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Living Whole Blogger on Vaccines and Aborted Fetal Tissue

Thank you to Megan Heimer of the Living Whole blog for this important if not controversial post.  Read the entire post at Living Whole.com


Surely by now you’ve seen at least one of the many Planned Parenthood videos making the rounds. You know, the videos that discussed in painful detail how babies are ripped from their mothers, hacked up, and sold to the highest bidder? The videos where professionals (over lunch no less) laughingly talked about changing their procedures – putting women at greater risk of complication – to obtain perfect specimens, in the name of the Lamborghini and all. The video where a live baby with a beating heart was killed for a brain?

I wish I was making this stuff up, but I’m not. The truth is, abortions are a for-profit industry and dead baby parts are big business. But what do you expect from an organization whose founder believed that one race was superior to another and strategically placed her abortion clinics in poor, black communities to weed out black Americans or believed that the greatest gift a large family could give an unborn child was to kill them?

What do you expect from a medical and scientific community that claims that science cannot advance without aborted babies, or a government that views aborted baby specimens as their own property and mandates that parents inject their kids with vaccines containing aborted fetal cells, DNA, and protein?

Many of the same legislators demanding that Planned Parenthood be defunded to prevent them from selling aborted baby parts, are hypocritically supporting mandates that would force parents to inject their children with them. It’s the equivalent of saying, let’s ban sugar while mandating that parents feed their children sugar cookies and pretending that the sugar cookies don’t contain sugar. It makes absolutely zero sense.  Read the entire post at Living Whole.com


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