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Trumps Stands with my Son, I Stand with Trump

Trump with Family
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By J.B. Handley

It’s really not that hard: there is a guy running for President who has a viable chance at the Republican nomination who is telling the truth about what happened to my son and several million other children around the world. He is telling this truth despite the unbelievable influence and pressure of the pharmaceutical industry. He is telling the truth despite the fact that the CDC, IOM, AAP, and many others have all buried their heads in the sand and gone into damage control. He is telling the truth despite the fact that even Autism Speaks has bailed on this issue. And, with 23 million people watching, Donald Trump did not mince his words when given the chance to tell the truth about our kids:

Autism has become an epidemic.  25 years ago, 35 years ago, you look at the statistics, not even close.  It has gotten totally out of control.  I am totally in favor of vaccines, but I want smaller doses over a longer period of time.  Because you take a baby in--and I've seen it…I had my children taken care of over a long period of time, over a two or three year period of time--same exact amount.You take this little, beautiful baby and you pump--I mean it looks like it's meant for a horse, not for a child, we've had so many instances, people who work for me.  Just the other day, two years old, two and a half years old, the child, the beautiful child went to have the vaccine and came back an a week later, got a tremendous fever, got very very sick, now is autistic.  I only say--I'm in favor of vaccines, do them over a longer period of time--same amount, just in little sections."

AoA has always been a terrible forum for politics, and rightly so: we Autism parents come from very diverse backgrounds and the chances of us agreeing on something as complex as politics is virtually nil.

But, I will make the point to you anyway: Donald Trump is the best thing that has happened to our kids in a very long time and I hope we can all lay down our issues and stand with him.

I am not a Republican, Democrat, or even Libertarian (especially after Rand Paul punted on the autism question). I am a one-issue voter, and I’m willing to set aside everything else I care about for the microscopic chance that our government fixes the Autism mess. Immigration? I don’t care. Iran? I don’t care. Putin? Not my current problem. One million children in the U.S. alone who have had their lives needlessly altered by an iatrogenic mess? I care very deeply.

Show me a candidate who tells the truth about what happened to my son and I will show you a vote!

There were so many ironies in last night’s debate. Standing in California, land of the ruinous Senate Bill 277, and the three Republican candidates who got to talk about vaccines and Autism—Trump, Carson, and Paul—all said things that absolutely defied SB 277. Even Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon, agreed that many of our shots are unnecessary and given too close together—unbelievable!

A quick note to all my friends out there who are registered Democrats: If you saw what happened in Oregon (democrats trying to pass an Oregon version of SB 277), what happened in California, and what happened all over the country with Democrats trying to make vaccinations mandatory, I ask you a simple question:

If ending the Autism epidemic is your top priority, how in the world can you vote Democrat?

While I’m standing on my soapbox, I’d like to make two final points, in the unlikely event that someone out there with an open mind and a level of influence is actually reading this:

  1. We have a pediatrician up here in Portland, Dr. Paul Thomas, who has made a very interesting and compelling claim. Dr. Thomas claims that by making two simple amendments to the vaccine schedule (not giving Hepatitis B at all and delaying MMR until a child is over the age of 3) he has seen no cases of Autism in more than 2,000 patients. His claim seems to directly corroborate comments made by both Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.
  1. The continued assertion by doctors like Ben Carson that “the science” has shown vaccines do not cause Autism remains a blazing and oft repeated lie. It is my contention that anyone with even basic intelligence could quickly understand that the science Dr. Carson is referring to is simple tobacco science and that the studies referred to have never asked the right question, are rife with conflicts of interest, and we have recently learned they also were fraudulently created. Eight years ago, I wrote an entire website, Fourteen Studies, to explain this “hungry lie” and the point remains as true today as it ever was. (The only difference is that today we have a CDC scientist—William Thompson—who alleges deep corruption in the publication of some of theses studies. His willingness to be a whistleblower remains a topic our pharma-funded press appears unwilling to touch.)

Is Donald Trump a perfect presidential candidate? Far from it. Does he have any chance of winning? I have no idea. Did he just tell 23 million people the truth about what happened to my son? He did indeed. And for that, I stand with him.

 JB Handley is a Founding Editor for Age of Autism and co-founder of Generation Rescue.



Trump shares vaccine skepticism on call with RFK Jr. in leaked video

An interesting development.
Trump just wants to give smaller doses?
No candidate wants to get rid of vaccines.....just make them safer, smaller.


RFK Jr. is also adamantly pro-vaccine as is his extended family. He claims he just wants SAFE vaccines. But is that possible?

His uncle, President Kennedy, welcomed the new "childhood" vaccines with open arms:
"But RFK, Jr. persists, and so his siblings Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Joseph P. Kennedy II, and his niece Maeve Kennedy McKean, sought to set him right. Kennedy, they wrote, “has helped to spread dangerous misinformation over social media and is complicit in sowing distrust of the science behind vaccines.”

Kathleen, Joe and Maeve are hardly the first Kennedys to be smart about vaccines. As they write in their Politico story, the giant of the family, President John Kennedy, signed the Vaccine Assistance Act of 1962 into law, expanding the use of the relative handful of childhood vaccinations available at the time. “There is no longer any reason why American children should suffer from polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, or tetanus,” Kennedy said in a message to Congress. “I am asking the American people to join in a nationwide vaccination program to stamp out these four diseases.”"

Sadly, Maeve Kennedy and her son died tragically by drowning in the ocean during Covid lockdowns. She had recently promoted Anthony Fauci publicly and dissed her uncle RFK Jr. because of his linking autism with vaccines.

Dr. Walter Orenstein (of Simpsonwood fame) gives us the vaccine history:
Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Immunizations, and MMWR --- 1961--2011

For SG

Hi, SG. JB posted that on his own Substack today referencing his old post. Without RFK inside the administration, I see no promise from a 2nd term. But Lucy is so sincere when she holds that football. Kim


From your newsletter today: "Author’s Note: On September 18, 2015, almost 9 years ago, I wrote a post for the Age of Autism titled Trump Stands with my Son, I Stand with Trump. Trump had recently been spouting facts in the Republican debates about autism and vaccines that no one else was willing to say. At the time I wrote the article, I didn't think he had a great chance to become the nominee, much less President. Fast forward to today and two things are true: Trump still believes what he said in 2015 (Leaked video shows Trump criticizing vaccines on phone with RFK Jr.), and he did absolutely nothing to reduce the rate of autism while President between 2016-20. Let’s hope Round 2 is different."

1) Why wouldn't you support RFK, Jr if you are voting on a single issue? He is the only candidate who has been advocating about vaccine safety for years.
2) People show us their true colors. Trump did nothing to reduce autism while he was president. Why would you hope round 2 is different. It won't be.
3) Trump's VP pick was an advocate for firing all unvaccinated nurses.
4) Trump rushing the Covid vaccine caused injury and death to MANY.

I don't see how voting on a single issue would lead you to Trump, regardless of him speaking out about your son. The only advocate for vaccine safety is RFK, Jr.

Peter Hanna

This is a huge surprise! Donald Trump's son probably has autism too.

Angus Files

Autistic British man faces jail after admitting trying to steal cop's gun to open fire at Donald Trump rally


Lucy Brenton

I am the Libertarian Candidate for US Senate from Indiana 2016. I am personally #NeverVax You may read about my other positions at As Senator, I will work to immediately repeal the NCVIA. Manufacturers must be held accountable to their customers. When manufacturers are liable for the harm their products cause, they develop safer products. It is the patient who bears the risk - and therefore must always have the choice to reject any and all medical treatments. We must protect the choice of the individual in every circumstance.

Henny Kupferstein

I am not an epidemic. I am an autistic scholar and researcher, and worthy of living my existence on this planet without being fed bleach or being annihilated. The same goes for my children, whether they communicate via speech or not.


"Vaccines and foods are only a "trigger", not the cause. "


According to the late Dr Mayer Eisenstein, if Chicago's Homefirst Medical Services

" 40 years ago when I started my practice only 1 in 10,000 children had autism. Today it's 1 in 100. What is the only difference we have seen? The inordinate number of vaccines that are being given to children today. My partners and I have over 35,000 patients who have never been vaccinated. You know how many cases of autism we have seen? ZERO, ZERO. I have made this statement for over 40 years: "NO VACCINES NO AUTISM"."

Certainly looks like when they avoided they trigger, they also avoided the cause.

Unless of course, they didn't eat.


I have looked up what DOCTOR Jill stand on vaccines are ----
Not even on her radar.


cia parker;
I advise you to just not bother to vote at all. Just stay home, save your gas, put your feet up, and rest for the next big health ordeal because health issues always seems to be simmering under the surface even on the best days.

And even if you get one as healthy as can be - after a vaccine injury - the medical mafia will demand 10,000 dollars for a 380 dollar medical procedure cause Congress never demanded they write these prices down and put them in a phone book type of price listing for us the consumers.

So, maybe you could spend your time writing to your Congressmen and asking why he did not bother to do that small service for us. That would be time better spent.

cia parker

I agree with Linda. Yes, many of us have genes that predispose us to autism, but there is evidence that this predisposition is part of having a strong, vigorous immune system. If we don't get the vaccines, we're fine, and healthier than most because we have a very efficient immune system. If we get the vaccines, our immune systems react TOO vigorously, with encephalitis and encephalitic brain damage. We also seem to have a deficient level of glutathione, which means we tend to store vaccine toxins like mercury in our brain and bones rather than excreting it as quickly and completely as most people do. But if we don't get the vaccines (or other mercury exposure) we're fine.

I think parents must research all of this very carefully and consider whether any family members have neurological or autoimmune disease, which probably indicates that they have similar genetic situations (I'm not going to say problems, because these genes also bring many benefits). I hope that parents will come to realize how mild most of the VPDs nearly always are, how beneficial many of them are, and learn alternative ways of preventing or treating the diseases if they occur. And then make their choice. I think it would be wrong to compel them to act one way or the other. All of the VPDs HAVE killed or disabled, although I realize that the vaccines do so more often. I would never say make sure your child is well-nourished and then vaccinate without fear: a tragic reaction is too often the result.

cia parker

It's really a choice between the devil and the deep, blue sea. I wouldn't vote for either Trump or Hillary if you held a gun to my head. At this time I'm planning to vote for Jill Stein, the Green candidate. I'm aware that in a way it's throwing away my vote, but since both of the candidates are truly simply disgusting, I have no choice. If enough people refuse to vote for either Trump or Hillary, it at least sends a message to both the Republicans and Democrats that if either wants power, they'd better take a serious look at this issue and start doing something to protect their constituents from pharma greed and lies.

Bob Moffit

In a few months .. we will learn if Trump is the candidate that I believe him to be .. by who Trump appoints to his cabinet .. most especially those he appoints as Commissioners of public health .. the CDC, FDA and Health and Human Services.

Last night Trump was asked if Dr. Ben Carson would be appointed to head HHS .. claiming it was too early to name his cabinet at this time .. he none-the-less stated he has found Dr. Carson to be an honorable man .. someone Trump has great trust in to .. "do the right thing".

There are MANY candidates Trump could nominate for these positions .. candidates that do not have the usual "conflicts of interest" .. indeed .. OUTSIDERS of the entrenched bureaucracies .. just like himself.

Hans Litten

Danchi - Hillary-Bluesky is a disaster for us .Trump is the best hope we've got :

I am being proven right about massive vaccinations—the doctors lied. Save our children & their future.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 3, 2014
So many people who have children with autism have thanked me—amazing response. They know far better than fudged up reports! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 4, 2014
Trump has even said what he would do about the vaccine problem as president, 2 years before he even announced he was running:
If I were President I would push for proper vaccinations but would not allow one time massive shots that a small child cannot take – AUTISM. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 27, 2014

John Stone


I was just addressing the question of what an in-coming President might do without having to coax a bought-out Congress. I wasn't really arguing about Trump at all.


I have no trouble with people following Trump if that's their choice. My issue is making him into something he clearly is not and that is a champion for Parental Choice/Anti- Vaxx causes. I am looking at Trump, his character and what the words that are coming out of his mouth are saying. Everyone who stands with him always has post with caveats that compare him to what other candidates are saying-doing or not saying or doings or something else. They make these comparisons to justify their position. I'm not making comparisons. I am simply LOOKING & HEARING at what Donald Trump himself is saying. Donal Trump is saying what I have posted numerous times and it's clear, concise and the message is NOT MIXED;

"First of all, I’m a big believer in vaccines."
"The bottom line is they have to get vaccinated."
Trump says he favors vaccines.

No where has Trump made a policy statement saying he will even look into the vaccine polices of the US, no where has he provided ANY insights on how he would even convince congress to look into this issue. In other words he has NO PLAN. So if people need to do a Bill Clinton on themselves (waffle & wave) to make Trump work for them-God Bless. Trump is going to distance himself from this issue. Despite what others on this site have labeled it--this is not a liberal - conservative issue and I really hate that kind of rhetoric. There is enough divisions on this matter why create more.

How do you continue to support a person who makes this statement:
“To all haters and losers: I am NOT anti-vaccine, but I am against shooting massive doses into tiny children. Spread shots out over time.”

It's not difficult to figure out who the haters are. I'm pretty sure that the losers he's referring to are the anti-vaxx people who keep hanging on. IMHO, my opinion which I am entitled to as many of you are entitled to yours, I genuinely believe many are investing a significant amount of energy into an Oak Island Money Pit scenario. It's your energy, time and money to invest that way but it will not deter me from posing dissenting information about Trump even if some of you get testy when I do it. I've never been in a position to deal in suppositions. I deal in facts and the facts are Donald Trump has NEVER stated he is for Parental Choice, He has stated he is Pro-Vaccine, a big believer in vaccines and favors vaccines. How anyone can glean from noncommittal statements such as I believe vaccine can cause autism, spread the shots out and there needs to be studies or I'd like to see studies, that this is a happening.... that to me is like saying the US needs to cut back on spending to balance the budget.



"Vaccines and foods are only a "trigger", not the cause. "

Without the trigger, there is no disease. Therefore, the trigger is the cause.

John Stone


I don't know what Trump will do,and agree he probably is troublingly not committed to doing anything, but he could possibly make a lot of difference with appointments. I wonder also whether - given that pharmaceutical advertising was deresticted by an administrative order under Bill Clinton - whether this could not be reversed by an administrative order.


I'm an "autism parent" and what Trump said is exactly right in my experience. We have a generation of kids that are quite ill. I live in MI and we have our 3 year old son under the care of Dr. Michael Goldberg in Tarzana, CA. He does a series of labs and food panels to see what might be causing the issues. Our son, like so many others showed dairy sensitivity, soy sensitivity as well as very high ANA Titers, low NK Cells, high allergens and a viral component affectin his immune system. Dr Golderg started treating him medically with small doses of safe and proven medications and the turnaround in our son has been nothing short of miraculous. I wish the medical community and parents of these children would take a closer look at the immune system and stop blaming vaccines. Vaccines and foods are only a "trigger", not the cause. The underlying issues are already in place. I've seen this first hand where the vaccine, when given to a child with an already compromised immune system, will cause phenotypes that resemble autism, but are not truly the Kanner version of true autism. We need to slow down these vaccines or not give them at all. And we definitely shouldn't be giving 6-8 at one time to a child. We also need to stop with the Hep B vaccine to children still in the nursery at the hospital. This is political correctness gone mad. Make sure the child is healthy. Spread them out. Watch the diet of the child and for God's sake please quit fighting this battle on vaccines causing autism. It's truly a waste of time and a battle that won't be won by either side. I am pro vaccine, but I'm more pro education and parental choice. The one thing we have to remember is that science cannot change. It can be manipulated to fit an agenda, but it cannot be changed. An epidemic can NEVER be developmental or genetic. Never.


For AVA:
Thank you for using common sense and critical thinking. Trump has come out and made statements in regards to his position on vaccines yet far too many pro-choice/anti-vax people are completely ignoring what he says on the supposition that once he's president he'll do this that or another. It's not connecting that the president has to have people in congress and the senate to go along with him to do policy changes and if you look at the number of former who have become lobbyist for the medical industrial complex- you know those people are only looking out for themselves: Former Members- Many of these smaller unknown groups have strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Look at how easily the bill to not label GMO foods passed earlier this year thru congress. The bio-tech and the pharmaceutical industries are in bed together. We all know it.

Trump Statement 2007:
BRILLIANT TRUMP REVISES VACCINE SCHEDULE FOR HIS SON. Read the highlighted part. Maybe I didn't get the secret code here but I don't see anything brilliant about what he did because any parent can do this-it's just a matter of asserting your parental authority. Also from this many people believe Trump's son is autistic-he is not. This seems to have got the ball rolling.

April 10, 2016: Trump on Vaccines and Autism: Pro-Vaccine but Cautious:
Read the article. The man is quite clear:
Sharyl Attkisson: “Viewer question: What’s your position on freedom of choice regarding various vaccines that could be dangerous for some children and why is the mere discussion of making vaccines safe censored?”

Donald Trump: “It’s the most unbelievable discussion I’ve ever been involved in. If you say anything about vaccines that is slightly, like…holding back the hate mail, the level of vitriol, it’s incredible when you see it. First of all,

I’m a big believer in vaccines.

But there could something to the theory that these massive doses that are given to children have an impact on autism. There could be something to it. Now some people say no, some people say yes, I’d like to see studies.

The bottom line is they have to get vaccinated.

When I was going to school as a young guy, polio was a really big problem and vaccines knocked it out. So the vaccines are very important, but we have to study the vaccines and we have to be very, very careful with vaccines.”
(Did you notice that Trump NEVER answered the viewers question? He's a con and he knows how to manipulate)

I've seen so many anti-vaccine sites twist this article to fit their paradigm. The man called for studies, fewer shots at a visit and to be careful BUT he clearly stated:
-First of all, I’m a big believer in vaccines.
-The bottom line is they have to get vaccinated.

This is a pattern he repeats but he clearly came out and said:
-Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 3, 2014
I'm not against vaccinations for your children, I'm against them in 1 massive dose. Spread them out over a period of time & autism will drop!
-Donald Trump quotes: Vaccines, Ebola and Universal Health Care
Via Twitter:
“If I were President I would push for proper vaccinations but would not allow one time massive shots that a small child cannot take – AUTISM.”

“To all haters and losers: I am NOT anti-vaccine, but I am against shooting massive doses into tiny children. Spread shots out over time.”

Now because he did the interview with Sharyl Attkisson people again, somehow pulled out of this he's supports a parents right to choose. Trump has never said a parent has a right to choose. Truthking & Dr. Tenpenny facebook page posted a story claiming Trump said parents have a right to choose. He stated in the Attkisson piece "The bottom line is they have to get vaccinated" and in the same interview says parents have a right to choose? If he did say this and he didn't, just on the basis of these comments he's talking out both sides of his mouth. Now his campaign spokesperson is doing damage control:
Elizabeth Emken, a former executive with the leading advocacy group Autism Speaks.
Autism Speaks is the group that Anne Daschel concluded in her piece Autism Speaks. It's Time to.... Live with It. January 18, 2016
"Autism Speaks once again gives us the absurd side of the autism epidemic."

Emken gives Trump plausible deniability with TPTB and at the same time continue to dangle a carrot in front of the pro-choice/anti-vaxx group:
She stated that in essence, "we don’t know the cause of autism and we shouldn’t rule vaccines out.

“The position of Autism Speaks has been for quite awhile that we need to find out what’s happening,” she replied. “We know there’s a genetic component and there’s an environmental trigger and until we get to the bottom of what’s happening, no one knows what causes autism. Anyone that tells you what does or what doesn’t cause autism is simply not basing that on facts.”

Truthkings continues to indulge in cognitive dissonance with the following rationalization:
That’s her sidestepping the question to a certain degree, but at least she didn’t completely fold over what seemed like an unplanned question. Some mainstream media sources are pitching this as “Trump’s spokesman says she isn’t sure if vaccines cause autism” as a way to deflate Trump’s momentum over the matter.

Trump told Attkisson "they have to get vaccinated" There are NO MIXED MESSAGES here. Studies? Who else has called for studies and have been ignored over the years:
Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Brian Hooker, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dr.Tetyana Obukhanych, Dr. Sears, Dr. Richard Moskowitz,Dr. Mercola, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Mark Geier, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. David Brownstein, Dr. Toni Bark, Dr. Paul Thomas, journalist such as Del Bigtree, Sharyl Attkison, Jon Rapport, Mike Adams, Jeff Jaxen, Benn Swan, Barbara Loe Fisher, Marco Cáceres, Catherine Frompovich, Brandon Turbeville, Tony Cartalucci, Aaron Dykes, Melissa Dykes, Christina England and the hundreds of web sites such as: Vac Truth, Age of Autism, WHALE, International Medical Council on Vaccination, Green Med, Jon Rapport, The Refuses, Prevent Disease, Healthy Protocols, Think Twice, Health Impact Communities, Fearless Parent, AOA and hundreds of more who have been blogging for years CONSISTENTLY-NOT JUST DURING AN ELECTION YEAR WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR THEM. I would be greatly amiss if I didn't acknowledge the assassination of doctors who have been supportive and out spoken in regards to vaccine damage-reveling what has covertly been put in vaccine.

AT some point people need to take the plugs out of their ears, pull off the blinders and listen to what Trump clearly states about vaccines:
"First of all, I’m a big believer in vaccines."
"The bottom line is they have to get vaccinated."
Trump says he favors vaccines.

You know if he believes that a guy he knew in school was cured by the polio vaccine-he's a true believer.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

I tend to avoid political debates/discussions. However, I will take the time to say that now that it's Trump vs. Hillary, I will have to vote for Trump, if only to prevent Hillary from getting the presidency. Hillary has always been in the pocket of the highest bidder, so if she wins, you can be assured that vaccine injured children will be shoved aside further.

It is my fervent hope that a strong independent candidate steps forward.

You've got my attention. I was not a single issue voter, I want a study of the 1 to 8 year olds and a vaccine vs. non vaccine study...straight away. If Trump would shake my hand, I'd be all in....


So disappointed to read this. :( I am a big fan of JB Handley and Trump is such a hideous human being, vaccine position aside, I am quite shocked to see Mr. Handley supporting him. I believe this nation has got to stop voting for the perceived lesser evil and start demanding more ethical candidates to step up to the political plate! I will never vote for Trump.

TannersDad Tim Welsh

New playlist about Barron Trump

Kristie Burchit

Foundation of curing things on multiple fronts is getting big $ out of politics. Only one candidate campaigns to do just that. #FeelTheBern


Trump is only candidate with common sense & courage to tell it like it is for autistic people and Americans in general.

Autism is an epidemic

I'm a one issue voter.
TRUMP for president!

JB, yes, he told our story, too...James Frye should have been holding the offensive line for the Seattle Seahawks tonight, at 6'5" 290 pounds but rendered ASD with his MMR in 1996, well, we all know here how that went to hades in a basket full of "stuff" awhile back. I love Bernie Sanders simple approach and in heart, a socialist myself! Free college, buff up the middle class, make the upp r 1% pay their more than fair share! Yes, you get all.damn day long! But a President who's anti split...until voting for the anti vaccine, arrrgh!


I have to give Ben Carson credit though - he said there are a few diseases that are dangerous but the number of vaccines -- well you all know what he said.

I was surprised and pleased that he did this.

Angus Files

We all know that Carson is a flat-out lie. And we know that Carson knows that everyone knows that he knows he`s a flat-out lie.

So why, do pharma knowingly, deliberately, publicly lie to the people of of the world that vaccines COULD be safe, if you stagger the shots?
It’s not isolated. It’s being repeated at every level as we seen with Carson.
It’s being repeated on leaflets put through people’s doors.
It’s being repeated on social media.
Its being repeated on peoples TV`s.
All of these annual repetitions come and continue to come long after many proofs of Autism by vaccine . Whenever challenged, Pharma clockwork wind a mouthpiece and out it mumble `s irrelevancies about the past eradication of some pharma made illness, and duck behind some weasel words, but as soon as the heat is off- they simply go back to the original version of the lie, vaccines don’t cause autism.

It’s a startling demonstration of just how utterly bereft of strategy that pharma is that it keeps insisting the Emperor is wearing a really rather splendid set of new robes when everyone else can see his tackle swinging in the breeze. In terms of sheer contempt for the intelligence of the electorate in the USA, how could anyone, vote anyone else, apart from Trump.


david m burd

Bayareamom awhile back cited how INDOCTRINATED are the medical professions, and she is right on.

Even as Dr. Ben Carson has been an accomplished child neurosurgeon, that's probably the bounds of his expertise.

Unfortunately Carson has certainly been "indoctrinated" by the non-surgical Medical Empire to regurgitate their indoctrinated dogma that 26+ vaccine doses into infants by 7 months is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I hope such as our Dan Olmsted gets his writings to Trump to bolster his confidence. Of course, other medically honest pros have already prepped Trump -- God, I hope so.


LInda 1 Oh yes, I am sure of it too! He would fold, even though he had he spoke the truth - a moment of weakness? Not even weakness -- President Obama when he was running had his gentle moment and danced around the issue too.

I knew President Obama was doing lip service - and so is Ben Carson.

And we should not forget what Ped Pan was like before he got elected.

Ben Carson - I have heard - even served on a vaccination board of some kind.

And guys if you think less vaccines would help and spread them out more --- hmmm mine were hurt in the early and mid 1980s. The whooping cough one is the one that did them in-- and if I want to go on further back -- it was the whooping cough that made me have thyroid condition and in 1984 I had one while pregnant and a few weeks later miscarried -- No- I did not connect it to the vaccine for years and years and years.

British Mum

@ Shelley Tsorfas and others

A few months ago an article on cerebral malaria popped up in my internet feed. It recounted how researchers had found, by using some sort of scanner, that a child seriously ill with cerebral malaria had part of the brain swell/inflame down towards the brainstem thus cutting off the blood/whatever supply to the brain and causing death. The signs that this had happened were not found post mortem because the brain 'moved' back into the skull during the physical post-mortem examination.

The term 'Chiari malformation' also springs to mind because it has been found that some (stress 'some' not all) children with autism have been found on examination to have a Chiari malformation which may (stress 'may') be correctable by operation depending on the individual. Within the last month or so I've read an article from an Autism Mother in the USA describing how her son with autism had a reduction in his symptoms following correction of a previously undiscovered Chiari malformation. She had considerable difficulty finding a doctor willing to try to correct the Chiari malformation.

I have very poor luck doing links but I will try later on. I'm certain you'll be luckier than me if you can spare the time.

Cherry Misra

Just as many of us do not like the gently deceptive term "autism", I believe that we need to take the emphasis from the holy word "vaccines" and instead say something like "Invasive medical procedure" and " You have no right to invade my body" Actually , why does anyone imagine that the invasion of our bodies will end with vaccines? - Merely because that it what is currently making money for our pharma dictators. We also need to take the emphasis away from children (who are unclean and sick all the time in the public perception) A number of people in the know have pointed out that big pharma is secretly salivating to get their claws into the adult population . Vaccines today - More vaccines tomorrow - and who can say what medical intervention society will require from you in 10 or 20 years- Some thing you NEED of course.

Cherry Misra

To JB- Could you ask Dr. Paul Thomas if he ever gave those 2000 babies flu vaccines with mercury? Perhaps Oregon has a law against giving babies and pregnant moms flu vaccines with mercury? Some states have no such law apparently. This matters a great deal. I am not trying to imply that MMR and Hep B are not involved in causing autism- merely pointing out that lets not make more mistakes as we try to correct others.

Shelley Tzorfas

Autism is a word used to confuse and manipulate people into thinking that it is some kind of a disease when what it really is most of the time is the effects of what it Really is; Brain Encephalitis. After dangerous toxins such as Aluminum, thimerosal-mercury, formaldehyde Ammonium salts, deadly peanut byproducts, cells of cows (That contain bovine leukemia), dogs, pigs, insects, MSG and others are shot into your newborn, infant or children..the brain stem swells. If the swelling does not get reduced your child can die from SIDS-Sudden Infant death Syndrome, if the swelling goes down a little they have Autism, a little more and they can have a variety of learning disabilities, hypotonia and perhaps Dyslexia.
I had met Donald Trump years ago when I was invited to one of his rooftop parties in NYC. What I want him to know today is how kids went from 7 vaccines to more than 70 so spreading them out is still poisoning them; even reducing the amount that they get is fallible because there are so many.If you cut out 50% the child still gets 35 or more. However, it is a breath of fresh air that he takes a stand on this topic. This time around I will gladly leave the democratic party to vote with Trump because I can't think of anything more important than the safety of our natural resources-namely the children. Please Donald, remove the protection that the vaccine maker's were given in 1986 that keeps them free from lawsuits in regular courts no matter how many become Autistic or die and let's hold THEM accountable. After all, more children have become chronically ill or passed away from these dangerous cocktails than the temporary illnesses they were supposed to protect them from. See "Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs."

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

To Jenny:
Thanks for asking about my son. He ran away on September 4, was found by Amtrak police on September 9, who had him taken to Mass General Hospital, and from there was just allowed to walk away.

He was found again on Sept 11 by police in Belmont MA. They kept him until I came to get him. I took him to Cambridge Hospital, and unless he agreed to return to the group home, the only thing they could offer was to discharge him to a homeless shelter in the Harvard Square area.

Standards of care for people with mental afflictions in Massachusetts are an outrage. I would be interested to hear how adult runaways fare in other states, or other countries.

Donald Trump is my choice because he dares to be outrageous. My outrage goes nowhere.


Maybe Carson's saying that pediatricians know and are doing things differently comes from pediatricians contacting him. You never know. However, I do think that if elected he would fold and do whatever the AAP, CDC, etc. dictate.

Rebecca Claire

It's too late for Ben Carson, he's already taken Big Pharmas money and has stated adamantly that "no one has the right to refuse vaccinations" What he did in the debate is try to talk out of the other side of his mouth so that if elected he can claim both positions. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've had it up to here with double talkers. Trump has been making the connection between vaccines and Autism for 3-4 years, well BEFORE he ever thought about running for president. If he stands firm in his stance about the connection between vaccines and Autism, he's got my vote. If you vote for a democrat, don't cry when you are forced to line your kid up for vaccines.

False scientists...

I think upon reflection I was maybe harsh on what all candidates said in regard to the question. Trump did speak his truth (even if I had wished he had straight out said the CDC is inept and corrupted). I suppose it was pretty amazing that Carsonuestioned the schedule and did admit many doctors are concerned about too many vaccines for children these days. I still think Rand is weak and should have spoken more strongly. His capitulation to having a public flu vaccine was really stupid, especially given how I effective they are and given how much they probably add to the causal burden in autism- pregnancy and yearly for children now- not a good example to set at all.


Nick's Mom
The changes you suggested a President can do-no, not if it's legal. Look how the republicans are still fighting the affordable care act saying it's illegal. It's not as simple as people think it is. I used to think like that until I got involved in Politics years ago and found out that people you send to Washington are not there to represent you. The voters are a legal means to an end. Ultimately corporations actually put people in office by using their money to sway people's votes. When I'm reading comments from people who are complaining about their representative I always remember this line from a TV show Leverage:

[Sophie is at a Congressman's party, pretending to be a lobbyist for a defense contractor.]
Sophie: My company's focused on meeting Senators, but I'm thinking Congressmen.
Charles Dufort: You know the great thing about Congressmen? Fifty, a hundred grand well spent will get one elected. But then once they're in, the incumbency rate is over ninety-five percent! So you can get on average eighteen, twenty years use out of one of them. In these uncertain times, buying a United States Congressman is one of the best investments a corporation can make.
Hardison: [listening in on comms] Oh, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I'm a professional criminal and I find that disturbing.

Candidates make all the right moves and say the right things and preach to certain groups but at the end of the day they will fall in line, do what they are told and suddenly develop amnesia about the constitutes concerns. Far too many old-times are supported by the pharmaceutical industry and when they leave congress-they want that cushy lobbyist job or a seat on the board of some company that pharma will reward them with.

-20 years of data reveals that Congress doesn't care what you think.
This is why nothing gets done in Washington-Corporate interest. Doesn't matter who is sitting in the White House.
One solution to the problem-term limits.

Jeannette Bishop

Re Dr. Thomas, I'm not JB, but I've viewed this before:

There might be more on his channel.


I'd vote for a stuffed turkey before ever voting again for a Democrat. I was a lifelong voter for them but it has been stunning to see how they have completely sold out to Pharma and Biotech.

That being said, I'm losing hope that the general public is not becoming as fascist as they are. I guess it will become clearer how the public reacts to Trump's comments and if the people of the US actually do want to give up all consent over medication. It's up to the Millennials to decide really, if they want to live that way in a fascist nanny state or not. I don't think the older generations want to give up freedoms they have had for generations.

david m burd


As per my earlier comment, please could you briefly summarize Dr. Paul Thomas' approach to the Immunization Schedule for all the OTHER dozens of vaccine injection by 6/7 months?

I think everybody here needs to know more. THANKS!

david m burd

Nick's Mom

What perturbs me about the government bureaucracies is that, unlike in private companies, they are allowed to hold investments, patents and work for the very entities they are supposed to be regulating or conducting safety studies on. This, my friends, is highly unethical business practice and is illegal in many professions, such as CPA firms. As an auditor, you are required to divest all of your stock, real estate holdings etc. from any corporation or entity with which you have any professional ties. Obviously this is to protect the integrity of the audit and to make sure that parties are truly independent. What we have at the government agencies is the complete opposite of independence - this is what needs to be addressed at the Presidential level. The President can make sure changes are made that brings government agencies in line with common sense business ethics. So, no more CDC employees having vested interests in vaccines and conducting safety studies. No more FDA employees quitting and starting to work for a pharmaceutical company right away. No more undue influence from any of these players. We just need a President willing to do it. God bless the candidate who will put Americans first over government greed and self-interest.


NBC did a piece last night about how Trump's statements match up to the facts.
Of course they checked with the American Academy of Pediatrics who said he was dead wrong. They then checked with Trump and he stands by his comments.

If you have been living this shitty "autism" life how can you not love this guy?

He's got my vote.

Nick's Mom

What perturbs me about the government bureaucracies is that, unlike in private companies, they are allowed to hold investments, patents and work for the very entities they are supposed to be regulating or conducting safety studies on. This, my friends, is highly unethical business practice and is illegal in many professions, such as CPA firms. As an auditor, you are required to divest all of your stock, real estate holdings etc. from any corporation or entity with which you have any professional ties. Obviously this is to protect the integrity of the audit and to make sure that parties are truly independent. What we have at the government agencies is the complete opposite of independence - this is what needs to be addressed at the Presidential level. The President can make sure changes are made that brings government agencies in line with common sense business ethics. So, no more CDC employees having vested interests in vaccines and conducting safety studies. No more FDA employees quitting and starting to work for a pharmaceutical company right away. No more undue influence from any of these players. We just need a President willing to do it. God bless the candidate who will put Americans first over government greed and self-interest.


To: Eileen Nicole Simon -
Glad to see your post - I hope that means your son is back safe and sound!


I think what the folks on here have to realize is that Trump really deep down isn't a Republican or a Democrat. He is just a very successful person who thinks he can use his expertise to help this country. That is why the GOP establishment doesn't like him. In fact, one of my favorite answers he gave was to the question, "do you believe it's okay for a woman to have an abortion in the case of rape or incest?" His answer...."Yup" I have been a Trump supporter since the day he announced, and I worried how he would answer the vaccine question because I know he thinks vaccines cause autism, and he answered better than I could have imagined. He did it in a way that the haters couldn't-- tin foil hat him. In this rabid society and with the state of our world such as it is --I thought that was the most presidential and diplomatic answer to get OUR issue out there. Trump as my vote, my husband's vote, my 2 voting age kids votes and any one else out there that I can convince, this is the ONE Candidate that will do something to stop the insanity of what is obviously the cause of the autism epidemic.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

I too am a single-issue voter. Responses from Obama have all been form-letter emails stating his intention to "level the playing field for all people with disabilities," and similar sappy remarks from local legislators.

Checks and balances (congress and Supreme Court) are there to prevent dangerous maneuvers by the president. Trump is willing to talk about autism, so I plan to vote for him. Yesterday was my autistic son's 53rd birthday. Autism has been my focus for most of my life, for half a century, and nothing else matters.

Sean Burke

I was on the fence but now I am in. Great article.

Crus Cntrl

Thank God someone has the balls to say the truth of what they are observing and not listen to a bunch of nincompoopmentus individuals. I have seen this before. Someone wants you to disbelieve what you see with your own eyes and know is true. Its a power play. Running around thinking you know everything because you have a bunch of statistics in your head that don't even come from credible sources is very crazy. Anyone who has even a pinch of common sense knows you should NEVER inject these excipients into babies. What in God's name is wrong with these people? I am so sick of special interests running this country that if Trump can stay true to himself and keep away from al the politically correct crap I will definitely vote for him. As far as Bernie Sanders goes. I love what Bernie has to say and he does speak his mind, but as crazy as it may sound I could not vote for someone that supports the vaccine schedule. I truly believe that people who support vaccines are at best ignorant or brainwashed and at worst borderline sociopaths with no true feelings of compassion, You know what the most dangerous thing is? Its ending up in a hospital with these drug and surgery pushers. Over 250,000 persons a year die of mistakes in these hospitals. The very people who say they know what's best for everyone. This stat makes measles look like a walk in the park compared to driving through Compton during the riots. Truth be told, its doubtful if vaccines ever worked as well as they would have us believe. And vested conflict of interest? Think about it. Mandated multiple vaccines for everyone in the country (how many millions of people, how many billions of dollars?) Do you really want Big Pharma to run the country? Because that's what they are trying to do. How can anyone who lives in America want mandated vaccinations. Do you really believe that everyone's immune system is so poor that we would all just succumb to pandemics and plagues and disease causing complete chaos mayhem and disaster if we don't vaccinate everybody. This is the most idiotic mass paranoid fantasy I have ever witnessed. As Nancy once said "Just Say No".

Anne Harris

I am a one issue voter this time around — parental choice concerning vaccines and fix the mess we're in because of so many mandatory vaccines. I have always voted for a democrat for president, starting with JFK, but will vote for Donald Trump if he sticks to his current views on vaccines and autism.

Dawn Loughborough

The more the media writes about this the more people will scratch their heads and maybe even look into it. I'm happy for the national level conversation!!

Joe Sulaco

Unfortunately, the comments of many here show how deep the liberal bias goes...even here on AOA. Trump is not politically correct and yes, that is what is GREAT about him. What a breath of fresh air! It amazes me that the very posters here who rail against the federal alphabet agencies and the lies they promote (CDC being #1), will go ahead and vote for the biggest fascist bureaucrat out there - Hillary.

The programming runs deep. It really does. I don't see a unified citizen front developing against vaccines, I really don't. If you can't get a consensus here on AoA, you're not going to get one at all.

You're on your own, folks. Either home school or leave the country. Those are the only two options you have left. (and #1 is in vaccine-danger, too).

Sue Morgan

Besides not administering the hep b and delaying the MMR, the tendency to give infants a flu shot has to stop. I stand with Trump, too, but I don't think it's going to matter. See "shadow government."

cia parker

Where many candidates stand on vaccines:

Get a load of what Rick Santorum says.


I think we could all write Candidate Trump and lay our vote on the line. Inform him to learn more about the issue, so that when vaccine zealots rear-up there fascist heads he can smack them down. That would be HUGE! Democratic legislators are pathetic on this issue, period. Conservatives have the potential to be much better. I agree with Jenny. If conservative republicans were real savvy on this they could trash democrats and that would be poetic justice. JB Hadley will get my vote if there is no one else in the general election.


"CT teacher:really BIG problem is that it doesn't matter who gets elected or what party is in power. THEY are NOT in charge. Everything is decided by a shadow that operates under the radar. It is controlled by powerful groups and corporations and protected by a complicit media."

You just hit a grand slam with your comment. Every President makes promises to do certain things that will get them elected. That's called politics. It's not reality. It's not dealing in the real world. Yes, there is a shadow government and just the fact that the CDC, FDA and pharmaceutical companies has been able to operate for over 2 decades with impunity is a clear indication it exists and is run by corporate America as is the country.

Bill Hicks, the late comedian did a routine about the newly elected Presidents.

He said they are brought into a room, shown a series of films of the JFK assassination, from a dozen different angles, with full color, brilliant detail and superb sound, professionally shot films that have never been seen publically.

Then he is asked "Any questions?".

Michelle B

Right on, JB! Nice to hear from you, and agree completely.


I think it is very good that AOA has opened up discussion on this issue. Autism is not only medical. It's also political.

Al Weed

Okay, having a spokesman, or even better a candidate for the presidency, who is open-minded about this issue will make many more Americans pay attention. It would be better if you could get Carson to be that person. First, he is not seen as a buffoon by millions. His support of the issue, as a physician, will give the existing science way more credibility than anything Trump will say. Second, most people will never get a chance to vote in a Republican primary in their state to show their response to a candidate who takes on this issue. All that you can do is talk to each other (this blog)or donate money. Trump doesn't need your money to stay in the race, Carson does. Believe me, hundreds, or even thousands, of small donations linked to this issue will get Carson's attention and give him the staying power to be an advocate. This will pay off whether or not he gets the nomination.
J.B. (who I have known since his birth)documents his lack of political interest yet shows a passion that can only show results if you all can master the political process.


It was so funny reading the media’s post-debate assessment, with just about everyone arguing that Trump was beaten up by his rivals, and his numbers are bound to slide. Pharma shills were also suggesting that the public would not tolerate his 'nonsense' and he was done. Guess what?? Trump proved them wrong again, and actually increased his lead!

Trump is now at 36% support, up from 33%. Carson dropped but is still in second place with 17%. From 3% support, Fiorinia saw a huge increase in her number and is now at 10%, sitting in third. As for the rest of the ‘career’ politicians, they are still in the basement.

Interestingly, we have leading the polls, the three unseasoned candidates that have recently expressed ‘anti-vax’ sentiments: Trump argues that vaccines cause autism, Carson says too much too soon, and Fiorina defends parental choice in response to SB 277. I’ve argued that the public is hungry for straight talk, and would welcome candidates that are not afraid to speak their mind on the controversial issues. I believe numbers are supporting this assertion. I also predict that controversial-Trump will only see a significant slide when he stops being controversial.


Thanks JB.

...The two major parties are the Democrats and their billionaire friends and the Republicans and their billionaire friends.
.....Only Donald Trump does not need any of their money.

I would hope Mr. Trump has the chance to “answer the vaccine question again” on live television... he might say...

...“How can we have an American Autism epidemic, 50 times more common than polio, for 20+ years, and no one can figure it out ??? WHY can the the CDC not look at 10,000 vaxed and unvaxed children to see if their Autism rates are the same ???

...“We lose 3,500 children to SIDS each year, mostly at the age of 2-4 months. How many unvaccinated SIDS children are there ??? ....Why do we mandate infant & toddler vaccine products that have no product liability which provides billions for Wall Street.???”

Americans have been lied to once again, like with many other issues. Mr. Trump understands that American health care is a disaster, mostly because it is run only for Wall Street, by billionaire health insurance companies, hospitals and drug companies.


I think it's weird how the Dems? are playing a tape of Regan's words from many years ago and trying to impose them on today's world politics. I don't even know how it's allowed. I mean how can they presume what Regan would have said on the current situation. I'd like to think Regan would really regret his decision to indemnify pharmaceutical companies where vaccines are concerned.


All Weed; Some one was asking a question and as you know some times before the question comes out some opinion and then the question. It was not Trump that said. Some one else and he did not correct the person.

Is it really a political correct guy's place to correct the world? It gets tiresome.

Caroline McIlhenney

I was singing the Hallelujah chorus last night. I felt pure joy. A weight was lifted off me. If you haven't carried that weight, I don't know if you can understand.

Evelyn Pringle

I too was very happy Trump spoke the truth in that debate. I never watch debates for either of the corporation-funded corrupt parties. However, the TV was on and I overhead the vaccine debate and it caught my attention. In reading your posts, I understand why some of you say you are a one issue person. Believe me, I have fought to make the vaccine-autism link public since 2003, once I knew the MSM was lying. I knew nothing about autism aside from watching Rainman so I found it hard to believe at first. The Autism-Moms that contacted me told me what I considered to be some pretty bizarre stories. But I worked a full-time job in the day and figured it would be very time-consuming and difficult to research a topic I knew nothing about. But after thinking about these stories for a few weeks and considering the grave harm they said was happening, I realized I had to do the research and expose it, if true. With leads from the Autism-Moms that steered me to the right places - the CDC, special ed classes in every state, the cost to education budgets, and the cost to families of caring for autistic children - it didn't take me long to realize that the CDC stating there was no epidemic - just better diagnosis - was a complete lie. I went on sort of a rampage for a while, researching every minute I could and reporting a fair amount of articles to try and warn parents and the public. I had no personal friends or family members with autism, which meant I had to give a lot of convincing verbal arguments as well. I am not a one issue person. I cover so many different wrong-doings by our government and regulatory agencies that to tell you the truth, at this moment, I can hardly keep up with all the corruption on the various issues right now. I am behind you people and your children 1000% and always will be. I am currently focusing most of my efforts to expose the US-lead wars that have created a Holocaust that is destroying so many more children's lives all over the globe. I'm back to researching the war profiteering schemes, which is what I started writing about in the internet newspapers when Bush attacked Iraq based on lies. I now work on the war profiteering schemes constantly, and for the most part, in effort to expose what our government is doing to people who are limited to the MSM, and to stop the US from continuing to destroy these children's lives. Hopefully, those of you who know me will trust my research when I say the US is causing genocide in Libya, Syria, and Yemen now and causing of the worst refugee crisis since WWII. Over the past 2 decades, millions of children have been killed in many countries in South and Central America and Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. Millions of children are now refugees with no homes, clothes, food, water, or shelter of any kind and are trying to escape from the countries the US destroyed. This has to stop! One person above said they are terrified of nuclear war and Iran. We have no worry with Iran, the US has been trying to frame Iran for over 60 years by planting false evidence that Iran is working toward obtaining nuclear weapons. It never happened. Just like the inspectors said Saddam did not have WMD, they also always found Iran does not have any program seeking nuclear weapons. The biggest motive for these wars are oil pipelines. However, the US is now aiming for regime change in Russia and it is setting up military bases all along the Russian border with the capabilities of firing nuclear weapons at Russia. This is why the European countries are so worried. If the US attacks Russia, it will be those countries who will be attacked, not the US. Just like now, as a result of all the regime change wars, their countries are the ones refugees must try to run to. Parents who dare try crossing the Mediterranean Sea know their chances of survival are only 40%, but they have nothing to survive with in their countries - so they often have little choice but to try. These coups are for corporate take-overs of these countries and the US wants to clear out the land for oil companies, Agro-firms, and reconstruction firms to rebuild what the US has ruined - all on our tax dollars - with funds that are bankrupting the funding for our own safety net programs and infrastructure. These war machines must be stopped for the many harm they're directly causing to the US. As I'm sure you know, by the end of next year, disability benefits are now set to be cut by 19% and that is a direct result of our massive defense spending. My hope in writing this post, is that the one-issue people above please not over-look this refugee crisis in deciding who you choose to vote for. I spend all my time these days on FB posting truthful articles and stories that aren't covered by the corrupt MSM, for people who are limited to the MSM. I let my FB friends know this and tell new FB friends that my posts are educational and not open to debate. As many of you know, I also continue to post every bit of news I get on the vaccine-autism topic. People in your group are invited to check in whenever possible and get the low-down on what is going on daily. I always write a name in for president because I lived in Ohio in 2004, working at Dayton Daily News, and the electronic voting machines were rigged. Doing the opposite of every single news poll claiming Kerry won, the rigged election in Ohio handed the White House to Bush - and both parties were in on it. It's worse now, rigged voting systems are now in most local elections. Best wishes and my support to your group always!


My sentiments are similar. I am a democrat, but will certainly vote for Trump based primarily on his stance on vaccines and autism. I also like his diplomatic approach to foreign policy, in contrast to insane militarism presented by majority of other candidates.


I have been saying since he first entered the race, that TRUMP is the ONLY candidate that seems to really care about our kids. And until some other candidate proves to me that he or she does, TRUMP has my vote!! Though Rand Paul did move up to 2nd place with his comments (he had dropped after running out to get a HepA shot in Feb. on social media). But for now, I also am a one issue voter and @realDonaldTrump is my guy. He is giving a voice to our voiceless kids and I adore him. I hate that he is mean without cause sometimes - like to Carly Fiorina; but glad that he gives it back to people when they deserve it - like that insufferable witch Megyn Kelly (I've thought she was heartless & arrogant ever since she was mean to Jenny McCarthy about Evan's autism). So today for the first time in my life I donated to a Presidential candidate. Not that Mr. Trump needs my little bit of money, but I will gladly support someone who has supported my vax injured child with autism. May God Bless you Mr. Trump for helping our kids' plight and telling our story to the masses. #TeamTrump

Max Salinas

Sorry JB, but I disagree. While I agree with Trump on this, I disagree with him on nearly everything else and cannot ignore that because of a single issue. I suspect the reason Trump can buck the offilcial line on autism and vaccines is because he is not beholden to the pharmaceutical industry, or probably anyone else, for that matter. But there is another candidate that isn't, either, and that is Bernie Sanders. While his position on this is not in line with ours, Sanders strikes me as someone who will leason to reason and anlyze the facts presented to him. I think that would bode better for us in the long run than going with someone who has a pattern of going contrarian just for the sake of being contrarian.

Caroline McIlhenney

"Hispanic" means you speak Spanish. I am bilingual, though my heritage is not central/South American/Spanish. If you think about it, deeply autistic children are not English-speaking or Hispanic because they DON'T SPEAK AT ALL. Trump spoke out for those who do not speak at all, of whatever heritage.


Dr. Thomas needs to get his work published. Desperately so.


I am so grateful to any of the candidates who are willing to state the truth about vaccine injury. 1 in 68 kids potentially getting vaccine injury should be the most important topic in America.
I care about immigrants too, and really pray Trump will soften his stance on them.
Vaccine injury imo though is a crucial topic, as vaccine injury involves damaging a continually growing group of innocent children that cannot defend themselves, and who will in some cases suffer lifelong disability. How could I choose to support someone who, knowingly or not, is willing to condone that?

cia parker

I'm almost a one-issue voter, but I care about Mexicans, and I think Trump is a vulgar, nasty man, and I would never vote for him. Not that he has any chance of running. Yes, it's good that he's said that vaccines cause autism. He also says that vaccines are great and the only problem is giving too many at once. That's far from the only problem, but it means that he might be willing to mandate a slower schedule with all the shots. It sounded as though he said that all his children got all their shots over two or three years. So would he mandate that everyone do it just the way he did? I agree with other commenters, he hasn't said anything about SB277 or William Thompson. Yes, it's good that he said as much as he has, but he's just dipped his toe in the water. That's not enough to elect him president.

Gary Ogden

I am a one-issue voter, too. As odious as Trump is in so many ways, if he is the Republican nominee, he has my vote (and I have an unbroken record since 1972 of voting for the Dems in presidential elections). Never again will I vote for any Dem (or Rep) who's pro-forced-vaccination.

Just No

I'm really glad that the subject was put on the table-- though Rand Paul did the same and is a lot more politically palatable than Trump.

Weren't we all recently talking about how just become a public figure is anti-vaccine mandate doesn't mean we should necessarily align with them? The point of contention, if I remember, was about racism among other isms.

That applies to Trump. It's embarrassing hearing people try to rationalize it. And he has an issue with eminent domain, war hawkery and a list of crimes and misdemeanors as long as your leg. So no can do.

CT teacher

The really BIG problem is that it doesn't matter who gets elected or what party is in power. THEY are NOT in charge. Everything is decided by a shadow that operates under the radar. It is controlled by powerful groups and corporations and protected by a complicit media. My guess is that it is the same in the UK. Only that could explain the Wakefield affair. Any president who goes against the wishes of the powerful has to be careful or he will get the Kennedy treatment. He stood up to too many powerful groups and drew their hatred.
I don't believe that Donald Trump would have the power to change anything. Only a strong, unified citizen's movement will bring about change. Better to educate Bernie Sanders on this issue so he can add it to his agenda for a people's movement. I have called Elizabeth Warren's office several times so that she can be clued in. Still, the problem with the Dems is that they want to believe SCIENCE and they can't wrap their heads around the thought that medical science is founded on a bunch of lies and controlled by Big Pharma.

Al weed

I don't have a stake in this fight, but can only admire the passion you all demonstrate. Yes, I understand its genesis but wish you had a better standard bearer. Trump only recently stopped talking about Obama as a Muslim born in Kenya and it is not yet clear that he does not still believe that. Moreover, the Republican party has made an industry of appealing to the ignorant by rejecting the science of climate change and evolution among others. Also, as some have noted, the GOP is as deeply in the pockets of Big Pharma as they are coal and oil.


Whatever the actual motives of Trump and the Republican party in general is, I'm real glad the issue was brought to the attention of so many during the debates. Hopefully this will result in more people looking more intensely at the issue and possibly William Thompson testifying before Congress

kris sherman

Trump MUST stand tall with this VACCINE issue. The problem is MASSIVE. We have a generation of ZOMBIES that need help. They have poisoned millions and will poison many more millions because of the millions of stupid brainwashed people with no COMMON SENSE. If they start mandating vaccines for all, the whole country will be chronicly ill or a zombie or dead. But thats what they want I guess. And tell me MR. Trump, How in the HELL can these companies be FREE FROM LIABILITY, can create any bazzar concoctions, not do proper testing and even force us to be injected with these weird shots? Is that what you call FREEDOM???


But does saying equal doing? I haven't heard him speak against the law mandating vaccines and holding children's educations hostage in CA. In fact, I haven't heard him say a word about what he would actually DO about this as president. And could he really do much?

And isn't corporate power over government the problem in the first place? Isn't that what Trump represents?

These are the questions still bothering me. And I'm going to need some answers before I consider abandoning all my other values and voting for Trump.

Kent Heckenlively

I agree with you 100%. My daughter needs to be released from the prison of autism which keeps her from being able to speak. Whoever speaks the truth on this issue will get my vote.

Kim Davis

I'm a one issue voter too and Trump is my guy. While some other candidates have (somewhat) come down on our side, or have waffled (Carson), Trump has not. He may be a blowhard, arrogant and whatever else has been said about him. BUT he has his own money and cannot be bought AND he's not a waffler.


Thank you. I am very jealous and passionate when it comes to Autism. There is nothing more important in my life, it hurt my beloved son, God has been kind as my son has recover tremendously, but still, I empathize everyone else, I have the scars in my heart, that the profound pain and suffering left in me, as long as I live I will fight for our children and against this man made condition with all I have, and for that I now support Donald Trump no matter what.

Terri Costigan

As the republican candidates waxed poetic about a “shining city on a hill” and proudly professed their “Reagan-Conservative” stance, let’s remember 29 years ago in November, President Reagan: “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable…for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death.” – President Ronald Reagan, as he signed The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, absolving drug companies from all medico-legal liability when children die or are disabled from vaccine injuries.


Thanks JB, I agree whole heartedly. I am a one issue voter too! Folks, we have a real problem with the media. I heard Rachel Maddow and Bernie Sanders say last night that what Trump said would cause a "health emergency" if people decided not to vaccinate. I sent Maddow a quick email and told her to read Sharyl Atkinson's blog! Trump is a pragmatist. Trump knows we are decimating a generation of children, those who would go to college and join the military. Our college campuses look like "the walking dead" as I have personally witnessed many who are fatigued, unfocused and many who just can't handle the pressure. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that the US is in serious trouble and if our kids don't stop getting the neurological damage that is "vaccine mandates" we will not have a country (not an English speaking country, that is)! We have to stand with the man (or woman) who stands with us. This is the most important issue of our time!


I'm glad AoA is expressing different views on this candidate. I stand with Ron Paul. He is in favor of choice- whether or not vaccines cause autism parents should have a choice without giving up tax credits or education for their child. As for the doctor that has never seen an un-vaccinated child with autism, he is more than welcome to come see my daughter.


As an elementary school teacher who works, day in and day out, with a generation of children who are lost to autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, mental illness, Type 1 diabetes, asthma, deadly food allergies and other chronic diseases, at this point if there is just one candidate who is willing to look for the truth behind this epidemic, there can be no other candidate for me. Trump has my vote. It matters not the least what is happening in Iran or Syria or any other nation. It matters not the least what is happening in the stock market or housing market, on Wall Street or main street. If the next generation of adults is too crippled, physically and mentally, to do anything about any of it, then our nation is doomed regardless.


I never thought I'd say this, but I am also now a single issue voter.
My vote goes to anyone brave enough to tackle this crisis head-on.
So far, Trump is the only one speaking up.
Our president and congress have had the whistle-blower information for a year now and we still do not have hearings scheduled, which is inexcusable. Those should have been started immediately.


I really agree.

cia parker


I agree with you. Dr. Thompson's modified vaccine schedule still isn't safe. My daughter reacted both to the hep-B vaccine at birth (which Dr. Thompson is against) AND to the DTaP booster at 18 months which erased her only two words. Ginger Taylor's son reacted to the DTaP with autism. J.B.'s son reacted to a flu vaccine with autism (correct me if I'm wrong). Beyond that, how many of Dr. Thompson's patients suffer from autoimmune diseases caused by vaccines, asthma, allergies of all sorts, bowel disease, or diabetes?

cia parker

Not me either. I am almost a one-issue voter, and would NOT vote for anyone unwilling to help with the vaccine issue, but I care about Mexicans and am terrified of Iran, completely against the nuclear deal. Trump continues to be an uneducated, narcissistic, selfish, despotic jerk. He has ZERO chance of being elected, and rightly so. If he has a vaccine-damaged child, as someone said yesterday, then that would explain his forthright stance on vaccines and autism, but it's still not enough to be elected president. Yes, it would be stellar to have some high-ranking politicians on our side, but it really comes down to education: parents who realize how dangerous the vaccines are are going to refuse them come hell or high water, regardless of any laws or propaganda from any source.


So, yep. Here we have the situation which I have been wondering about over the past year. Which party would be the first to use the vaccine problems issue to draw a larger crowd to them?

If I recall my thought process at the time it was, if the Democrats would do it, they could win back the environmentalists forced to vote republican when they begin recognizing that one cannot sacrifice one's parental rights in exchange for government recognition of environmental problems. The environmental problems matter not when the same toxins are taken out of nature but forcibly injected directly into one's body and that of one's child. But the false "environmentally minded" democratic party has refused to acknowledge that THE primary environment is one's body. If the environmental movement made cleaning out the human body of all toxins their single priority and made it illegal to put toxins in a human body in any way, shape, or form, by default, our secondary environment (the natural world around us) would end up being infinitely cleaner and safer for ALL other plants and animals. It doesn't work the other way. If all toxins were removed from the natural environment tomorrow, but were allowed to be given to humans whether by injection or orally or by skin or nose, or whatever, those toxins will end up back in the environment and the environment will never be clean.

If the republicans used the issue (which it looks like they strategically did) they could attempt to win over the remaining savvy environmentalists that recognize the above listed conundrum and HAVE to vote with republicans to protect their family, despite the republican's past history regarding equal rights, banking, the defense industry (perpetual war), the oil & gas industry and their chemical industry brothers, and the synthetic food industry that's hatched from it.

The Republicans can't let the chance to show people how ignorant the Democratic party and representatives can be, and if a 1 minute segment separating those "smart rich republican" from those "uninformed, slightly less rich out of the loop democrats," serves to show the general public that it's really the educated republicans that will make the best choices on your behalf, well, it was one worthwhile minute. They've hinted that those democrats may care about whether those chickens have room in their cages, and if that endangered owl has a roost, and they may care if there's acid rain on the hillside, but they don't really care when it comes to your most important concern - your child.

It will be interesting to see whether the republican debate moderators bring up the topic again. If they don't, we'll know they just needed to hint at the issue and are just using the issue as a pawn, no need to get into the details and find out how deeply entrenched the Republicans also are in the finances of the militant pharmaceutical regime. If the subject is raised again and they all agree that medical freedom is important and that picking, choosing, and spacing them out is not child abuse, and that differences in medical opinions are not cause for CPS to be called, then I'll be more inclined to jump on board.

For now, Mr. Trump and all you Republicans and Libertarians running for office, I'm a registered independent, democratic leaning, equal-rights-loving environmentalist who thinks corrupt bankers should be jailed, our soldiers should be brought home, our clickstreams should be private, our cars should run on alternative energy, and yet I'm still listening. You know the price - complete freedom FROM allopathic medical mandates in any form plus the freedom TO use alternative health solutions. That's it. Just that one little thing.

For all you Democrats running for office out there, I'm a registered independent, democratic leaning, equal-rights-loving-gun-rights-appreciating environmentalist christian who thinks corrupt bankers should be jailed, our soldiers should be brought home, our clickstreams should be private, our cars should run on alternative energy, and yet I'm still listening to a Republican because you aren't talking to my heart. You know the price - complete freedom FROM allopathic medical mandates in any form plus the freedom TO use alternative health solutions. That's it. Just that one little thing.

Us citizens will know how powerful that industry is when we see whether the ruling elite is willing to alter just one part of just one of their industries today, in order to slow the demise the rest of their current moneymakers allowing the corporations time to get a foothold in the paradigm- changing replacement models. What's it gonna be?


Thank you and Amen.


I'm hoping this is the trigger for getting Dr. William Thompson (CDC Whistle blower) in front of congress. I think we need to send this info to Congressman Jason Caffetz of the Oversight Committee asking him to subpoena Thompson. Now that we have the country's attention, we need to act.


Exactly Greg: "In this case the ‘egotistical, misogynist bully’ really did put his humaneness first".


Stand with him -- Me doo.

LInda L.

I agree. Someone has finally spoken up for our children, my child, and he does not have an autistic child. This is the most important issue out there for me. Nothing will change unless someone takes a stand. Thank you for writing about it.

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