Dachel Media Update: Pharmedia Goes into Lockstep Overdrive RE Vaccine Debate Discussion
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Dachel Asks Doctors: Thoughts on the CDC Whistleblower Part 2

By Anne Dachel

Part 1 of this series was an interview with Dr. David Brownstein.


“I’m Dr. David Ayoub, a clinician, a radiologist in Springfield, Illinois.  I have been involved in basically following the vaccine—autism story for the last ten years.  I’ve been a researcher.  I have been involved in some think tanks with regards to assessing the underlying patho-physiology of autism and its potential link to vaccine injury. 

“The Centers for Disease Control has come under—obviously they’re a key organization in diseases, studying diseases that affect the populations, and amongst many of their shortcomings that are really obvious to even me as a parent and as a clinician particularly is the way they have basically ignored the valuation of autism.  You look at how many diseases they chase down with regards to defining the disease, to try and come up with an explanation to even begin formulating a treatment plan.   They have really fallen short.  

“From the very first thing they seem to have done is announce prevalence numbers, and of course we have to have prevalence numbers to get a grasp of a disease.  And from the very first public release of data, one in 6 children with a learning disability, one out of 166 with autism—and those numbers have skyrocketed—they’ve broken down subsets.  They have regional data, they have data on males vs. females, they have racial data. 

“What they have really—the big thing they have avoided from the very beginning is looking at the prevalence of this disease in unvaccinated, non-vaccinated populations.  In fact, what’s very, very curious, if not frankly deceptive, they have endorsed research that has looked at under-vaccinated, in other words partially vaccinated populations.   That’s akin to looking at cancer rates in people who smoke 12 cigarettes a day vs. those who smoke 11 cigarettes a day, and finding no difference.   You have to look at the null group and those that are unexposed.  They have that data.   This is the government.   Public health departments know who’s filing for exemptions, religious exemptions, personal exemptions and so forth.  They have that population at hand.  The fact that they have not released those figures and won’t study an unvaccinated population, only really, in my opinion, explains why Julie Gerberding now has a job as an executive in a pharmaceutical industry that sells vaccines.  They know the answer, they have the answer, they don’t want to let the public know.”


Birgit Calhoun

Would the Freedom of Information Act allow individuals to get the numbers of those people who filed for exemptions for their children? Maybe it would have to be done state by state. The information would then give a rough idea what's going on at least in public schools. Home-schooled kids might not be that well documented.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I am so pleased to have read this now. Thank you! You put it so clearly: "they have the answer. They don't want to let the public know."

Sophie Scholl

"if not frankly deceptive"

criminal you mean .

Dr David Ayoub - thank you vm for all you have done.
We are very grateful .

Bob Moffitt

In addition to the ONE "pro-active" study the pharmaceutical/CDC cabal will not EVER do .. the comparison of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations

is ANY "retro-active" study of those children .. say under the age of seven ... admitted, diagnosed and treated for a chronic autoimmune disorder/disease .. such as .. allergies, asthma, juvenile type 1 diabetes, eczema, seizures, infant strokes, SIDS, on and on ..

Such "retro-active" studies are conducted ALL the time .. but .. NEVER seeking whether or not the fully vaccinated child is at a significantly higher risk of chronic .. life-long as well as life-threatening .. disorders.


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