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When Was Your Autism 9/11?

9-11-TRIBUTEToday is, of course, a solemn day of mourning and reflection.  We all watched aghast as the Twin Towers were targeted by airplanes, struck, smoke billowing.  A lonely field in PA became a battleground. The images of fellow Americans choosing to perish via plummeting instead of burning alive are vivid in front of our eyes, the horror sears even 14 years later. 

What did we do as a nation?

We acted.

For a brief moment, we were purely Americans. No race. No creed. No color. No political party. We were simply Americans bonded in the common goal of making whoever was behind the attacks accountable. Punishable.

Where were you when we saw the attacks or heard the news? Tell us.

Age of Autism exists for one reason.


Many (most?) of our readers have watched their precious child plummet into autism. Is it death? Usually, no. No melodrama required. But is a diagnosis as life changing for a family as 9/11 was for our nation? For many of us, yes.  There is before 9/11 and after in the USA. There is before autism and after for families.

Do we have a Bin Laden? Do we have 100 Bin Ladens?

Do we act?




Ashes to ashes

mary w maxwell

I am replying to Betty Bona’s son. Young man, you rock. I am a dedicated conspiracy theorist and always pleased to meet one. I ran for Congress on the platform of “9-11 Was an Inside Job.” Needless to say the media avoided me like the plague. Oh, speaking of Plague, have you seen the book by Heckenlively and Mikovits? Although they don’t call it a conspiracy, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is, indeed, a duck. Right?
Sir, are you age 25 yet? If so, you can run for Congress. It is easier than you think. I am willing to help any fellow conspiracists to campaign. I got 11 percent of the vote as against the incumbent. Had I won, and served for the last 9 years, I would be a millionaire now. Congress’s pay is $174K per annum, so even allowing for bus fares and sandwiches I could have saved a mil. Please go to my Youtube channel (Do you have a channel? I’ll bet you do. They’re free.) And please see my 9-11 articles (and my Jeff Bradstreet articles) at GumshoeNews.com.
“Mary Maxwell’s 2006 Attempt to Become a Congressperson” is at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V975VF6_4CM

Gotta aim high.


This interview with a 9-11responder victim, from the Poughkeepsie Journal (I hope someday they win a Pulitzer for their coverage of Lyme disease, like autism it is shunned in the press and those affected shamed by all mainstream media-like Mr Olmstead and Sharyl Attkisson they were a voice).
The expiration of the compensation for 9-11 responders is coming up in Congress next week, expected to expire. I couldn't help but think of all of the parents here whose children suffer and need an extension on the filing time from vaccine court. (And those denied justice in the omnibus hearing). Perhaps an Eli Lilly style Rider for the autism victims amendment to the bill?



A tender subject.
I was working at the airport boarding passengers on a flight when the ground stop was called (my gratitude to whoever broached that idea). Haunting memories. Walking down a totally empty concourse normally teeming with people, trying to rebook passengers in total uncertainty of what was to come, trying fruitlessly to help a young man who was traveling to New York find his luggage in the jumble from grounded flights who told me he had been going to a wedding that was now believed to be a funeral. Stark lessons in how quickly and unexpectedly life can change course.
A lesson those here know well.
But the pendulum will swing. It must. Justice for the 5000 denied in the omnibus hearing, healing and care for those injured and their families.

my 2 cents on the election

Biden is simply biding time to see if Clinton is viable.
Trump needs to watch his words a little bit more and now that it's clear it's down to him, Carson and Fiorina, he needs to distinguish himself as being for medical/personal freedom. He's already spoken against lobbyism. He needs to talk about vaccine mandates because that is what his base wants and that is what so many citizens want. America can afford nothing less than that. We are losing too many children and all the politicians and health orgs have willfully stuck their head in the sand about it.

Angus Files

Do we have a Bin Laden? Do we have 100 Bin Ladens

We do have a, bin/garbage can, at the CDC smoking hot with the evidence of vaccine induced brain damage still not burnt to destruction and the same time,the ones obsessed about 9/11 wont give the garbage can a backward glance.

Shame on them..

RIP the innocents that died in the towers.


go Rand

There is a new case of Autism about every 11 minutes... about 130 children "dropping from the sky" each & every day.

In addition, there are still 3000+ SIDS cases in the US every year which is simply more of the same damn thing. Those children do not live to become messed up...

It all "starts on the day of birth" for the drug lords, with the removal of the 7th Amendment to the Constitution for newborns, and the administration of a prostitute, IV drug user vaccine...

four doses are needed because the first three do not work.

Betty Bona

Where was I when 9/11 happened? I was just barely dipping my little toe in the "biomedical treatment for autism" waters. Everyone around me was angry at me for not listening to the "no treatment for autism" mantra of the medical world. I was, however, bonded on the common goal stated above just like the great majority of Americans at the time.


Like the Twin Towers; our family had been targeted many times, and like all of New York City, and the authorities ;no attention much was paid to these near misses .

Yeah those bombs put down in the Twin Tower basement parking lot - by the blind -- peds - as in my daughter's Kawasaki disease, or my husband's seizure after a vaccine, and we could not figure out that the terrorists were really out to get us, and was planning to keep coming back.

Even after we went to War - When we really had a sure enough awareness -- our 9-11 with a sure enough ischemia stroke, and seizures for my son, it was only for just a while that we tried to toppled governments -- agencies - tried to do a policy change, called the state authorities - and even way up in Washington D.C. (yeap I am talking bout vaccines) and not the Iraq, Afghanistan -Libya, Syria toppling tyrants -- I did not go far enough - I was too soft. I still did not get it -- nope; I did not, and at that time there was still time to save my daughter -- I could have gone the extra effort -- not too the attitude that this was life and so get on trying to live it. I should have done more and I should have long - long ago started this no gluten - low carb stuff 20 years ago.

Instead I just toppled a few tyrants -- medicine for seizures, really into education, made sure there were no more vaccines for just my son and did not stick around for the really hard work of a gluten free diet, (nation building - or perhaps a better term -- a stable government), or really believed that vaccines for the whole family -- heck the whole country was really out of control bad thing; and I needed to fight for my daughter and my friends.

Nope, just like when- We had the next election cycle and the attitude to just leave the whole area as if the issue was now all worked out -- OHHHH and by doing so cost my daughter further damage -- losing everything - just like the refuges that are fleeing with nothing but the clothes on their backs -- well I guess we thankfully are still her safe refuge -- her and her brother's - Germany, but like Germany and Europe and the United States there is only so much we can take in.

---and my attitude to stop belly aching and get on with life also allowed my husband's injury to become worse as he continued to go to many doctors that were more than eager to treat his high cholesterol in which we did know that cholesterol medicine was very dangerous for someone with a mitochondria disease but we did not know that included even the medicine that just absorbs the fats in the gut. Not only that but there were so many other gifts from the medical terrorists and we just keep being soft.

Betty Bona

There are other "befores" and "afters" for me following the before autism and after autism. There's the before biomedical treatment and after biomedical treatment that changed my view of the medical world, and there's the before my knowledge solidified on the governmental/pharma collusion to delude the people about vaccines and after that changed my view of our government. I can no longer muster that patriotism I felt back on 9/11. Back then I was completely disgusted by people who said 9/11 was an inside job or was "allowed" to happen. Now I can't say "the government would never do that". When I heard that the Malaysia airlines went down with AIDs researchers on it (I originally heard they were on their way to an international conference where they were set to reveal exciting news), I instantly suspected we were not getting an accurate story from the news media. I hate feeling this way about our government, but I can't help it. My son, who is nearly off the spectrum, is angry at me because I won't join him in his belief that 9/11 was an inside job. I tell him that I will never say he is wrong, but I don't have the expertise in that area to say he is right (he doesn't either). What I do have is enough expertise to say there is serious government and pharma corruption and collusion around the safety and efficacy of vaccines, and that has changed me forever. I am now a person who never rejects arguments simply because they are proffered by "conspiracy theorists". And "our government wouldn't do that" is no longer a sufficient argument to set my mind at ease.

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