Vaccines: When Fear and Facts Collide
Scrutiny and Loss in the Age of Autism


Betty OHara

You knocked the ball out of the park!!! Have shared far and wide ;-)

david m burd

Laura - thanks for your immense efforts.

As the Spring sun eventually, inevitably, melts Winter ice, your factual presentations are surely (along with other notables - many on this A0A site and other Citizen Sites) reaching increasingly large numbers of parents. AND, reaching more and more of our pharma-brainwashed Legislators.

The Medical/Pharma Gangsters will never give in --- but we will prevail.

Michelle B

Great job, Laura!

Whenever anyone mentions the CDC bigwigs tossing the study that William Thompson cites in the trash, I'm reminded of Mad Men's Don Draper dropping tobacco study in his garbage can after hearing the results from their hired expert. Only difference is that Draper is a fictionalized adman selling cigarettes, not a government entity supposed to protect us!!

Tony Bateson

Astonishing performance Laura - completely invaluable and a lot of information new to me that just carries on adding weight to what we know is the truth about vaccines.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK

Kathy Sincere


Thank you yet again for your unwavering advocacy for vaccine rights and the Truth. You say it like it is, no holds barred. Why should any of us water down our message and our principles to appease corrupt politicians and the purposely uninformed. You NEVER do. I always feel enlightened and encouraged when I listen to your speeches and interviews. You are an amazing woman!

Autism mom

Laura is awesome!!


Thanks for this great interview, Ms Keltner. I hope you can help Mr Sanders, your favorite candidate, to recognize this issue!
Single payer healthcare could easily eliminate the last bits of choice, on vaccination and alternative healthcare.

Bob Moffitt

I greatly appreciate Laura's no-nonsense .. "take no prisoners" position on vaccines .. such as ... "having zero tolerance for ANY doctor still vaccinating children".

That is a far different position than those (RFK, Rand Paul, etc) who begin EVERY discussion by claiming to be "pro-vaccine" .. which immediately diminishes the value of whatever justifiable critical comments on vaccines that follow.

My choice as a moderator for the next Presidential "debate" .. Laura.

Ann Dunn

Great job Laura!

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, again, Laura, Jeanie, and Josh!

John Stone


Perfect advocacy - well done.



I hope everyone takes the time to watch this interview. Laura is an articulate educational powerhouse. If you know someone who is confused about this issue, this is the link to share.

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