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Memo to Pharma: 97% Wasn't Good Enough for You? Prepare to Lose!

97 percentBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I really have to hand it to the marketing wizards of the pharmaceutical industry.  In California, the cultural trend-setter of the nation, 97% of the children in our schools were fully-vaccinated, according to the CDC schedule.  But that wasn't enough for you, was it?  You had to try and run the table by jamming SB 277 through the California legislature and threaten to throw the children of thinking parents out of school, didn't you?

It must have gotten under your skin that there was 3% of the market still left on the table.  There was that rebellious 3% that didn't care how many times Dr. Nancy ("Get your damn flu-shot) Snyderman told us from on-high there was no debate about vaccines and autism.  (So sorry Nancy that you lost that cushy NBC job when you decided that Ebola quarantines were for other people!) And we didn't care how much you told us that Dr. Andrew Wakefield was a real-life Dr. Evil, when a much better comparison is Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

And yes, when you got the news media to go to sleep about the fact that even the corrupt "Vaccine Court" had paid out damages to at least 83 children who developed autism after their vaccinations, and $3.1 billion for other vaccine injuries, there were still some of us who knew the truth.  And yes, so far you've been able to keep the news media quiet about CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, but there's at least one Presidential candidate with a big mouth who will probably be spilling the beans on that little issue any day now.  In fact, at my last count, there are at least three Presidential candidates who think we need to ask more questions about vaccines.  

How exactly did world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson put it?  Oh yeah, now I remember.  "But it is true that we are probably giving way too many in too short a period of time. And a lot of pediatricians now recognize that, and I think are cutting down on the number and the proximity in which those are done, and I think that’s appropriate."  So, let me get this straight.  We've got Donald Trump saying vaccines cause autism because they're giving too many of them; Carson doesn't quite agree with that, but goes one step further and says that pediatricians realize they're giving too many shots and need to slow down; and Senator Rand Paul (also a doctor), says that we need to have the freedom to make our own medical decisions.  Note to pharma: Normal people call that a "conversation."  Individuals try to work together to find the truth, especially when the issue is as important as the health of our children.

There's a funny thing about democracy.  People get to talk.  And I don't mean cute little thirty second spots where some good looking older guy enters a gym, does a single push-up and walks away with his work-out done.  You see, I think that's the perfect image for the shortcuts pharma is trying to sell the public.  There's the shortcut of calling us crazy, anti-science people, when in reality we're the sober, knowledgeable ones who read the packet inserts and the corrupt scientific research that has so many holes in it that a sixth-grader could see through it.  We do the hard work.  Maybe we are just 3% of the population, but we are a powerful minority.

And don't worry, we will be out there in force, talking to people.  It's going to be a long fourteen months for the pharmaceutical industry until the Presidential election, but don't worry.  When all the dust settles, I bet many of you will be out of a job and have a lot of time to relax.  Some of you may even be in jail.

Power to the people!

Kent Book PlagueKent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and co-author with Dr. Judy Mikovits of Plague: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.   Visit his website at Plague The Book. You can order the book HERE.


for Rand

That should have been @for Rand signing off.


Lol, it's more than 3% that don't vaccinate or only partially vaccinate, especially when you consider flu shots or the stupidest ones like Gardasil. That's why they're so panicked. Ask young parents. They're famed if they do, damned if they don't admit the poor uptake numbers.

Shannon Hunt

Hear, hear!!!!!

Cherry Misra

Dear Rach, thankyou for commenting here. It certainly would seem that doctors and nurses and some scientists know what they are talking about when they state that vaccines are safe. What humble people like you and I and so many others, did not know , was that most of these people did not even know the name of the mercury compound in the vaccines- or any of the other ingredients either. You wouldnt listen to the opinion of a cook who talked about cakes and did not know that they contain flour and sugar, would you.? Now, lets look at the scientists who actually study mercury in their laboratories- those modest PhD's in biochemistry who are called mercury toxocologists- Hmm- Interesting- they all think that mercury is a terrible thing to put in the body of a child. they say that what would REALLY be surprising would be if mercury in vaccines DID NOT cause problems for kids. and as a kicker, it turns out that aluminium is dangerous too and has not been studied sufficiently.
People like to say that vaccines are safe but those people never tell us why children have such terrible health now. Isnt it telling that makers of childrens dolls are now making a "Chemo Toddler" - a cute doll that has no hair and wears a head scarf." When I was young, if your child got cancer, you became famous writing a book about it , because cancer in kids was so rare. I am not implying that vaccines are causing childhood cancers, but merely showing you that no one seems to care how many kids get cancer and autism and diabetes and asthma and a whole host of other disorders. Most of us here thought that this was what the medical profession cared about and that they would naturally investigate toxic substances entering the bodies of babies and kids. It turned out that we were wrong. Mercury and aluminium are considered toxic to mammals in chemistry books, but when they are put in vaccines they are now "safe".


Thought you might enjoy this statistic.
"Over the last fifty years, How to Lie with Statistics has sold more copies than any other statistical text." J. M. Steele. Darrell Huff and Fifty Years of How to Lie with Statistics. Statistical Science, 20 (3), 2005, 205–209.

Angus Files

Rach the 3% are the clever ones, the 97percenters are the sheep ,,baa,baa, have to go.



Wow, Rach, you must really have your head in the sand. You think statistics cannot be altered to achieve a pre-determined outcome? You think that computer generated algorithm studies actually reflect reality? That's a scary thought reflecting extraordinary gullibility.

I guess the words of pediatric brain surgeon Dr. Ben Carson on the CNN Republican Presidential Candidate Debate last week didn't resonate with you or matter to you, either? Dr. Carson thinks childhood vaccinations should be spread out as he, too, feels that too many are given at one time. Do you, Rach, disagree with what that brain surgeon stated on national television, no less, and if so, are you a neurosurgeon, too? If you are not a brain surgeon, what right do you have, Rach, to disagree, considering your own ridiculous statements?

cia parker

Were you serious or were you posting a parody of pharma lies?

david m burd

PS to Rach,

Guess what? Probably the majority of Commenters here on Age of Autism have, in fact, spent thousands of hours reading published medical papers (suppressed by Mainstream Media news that you apparently swallow whole) that actually show autism and a score of other toxic afflictions are directly linked to being injected with scores of very toxic vaccine chemicals.

Oh, don't forget to get your annual Flu Shot - and good luck with your Alzheimer's.


From Rach:

"Would you question an engineer's expertise?
Or a brain surgeon's expertise?"

No, I would not.

How many honorary doctorates does Ben Carson have?

I believe the essence of his statement at the debate. was that many pediatricians agree there are too many vaccines at too young an age, and not all of them are necessary.

No, I would not question that statement by that brain surgeon- I wonder why Rach is?

david m burd


You gave me my first good laugh today as I read your analytical logic.

I have a very fine Covered Bridge in West Virginia I want to sell - for you, I'll take 1/2 price.



"So what makes you think you know more than 97% of the healthcare professionals, including doctors,nurses but also virologists, immunologists etc.."

That must be why doctors and nurses have to be FORCED into getting a yearly flu shot.

"...science does not respect consensus. There was once widespread agreement about phlogiston (a nonexistent element said to be a crucial part of combustion), eugenics, the impossibility of continental drift, the idea that genes were made of protein (not DNA) and stomach ulcers were caused by stress, and so forth—all of which proved false. Science, Richard Feynman once said, is "the belief in the ignorance of experts."


Grace Green

Reassuring to hear on the BBC news that 85% of Ukrainian babies under one year old are NOT vaccinated against polio. I'm sure Ukrainian parents aren't so much more savvy than us Brits - They are probably just lying to us about the stats.
Rach, you must be one of the 0.001% of people who believe statistics can't lie! And did you know that 82% of statistics are made up on the spur of the moment?

Sophie Scholl

Ahh there you go , the BBC has


Herd immunity lies again . 95 % LIES
The proportion of two-year-old children in England having the MMR vaccine has fallen, according to NHS statistics.

In 2014-15, 92.3% of children had the jab to protect them from measles, mumps and rubella.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre said the figure was 92.7% in the previous year - which was the highest level of coverage ever achieved.

Some parts of the country had less than 80% of children immunised against the infections.

The target rate is 95%, which is enough to prevent the diseases spreading in a community.

Sophie Scholl

Shelley Tzorfas

The BBC local radio stations are running adverts for children to get the MMR , so in the UK , they tell us all the time there is a very high rate of "compliance" . But I suspect the truth of it is , there is a sizeable percentage of refusers here , else why run the adverts (desperation).



Rather ironic that you think you are the ones doing the hard work, when all you do is read rubbish on the internet.
There is a reason there is only 3% of you. It's because 97% think differently. Surely when you are in a minority about your opinion you have to question that opinion in the first place.

Would you question an engineer's expertise?
Or a brain surgeon's expertise?
So what makes you think you know more than 97% of the healthcare professionals, including doctors,nurses but also virologists, immunologists etc... It takes years of study to become one. Have you done as much?

Statistics do not lie!!
Even a sixth grader can tell you by looking at statistics around disease incidence and vaccine uptake, that vaccines are very effective.
As for safety... well the thousands of studies to show this are simply irrefutable.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Well said as alway. Thank you Kent Heckenlively!

Shelley Tzorfas

Many of the 2.5% Unvaccinated children belong to families where the older child had seizures, developed Tourette's Syndrome, Autism-a code name for Brain Encephalitis,SIDS deaths, paralysis and other debilitating issues. So why did they go after their delicate siblings whose parents refuse to lose yet another child?? The reason has nothing to do with the health or safety of children. It is to close the pharmaceutical loophole so that within 2 to 5 years they can force all adults to revaccinate. That is where the big money lies!


Thank goodness 3000+ SIDS cases each year are not related to vaccines, and are not covered in the same way as the "Disney measles." The CDC has proven SIDS to be just another "damn parent antidotal coincidence..."

Of course, SIDS was “invented in the USA” in the late 60's following the original DPT shot. It peaks at 2-4 months.

It would seem that a SIDS parent would show up at a Trump rally somewhere. Mr. Trump knows that the present medical system needs an overhaul, the truth about Autism & SIDS would certainly open that door.


We should probably all be brushing up on our Russian language skills. Russia has completely outlawed GMOs in its food production now, after having banned its imports after France showed gmo-food eating rats getting tumors. All they need to do now is outlaw neurotoxins, multidose vaccines, and multi-disease vaccines next and they can just sit back and wait. The W.H.O. already considers one to be vaccinated for measles after one dose, and for D/T/P after just 3 doses. (worldbank.org/indicator/SH.IMM.MEAS) Why, in America, do we have to do it even more? Between the low glyphosate load and the lower vaccine aluminum load and with a less intense vaccine schedule, Russia may not need to have a dominant military strategy to regain a strong position in world economics and power.

First Russia'll become the world's largest supplier of clean food, and then we'll see huge gaps in intelligence between their inventors and ours, and then they'll realize we are too sick to defend our own county. Connect the dots!

California may have been a leader in certain respects in the past, but they certainly aren't worth emulating regarding true personal freedom. They are leading the U.S. straight back to dictatorships, this time in the form of pharmaceutical corporatocracy. I'm starting to wonder if our little experiment in democracy really pissed some people off over there in Europe and they are promoting all the shit over here while keeping their own noses relatively clean over there. Austria only has 76% measles vaccine uptake, for gosh sake! Are we hearing about any crazy measles epidemics killing people in Austria?

In the meantime, the democrats scramble to show somehow, that they, too, not just Trump et al, care about children and whether they are placed at risk from pharmaceutical regime tactics: Huffpo rolls out its series on J&J and Risperdal and gynocomastia in boys. Sorry Dems & pharma - not the truth we were looking for. Not being accepted as the proper sacrifice. We want freedom over our bodies and those of our children, not a sacrificial lamb in the form of an oral prescription.

But thank-you for shining a light introducing liberals to the nastiness embedded in the pharmacy development in a way that they can understand. Eventually it will dawn on people that this type of blatant disregard for the sanctity of health may also be present in the vaccine industry. Now would be a good time to remind people of the Maryanne Godboldo in Detroit again (http://www.justice4maryanne.com/ ), just to help the general public understand what it means to be stuck between a rock and a hard place - at the intersection of adverse risks in medicines and the new discrimination, discrimination against the non-medicated population.


If any of you are medical professionals with access to EPIC, the most prevalent electronic medical record, you already are aware that a large percentage of the local population is already in that medical record with their immunization records - children and adults.
MILLIONS of people.


Ohhh, Kent you are talking pretty rough and tough ---------- I like it!

Jail, and not just a token jail bird -but the whole flock.

Bob Moffitt

"In California, the cultural trend-setter of the nation, 97% of the children in our schools were fully-vaccinated, according to the CDC schedule. But that wasn't enough for you, was it?"

Kent .. I am probably a much bigger cynic than you .. but .. I believe the pharmaceutical mafia is using California as a "stalking horse" in anticipation of setting a "national trend" to require ADULTS .. by 2020 .. be fully "up-to-date" on the 72 doses of recommended and approved vaccines for adults between the ages of 19 and 65.

They have .. hopefully for the short-term only .. removed all existing "opt-out exemptions" allowing parents to protect their children .. and .. my cynicism suggests their sights are now set on ADULTS.

California has gone INSANE!

I am rooting for the parents of California, who believe their children are not pin-cushions owned by the vaccine manufacturers, and not for the parents who are too distracted and misinformed to bother reading those package inserts or the studies and defer all medical decision making to their pediatricians.

However, I am concerned about what is going on in Orange County, California, and it stinks like "Dorit", too. Orange County is planning to force vaccinate special needs students against the will of their parents, (and despite IEPs protecting them under federal law providing them with the right to attending school classes with their peers in the least restrictive environment, with all the school supports and therapies they need), by court order. Sound enough like Nazi Germany to you, yet?:

California has been particularly busy, it seems. What's happening in all of the other states, including your own? It can't be good.


david m burd

Kent, Very well said.

For years I've asked friends, relatives, new acquaintances if they had ever seen the Immunization Schedule for Children Aged 0 to 6.

They have always said "No", and I explain to them the U.S. Mainstream Media will NEVER show it because it so dramatically and obviously a horrific Graphic of 27 doses of shots into infants by 7 months. It is visually a metaphoric atomic bomb going off.

I have made color copies 1/3 the a full page size of 8 1/2" x 11" inches to hand out, and of course extend any conversation if desired.

If any of the three Republican Candidates Trump, Paul, Carson (or any candidate for that matter) would show this on TV I am sure there would an instant wake-up call by millions of Americans, including medical people, as to an obvious cause of the autism spectrum and the many other terrible afflictions and infant deaths (such as SIDS and SUD) caused by The Schedule.

Angus Files

Yes Kent well said.

I am hoping ,it is the day the soul of Pharma finally died.

Allopathic( I did say allopathic) Drs like Carson have acknowledged the need to change but its only lip service nothing more only platitudes.

"Pick a card" Trump again.



TannersDad Tim

Here Here! tinyURL.com/GotchaBackfire watch Jake Tapper dance now the cat is out of the bag. Claim Victory! Demand Prize Payment: #MakeAmericaHealthyAgain

Sophie Scholl

"Some of you may even be in jail."

Please make it come true , please , please .

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