or some other ailment. In view of the fact that DTaP (probably containing Thimerosal) is the vaccine specified, it makes very little difference that they die within half a day or three weeks after vaccination. The potential poisoning happening from organic mercury may happen as late as two and one half month later because of the nature of how mercury poisons the body. There is too little know to not at least see a possible synergistic effect.

Laura Hayes


Glad you were able to watch Raymond Obomsawin's presentation. It is a great resource for all...newbies, veterans, and those between!

Gary Ogden

Sherri: I will be in Atlanta for the demonstration and rally, a contingent of one, staying in Decatur. Hope to hook up with other folks at some point. I'll be wearing my NO SB 277 button.

Gary Ogden

John: Right you are about Horton. Along with Murdoch, Jr. and the chairman of Elsevier, the Lancet's publisher, both of whom serve on the GSK board, he is a major part of the problem of corruption in science and the press. The paper the Wakefield team published in 1998 was groundbreaking, one of the most important discoveries ever in autism research. It never should have been retracted, for it is first-rate science, and long ago should have been fully restored. How many replications does it take? I keep reading articles in the MSM about the gut-brain axis and how the composition of the microbiota powerfully influences brain function and behavior, but, God forbid, never the a word. History will look kindly upon Andy Wakefield, John Walker-Smith, Simon Murch, and the rest, that is, if the human species survives a few more generations of vaccination. Good chance it may not.

Gary Ogden

Laura: Dr. Obomsawin's lecture is excellent, and he is a very good presenter. I've done deep research about vaccination, but I learned a lot that was entirely new to me. Thank you for sharing the link with us.


Bummer but thanks for the perspective, John. It's just so refreshing and hopeful to see anyone brave enough to state that there really is a massive problem happening with regard to health and science.

John Stone


Not at all sure what you driving but there is zero wrong with the Wakefield 1998 paper: much wrong with the crooked shennanigans that led to its retraction and subsequently have protracted it.

















Instead of indulging in familiar lies and innuendo address the record please.

Laura Hayes


Thrilled to hear you're watching and taking notes on Raymond Obomsawin's incredible presentation...I knew you'd find it of great interest if you had the time to watch it. I hope others will watch it, too, then share the link far and wide!


Just substitute John
"In 2007-8 he led an initiative to improve relations between doctors and the legal profession & patent lawyers & business plans etc etc despite the fact that they were already far too close
So you don't really expect the AW paper to be reinstated under those circumstances do you John?


Laura, I have been watching Raymond Obomsawin's video over the last day, stopping to make notes on every slide, so it's taking a while to get thru it! Thank you for recommending the video it's incredible. Also, I have watched the TV interview as well. Like not being able to stop oneself from looking at a car wreck, I watch/listen/read the same information over and over again! It does help with being able to retain so much information then be able to spew it back out again when needed. Not an easy thing to do and all the more impressive that you do it so well.

John, No, Dr. Horton is not a hero but he is at least now telling the truth regarding an extremely important issue that affects the autism community, and one that is constantly thrown in our face; The science is clear, the science is settled, etc. ad nauseam. That was my point.

David, I do remember you posted that information re: SIDS/SUDS, so thank you for doing it again. As I just mentioned it's difficult to remember every horrible point one reads so repetition can be a good thing. As Laura points out with Raymond Obomsawin's presentation, his slides are incredible and he shows us (once again) that changing the name and/or diagnosis of any given disease/disorder (in this case polio changes to Coxsackie virus) has been a common page out of the playbook on how to deceive the public re: the effectiveness of vaccines. This happens frequently I believe.

Cherry Misra

Regarding Kawasaki Disease, my understanding, please correct me if you think Im mistaken- is that it is simply an irritation of the lining of he arteries by mercury - in most cases mercury from vaccines.
Anyone interested in following this up can take a look at the work done by Narasimham Parinandi (Ohio State U ) on the effect of mercury on the lining of the arteries. Parinandi has very interesting things to say, for example : The lining of the arteries is so specialized and has so many functions, that it is considered an organ ! And yet, it is exactly ONE CELL thick. I think his research explains why strokes and heart attacks result from mercury. A number of the symptoms of Kawasaki Disease are consistent with symptoms of mercury toxicity.
No doubt Kawasaki Disease would have nearly vanished in states that do not allow vaccines with mercury to be given to small children (California would be one of those) - That would have occurred some time after 2006, the year in which that law came into effect in California.

Cherry Misra

About Richard Horton of the Lancet- I totally concur with John Stone. Dr. Richard Horton appears to simply be a show-off. His own actual grasp of science seems to be poor. Nothing to do with autism- I once read an article written by him in NYT Review of Books- . He described someones research in detail and all seemed to go well for several pages and the work looked good and made sense and then suddenly Horton turned it all on its tail and said it probably wasn"t true. But he seemed to be using his own opinion rather than scientific fact. "Look at me Im so clever syndrome"
Recent articles with titles such as "How Science Gets it Wrong", are simply a clever way of convincing the populace that they have nothing to worry about. Everyone makes mistakes and they are quickly corrected by clever people like Dr. Horton.

John Stone

Below I said thet Horton is "totally responsible for what the Lancet is": it might have been a more accurate statement to say "he is totally complicit in what the Lancet is".


If you can't trust the Coca Cola pushers at the AAP (you can't) who can you trust?


Major cardiorespiratory events occurred in over 1/3 of all very low birth weight infants after vaccination."


david m burd

Matilda R,

About 85% of SIDS deaths are aged 2 to 7 months, the time frame when the toxic insults from baby vaccinations occur at 2 months, 4, months, 6 months, along with two damn flu shots (at 6 months, the 2nd shot at 7 months.

Of course, other factors include mothers having had flu shots before the their baby was born, along with their newborn grabbed and stabbed with the HepB vaccine their first day of life.

Just google "cdc child immunization schedule" to see what is NEVER shown by Mainstream Media.

John Stone

Horton, who has been editor of the Lancet for twenty years, is not a hero, he is a man of pious words and not so pious deeds.



In 2004 he wrote an attack on the pharmaceutical industry in New York Review of Books "Dawn of MacScience" which within months had been re-cycled as an attack on Wakefield in his book "MMR: Science and Fiction". He advised the GMC on the prosecution of Wakefield and then turned up to give false evidence against him.

In 2007-8 he led an initiative to improve relations between doctors and the industry despite the fact that they were already far too close:


When he writes an article like this he gives a favourable impression - it improves the profile of the brand - but he is totally responsible for what the modern Lancet is.

When the Lancet re-instates the Wakefield paper and NEJM retracts the Madsen paper we might begin to believe they mean business.

Matilda R

SIDS? Really? How many studies are tracking how many kids died of SIDS within a few weeks of receiving vaccinations?


What is wrong with U.S. doctors that they can't see what is right in front of their eyes: children dying after the well baby visit. At one time none of us connected the dots until finally the fog cleared and it was obvious what was happening. What is it about doctors? Do we call them "doc" because they are inDOCtrinated beyond hope? Help!!!!


Thank you, Dan and thank you, Sherri. Dr. Horton is my new f'g hero. "The endemicity of bad research behavior is alarming." Preach!!!!!!


Awesome article!

david m burd

Thank you Laura Hayes, go Rand, and others who have brought up SIDS deaths.

As I've cited before about 50% what used to be called SIDS does not now include SUD infants (Sudden Unexpected Death before 12 months age of infants). But these SUD deaths are now almost all attributed to suffocation by sleeping with parents or by loose bedding.

IF CDC was remotely honest (fat chance), there would still be 6,000 SIDS deaths per year in the U.S.


How clear can it get these unexpected deaths are directly from injected vaccines?

If not killed outright by injection of dozens of vaccines, there'r no doubt their destructive effects disable all infants in a myriad of ways. This is not hard to understand.


I have been wondering the same thing Sherri?

Laura Hayes


Thank you for sharing your astute observations during your recent visit to Babies R Us. Amazing how so many changes are taking place to adapt to our nation's sick and developmentally delayed infants, toddlers, and children...adaptations and denials versus sounding of the alarm bells from coast to coast. It's truly unfathomable how our sick and developmentally delayed/disabled children have just become the new norm...apparently nothing to worry about...as long as profits keep rolling in for Big Pharma, Big Ag, and Big Chem.

Thank you for listening to the radio interview I did with Jeanie Keltner. In case you didn't know, I also did a TV interview with her a few weeks after the radio show. Here is the link for that in case you're interested :)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yFC86tlZaE&feature=youtu.be (YouTube link)

http://www.ageofautism.com/2015/09/laura-hayes-on-soapbox-about-mandatory-vaccines.html#comments (AoA posting with link to it)

Lastly, in an earlier comment today, I posted a link to an excellent presentation which has a number of overlapping graphs...graphs showing certain vaccines and/or vaccine schedules as compared to certain illnesses and disorders now plaguing children. The overlaps are telling and shocking. Here's that link one more time so you don't have to search the comments for it:



On a recent trip to a Baby's R Us store for a last minute baby shower gift, I was momentarily confused by a term I had not remembered from when my kids were babies, "Tummy Time." Huh? What? Blankets designed to keep baby wrapped tight in a cocoon and prevent them from rolling onto their stomachs during sleep as well as "U" shaped pillows for floor time; place baby on tummy with arms over pillow to help baby pull themselves up onto the pillow and develop stomach muscles. Something which used to occur naturally when they taught themselves to roll over, usually around 3 months, but which now they apparently are being prevented from doing. A full isle of products devoted to "Tummy Time" to prevent SIDS. Genius. A whole new marketing campaign designed to scare the crap out of young parents and make them believe if their baby succumbs to SIDS, it will be their fault for not adhering to the new rules and allowing their child to accidently roll over before 6 months.

I went home and looked at some SIDS web site's. I could have been looking at a site for autism; the same stories just different outcomes, denial from pediatricians regarding the fact that the baby had their shots that day or in the previous couple of days, etc. You could probably lay a graph of SIDS over the past 25 years over the top of a graph of the vaccine schedule and it would, of course, match right up.

Yesterday I heard a PSA on the radio telling parents to please, please, talk to their babies, 1-2 year olds, they need to hear you speak. Read to them, sing to them, the voice on the radio was sad, pleading. He may as well have been saying, If you don't talk to your young child they may not learn to speak, they may become AUTISTIC! And it would probably be your fault.

I live in California and maybe this has been going on for a while. I listen to Sirius/XM radio with no advertising. My kids are 23 and 25 (note 23 y/o son at beginning of autism tsunami and an immunological nightmare) I haven't been baby shopping in a long time. But it sure seems like there's a culture out there of putting the blame on Mom, again. Disgusting.

I listened to the Laura Hayes interview on the radio (well done Laura!) and heard the interviewer mention that the editors at two of the leading scientific journals, The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, have criticized their own journals saying as much as half of the studies coming out of these journals "may simply be untrue." The data is being manipulated, conflicts of interest come into play, etc. Something we've all recently heard verified by William Thompson. I think these statements are extremely powerful pieces of information and should be used in the current dialogue of the autism/vaccine war. Their combined statements can be found at http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/06/24/leading-journals-agree-that-big-pharma-manipulates-medical-research/. To quote Dr. Richard Horton, editor at The Lancet, "Science has taken a turn towards darkness." This came out in June of this year, he made the statement in April of this year. Naturally, mainstream media reported nothing. Anyway, I know I'm sick to death of hearing about studies since as we've all known for sometime, for every study that proves your point there's going to be another supposed study that disproves your point.

I have a question which is a little off topic. Is there a contingency of AofA'ers going to Atlanta to demonstrate at the CDC this month? I've been looking for groups that are going and haven't found anything.

Laura Hayes

Thanks for doing your weekly update all the way from Japan, Dan...now that's dedication! :)

Watched one of the best, if not the best, presentations on vaccines I have ever seen yesterday...it's from 2011 or 2012. Ninety minutes incredibly well spent, and if I have to suggest just one resource to a newbie between now and the end of the year, it will most likely be this:


It has a great slide specific to SIDS and the vaccines given at 2, 4, and 6 months, to follow-up on a few of the comments already made (it's around the 1:14 mark). The presentation begins with the history of vaccination, going back to B.C. times (!) up to the present, then has an excellent section on vaccine failures (basically, there have been no successes when one honestly assesses the facts), then a section on vaccine fall-out, as in adverse events and deaths.

Each and every slide is fantastic, and Raymond Obomsawin is just so excellent at delivering all of this critically-important information. If you haven't seen this one yet, I can't recommend it highly enough!

Enjoy the rest of your trip in Japan, Dan!


I love Japan. Especially Koyasan where there can be 3-5 temples per block. The Spiritual qualities are not matched anywhere on Earth IMHO. Japan is a country where temples from the 5th century are still standing and when you walk in them time stand still. You can forget for a while the madness the world has engaged in in the name of progress. You can also walk around the country and see the many healthy children there. Talking about a joy to see. Healthy happy children who play in the park alone, ride the trains & buses to school alone before sunrise without some lunatic people calling CPS and accusing you of child abuse. Doctors actually listen to patients and the first line of defense is not to reach for vaccines or drugs but to suggest meaningful ad natural ways to boost health. Unfortunately since Fukushima melted down thyroid cancer in children has more than double and I'm sure that will spread across the country. I have a friend who lives there and word in the alternative community is some researchers (probably with one of the pharma companies) is talking about a vaccine to prevent thyroid cancer. My response to him was just , Really! Who'd thunk!!!

Louis Conte

Uh, nice try.


Other countries include pre-term baby deaths.

Dan is simply pointing out the truth.

The United States is still doing poorly when compared to other countries and something is causing it. Your logic is based on some 2014 articles on data put out by the CDC. We simply can NOT trust CDC data anymore. As Congressman Posey stated on the floor of Congress, Until such time as the people who dumped the data linking vaccine injury to autism in a garbage pail in 2002 are made to explain their conduct in front of Congress, we simply will not accept anything from them.

No one should.

The CDC has a habit of manipulating data to achieve the outcomes they want.

But you can go back to being a CDC cheerleader.


Eindeker. as far as pre-term births are concerned, it seems madness to vaccinate them on the same schedule as full term births. (Incidentally, the idea of a Hep B vaccine on day of birth is equally crazy).

go Rand

Go Japan, a friend here says he feels much taller there...

There are about 3,500 SIDS deaths a year in the USA or 67 deaths per week. Never a cause for alarm... How many USA “day of vaccine” ER baby visits are there each day ? “Day after vaccines” ER visits ???

Autism is always “a bit of a grey area” as no one can tell the exact day it starts. Children shot up with vaccines from day 1 are said to be “born with Autism” because they are not given ...one damn day... to be normal.

The 2-4 month SIDS data would show a clear connection to the "well baby vaccine visits." There is no grey area with charting the time of death, and the date of last vaccines.

Of course the CDC would then take that data and throw out underweight, black, yellow, or preterm infants... whatever works...and keep tweaking the data until they produce a conclusion that “makes the clear signal go away.”

From there, they say the “Question has been asked and answered"

Not sure where the “Age of SIDS” page is located, but I am sure those parents have some insights into the cause of death of their children.

One would tend not to forget those final days...

Anita donnelly

@bob if only we could sue them for libel for calling us crazy!
And why do so many preemies happen --the vaccines in pregnancy and rhe vaccines not even dose adjusted at birth. Being a preemie didn't used to almost automatically mean a life of disability but now the assault of toxic formula and shots has harmed so many.
Great story and great photo Dan!
And I bet if we filtered out the preemie effect we would still get the higher mortality. Another convenient misdirection. The super preemies are under the care of the medical NICU world from minute one and all that entails.


If you look at the chart on this NPR article

(http://www.npr.org/2011/07/08/137652226/-the-race-gapshowing racial disparities in birth outcomes),

you'll see that the infant mortality rate for American whites alone is still more than twice the Japanese mortality rate of 2.08/1000 live births. Very true that the rate for blacks is horrifically higher, which makes me wonder if the overall 5.87/1000 rate reported for the US by the CIA is accurate, since that appears to be the rate for whites alone. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2091rank.html


"...in the United States in 2009, reported preterm birth rates were as high as 17.5% in black Americans, compared to just 10.9% in white Americans, with rates varying from around 11 to 12% in those 20 to 35 years of age to more than 15% in those under age 17 or over 40 [13]"

"preterm birth is truly a global problem with a high burden being found in high-income countries as well (e.g. the United States where almost 1 in 8 babies is preterm)."

"Nearly 40% of preterm births in France and the United States were reported to be PROVIDER-INITIATED in 2000, compared to just over 20% in Scotland and the Netherlands. The levels of provider-initiated preterm births are increasing in all these countries in part due to more aggressive policies for caesarean section for poor foetal growth [46,47]"

(so at least 40% of preterm births cannot be attributed to lack of prenatal care)


"Globally, prematurity is the leading cause of death in children under the age of 5. And in almost all countries with reliable data, PRETERM BIRTH RATES ARE INCREASING."

Why are rates increasing? What else is increasing? Vaccines, use of prenatal ultrasound, exposure to other toxins, pesticides, herbicides, consumption of processed denatured low quality food, medical intervention, etc.


First of all, it's important to point out that it has been proposed that blacks naturally have a shorter gestation age:

"The role of ethnicity in preterm birth (other than through twinning rates) has been widely debated, but evidence supporting a variation in normal gestational length with ethnic group has been reported in many population-based studies since the 1970s [39]. While this variation has been linked to socioeconomic and lifestyle factors in some studies, recent studies suggest a role for genetics. For example, babies of black African ancestry tend to be born earlier than Caucasian babies [24,40]. However, for a given gestational age, babies of black African ancestry have less respiratory distress [41], lower neonatal mortality [42] and are less likely to require special care than Caucasian babies [24]."

But here are some other clues that might explain the increasing infant mortality in countries like the US with an aggressive vaccination schedule that includes premature infant mortality:

1) "Primary Immunization of Premature Infants with Gestational Age <35 weeks: Cardiorespiratory Complications and C-Reactive Protein Resopnses Associated with Administration of Single and Multiple Separate Vaccines Simultaneously"
"Abnormal elevation of CRP level occurred in 85% of infants
administered multiple vaccines and up to 70% of those given a single vaccine. Overall, 16% of infants had vaccine-associated cardiorespiratory events within 48 hours postimmunization. In logistic regression analysis, abnormal CRP values were associated with multiple vaccines...and severe intraventricular hemorrhage...Cardiorespiratory events were associated marginally with receipt of multiple injections...and significantly with gastroesophageal reflux..."

2) "Adverse Events After Routine Immunization of Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infants"

"Results: Most of the 13,926 infants (91.2%) received 3 or more immunizations. The incidence of sepsis evaluations increased from 5.4 per 1000 patient-days in the preimmunization period to 19.3 per 1000 patient-days in the postimmunization period...The need for increased respiratory support increased from 6.6 per 1000 patient-days in the preimmunization period to 14.0 per 1000 patient-days in the postimmuniztion period.. and intubation increased from 2.0 per 1000 patient-days to 3.6 per 1000 patient days...The postimmunization incidence of adverse events was similar across immunization types, including combination vaccines when compared with single-dose vaccines. Infants who were born at 23 to 24 weeks' gestation had a higher risk of sepsis evaluation and intubation after immunization...
There were 5 deaths in the postimmunization period...
Fever is a well known adverse event after immunization...
Apnea and bradycardia are also commonly observed adverse events in the postimmunization period. The DTaP-containing vaccines have been of particular concern because the whole-cell pertussis vaccine has been cited as causing apnea and bradycardia in 7% of preterm infants, and more recently, apnea and bradycardia have been observed after immunization with the acellular pertussis vaccine component...Older infants with a diagnosis of chronic lung disease who were still hospitalized in the NICU at the time of immunization also had a higher incidence of adverse events. Regarding the use of combination vaccines, a 2007 study of the hexavalent DTaP, IPV, HiB and HepB vaccine found that apnea and/or bradycardia occurred in 11% of study infants, demonstrating slightly higher rates of adverse events compared with single-dose vaccines. More recently, a retrospective study in 2008 of 64 infants who received the combination DTaP, IPV, and HiB vaccine and the 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine found that 25% of study infants had clinically significant apnea and bradycardia. However, we do not have current information about the use of single-dose vs combination vaccines in US NICUs."

3) "Leukocyte transcript alterations in West-African girls following a booster vaccination with diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine"
Scandinavian Journal of Clinical & Laboratory Investigation, 2013; 73: 349-354

"...several studies suggest that DTP affects the mortality ratio between girls and boys [4-6], being associated with several fold higher female than male short-term mortality [6-10]. Also, DTP-vaccinated girls have higher mortality than DTP-unvaccinated girls. The excess mortality is seen as long as DTP is the most recently vaccination. Other inactivated vaccines may have similar sex-differential effects [9-11]."

This paper showed that genetic expression was altered by vaccines, and that the alteration varied by the individual.

"Another approach we used was to identify the top genetic networks being altered after vaccination. This showed, not unexpectedly, that inflammatory response was among the top five networks in six of the eight girls (Table IV)."

"The immunological explanation for the non-specific effects of vaccines is not known at present. However, it could include a mechanism where live-attenuated vaccines stimulate Th1, whereas inactivated vaccines stimulate Th2 and this could lead to differential responses in the two sexes as innate and adaptive immune responses differ in sexes [23]. Much larger studies, preferably also among children receiving their first DTP vaccine, are needed to gain information on the clinical importance of alterations in the immune system after DTP vaccination."

But the CDC et al LIE to the public claiming that the science is complete and there is no need to question vaccines. Eindecker, there is no doubt - there is clear scientific proof that vaccination increases morbidity and mortality, preterm or full term, and that vaccine science is an ongoing, aggressive, reckless, unethical experiment. Then there is fetal demise caused by vaccination during pregnancy, which just 20 years ago would have been considered malpractice. Now for the first time, the fetal death rate is greater than the infant mortality rate.

Dan's analysis of the US infant mortality rate is 100% correct. We are not doing too well with our current public health policies.

Try to let this sink in, Eindecker:

"...death as acceptable collateral damage in a vaccine program designed to prevent death is a ridiculous concept."


Since Eindeker is so bright, perhaps he/she can explain why we have so many pre-term births these days in the first place. Of course socioeconomic disparities are a factor, but we had those back when I was a kid (won't say how long ago that was) too, yet premature births were far less frequent.



Well documented the cause of infant deaths?
Still means they exist and that argument changes nothing.

I don't understand your reasoning?

But since you are arguing about cause of infant deaths well What about SIDs? My neighbor lost her grandchild two years ago. Did you know a 15 month old can forget to breath in it's sleep?

Premature; Now why is it that we are giving birth to babies all premature, cause of poor diet I suppose.

or did that pregnant woman receive a flu shot and DTaP while pregnant?
I lost a baby many years ago--32 years ago, I got a tetanus shot -- AKA DPT shot four weeks earlier.


If the U.S. vaccine schedule focused only on illnesses that are truly likely to cause death or disability in 21st century America, I believe, the infant mortality rate would decline significantly

Dan it says that you are an investigative journalist, where have those skills gone? The causes of excess infant mortality in the US have been well documented and have nothing to do with vaccine schedules and everything to do with the inequalities of the US health care system & excessive pre-term births:

But when scientists, including Wise and MacDorman, have crunched the numbers on infant mortality, they find that one factor is the biggest difference maker between the United States and other industrialized countries: premature births.

The poor infant-survival rates in the United States are intrinsically linked to high rates of preterm births, those that occur when a woman is between 22 and 37 weeks pregnant, rather than full-term — 37 to 41 weeks. And the same socioeconomic divides seen in infant mortality rates are seen with preterm birth rates — mothers who are African American, live in certain states or experience high levels of emotional stress http://sm.stanford.edu/archive/stanmed/2013fall/article2.html
In the United States, almost one in eight babies is born between 22 and 37 weeks’ gestation. That’s nearly the highest rate in the industrialized world — second only to Cyprus. The U.S. prematurity rate is double that of Finland, Japan, Norway and Sweden, according to the 2013 report by Save the Children.
Definitely not an alpha mark Dan for that bit of investigative reporting!


Is TB still a problem in Japan?

TB is endemic in milk cattle right?

There is this big push for raw milk, in hopes that a cow's IgGs in it's milk will dampen our kids inflamed immune system.

But I worry a lot about that one.

That TB vaccine is a really bad one in causing Kawasaki.
Apparently there is some kind of fungal macrophages in it?
This vaccine has been considered to give some one that on going fungal infections. It has been very well documented- with photos to boot, even starting at the injection site with a big red rash that occurs with Kawasaki disease and then spread all over the body.

Of course bunch of medical people thought it might be a good idea to use this vaccine to indicate if some one has -- underlying Kawasaki disease. Ohhhh, the frustration with pure stupidity of that bunch of medical people.

Angus Files

Next time I`m looking for a Starbucks, I`ll have a look for a vaccine clinic, it wont be far away..sad world or what.


Bob Moffitt

Dan .. are vaccines "mandatory" as a requirement to attend public schools in Japan?

In any event .. it infuriates me whenever I read or hear a "doctor" in the US .. labelling parents "crazy, stupid, anti-vaccines" .. for not vaccinating their precious children according to the "recommended and approved" US schedule of vaccines.

If "doctors" in the US are so confident THEIR recommended and approved vaccination schedule is the "best in the world" .. how do they explain "doctors" in every other country in the world are NOT following US vaccination models?

After all .. Both cannot be right .. either the aggressive US schedule is "right" .. or .. the reduced schedules in all other nations are?

How difficult should it be .. with modern technology .. to conduct a truly independent .. scientific study of the health of children .. in the US as compared to all other nations .. not just the obvious difference in infant mortality rates .. but .. of all chronic autoimmune disorders .. allergies, autism, juvenile type 1 diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, on and on.

This study would be of VACCINATED children in ALL countries .. so we don't have to concern ourselves with "denying" children vaccines to create an "unvaccinated" population in the US.

Surely the CDC, HHS, FDA, AMA, AAP ... should be eager to prove .. once and for all ... the aggressive vaccination policies in the United States have far more "benefit than risks" to children?

Whatever happened to the ""land of the free" .. where parents in the United States are "recommended .. required" to expose their precious children to more vaccination "risks" .. then parents in all other countries .. where public health authorities are extremely cautious in exposing children to the "risks" of United States vaccination policies?

Are those foreign public health authorities also .. "crazy, stupid, anti-vaccines" too?

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