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Dachel Asks Doctors: Thoughts on the CDC Whistleblower?

BrownsteinNOTE: We'll have a series of these running over the next week from Anne Dachel.

Dr. David Brownstein on the CDC

“Hi, I’m Dr. David Brownstein.  I’m a family practitioner in West Bloomfield, MI. 

“It has been one year since a whistleblower came forward from the CDC saying they altered date from a 2004 study that found that autism was correlated with the MMR vaccine.  I can’t figure out how one year later we haven’t had congressional hearings, the President isn’t involved.  We need action to figure out if these vaccines are truly indeed causing autism, and if the CDC is complicit in this. 

“So I am asking for everyone to call their congressman to let them know that we need hearings, and we need the true story about what’s happening at the CDC.”

Video of Dr. Brownstein on CDC

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No Shots No Religious School? - AGE OF AUTISM



Ronald Kostoff


Paul Thomas is an Oregon Pediatrician who testified before the Oregon Senate Committee on Healthcare, on Bill SB22. He stated, in part: "that in his practice he currently has over 1000 kids at least 3 years old, and there are no new cases of autism, while nationally, his peers in pediatric care are seeing 1 out of 50 children on the autism spectrum." He uses a modified vaccination schedule, tailored to each child.

Now, there are "91,915 physicians in the US (as of 2011) who identified themselves as a pediatrician, pediatric medical subspecialist, pediatric surgical specialist, or other pediatric-focused physician." Does anyone believe Dr. Thomas is the only Pediatrician in this group who keeps records of vaccinations and any symptoms that follow? If, as alleged by Dr. Thompson (CDC), the CDC study actually showed substantially higher risks for autism from the MMR vaccine (for specific timing intervals) for two sub-groups (African-American, Isolated Autism), wouldn't these effects show up in the records of a Pediatrician with a substantial practice who follows the recommended CDC schedule, or part of a group practice?

Anne, you don't need to 'ask the Doctors'; the Doctors have spoken! By their collective silence, they have expressed their priorities. Congress has spoken; the mainstream media have spoken; the Federal 'health' bureaucracy has spoken; the Pharmaceutical companies have spoken. All the above, and associated stakeholders, have spoken. You may not like the message, but they have conveyed it loud and clear.

Whoever becomes President would face strong resistance from the vast majority of the above groups for any change related to vaccinations. I see no chance of ANY President promoting an agenda with such unified opposition. The President could not even use the 'bully pulpit' to alter vaccine recommendations unless the Directors of the CDC, FDA, NIH, etc, were squarely behind him/her. They would have to be the spokespeople for any altered recommendations; none of the present MAJOR candidates would have the medical credibility to convince the American people. How would potential Directors of the FDA and NIH ever get confirmed by the Senate if they had such alternative views on vaccination?

Finally, to return to Dr. Thomas. His allegation that his modified recommendations/schedule does not result in autism should not be interpreted that vaccines are safe. There are myriad diseases and symptoms that can result from vaccines; autism is allegedly only one of many. And, the long-term effects of these vaccines have had minimal research. As I have shown in some postings, there are studies in the biomedical literature showing intermediate adverse effects of vaccines (a few years out), but almost nothing truly long-term. And, even of these few studies, how many have been manipulated similar to how the CDC study was allegedly manipulated? The short and long-term safety of vaccines has not been demonstrated, and until adequate independent objective research has been performed to ascertain the level of safety, we are presently conducting a massive unjustified global experiment with our health.

Laura Cats

If I were Queen the one thing I'd ask is why not keep all forms of mercury no matter what their composition to be eliminated from all internal use....At the same time I'd demand that all other metals except colloidial silver be disallowed from injections and other internal uses. Is that so very difficult...I'm sure we can find other materials for shoulder and knee replacements etc.

Bob Moffitt


You really ought not have to be a "queen" .. to demand the .. "common sense" .. examination of the consequences of receiving a vaccine ..

All anyone .. most especially .. well qualified .. CDC and FDA "scientists" .. would have to do .. is conduct a "RETROSPECTIVE" study of anyone .. under the age of six .. who was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disorder .. autism, allergies, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile type 1 diabetes .. on and on ... to ascertain if there was a "significant increase" in chronic autoimmune disorders of those fully vaccinated .. under six years of age ... toddlers?

Instead .. these 'well paid" .. scientific "charlatans" .. insist they cannot conduct "prospective" study .. comparing "vaccinated to unvaccinated" children .. because it would be "unethical" to "deny" children vaccinations in order to "create" the "unvaccinated" children they need to conduct the study.


Sophie Scholl

Linda1 - you are a Queen here !
I think you are great for a start .

Your majesty - would you mind if I made a suggestion , could we just make the flu vaccine mandatory for all doctors , and all their family members .
That alone should sort the wheat from the chaff .

R's dad

Hey y'all, just saw this on Google news: Thomas Insel is going to work for Google. Is this great news or what?!!! (that he'll no longer be over the IACC, presumably)

Sue Morgan

My Congressman is Ami Bera. Hes a medical doctor. He assures me vaccines are safe and effective. He refuses to call for hearings. I'm stuck. I have even contacted Jason Chaffetz (however you spell it) in Utah. No response. Stuck.

Shannon Epstein

Speaking of whistleblowers, you might want to jump over to HuffPo to read the horrific story of how Risperdal came to be a (disastrous) first line treatment for autism.


If I was queen, I'd make all doctors in the land report how many flu shots their patients got last year and in each of the preceding 10 years (including the shots their patients received from street vendors - pharmacists, school fairs, children selling lemonade, etc.) and then I'd require them to tell me how many of those same patients got any kind of illness, especially respiratory, and also strokes, heart attacks, new diagnoses and flare-ups of formerly diagnosed inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. I'd send in auditors to each and every doctor to examine those records, and I'd make false reporting a felony. Then, I'd require that someone compare those statistics to people in the same age groups who didn't get any flu vaccines - ever, in any year. I'd also make sure that the no flu shot receivers didn't also live in a household or have close contact with flu shot receivers, because they would be exposed to the flu shot receivers' funky lab bugs and flu vaccine induced immune system chaos. Those folks would get their own category. If I was queen...

False scientists...

That's actually a great idea to ask more and more of these pharma mouthpieces their opinion on some of these things because they won't really even want to answer or want anything on record due to how stupid they'll look etc.

Sophie Scholl




Angus Files

On you go guy's phone congress if that's all you do this week ,that's superb, brilliant. It affects America first then what happens in America affects the world..we owe ya!



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