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Tom Insel, Robert Ring and Something about the Power of One Mother's Emails or Something

SuperMom2By Ginger Taylor

Last month I wrote two letters, one to Tom Insel, head of NIMH and the IACC, and one to Rob Ring, Science Officer of Autism Speaks, pointing out to both the vast amount of research they seemed to have missed that shows that vaccines can cause autism, which contradicts their stated claims that there is no research showing that vaccines can cause autism.

And then this month a funny thing happened. They both actually did something.

Insel resigned as the head of NIMH to go start a new life sciences division for Google. (Note: I strongly recommend you stay away from Google Life Sciences.) His departure is being lauded by those in the autism community far and wide.

And this week, as the unexpected and unexplained resignation of Liz Feld as President of AS is announced, we note that something on the Autism Speaks web site has changed. Rob Ring's claim that vaccines don't cause autism has been scrubbed from

Last February, Mr. Ring made the much heralded statement:

“Over the last two decades, extensive research has asked whether there is any link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The results of this research are clear: Vaccines do not cause autism. We urge that all children be fully vaccinated.

Rob Ring
Chief Science Officer, Autism Speaks”

It was widely broadcast and used in state houses across the nation in the 2015 vaccine mandate push. But today it is no more.

Screen shots of the AS website page from September 6th and from today:


Autism Speaks has not issued a press release retracting the statement by Mr. Ring, nor the medical recommendation for parents to vaccinate their children.

I have sent Mr. Ring the following question.

Subject: Removal of vaccine/autism statement from AS web site
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2015 17:19:02 -0400
From: Ginger Taylor
To: Rob Ring 

Mr. Ring,

I have noted that your statement, issued in February, that vaccines are not associated with autism, and recommending that parents vaccinate their children, has been removed from the Autism Speaks web site.

The release of this statement was widely shared in the media, and used as testimony in favor of vaccine mandates during hearings across the country this year. As such, I believe that a statement from Autism Speaks on why they are removing your statement from the web site is in order.

Will you or AS be issuing a statement or a formal retraction explaining the decision to remove the statement?

Ginger Taylor, MS

As neither he nor Mr. Insel has answered my previous emails, I do not anticipate an answer from Mr. Ring. Of course I will share it if he replies.

With all this activity, I can only assume what is plainly logical to anyone paying attention. That it is my emails, and my emails alone that have shamed Mr. Insel and Mr. Ring into their actions.

There is of course the very, very, very remote possibility that this little tiny dust up, tempest in a tea pot really, might have had a slight bit of influence on them, so I might as well mention it just to be thorough.

Some guys said some things about something or other. I can barely remember what it was though.

So I guess it is minorly possible that Tom Insel has not held a meeting of the IACC in 14 months even though legally he has to have two per year, and usually has four per year, and then finally quit because he doesn't want to talk about what that one guy said about the other guy who said he did those things with those other people. And I guess it is possible that Rob Ring does not want to have to talk about that V word any more because of the things the guys are saying about the things done and thrown away and stuff. And it might be that this whole thing was not what Liz Feld signed up for and some adage about rats and a sinking ship...

But I am pretty sure it was my emails. They are all TERRIFIED of getting emails from me. So let's go with that.

#CDCwhistleblower #GarbageCan


December 1, 2015. Rob Ring has announed his departure from Autism Speaks as of January 15th.  

You're welcome.  ;)


Mary Pulles Cavanaugh

Thank God for your passion💜

C Powell


Thank you for the comment. I actually went to the IMMH conference 2 wks ago, to learn more about how to help my child, and met some very inspiring people. I am actually going to get MAPS "educated" next year.

Meanwhile, i am going to start practicing Integrative Medicine. I am at odds with the current system which is undoubtedly broken.

No help, no concern, no answers... hell i would settle for some EMPATHY. We all deserve better care, but especially our children.

We need to band together and get our message across. How many more docs who buck the system are going to die and how many more beautiful babies will be likely forever robbed of their lives before CHANGE HAPPENS???

Dear smug CEOs of Eli Lilly, did you have all your precious grandchildren vaccinated? I am gonna guess not.

This INJURY AND RESULTING ENCEPHALOPATHY has STOLEN MY BABY BOY.. my only child.. ironically born late in my life bc i spent 14 yrs getting my medical "education."

I have been angry. I still am angry. But i am going to use my energy to educate new parents, to fight for our injured children to be given the treatments they need and deserve, and to absolutely put an end to forced vaccinations!

And why so many??? Why does every newborn need a hep B immunization? I wasn't planning on dropping her off at a crackhouse. Common sense is sorely absent in modern medicine.

False scientists...

I just remembered that the program on psychopathy stated that rates of psychopaths are highest (3 highest professions): CEO's, surgeons (anyone know a surgeon who is motivated and hell bent on destroying anyone who questions the vaccine agenda ;) and media. This does not surprise anyone here, of course.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Ginger! I'm willing to rank your emails up there with Congressman Posey's brave speech and probably something about how much of the nationwide mandate push didn't have the traction that was probably hoped for (RFK Jr and Trace Amounts have anything to do with that?).

I tried emailing Dr. Carson's campaign asking whether he's heard of William Thompson's revelations. I don't know if I have any super-mom-power to get the question past his campaign managers, but it seems like these candidates that talk about "the science" on vaccination and autism ought to demonstrate awareness of and have an official position on holding congressional hearings concerning the matter, or something ...

Ginger Taylor

Dr. Powell,

Go make some new colleagues.

C Powell

I am going to recover my child...he has shown some good improvements with some biomedical interventions. I am going to continue to research, work with educated and enlightened professionals until he gets better. I am going to work to help other parents of autistic children and use what this experience has taught me.

There is hope.

No medical professionals we have been to for treatment; however, have given us ANY hope. "ABA therapy, plan for a group home..."

NO. Stop telling people that is all there is!!!

He had a 2p deletion (very small). His pediatrician smugly showed me the results and said, "See, the vaccines have nothing to do with what's wrong with Anders.."

No. Not convinced. We all have many deletions and replications in our DNA, does that mean we automatically have those phenotypic presentations.

The lies and cover ups have to end.

C Powell

I am a physician. I foolishly had my poor newborn baby boy vaccinated, like a brainless robot, because i was trained in medical school and residency that the vaccines were an absolutely safe thing and all this causation theory was just a load of crap. In retrospect, i hate myself for not questioning it.

Well guess what, my boy is now 3 years old, completely nonverbal, autistic, and let's just throw in PDD, too.. he suffered a severe reaction to his 4 month immunizations, severe fever, very sick, screaming.. went to local children's hospital, "oh gosh no! We cant find anything wrong with him (they thought he had meningitis he was so sick upon presentation), there is NO way his shots had anything to do with this!" I was given this line by every medical "professional" from the hospital back to his pediatrician's office the next day.

I have left my medical practice. This has changed the way i feel about being a doctor. I am not working on a regular basis until i can recover my son. I also can no longer be a part of such a criminally dangerous machine that serves the needs of the powers that be and big pharma industry, while (unwittingly) potentially harming the people who come to me for help.

I am angry. I will never stop trying to educate people on the dangers of vaccines. I will never stop fighting for the rights of those who (literally) have no voice, like my son. Stop trying to cover your rears and HELP us recover these children! I wouldn't wish this hell on anyone.

Mommy On Fire


Maybe it is pessimistic, but this country procedures nothing but biotech and drugs, so Washington will do anything needed to support the economy. Kill a few naturapaths, no problem. Squash victims of vaccines, no big deal. For them to say they got it wrong and autism is not increasing, it would be an easy way to trim the budget and help industry at the same time... If you operate in a completely amoral, sociopathic way.


Or should I say; instead of powerful - just over bearing.


That is true.
There is a lot of powerful people and they did not get into these positions by just rolling over.

Medical Researcher

A must watch for parents who have questions about vaccinations and their children

What's in vaccines?: Vaccine Ingredients and Manufacturer Information -


It could be that the plan is to defund the IACC and rework autism speaks by saying autism has not actually increased. It would make sense considering the stance that the government and medical cartel are taking now.

Angus Files

he said,she said,autism is caused by what?


Tim Lundeen

The ripples are still spreading, "Autism Speaks said Monday that Liz Feld will stay on as president through June 2016 and the nonprofit is now searching for her replacement."

Haven Delay

So we don't have the right to SUE the vaccine makers, doctors, hospitals nor anyone else who neurologically and medically damages our children FOR LIFE with vaccines, but i am getting pretty sick of this unsupported statement that "vaccines do not cause autism." Perhaps we should sue autism speaks for touting fiction as truth and make them try to prove that statement in an open court of law because that statement is condemning a new generation as well as two previous generations of children to a lifetime of medical and neurological problems. It is high time the public got to really SEE this evidence they rely on and to KNOW who PAID for those studies and how they were manipulated. We cannot afford to lose anymore CHILDREN to this iatrogenic disease! We need to start suing organizations and media who report this tripe as truth.

Gary Ogden

Keep terrifying the hell out of them! Give them no rest! Must say, though, that these two will be replaced by a couple of other idiots.

Karen Woytowitz

Not sure if Age of Autism posted this research on thimerosal a couple years ago as I have only viewed this website this year.It was published in the Journal of Toxicology.

Title: B-Lymphocytes from a Population of Children With Autism
Spectrum Disorder and Their Unaffected Siblings Exhibit Hypersensitivity to Thimerosal.

Oddly enough, it was partially funded by Autism Speaks.

False scientists...

Trust in mainstream media at an all-time low: 18-49 year olds, only 36% feel mainstream can be trusted. The rats are starting to abandon the sinking ship. Insel is so predictable.

Betty Bona

Extremely interesting find about the unnecessary disclaimer by one of the meta-analysis authors! But that poor parent gave his or her child TYLENOL before the vaccine! And now parents who read this statement on the AS website may be even more likely to give Tylenol before vaccines. That's a crying shame!

John Stone


Or just not taken down? It has certainly been taken down in one place.


"I would like to volunteer Insel , Ring & Offit to man that first spaceflight to Mars."

After they've had all their immunizations. We wouldn't want them to endanger the Martians.


Dr. Ring's statement is now posted on the Autism Speaks "Frequently Asked Questions" web page under the heading "Are Vaccines to Blame?"


Ginger, I regret to inform you that this all happened because of some comments I posted on a newspaper article.


Thanks Ginger....

In the mean tome, if you ever suspected the "American Academy of Pediatrics" was ever about anything other than money, please read this:

Coke pays AAP $3mm, AAP says Coke is fine for kids. Q.E.D. AAP is a group of whores. Literally.


There is also this unusual vaccine injury disclaimer by a lead author on an MMR study (the meta-analysis one) which is striking since it is superfluous to the content. The study is not available to read openly online and so this is why this caught my attention:

"As an epidemiologist I believe the data that is presented in this meta-analysis. However, as a parent of three children I have some understanding of the fears associated with reactions and effects of vaccines. My first two children have had febrile seizures after routine vaccinations, one of them a serious event. These events did not stop me from vaccinating my third child, however, I did take some proactive measures to reduce the risk of similar adverse effects. I vaccinated my child in the morning so that we were aware if any early adverse reaction during the day and I also gave my child a dose of paracetamol 30 min before the vaccination was given to reduce any fever that might develop after the injection. As a parent I know my children better than anyone and I equate their seizures to the effects of the vaccination by increasing their body temperature. For parents who do notice a significant change in their child's cognitive function and behaviour after a vaccination I encourage you to report these events immediately to your family physician and to the 'Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System'.


Ginger, they have also removed the post presidential debate statement that "vaccines don't cause autism"... broken link here:

Original text here which is still on their FB page: "Did you watch the Republican Debate last night? See how Autism was a big topic..
Autism Speaks Statement on the September 16 Republican Debate:
The issue of Autism took center stage during last night's Republican presidential debate, and it must remain at the forefront of the national dialogue. There are millions of Americans affected by autism, many of whom are in need of better treatments, supports and services, and deserve more research on the cause of autism. Our elected officials must take action on behalf of them. We need a national plan that addresses the needs of people affected by autism across the entire lifespan.
As for the issue of vaccines, over the last two decades, extensive research has asked whether there is any link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The results of this research are clear: Vaccines do not cause autism."


Resigning - with hopes of not getting jail time?


Thank you Princess Ant, for keeping those Grasshoppers at bay!


they are quietly resigning - changing what they said about it on the internet -- but there are still statements that linger in all of our brains - and some where on print that they can't just go in an change.

But they have KNOWN with the DPT shot back in the 70s -- Cause my Microbiology was up in front of us and 200 + or - ; saying there was not neurological reactions causes by vaccines, it just did not happen. That was 1978.

My microbiology professor was given a medical lab subsidized by Merck -- and my professor was brown nosed by the CDC -- calling on him to go into hospitals and see what could be done about antibiotic resistant bugs. Merck and the CDC were in it together - grooming professors to teach our young minds that vaccines were never - ever - harmful.

We know and I want jail time - at the highest up levels.
I want Pharma lobbyists killed out of Washington and the CDC's money from the federal government -- what do they need money from the federal government for - when they have all of Merck's?

Sophie Scholl

go rand

I would like to volunteer Insel , Ring & Offit to man that first spaceflight to Mars .

Sophie Scholl

Jenny - I don't see that (that we are winning) .
So few of the parents understand (or bother to understand)
what has happened to them.

The situation is escalating , I'll give you that .
Our opposition is getting more desperate .

California has passed laws to mandate vaccination (parent and child). Further states are planned for sure .
Vaccines are being discussed at presidential debate , true.
But not nearly enough . Everyone is terrified to tell the whole truth (no one dares to say WT's name).
Alternative Doctors who oppose vaccination , are dying in suspicious circumstances in statistically high numbers .
Perhaps that is why Insel & Ring want out ?

We will never win - not in the way I hope for .
They might well admit vaccines are a failure & scale them back , but they'll never admit it was deliberate or by design (they will never willingly accept their guilt .)
They own the media , if their is any change , they will be managing that change to limit their culpability .
They (the guilty parties behind the vaccine program)are the same people who commission\write the history books .
People like Adriana_G needs to document what has happened here for the future generations else this will all be like it never ever happened (and that is the plan.)
People still talk about making our vaccines "green" .
But it cannot be done . Vaccines are a failed technology .
Jenner was not a great man . He killed his own son.


Very interesting about the web page change. Thank you for telling the world.

Bob Moffitt

Odd coincidence that Insel and Speaker of the House John Boehner "resigned" unexpectedly .. and .. that Austism Speaks has unexpectedly "removed" Ring's strong support for "studies" claiming no link between vaccines and autism.

I suspect there is a powerful "grassroots" .. politically "bi-partisan" movement .. justifiably frustrated after years of "betrayal" by the entrenched "establishment" .. represented by the likes of .. Insel, Boehner and Ring .. that has caused these "unexpected" events.

Hopefully .. the entrenched political establishments of BOTH parties .. and .. their equally moral bankrupt corrupt colleagues in the entrenched federal bureaucracies .. have begun to see the gathering army of outraged citizens armed with pitchforks and sledgehammers .. advancing .. just as the people in Eastern Germany advanced "unexpectedly" on the Berlin Wall .. destroying that hated wall .. over a single night .. brick by brick .. on national television .. for the entire world to witness.


go rand

Thank you for all you do Ginger…

With all the excitement about Mars, the Martian movie… and now “water on Mars”, it will soon be funding time for umpteen billion dollars for a big space trip.
Do you ever get the idea that Hollywood and big science work together ?

Perhaps life will be found, and we can then see how many vaccines by age five the Martians have, and what their Autism rates are…

I would guess Dr. Insel’s main duties at Google is to try to tweak the servers so the truth about many things cannot be found.

Jenny Allan

"But I am pretty sure it was my emails. They are all TERRIFIED of getting emails from me. So let's go with that."

Well done Ginger and YES it WAS your e-mails which sent these rats scuttling for the liferafts.

Just in case there are a few ironic head shakings out there, can I remind readers of the POWER of well researched letters, particularly those which are copied far and wide, to politicians, to the press, to government health and science employees and spokespersons, and to charities which claim to be dedicated to 'helping' autism and other health research, but like 'Autism Speaks' are little more than mouthpieces for corporate pharma and political policies.

The POINT which Ginger is NOT making, so I will make it for her is Insel, Ring, Feld and other appointed 'figureheads' cannot continue to plead 'ignorance', nor can they keep on repeating the tired mantra of 'extensive research' proving vaccines don't cause autism, since vaccines DO cause autism and myriad other disabilities. Occasionally vaccines kill. There's no need for research to 'prove' something when vaccine and other courts have compensated the victims.

It's good to hear those Congressional debates. At LAST mainstream media is being FORCED to air these important issues in public. Bill Posey stated he is in favour of vaccinations. Me too - but they MUST be safer and there MUST be vaccine manufacturers' liability when they are caught, like VW fraudulently supressing known concerns, or overstating efficacy. However, Posey, Trump and the rest will have got their information from SOMEWHERE. (The mainstream press is also 'bought' by Pharma and other corporate interests).


Take a bow Ginger, AoA, The Canary Party, and everyone else who ever wrote a letter/article, put a post on Facebook & Twitter, or commented below an internet News article.

Sophie Scholl

WHO says most people in Europe too fat
By James Gallagher
Health and science reporter, BBC News website

23 September 2015
Most people in Europe are too fat, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO).
It said 59% of the population were either overweight or obese.
Its European Health Report also said the WHO Europe region, which includes parts of Asia, had the highest levels of alcohol and tobacco use in the world.
And as a result, WHO officials warned, young people in the region "may not live as long as their grandparents".
The report praised countries for cutting deaths from cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (which include heart attacks and stroke).
However, it also warned that 30% of the region still smoked - a higher figure than for any other region.
And an average alcohol consumption equivalent to 11 litres (20 pints) of pure alcohol a year was also a global high.
Meanwhile, the proportion of people either overweight or obese ranged from 45% to 67%.
The report said these figures were "alarmingly high".
WHO regional director for Europe Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab said: "This report shows heartening progress.
"But there is a very real risk that these gains will be lost if smoking and alcohol consumption continue at the current rate.
"This is especially relevant to young people, who may not live as long as their grandparents."

The BBC\WHO conditioning us all into accepting those shorter lifespans - vaccination extermination .

John Stone


I have no doubt your letters are important - I think "jumpy" is a good way to describe these people and this situation. It must be beginning to dawn on them that they are in a mess.

One of the problems with modern science, of course, is that it is so diverse and specialised. Scientists in neighbouring fields who have never been involved directly in the cover up may get less and less comfortable with their colleagues who have. The may be inclined to say: "That's a fine mess you got us all into".

I think it is very significant that Robert Ring's statement has disappeared, even by any chance it should miraculously re-appear again. The just don't know which way to jump.


Sophie Scholl

I would say good riddance to both Insel & Ring .
But I suspect the recruitment process for their replacements is likely to include the resurrecting of the Marquis de Sade.

Interesting Ring has backed down on his statement .Perhaps the parents who still bother talking to AS are making things untenable for the leadership . hopefully

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