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On Attending a Trump Rally in Dallas

By Dan Burns

Trump Dallas
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I attended the Trump rally at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, hoping I could ask him a question. “What about vaccine injuries, autism, and the CDC?”

“Fire them!” Trump would say. And vaccine injury would enter the national discussion.  I printed up an AoA neck hanger and headed for the press entrance.

Trump was late but the crowd was mellow and the music was feel-good eighties. All was well, until the program started. A mangled pledge of allegiance, then the grand entrance. Trump, trump, trump. Who complained that unlike other candidates he had to write a different speech everywhere he went, because TV covers him live. Not fair treatment for someone so rich and exceptional as the phenomenal Trump. When does the speech start, I wondered. Twenty minutes in, he was still talking about his money, his celebrity friends, his great leadership, his mistreatment by the “liberal media,” his fantastic negotiating skills.

I gave up listening for content, listened instead to the mortar of his speech, the mannerisms, vocabulary, subliminal patterns. I learned that in Trump’s world there are two kinds of people: good, strong people, winners like himself. And weak people, incompetent losers, who don’t like him even though he has great money and great hair, which by the way is really his own, as approved by the people behind him who clap when he says so. 

 Then the rhetoric turned darker. We must turn this country around. Make America a great Judeo-Christian nation again. Build a wall. Expel illegal immigrants who lead the gangs and commit senseless killings. We should keep the Latino Ph.D. students who are destined to be winners like Trump, trump trump. But out with babies conceived in Mexico and born on vacation in Texas. And not just Texas. “We have illegals in New York too. They’re everywhere.” The crowd whoops. “We can change that,” he said. “The government doesn’t dictate to us – we dictate to the government! We the people. We, WE ARE the people!” Wild cheering and applause. I imagined I had wandered into an early Nuremberg rally, with immigrants switched out for Jews.

I know what kind of dictator Trump would like to be. There would be no questions, only hit and run.  And one answer: Trump. Who would win Iran and China and make them love him. Then all would be well.  An hour into the rally I could no longer believe that this preening narcissist cared about vaccine-injured children or anyone else, unless he could use them to find the flash point in an audience and strike a match. I walked out, embarrassed, feeling dirty and frightened, sorry I had ever defended the man, and made my way up the Katy Trail toward Reverchon Park.

Peaceful out here in the cleansing twilight. I pass a young Hispanic couple and their toddler. Welcome lovely couple; welcome beautiful child. From two blocks behind, I hear the American Airlines Center explode with celebration and rage. The grand finale. Was this to be the future? Instead of attending the rally, I wish I had joined little band of Hispanic protesters across the street. It would have been a gentler evening.

Dan Burns

Dan E. Burns, Ph.D., is the father of a 27-year-old son on the autism spectrum and the author of Saving Ben: A Father’s Story of Autism. Dr. Burns is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and serves on the Executive Leadership Team of Health Choice, advocating for vaccine-injured children and their parents. Through his dba, Appleseed Ventures, Dan empowers parents to organize communities where their adult children on the autism spectrum can live, work, play, and heal.


david m burd

John Stone,

You are 100% about Trump needing a dedicated one-on-one with someone (and receiving references he could later review) of the caliber of Barbara Loe Fisher, Andrew Wakefield, Boyd Haley, Suzanne Humphries, Gary Null, on and on -- the list is huge, including yourself, AoA founder Dan Olmsted, and/or Mark Blaxill.

Dan Olmsted, why not send Trump your seminal UPI autism pieces about Home First and the Amish? Since they were endorsed by the UPI THAT should get his attention and show at least how long the CDC has been corrupted.

Go for it, Dan! (your combination of oft-espoused Liberal politics in combination with your investigative reporting/writings just might the perfect ironic mix to get Trump's attention).

Angus Files

Trump, is to vaccines, as daylight is to vampires, burn and perish..just maybe eh!

Trump, Trump, Trump,


John Stone

Trump's technical grasp of the issue - let alone ignoring Thompson - is rudimentary to say the least. With half-an-hour's proper briefing he could give a much better account than that. Though when it comes down to it - and this is where he gets the point - is that he ignores all the official BS and says in effect "this is what happens and let's stop pretending". And, of course, it is what happens.


Yes JerseyGuy, short of no one bringing up Thompson, the Debate was still successful in addressing our issues. I am also joyed, picturing Orac in obvious discomfort, scratching all over to respond to 'the burning stupid Republicans anti-vaxx nonsense'. C'mon Orac man, relieve yourself with a comeback, as there is no cream for your itch!


Jeanette, these wash post articles, derogatory as they are do have some quote from her stand early on, of course polis blow with the money so I wouldn't take it to the bank.



False scientists...

We all owe Trump a lot of respect for his stance and at least the question was asked. I just wish he had come out stronger against the CDC. I mean he's right! Autism has skyrocketed and they can't find the cause?? Give me a break- no one believes them anymore.

david m burd

This Thursday morning after the GOP Debate the Associated Press "Fact Checker" uses the CDC as his source to claim Trump was dead wrong about vaccines causing autism.

I am not making this up: What does anybody expect the CDC to say? It just shows how deep Mainstream Media is in the tank with Pharma and the U.S. Health Institutions

Hurrah! for Donald Trump emphatically saying on the National Stage that vaccines can and do cause autism - THAT should cause more people to get into family/friends discussion about the toxicity of vaccines.

And, by the way, Obama back in 2009 declared H1N1/Swine Flu a U.S. 'National Emergency" and 50 million+ doses of extra-toxic new Flu vaccines were rushed into production and injected into pregnant mothers and young infants. The result? Thousands of aborted babies, stricken women no longer able to conceive, and hundreds of extra "flu-associated deaths" in the Fall of 2009, and surely much greater numbers of infants regressing into the autism spectrum. Thanks to Barack Obama.


I wonder if Trump isn't a surrogate candidate because he has the strongest womb to grow and give birth to the strongest candidacy. That they put this showman out there to drum up support and gather and distract the masses, like he does on reality TV with his millions of viewers. Then in the 9th hour, for some reason, he'll unfortunately have to back out for some reason that won't tarnish his image, of course. He'll still come out a hero. And he'll turn his supporters over to the real candidate who has been conserving his energy for the end game. Bush? Carson? Or Bush with Carson in a high level cabinet position pushing vaccines?

The fact that vaccines were brought up last night leads me to believe that the vaccine schedule, uptake and administration unrest, and the CDC whistleblower problem is greater than they have been admitting - and it's growing, evidenced by "Trace Amounts" being recently shown at the UN.

John Stone

During the New Labour era in the United Kingdom it was always Conservative Party policy to allow single vaccinations. When I pointed out to them in 2009 that this was no longer possible the policy quietly disappeared - I don't think they even realised until that point. So, politicians who suggest people should be allowed to leave out some of the shots should make sure that this is possible.


The Republican debate was better for our cause than I dared hoped for. Trump (who has a huge following) passionately declares that vaccines cause autism. Trump, Paul, and Carson all take a "too many, too soon" position, Carson goes so far as to say that many pediatricians are coming around to this view -- and none of the other candidates disagree. Given that Carson is apparently in the pocket of pharma, his admission is a huge boon for us. Now we can say to the Dark Side, "But even Ben Carson has reservations about the vaccination schedule."

I have many misgivings about Trump, but he doesn't have to win the election to turn the country around on the vaccine issue. Eugene McCarthy didn't win in 1968, but by opening up debate on Vietnam, he ensured that whoever won the White House would have to wind down the war. Trump has just opened up an equally momentous debate, and blown a huge hole in the media blockade. Now we stand a chance.

John Stone


An important issue to note here is that choice is actually often ruled out by multivacs. I believe this was one of the reasons for the attack on Andy Wakefield over MMR in 1998. You can't pick and choose vaccines if they are only available combined, you can only say yes or no to the whole thing, if "no" is an option. In principle you can say no in the UK but they were quick to make single vaccines unavailable in the UK in the months following the Royal Free press briefing. After 2009, of course, you couldn't get the single mumps privately.

Jeannette Bishop

Though, maybe this is also a yes to mandates:

“I think when we’re talking about some of these more esoteric immunizations, then I think absolutely a parent should have a choice and a school district shouldn’t be able to say, ‘Sorry, your kid can’t come to school for a disease that’s not communicable, not contagious, and where there really isn’t any proof that [vaccinations] are necessary at this point,’” she said.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/08/carly-fiorina-vaccinations-parents-decision-religious-liberty-2016-121369#ixzz3lyzOf2gX

Jeannette Bishop

Ted Cruz's vaccination position according to USA Today report back a few months:


Fiorina's position here might be the most pro-right-to-choose position I've heard (the rest of the candidates, to me, allude to acceptance of at least some mandates that some individuals conceivably are not able to avoid, i.e. forced vaccination, but no one wants to use those two words together), but if anyone knows of a statement from her that also seems to support mandates, I'd appreciate getting some more education:



After the debate in a CNN interview Carson said some vaccines were critical for public health, some weren't, and looked uncomfortable. Then said, "we need to differentiate between them>..that's as close as I can remember. He looked uncomfortable admitting this.

Shannon Epstein

Ben Carson was Chairman of the Board of a cancer vaccine company until May of this year.


Sure I won't be the last to bring this up...

Just watching the Republican debate and -- surprisingly -- the vaccination question came up! Trump not only reiterated claims by his co-workers that their kids changed after vaccinination, but also calling autism an epidemic. I guess we have our answer as to how committed he is to our cause!

False scientists...

I just heard the autism question and Rand Pall just totally sold out on the issue (I think he must have a lot of pharma money backing him). Trump didn't go strong enough in criticizing the CDC at all- big let down. He did say it was associated though (vaccines and autism). At least Carson said there were too many vaccines but I think he is beholden and actually said he believes the "science." Anyone here that thinks Carson is legit deserves what they get because he just knowingly lied.


Holy Moly! Thank you whoever sent in the question! Autism and vaccines in the same sentence, and all three said, two many, two soon (Trump, Carson, Paul).

Thank you!!!!


The political comments from readers on this article are disappointing to me. Not because I disagree with Dan Burns (I believe his intuition got it right) or that I feel political opinions are not relevant to the vaccination issue, they are. No, I am a little disappointed that many are not looking for substance from Trump and the other candidates, a track record if you will. Rather it seems many are influenced by the political show intended to distract us from a real candidate that the establishment absolutely does not want you to hear from or know about. That is Sen. Ted Cruz. Ever wonder why FOX News minimizes his exposure on their network? One commenter here mentioned a couple of candidates and then ended with that he doesn’t know much about Ted Cruz. Well, why not? Here’s his resume: http://www.youngcons.com/ted-cruzs-resume-is-very-impressive-should-make-him-standout-amongst-other-candidates/

Trump says what many of us feel, but how many times have we been down that road, talk is cheap and the his only track record has not served in favor of American citizens’ interests; Sen. Rand Paul I believe is a good man, but he is definitely not his father; Dr. Ben Carson is also a good man, but pro-mandatory vaccines, so maybe he could be misled in other ways, as well; Jeb Bush, really? He’s one of a long line of Globalists. Sen. Marco Rubio calls for a New American Century—that’s code for Globalist intervention. Sen. Ted Cruz is not controlled by the establishment, represents the people, knows the Constitution, is an attorney, and most importantly he has always done what he says he will do.


As far as I can tell there is only one candidate that has admitted vaccines could cause autism and that is Trump. Carson is the worst for being a vaccine maniac, followed by Hillary, and Bernie Sanders seems like a standard "get your shots" Democrat. So given that there is even a remote possibility that someone doesn't want to see tiny babies filled with 8 shots at a setting before three months of age, Trump is my only choice at the moment. I agree, though, that he doesn't have a perfect agenda and does seem naive and inexperienced. Still, he may be free from the power and tentacles of Big Pharma, which for me is enough to give him my vote.

Maurine Meleck

bayareamom-very well stated and I totally agree with you. The gov't isn't here for us. Yes, we like what Trump said ab out vaccines, but his egotism, which he parades like a winning float, is just plain scary. He only knows how to get the crowd on this side making them think they will have a big say in government policy. Frankly, all politicians are frightening

david m burd

To Bayareamom, and everybody.

I'm just past 70 years old, and have decided years ago to not sit quietly and, but to speak truth, particularly as regards our allopathic medical disasters including vaccinations.

I speak factually, and with buttressing references (if anybody gives a damn). And, telling about personal experience among my generation, the healthiest in U.S. history, having virtually no vaccinations but with excellent nutrition.

At least my descendants and friends have heard a living voice, and their chance to listen, and think upon it. Some I know, do pay attention.


I like Trump and think the criticism uncalled for. Trump sees the connection. Also Rand Paul is, I believe, an eye surgeon, not a dentist. Along with Ted Cruz, I find the three of them head and shoulders above the rest.

Trump is beholden to no special interest groups.
Rand Paul was raised by Ron Paul, a man of great integrity. He also throws his heart into his job and recently gave quite a few Haitians back their sight. Pro-bono I would think.

for David

Rand actually went on camera to have a flu vaccine to appease the pharma contingent that he is no doubt beholden to to some extent.
Fiorina did say she believes in some amount of choice. She just seems so smarmy and perfecty, but would sell out on the issue.
All candidates will be beholden except Trump. Weird circumstances create strange alliances but Trump, although not perfect, seems to genuinely care about how the world is headed.


Thanks for posting this. It seems more and more like all the options are pretty grim.

david m burd

To Cait from Canada, Donald Trump's comments on vaccines/autism are not "casual" as you have said.

Trump's comments are serious, and he has made them quite a few times. My Goodness, why cannot you acknowledge that Candidate Trump at least is intelligent, informed, and confident enough to speak out about the terrible consequences of the U.S. Immunization insanity?

Trump may be brash, and sometimes insulting, but he is a "Voice in the Wilderness" and last but not least, he is not bought off by Pharma Interests, or intimidated by the totally corrupt Health Leaders at CDC, NIH, et al.


"...Having said that .. I would suggest Dan take notice of what is occurring throughout Western Europe this very day .. literally hundreds of thousands of "desperate immigrants from an admittedly a ravaged middle-east" ... are seeking refuge and a better life by mass migration to the countries of Europe's Western democracies ... and .. just as Trump has suggested .. those countries are going to eventually decide whether or not the borders of their own countries are "worth defending or not"..."

And just why do you think these poor refugees are being forced out of their homelands? What country do you suppose is causing this issue in the first place? Oh that's right, the country that's supposed to stand for democracy and the home of the brave and free? THAT country?

Ever hear of PNAC? Or that these wars that are now ongoing were planned WELL in advance of 9/11? This is NOT a conspiracy theory. It's fact.

"In my humble opinion .. a country that refuses to defend it's borders .. will soon cease to be country worth defending."

ALL people on this earth deserve a safe, fruitful and happy life. All people on this earth deserve to have a safe environment within which to raise their families.

While I take exception re allowing thugs/criminals across our borders, I very much care about those who are coming here because the U.S. has made their own country absolutely intolerable to live in. And if you don't think I know what I'm talking about, I suggest you take a look re what John Perkins has to say about some of this - for starters.

He's a true whistle-blower; he blew the whistle on not only what HE had been doing when working undercover on behalf of this 'great country,' but has come out swinging about one particular abc/intelligence agency behind some of these atrocities.

NOTHING is ever what it seems down here. And for Americans, at this stage of the game, to NOT fully understand the who, why and how our own government is behind these atrocious acts committed upon other citizens and other countries, is just beyond me.

You're not going to find TRUTH in our schools regarding our own American history. It's not there. There have been many whistle-blowers who have come out SWINGING because their own hearts couldn't take what they knew was going on any longer. Ask Kay Griggs what she knows. She knows a helluva lot. She blew the whistle on her own husband, a Naval intelligence officer. I spoke on the phone with Kay several years ago - for over 3 hours. She is an extraordinary lady. She has advanced degrees in American history, but know where she told me she had to go to learn the truth about the U.S./real history?


I could go on and on as to what I've since learned about all of this. My own family background/history with my Dad's intelligence background has absolutely FLOORED me. I found some of these things out some 8 years ago. It's changed me FOREVER. I found out the truth and I must say, it's not always palatable.

As for Donald Trump: NONE of the individuals who are currently running for President are worth a vote. That's MY humble opinion. And sad to break the news, but even if Trump's statements about vaccines are remotely true, I daresay that should that man find himself in the White House, there are major powers that be that will be running things anyway...

...NOT him. The Presidency DOES NOT have the sort of power behind it that most of you seem to feel it does.

I realize many of you reading here still believe in our government - that it's there to serve YOU, if only the RIGHT person were in charge.

Humbly speaking, this is truly a naive way to view your government, your country and the world in which we live. NO ONE in government is here to serve YOU. There are various agendas at play here, and rather unfortunately, none of them are interested in serving the better interests of the impoverished and heartfelt.

Those that are in power are for the most part, sociopaths. They care NOTHING about doing 'what's right,' but care only about their own self-serving agendas and those that are machinating things from above. There are those folks, call them the elites, who control things from afar, folks of whom most of us have never heard of.

There's a gentleman by the name of William Pawelek who was interviewed in I believe it was 2010. He refused to allow his interview to be released until his passing. He did pass away; his wife found, when going through his paperwork, the information he'd hidden from her about his interview. She contacted the gentleman who had interviewed her husband and gave him permission to release the video of her husband's interview.

My life and that of my family's has been changed FOREVER since certain events started happening to us and certain information was released to us. We will never be the same.

That saying that you cannot unring that bell, is SO true. It's far easier, and believe me I would prefer, to pretend I did NOT know the things I know, but I can't do that. I realized I had to literally grow up and FACE what I've since come to learn.

So if anyone here truly believes that Trump's your man, you're sadly misinformed. Just as many of you were DECEIVED by the likes of Obama when HE made certain promises to the masses, I can guarantee you that same sort of deception will occur should Trump make it into the White House.

Personally, I cannot imagine the Powers that Be will allow that to happen anyway. Time will tell...


Trump is a fan of Sheryl Atkinson and I heard him say he had a friend who had a normal child that became autistic after vaccinations, this was a few years ago before he was running for President.

Cait from Canada

It is reassuring to see that not all AoAers are prepared to jump on the Trump bandwagon, solely on the basis of a few casual remarks about vaccination. The views he has expressed on the subject may have more to do with the fact that he is a contrarian (vis-à-vis mainstream opinion); I've never felt he is strongly committed to the issue or indeed knows much about it.

As for Trump being a REAL Scot, one can only hope that will keep him safely out of the White House.

Bob Moffitt

I absolutely hate it when AoA allows the PERSONAL .. "political" views .. of "Contributors" .. that venture into issues .. such as .. immigration .. that ought to be of no concern to AoA.

Having said that .. I feel compelled ... none-the--less .. to respond.

I will continue to support Trump .. for two reasons .. TRUMP is NOT ONE OF THEM .. and .. I applaud him for bragging about his status as a BILLIONAIRE .. which to me indicates he is not going to spend a life-time trying to get "re-elected" for the next twenty years .. so he can eventually retire .. after serving 40-50 years as a Senator or Congressman .. as a "millionaire".

Which is exactly why I do not include Carly Forina or Dr. Carson as THEM .. because ... just like Trump ... Forina and Carson had successful careers of their own .. and .. therefore .. are not THEM.

And so .. just so I am clear .. by THEM .. I mean every single CAREER politician who will be on stage in tonight's CNN debate ..

Just think about this one issue ... Trump's harsh rhetoric regarding "immigration" .. which so many commenters agreed with Dan's comparison to attending a "Nuremberg rally"

If you really believe the entrenched political establishments .. the CAREER politicians and influential VESTED INTERESTS of BOTH parties .. are based upon "compassion" for those "good people" .. just like our own ancestors .. seeking a "better life for their families" .. you are .. just as our major media is .. sadly mistaken.

The Republicans want "open borders" to provide "cheap labor" .. the Democrats want "open borders" to provide VOTES. And .. unlike Dan .. it is MY cynical opinion .. providing a "better life for these desperate immigrants" is way down on the priority list of either party.

Having said that .. I would suggest Dan take notice of what is occurring throughout Western Europe this very day .. literally hundreds of thousands of "desperate immigrants from an admittedly a ravaged middle-east" ... are seeking refuge and a better life by mass migration to the countries of Europe's Western democracies ... and .. just as Trump has suggested .. those countries are going to eventually decide whether or not the borders of their own countries are "worth defending or not".

In my humble opinion .. a country that refuses to defend it's borders .. will soon cease to be country worth defending.

david m burd

Comparing Donald Trump to a Nuremberg Rally is unwarranted.

If people think it is warranted, how about the screaming ignorant hoards in Germany in 2008 adoring Barack Obama who has since turned his position into an unaccountable law breaker, breaking his Oath of Office vow to "faithfully protect the Constitution" and literally ignoring Federal Laws he has sworn to uphold, prohibiting illegals into the U.S. - while he issues many Executive Orders to allow illegal immigrants, even criminals. to stay in the U.S?

At any rate there is no more Critical Issue of our time: Protecting our children from the incredible carnage now imposed by the U.S. CDC Immunization Schedule. There have already been tens of millions of families so afflicted. This has got to stop, and to me having a candidate who is on record (like Trump) about vaccines causing autism (and countless other injuries) takes priority over personality "flaws" cited here.

Ben Carson is on record praising our Vaccine Society (what do you expect of a typical medico, no matter how distinguished?)

Rand Paul is on record that vaccine choice is THE RIGHT of the parents, though he is a doctor (dentist) putting medical decisions of parents above The State imposing them.

Chris Cristy is on record questioning vaccines.

Jeb Bush is on record praising our current Vaccine System.

Ted Cruz I have no information on.

Our Current Occupant of the Oval Office touts and encourages (insane) CDC Schedule.

Carly Fiorina (splg?) has not been vocal either way as far as I know.

Bernie Sanders raves enthusiastically about vaccines

Hillary Clinton thinks the "sky is blue" and "vaccines are all good" for America's infants.

If others have solid evidence of Candidates' giving their views on vaccines, autism, etc., it seems AoA is an ideal forum to present them.

david m burd

Angus Files

I disagree I am behind Trump as he is the only runner breathing speaking anything close to where we are coming from on vaccine.

Trump is a rare commodity like Nicola Sturgeon (Scotlands Leader) they both speak from the heart. So it is e-a-s-y for them to command rallys, it is not a task, a chore and a strain.

Trump is the only one standing up for a social agenda.

Trump is standing up for the American working class families who are struggling to find work because of cheaper labour flooding America.

Trump is getting the votes because there has been no discernible difference between the American Parties over, the last 15 years of government all have been seamless.

Trump does not support a homogenous establishment view.

Trump is going to become the left-wing party of America.



P.S. His mother comes from my part of Scotland where my ancestors come from the REAL, Scots come from.


False scientists...

Ben Carson clearly is pro-vaccine. Fiorina and Paul seem wishy washy. Ron Paul was more clear.

Jeannette Bishop

Nuremberg rally? The globalist corporations funded Hitler (and other war powers) back in the day, and I think they want the dissolution of borders now and the dissolution of national sovereignty and diverse national laws (if they happen to miss the dissolution of cultural diversity that may result, then I suppose they tell themselves they'll be able to fund an artificial construction of forced diversity later if need be), particularly dissolution of pesky laws that aim to protect troublesome individuals rights against their polluting and projected profits based on none of us having any choice. IMO they also want cheap labor, for now, and major real-estate acquisition ASAP. They want forced vaccination globally (obviously) and probably forced "healthcare" choices paid by forced "insurance" purchases if not blatant taxation.

I don't know whether Trump is someone I could admire even a little. I haven't taken much time to try to figure that out...and I don't know if he would/could do anything he says he wants to do if he happened to become president...but he resonates with some for reasons that are not based in bigotry.

Multiple divisions might be the agenda also...if things break down really badly here...all the more reason to call for global "rulers" to step in...


Thank you Dan. I'm proud of this community.


"an early Nuremberg rally"
I was thinking the same thing. I have to wonder if this whole immigration issue, so well publicized in the press & spewing from the lips of politicians, has an ulterior motive. I suspect that in the upcoming economic upheaval that will affect much of the world, the blame will be directed toward immigrants. Scapegoats. As for Trump, he wouldn't be given so much press/air time if he were not one of the "players" approved by TPTB. Not much hope re any politicians questioning vaccines. Bernie Sanders is clearly in the pro-vaccine camp.


@Linda 1:

You stated: "...Currently in the United States it is federal labor law that anyone making $23,000 as a salaried employee does not have to be paid overtime for hours worked over 40. Of course, $23,000 is poverty level pay and as far as I am aware, there is no limit to the number of hours that employers can demand of their salaried employees..."

This is not accurate. It depends on your status as an employee, i.e., whether your status is 'exempt' or 'non-exempt.'

I was paid a salary well over $23,000.00/yearly, but was still paid over-time for anything over 40 hours per week.

cia parker

I agree. I taught English in Mexico City at Coronet Hall, and remember one very hard-working, attentive student who attended my 7:00 a.m. class. He lived two hours away, but got up extremely early to take the bus to the D.F. to attend English class before starting his workday. He was determined to work hard and responsibly and improve his condition and that of his family. I also was invited to many family celebrations, and went swimming at a balneario with my students. I have known thousands of Mexicans, and nearly all of them were kind, generous, funny, devoted to their families and children, hard-working, and responsible. Really the salt of the earth. I also was impressed by all the school children with neatly ironed uniforms and neatly styled hair, the girls in braids. And impressed by everyone's courtesy, everyone's polite greetings of everyone else and expressions of mutual interest. ALL the children greeting you with a kiss and a handshake, and smiling as they went through all the polite formalities of beginning a conversation. I had money stolen from me twice in the years I lived in Mexico, and was appalled by their treatment of animals, but it will improve with increased prosperity and education. Many of the Mexican workers do jobs which most Americans would not want to do, and prices at the supermarket would increase steeply if the farmers had to pay the higher wages for growing and picking which Americans would expect. I don't support uncontrolled immigration, but I feel great sympathy for the thousands of Mexicans who have and show better character than many Americans and only want to make a living.

cia parker

I really disagree. I just told a friend last night on the phone when we talked about what a fascist jerk Trump was that I was EXTREMELY surprised that Age of Autism appeared to be supporting him. I am relieved to read what I think is an accurate description of his offensive blustering, sort of a tawdry version of Mitt Romney.

cia parker

I agree, except that I never liked Trump and find it unbelievable that he is reported to be the Republican front runner. It's going to have to be Jeb Bush (I'm not crazy about him, but at least he's civilized and normal). I don't think saying one thing about being against mandated vaccines is enough to elect him President. I'm not going to vote for ANYONE in favor of them, but I'm certainly not going to elect a preening, rascist bully just because he's against them. If only Jill Stein would say she's against mandated vaccines, my vote would be locked in, though sort of thrown away except for the message sent.


I'm curious Dan. Of all the candidates in either party who looks good to you to take on our issues? I know who doesn't. Some have made some pretty bold statements about the greatness of vaccines. How they should be mandated for all.

I know one single issue has never affected my life more and I'm fed up.

Jenny Allan

david m burd "I question the Editorial Decision of AoA running this piece so negative about Trump."

John Stone "Speaking as a liberal I of course don't like where the state is going anyway."

Dan Burns took the trouble to attend a Trump rally, in the hope of hearing some Trump vaccine wisdom. Instead he got the Trump Trumpeting. Well -That's the man, like him or loath him. In a democratic society citizens can choose who to vote for. I expect Trump is giving the crowd what they want in order to get those votes. Perhaps a PRIVATE approach to Trump's election team might get a vaccine stance out of him.

As for the bonny wee Hispanic child, there seems to be an assumption here of recent immigration. In Scotland we have very few 'Hispanic' persons, but there are a number of different ethnic communities. It would be most unwise to make assumptions about immigration status based on appearance, some citizens are 3rd and 4th immigrant generation descendants with 'braw' Scottish accents to prove it.

It's not easy to obtain UK resident status, but once obtained, immigrants have the same legal and other rights as indigent citizens. Trump could be prosecuted for publicly expressing any sentiments which could be construed as racist or inflammatory in the UK.

David - I guess 'liberal means something else here in the UK. Like John Stone I despair of the way our UK and devolved Scottish state is going.


Thank you, Gary Ogden, for sharing your experiences. That has been my experience with Mexican and Central American immigrants - so hard working and committed to family. Of course there are good and bad people in every culture, race, national origin. But Trump's constant slandering of immigrants is despicable.


Thank you so much, Dan Burns, for writing this article.

Trump made some good comments on vaccines and autism a while ago, saying that vaccines may cause autism and that it is reckless to give so many vaccines. But I haven't heard him say anything about this lately. I haven't heard him say anything about Dr. William Thompson or Dr. Poul Thorsen or any specific plans regarding autism or vaccines or reform of the CDC or opposition to the proliferating vaccine mandates. I have seen him flip-flop on some issues. We have no idea whether he would do anything about the issues that are so important to us.

And I agree with Dan's description of Trump's character. There's no way I could support him.

David, it's not true that "Liberals in general love for The State to gain ever more control of the public." Liberals often fight for individual rights and protest govt actions.

I appreciate AoA running this article, and that AoA runs articles with a variety of viewpoints.

Gary Ogden

Right on the nose, Dan. Nuremberg rally indeed. I spent sixteen years teaching poor, latino English learners. Most of my students were U.S.-born, but many of the parents were undocumented. This was their life: They got on the bus to the fields before dawn, and came home late in the afternoon, yet they always sent their children to school well-groomed and ready to learn. Unlike in middle class schools, so I hear, if their was a behavior problem (always are with folks of all ages), it was the child's fault, not the teacher's. My students worked their butts off, and despite the many hurdles they faced, many were the first in the family not only to graduate from high school, but to go to college. One of them attended Yale, and matriculated. Countless times I was invited into their homes for meals, or to a quincenera, birthday, or first communion. These were among the best years of my life. These are good people who came here for the same reason everyone else has (including Trump's ancestors), for a better life for their kids. Politicians like Trump are despicable. Mexican immigrants are no different than the Jews, Italians, Poles, or Chinese who came before them, and who were equally despised by nativists like Trump. The descendants of these immigrants have enriched the nation immensely. Right on vaccines, wrong on everything else. The Presidential campaign is little more than an absurd circus. What does it matter who is President, anyway? The gazillioaires run the show the world over.


Thank you Dan for attending the rally and for sharing your observations and invaluable wisdom and insight.

Currently in the United States it is federal labor law that anyone making $23,000 as a salaried employee does not have to be paid overtime for hours worked over 40. Of course, $23,000 is poverty level pay and as far as I am aware, there is no limit to the number of hours that employers can demand of their salaried employees. I was listening to the radio about this yesterday and heard employers defending the law, saying that it would be a disaster for them if they had to pay employees overtime (time and a half) for those hours. I can hardly believe that this is the same country that I started working in more than 40 years ago.

What is the difference between $23,000 for as many hours as are demanded of you and slavery? The difference is at least with slavery your room and board was provided.

Americans are so desperate, disgusted, disillusioned and abused that they are grasping for anything, anyone who is different and that they think might save them. But does anyone think that Trump the billionaire businessman would want to go back to the days when employees had to be paid for their work? Has anyone posed that question to him?

Of course, young parents are the ones most caught in this evil corporate web, many of them struggling to afford care for their vaccine injured children while working ridiculous hours. Not to mention the millions of Americans buried in trillions of dollars of college loan debt for the first few decades of their working life.

Dan Burns

David, a few minutes of Trump on TV here and there was refreshing and intriguing. Until Tuesday. An hour of Trump in person was creepy, to say the least. As an experiment, you might want to go see him for yourself, stay an hour, and check your gut.

John Stone


I am not a "a liberal in general". I am an old-fashioned liberal who fears the over-powerful state.


go Rand

One problem with the US of A is that we are in an almost constant election cycle,

The media basically functions on money from the drug lords and those running for office.

Those who should be in power in Washington are not really in control of anything anymore... for fear of losing money for their campaigns.

A simple issue, such as letting Dr. Thompson speak in regards to the safety of American vaccines which have destroyed millions of children is not even on the radar.

david m burd

John Stone, You are heroic in efforts to reveal vaccine carnage to infants and children - THANK YOU. But you seem to contradict your 'liberal' self when then saying you "don'i like where the state is going". Liberals in general love for The State to gain ever more control of the public. What gives?

As to this Trump "Pep Rally" Dan Burns attended, I daresay bringing up medical tyranny this early in the Campaign would be very iffy as most Americans have been conned and brainwashed by CDC and Mainstream News wanting 100% coerced vaccination of kids.

It's too bad Dan Burns was so disappointed and I can see why. Yet, his appreciation for the Hispanic family (whether they were legal or not, who knows?) and their toddler would have been a lot different if their toddler appeared stricken, perhaps vaccine-injured.

I question the Editorial Decision of AoA running this piece so negative about Trump.

John Stone


Gloomily, I have to concede that you are probably right. I would like to see Trump fire some unanswerable questions to government about the vaccine program - while we know what he thinks or thought it has not been part of the campaign so far. If he did he would be a swell guy in my eyes on that issue - it might finally be raised so it wouldn't go away. But it hasn't happened yet.

Speaking as a liberal I of course don't like where the state is going anyway.

TannersDad Tim

He cares because his son is vaccine injured. “@TannersDad: .@TeamCNN #CNNDebate over 3B impressions, no predebate discussion? https://t.co/GxcpET24mg #ProvenRight #CDCwhistleblower @RealDonaldTrump” 

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