Vaccine Safety Was a Topic at Republican Presidential Debate
Trumps Stands with my Son, I Stand with Trump

Vaccines Covered In Republican Presidential Debate - Exposes Candidates’ Concern Over “Too Many Too Soon”

CArson TrumpFrom Canary Party:

Last night’s Republican Presidential Debate featured a discussion on vaccination in light of the Disneyland measles outbreak that went differently than the debate moderators anticipated.

A question was posed to Dr. Ben Carson asking if Donald Trump should stop linking childhood vaccinations to autism. In the discussion that followed, Dr. Carson made the following statement, “….It is true that we are probably giving way too many in too short a period of time. And a lot of pediatricians now recognize that, and, I think, are cutting down on the number and the proximity in which those are done, and I think that's appropriate.”

Donald Trump added to the conversation that autism has become an epidemic and “has gotten Canary logo 4 22totally out of control.” Mr. Trump then advocated for smaller doses of vaccines over a longer a period of time. Senator Rand Paul also chimed in, “I'm all for vaccines. But I'm also for freedom. I'm also a little concerned about how they're bunched up. My kids had all of their vaccines, and even if the science doesn't say bunching them up is a problem, I ought to have the right to spread my vaccines out a little bit at the very least.”

The Canary Party thanks these three brave candidates, two of whom are physicians, for having an honest conversation about vaccination. We are especially grateful for their recognition that our country has an immunization schedule that many parents see as too aggressive and rigid.

In the inevitable, post-debate commentary, many pundits have attacked the candidates for their remarks, repeating the tired claims that all connections between autism and vaccines have been “discredited.” None of these pundits acknowledge the admissions of fraud by a CDC insider that have discredited the government-funded studies that have fed the propaganda campaigns in defense of the federally-protected vaccine program. Dr. William Thompson, a vaccine safety analyst at the CDC, admitted that he and his co-authors “omitted statistically significant information” in a 2004 study that would have associated the MMR vaccine with autism. Instead, they published a paper in 2004 that exonerated MMR and held a secret meeting in order to destroy the evidence of fraud. Another CDC-funded researcher, Dr. Poul Thorsen, participated in several of the studies that found no role for vaccines in autism and is currently on the Office of Inspector General’s “Most Wanted” list for fraud. Contrary to what is widely reported in the media, and by the former pharmaceutical executives at Autism Speaks, there is a great deal of research that does link vaccines and autism and explores the mechanisms by which this process can happen.

We urge all candidates in the presidential election to review the research for themselves. We also call on them to heed the statement made by Congressman Bill Posey on the floor of the House of Representatives in July. Rep. Posey reported that Dr. Thompson had submitted a statement to his office testifying that his research team at CDC had gone to the lengths of bringing a garbage can into a meeting to throw away data that showed vaccine autism links so they would not have to include it in their findings. We ask that all candidates for higher office join Posey in calling for Congressional hearings into the scandal.

The Canary Party will continue to work to support and educate those candidates who take vaccine safety seriously and who seek to continue to have open, honest and brave conversations on this critical issue.



Tim Lundeen

I don't think Carly is reasonable -- isn't she for mandated vaccines for communicable diseases? She says "But I think that state governments can allow public schools to say that a child who hasn’t been immunized against an infectious disease that poses a public health risk can’t come to school." In other words CA SB277 is fine with her if they just cut back the mandated schedule.

Reasonable would be not requiring any vaccinations to attend school.

cia parker

More comments by potential candidates on vaccines. Carly and Ron Paul seem reasonable.

Dook's Dad

The problem is, as with some of the other more vocal celerities in the past, this aligns the topic with people who shoot off their mouths with incorrect information or claims. This just makes it look like we don't really know what we are talking about. It is also an issue that should be NON-PARTISAN and not politicized.

So these politicians demean the topic but using it as a dog whistles to get votes and you just have more people out there looking crazy and uniformed - that's exactly what vaccine defenders want.

We need informed people speaking for us who are interested in helping those affected - not looking for votes.


Be careful with politicians.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

No doubt some of the Republican strategists are seeing swing voters to be won over by upholding the party's stance against Big Government in the face of vaccine mandates, but I will need to see more emphatic statements before daring to hope for a scientific awakening.

Gary Ogden

Thank you, Canary Party (and Sharyl Attkisson). This will sow the seeds of doubt in many voters who heretofore had no reason to question government and media propaganda. As we gather signatures for the SB 277 Referendum, we are educating the public, as well. I am pleasantly surprised by the number of folks who were unsure, but signed anyway, and who are beginning the journey of research, beginning with my handout. Astonishing, too, is the sheer number of people who are mad as hell at the government. This is why Trump and Bernie have such large followings. Physicians on the national stage questioning the vaccine schedule! Couldn't have dreamed such a thing possible, or imagined a thing more welcome.

cia parker

I got interested in whether or not Chelsea got the shots for Charlotte. I'll bet she did:

She seems to totally support vaccines for Third World countries, and Hilary supported vaccines for all American children twenty years ago so fervently and sent out that ridiculous tweet from Grandmother Knows Best, that I'll bet they're both totally ensconced in Never-Never Land.

Now the next question is whether they gave any shots to Prince George and his sister Charlotte. I'd actually really like to know.


Unfortunately, Rachael MADdow (MSNBC) and Bernie Sanders just stated what a horrible thing (medical health emergency) it was to question vaccines. I hate to break it to you, but the Dems have totally sold out on this issue. I plan to send her a message tonight, but hate to break it to such a "journalist" that she may want to do some homework and talk to Sharyl Attkinson, a real journalist. Or she can also talk to me, a mother who continues to pull out the mercury out of her kids for ten consecutive years and getting them normalized. People need to speak up about what has happened to your kids and share, share and share again. The Republicans just opened this issue up to the American electorate. Please share your stories!

Gathing Signatures for NO on SB277

In Catholic theology, there is a concept called "Vincible Ignorance" which means that someone has every exposure to finding the truth, but deliberately does not pursue it due to their own will not to know.

Every single person in the mainstream media who refuses to even TALK to us, to ask WHY we first suspect vaccines as the cause of our children's neurological difficulties, is guilty of vincible ignorance. And when vincible ignorance causes brain damage and suffering to countless infants and children, that I am sure, is a mortal sin.

So Democratic Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and (I think?) Barbara Boxer--talk to RFK Jr and stop being ignorant. By now, you have NO Excuse. And Democrats like me are going to pass when it comes to working for the party if you don't wake up and join our fight against CDC corruption. Caling names isn't making us go away. Misrepresenting our mission and message is not making us go away. You Democrats are setting yourself up for a massive fall you didn't see coming if you don't get the whistleblower documents, find out about the CDC revolving door, and get the h-- with the program to clean up these vaccines. You think Trump is mysogynist? Maybe he is. But all of the doctors and the legislators and the media who refuse to listen to the stories of us Moms are mysogynists too (RFK Jr made that point in Sacramento this April). The science IS there. Read it, weep, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. THIS HORROR OF TRADING OCCASSIONAL BRAIN DAMAGE FOR OCCASSIONAL IMMUNITY CAN END OVERNIGHT.


Would Donald Trump release the Vaccine Schedule given to HIS CHILDREN and GRAND-CHILDREN ??? What doctor did he take his children to ? That would be a nice gesture.

As some of Trump's children are in their 20+ years, he obviously "knew decades ago" that there was a problem with the vaccine schedule and Autism.

The "obvious editing cuts" in the WSJ video were done ONCE AGAIN to try to "HIDE the ISSUE" from the American people.

I would assume the unedited clip is available somewhere.

The CNN vaccine question was asked in a very leading format and written by PHARMA. Thank goodness they could not write the answer.

...I would very much doubt that Hillary would answer the vaccine question honestly for her grandchild.

A better question for the debate... might be,

"Do you support SCHOOL/ VACCINE MANDATES on a "liability free medical product" which eliminates the 7th Amendment to the US Constitution to infants on their day of birth ??


This certainly got Chris Hayes' panties in a twist. I thought there was hope for him when he interviewed Sharyl Attkisson. I was wrong.


It was an extraordinary night last night as 22.9 million people watched that CNN Republican Presidential Candidate debate. That means that 22.9 million people heard three candidates, two of whom are medical doctors, state unequivocally that the vaccines given to babies and children should be spread out and that that should be a reasonable request.

That is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone needs to write to all of their own State, and US representatives, especially those who are up for re-election and tell them what was said and how they need to look into giving their constituents the right to space out their children's vaccines over a greater period of time, and there should be legislation that addresses this very issue. The CDC makes recommendations, not mandates. They need to hear this loud and clear!!!

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, The Canary Party! In a few short paragraphs you have made the point!


While I am glad SOMONE has the testicular fortitude to even say the word vaccine without pledge allegiance to the CDC, I try to patiently await the day when someone outside of the fringe of politics has the GUTS to say what needs to be said (Including the candidate that I am behind) and who is eager to here what Dr. William Thompson has to say. Hell will probably freeze over first but I can always hope.

Dan Burns

Conveniently, Sharyl Attkisson just published a list of research that links vaccines and autism. Forwarded to me through a chain of sources.

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