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Your Small Donation Could Change Vaccine Policy in America

Penny-wise-pound-foolishWhile pharma spends millions (more?) on fancy PR campaigns, faux advocacy sites,  "journalists" who can copy from press releases and funnels dough to politicians from coast to coast, the vaccine safety community has relied on pluck, tenacity and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Age of Autism and other sites.  We join Canary Party in asking you to donate $5.00, maybe even $10.00 to Congressman Posey to show our numbers and our resolve. We KNOW our community is broke. We're mostly broke too......   Still, we humbly ask for your consideration.   We can make our penny wise program have an effect on their pound foolish full court press.   Thanks. KIM

From our friends at Canary Party.

Dear Vaccine Safety Advocates,

There is no question that Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) has been the best vaccine safety advocate in the current congressional session. He has displayed courage that sets him apart from the rest of his colleagues.

His floor speech revealing massive corruption at the CDC which employed drastic tactics to cover up an association between vaccines and autism in young African-American males cannot and should not be missed.

In a show of appreciation to Mr. Posey for his tenacity, a goal of raising $10,000 has been set for him. We’d like to donate in a way that demonstrates our numbers and doesn’t break the bank for any of us.

We are trying to get 1000 concerned citizens from our community to give just $10 to this brave man. If some of you can donate more, that’s fine too! Just doubling your donation to $20 could make a huge difference. If you are able to donate even more, please do so!

Won’t you please consider helping our champion on The Hill? Mr. Posey deserves huge accolades for his courage. Donating is a tangible way to help Rep. Posey, just as he has helped us. Donate HERE.

Grateful Advocates Supporting Posey


Tim Lundeen

The link is in the text, easy to miss. See " donate $5.00, maybe even $10.00 to Congressman Posey" in the first paragraph. Or, just go to:

David Taylor

Could a link be provided as to where and how donations are to be given to Posey?

Thank you!

Jeannette Bishop

Just donated ten hundred pennies (gotta say it that way cause it sounds pretty good if you don't do the math). Congressman Posey definitely deserves 10 or 20 times more!


Am I missing something on this page? I'll gladly donate, and where and how?


I was reading Orac's blog..interesting addition to the conversation at #124 ,#164 ..Then the Orac anti science people started asking for citations..then calling names..doing their usual middle school playground attacks..I do fear ,with enough funding, the congressional investigations may not take place. How much did Pan get before he started his assault on children, 95 k, more?

Kent Heckenlively

I just donated $100! We need to support good people like Posey. Pharma wins, not because they're stronger, but because they fight. We need to do the same. Make a donation to Posey equal to ONE hour of either speech or physical therapy that I know so many of you have done over the years. This is money that can count!!!!!!

go Rand

I would suppose that Representative Posey is in a Florida district where he could win re-election by standing up to the American drug lords harming infants for nearly 50 years. How many votes of what committee are needed to “simply hold a hearing” with Dr. Thompson ?

Sadly, those elected to our Washington government are not really in charge of anything any more.

Any progress with the investigation of the death of Dr. Bradstreet ? What major issues do not add up with this tragedy ? Where did all the records & research from his office end up ?

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