Vaccines Covered In Republican Presidential Debate - Exposes Candidates’ Concern Over “Too Many Too Soon”
Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Vaccine Injury Gets an Audience

Trumps Stands with my Son, I Stand with Trump

Trump with Family
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By J.B. Handley

It’s really not that hard: there is a guy running for President who has a viable chance at the Republican nomination who is telling the truth about what happened to my son and several million other children around the world. He is telling this truth despite the unbelievable influence and pressure of the pharmaceutical industry. He is telling the truth despite the fact that the CDC, IOM, AAP, and many others have all buried their heads in the sand and gone into damage control. He is telling the truth despite the fact that even Autism Speaks has bailed on this issue. And, with 23 million people watching, Donald Trump did not mince his words when given the chance to tell the truth about our kids:

Autism has become an epidemic.  25 years ago, 35 years ago, you look at the statistics, not even close.  It has gotten totally out of control.  I am totally in favor of vaccines, but I want smaller doses over a longer period of time.  Because you take a baby in--and I've seen it…I had my children taken care of over a long period of time, over a two or three year period of time--same exact amount.You take this little, beautiful baby and you pump--I mean it looks like it's meant for a horse, not for a child, we've had so many instances, people who work for me.  Just the other day, two years old, two and a half years old, the child, the beautiful child went to have the vaccine and came back an a week later, got a tremendous fever, got very very sick, now is autistic.  I only say--I'm in favor of vaccines, do them over a longer period of time--same amount, just in little sections."

AoA has always been a terrible forum for politics, and rightly so: we Autism parents come from very diverse backgrounds and the chances of us agreeing on something as complex as politics is virtually nil.

But, I will make the point to you anyway: Donald Trump is the best thing that has happened to our kids in a very long time and I hope we can all lay down our issues and stand with him.

I am not a Republican, Democrat, or even Libertarian (especially after Rand Paul punted on the autism question). I am a one-issue voter, and I’m willing to set aside everything else I care about for the microscopic chance that our government fixes the Autism mess. Immigration? I don’t care. Iran? I don’t care. Putin? Not my current problem. One million children in the U.S. alone who have had their lives needlessly altered by an iatrogenic mess? I care very deeply.

Show me a candidate who tells the truth about what happened to my son and I will show you a vote!

There were so many ironies in last night’s debate. Standing in California, land of the ruinous Senate Bill 277, and the three Republican candidates who got to talk about vaccines and Autism—Trump, Carson, and Paul—all said things that absolutely defied SB 277. Even Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon, agreed that many of our shots are unnecessary and given too close together—unbelievable!

A quick note to all my friends out there who are registered Democrats: If you saw what happened in Oregon (democrats trying to pass an Oregon version of SB 277), what happened in California, and what happened all over the country with Democrats trying to make vaccinations mandatory, I ask you a simple question:

If ending the Autism epidemic is your top priority, how in the world can you vote Democrat?

While I’m standing on my soapbox, I’d like to make two final points, in the unlikely event that someone out there with an open mind and a level of influence is actually reading this:

  1. We have a pediatrician up here in Portland, Dr. Paul Thomas, who has made a very interesting and compelling claim. Dr. Thomas claims that by making two simple amendments to the vaccine schedule (not giving Hepatitis B at all and delaying MMR until a child is over the age of 3) he has seen no cases of Autism in more than 2,000 patients. His claim seems to directly corroborate comments made by both Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.
  1. The continued assertion by doctors like Ben Carson that “the science” has shown vaccines do not cause Autism remains a blazing and oft repeated lie. It is my contention that anyone with even basic intelligence could quickly understand that the science Dr. Carson is referring to is simple tobacco science and that the studies referred to have never asked the right question, are rife with conflicts of interest, and we have recently learned they also were fraudulently created. Eight years ago, I wrote an entire website, Fourteen Studies, to explain this “hungry lie” and the point remains as true today as it ever was. (The only difference is that today we have a CDC scientist—William Thompson—who alleges deep corruption in the publication of some of theses studies. His willingness to be a whistleblower remains a topic our pharma-funded press appears unwilling to touch.)

Is Donald Trump a perfect presidential candidate? Far from it. Does he have any chance of winning? I have no idea. Did he just tell 23 million people the truth about what happened to my son? He did indeed. And for that, I stand with him.

 JB Handley is a Founding Editor for Age of Autism and co-founder of Generation Rescue.


Bob Moffitt

All Dr Carson, Dr Paul and Donald Trump are really saying .. is exactly what public health officials of every other developed country in the world say every day 6by their actions .. the schedule of recommended and approved vaccines for children of the US are unsafe .. not only too many .. too soon .. but .. some US approved vaccines are not worth the "risk" .. such as .. HEP B within hours of birth .. or .. HPV for boys as well as girls in their pre-adolescent years.

Would SOMEONE in our pitiful media please explain .. if the "science" is so clear ... why hasn't the United States vaccine schedule been implemented in all other "scientifically developed" countries?

Perhaps the dismal infant mortality rate in the US can explain their reluctance to implement the US's unnecessarily over-aggressive schedule.

As Dr. Carson tried to say .. not ALL vaccines are of equal "benefit vs risk" .. because not all diseases are either "communicable" .. or .. "life threatening".

Public health officials around the world understand that principle .. and .. their children are safer because of it.


Not me. Trump is a narcissistic nutjob. He is best buds with the Clintons who are strong Monsanto supporters. This is the dog and pony show. No way, IF Trump gets the nod from the Republicans, and he won't because the Republicans will never support someone they can't control, the issue of vaccines will never be brought up again. However for now, it makes good press which is what this is about.

david m burd

JB, Thanks for all you've done.

Could you clarify more about Portland's Dr. Paul Thomas, thanks.

Specifically, does he advocate the CDC Immunization Schedule's 6-7-8 doses injected at 2 months, again at 4 months, again at 6 months? Does he advocate infants get two flu shots (first at 6 month, second flu shot 4 weeks later)?

david m burd


Amen, J.B.! The truth is that if you don't "get it", you likely never will. It is easier to listen to the authorities than to open your very own eyes and see, and then to acknowledge what your eyes are showing you in every conceivable direction. Trump sees and acknowledges, regardless of whether or not others accept his views. He doesn't use heightened diction to present his views, either, and the "scientists" are going nuts over that fact.

Trump doesn't need a pharma-funded "scientist" or "thought leader" or "bioethicist" or "pharma-funded, phony front group" or "pharma-funded faux medical association" to present him with a false, unscientific, manipulated truth that differs from what his very eyes are repeatedly showing him. Trump is intelligent. He observes and he learns from what he sees.

TannersDad Tim

This is how I saw it... I heard nothing else! thank you JB and entire AofA crew with out you I am not sure I can make it through the day Love all prayers tears more prayers and maybe just maybe today a few cheers #3Agree #HoHf House of Cards Falling #CDCwhistleblower

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