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Five African American Women in the Vaccine Whistleblower Story

Race in medicineNote: We invite our African American readers to contact Anne Dachel as she pursues this story. You can reach her at [email protected].

By Anne Dachel

It seems that the future of the vaccine researcher/whistleblower Dr. William Thompson is in limbo right now.  He appears willing to talk about what he was ordered to do with study data that showed a 240 percent greater risk of autism for African American boys who got the MMR vaccine before 36 months.   

Rep Bill Posey of Florida took to the floor of the House of Representatives and begged Congress to investigate this, but so far, no one seems interested.

There’s clearly a racial issue involved here.  Could protecting the reputation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the vaccine program matter more than the lives of black children? 

Where are groups like the NAACP?  Where are black parents?  Where are black legislators?

Actually this is something that NBC News asked back on Feb 6, 2015 in “Where Are the Black Anti-Vaxxers in the Measles Debate?”

NBC’s Jason Johnson was careful not to acknowledge that real life scientists have done lots studies linking vaccines to autism, instead he blames the controversy on Jenny McCarthy, Bill Maher, and Jim Carrey. 

Johnson did bring up the CDC whistleblower and the black community.

"African Americans have a well-earned skepticism towards the medical community " says Dr. Carlton Haywood Jr. of the Berman Institute of Bioethics at the John's Hopkins School of Medicine. "Anytime somebody in a white coat and a mask comes around telling me what to do I'm going to be suspicious, based on our history and interactions."

. . . So why aren't black celebrities, pastors and the NAACP screaming about this issue? Because, according to Haywood, a lot of this anti-vaccination movement is about class and choice, as much as it's about race.

Johnson explanation was that this is a white issue because a lot of blacks “don't have the option to 'refuse' immunizations that may not be offered to begin with.”

According to NBC, African Americans aren’t involved in this controversy because they haven’t seen a difference in autism rates in the black community; it’s just more proof nothing is wrong.

The other explanation for the lack of black anti-vaxxers however is even more basic. If the MMR vaccine increased the chance of autism by over 300 percent in black boys only the results would be stark and overwhelmingly apparent, similar to the rise of HIV in the '90s or syphilis in the '50s. But that hasn't happened. So whether people know that the autism MMR immunization connection has been debunked, or whether they have never heard about it, it ultimately doesn't matter.

As usual NBC was more concerned with making the issue go away than reporting the facts.  If Jason Johnson had spent even a few minutes on his computer, he’d have found that exactly the opposite is true when it comes to autism in African Americans.

May 6, 2014, Autism Speaks ran the story, Regressive Autism Reported Twice as Often among African American Children.

Reports of regressive autism – in which young children lose early language and social skills – are twice as common for African American children as for white children, according to new research. The same study found reports of regression 50 percent higher for Hispanic children than for whites.

“This is the first indication of racial differences in reported regression,” says researcher Adiaha Spinks Franklin. “It raises extremely important questions about why we’re seeing these differences.” Dr. Franklin is a developmental behavioral pediatrician at the AS-ATN Center of Excellence at Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston. She presented her findings today at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Adiaha Spinks Franklin
Dr. Adiaha Spinks Franklin

It’s also possible that ethnic groups truly differ in regression rates because of differences in unknown genetic or environmental risk factors for autism. However, research has never indicated any particular risk factor for regressive forms of autism.

“We don’t yet understand why children regress in the first place,” Dr. Franklin says. “We certainly need more research to understand why there might be ethnic differences.”

Dr. Adiaha Franklin was the researcher who found this stunning difference between white children and black/Hispanic children.   She couldn't explain why these children were more susceptible.  I found one interview (below) where she said that the increased rate of autism in the U.S. was because of awareness and better diagnosing.  Somehow it's hard to believe that minority children have a higher incidence of autism because their doctors are better at recognizing autism than doctors treating white children.  (We're also told that black/Hispanic are diagnosed later.) 

Shouldn't she have looked for possible triggers for regressive autism in black children?  She sounds like she's sure there aren't any.  Regressive autism just happens---MORE OF THE MYSTERY.

May 6, 2014, Science Daily: AAP says Black, Hispanic children with autism more likely to regress than whites

April 23, 2014, Get Well Wednesday: Dr. Adiaha Franklin Wants Your Children to Be Healthy Mentally and Physically

Question for Dr. Franklin:

I would like to know where I can see this research she mentioned proving autism is not a product of vaccines. I have infallible research proving her absolutely wrong.


There are hundreds of valid, rigorous studies that can be easily accessed from PubMed, Google Scholar, and many other reputable sources. Also go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site The connection between autism and vaccines is a myth dating back to the late 90s and has been disproven many times. There are numerous children with autism worldwide who have never even had vaccines. Symptoms of autism are evident before a child starts to receive vaccines. Autism is a very complex neurodevelopmental disability and we do not yet know exactly what causes it. However, we are certain it isNOT vaccines.

So Dr. Franklin who’s done the research that found that black children had more autism than whites can’t explain it, but she is sure that vaccines are not a factor.

And Franklin is not alone.  There are several African American women out there endorsing vaccines, while totally unconcerned  with a CDC whistleblower who alleges that officials ordered  a cover up of data showing vaccines carry greater risks for black children.

One of them is actually at the CDC.

Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp

Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, MD is a medical epidemiologist and Chief of the Developmental Disabilities Branch at the CDC.  She’s been at the CDC since 1981, so she’s observed the explosion in autism.  Her expertise is in pediatric medicine. She’s also someone who explains the explosion in autism as merely “more definitive data.”

I wrote about her in 2007.

Last August, Natural News published the story, CDC whistleblower exposes massive autism cover-up perpetrated by government agency, by Ethan A. Huff.  Huff named names at the CDC including Dr. Coleen Boyle, Dr. Frank DeStefano, and Yeargin-Allsopp.

[Coleen] Boyle, who co-authored the CDC study claiming that MMR is safe, isn't the only liar involved, of course. Dr. Frank DeStefano, M.D., M.P.H., Director of the CDC's Immunization Safety Office, the branch that actively promotes vaccines, and Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, M.D., Medical Epidemiologist and Chief of the Developmental Disabilities Branch of the CDC, are also complicit in claiming that science has vetted the MMR vaccine and determined it to be safe with no risk of autism.

 Such claims are absolutely bogus, says the whistleblower, who also admitted to Dr. Hooker that he deeply regrets his own prior involvement in inadvertently covering up data that clearly showed a link between MMR and autism. According to the whistleblower, the CDC has known about this link since at least 2003 but has deliberately chosen to conceal it. The CDC has also speciously chosen to spread the myth that MMR is completely safe and in no way linked to autism.

"The CDC knew about the relationship between the age of first MMR vaccine and autism incidence in African-American boys as early as 2003, but chose to cover it up," states Dr. Hooker in the film, affirming the information he received from the whistleblower.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, on July 29, 2015, U.S. Congressman Bill Posey accused a federal agency of a cover-up and nothing has been done about it.

In fact, since the whistleblower story first broke over a year ago, there has been no demand for accountability.  Are African-American children, especially boys, more susceptible to vaccine injury?  Does the government have evidence?  Have they  concealed the findings?

Is anyone asking?

Two African American legislators, FL Rep. Frederica Wilson and MI Rep. Brenda Lawrence have shown no interest in Rep Bill Posey’s allegations about black boys and vaccines. 

Fredericka Wilson

On May 18, 2015, Age of Autism published the story, Why Did Florida Representative Frederica Wilson Introduce a Federal Vaccination Mandate Bill?

Florida Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson (D-24) has introduced a bill, House Resolution H.R. 2232, that will require all states to mandate all students enrolled in public schools receive all the vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Policy, a federal body compromised of vaccine-industry representatives, which includes vaccines for HPV, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Paul Offit’s rota virus vaccine, annual flu shots, and dozens of others. States that do not comply will not be eligible for grants for “preventive health services” under the Public Health Services Act.

The story went on to explain who Dr. William Thompson is and ask Wilson to stand up for black children. 

Congresswoman Wilson is a voice for the voiceless. As an elementary school principal, she stood up for the health of her students by opposing the construction of an environmentally dangerous waste facility being built across the street from her school. She won the fight, forcing the Miami-Dade County Commission to close the plant. As a community leader, she stood up for the fair treatment of locally incarcerated female Haitian refugees who faced poor living conditions. In 1984, long before she knew her political destiny, Congresswoman Wilson successfully lobbied the U.S. Congress for their release. As a legislator, she has passionately advocated for education and economic policies that give all children and adults the opportunity to reach their full potential.

There’s more.

On August 17, 2015, I wrote a story about a letter from David Brownstein, MD to his congressional representative, Brenda Lawrence. 

Brenda Lawrence
Rep. Brenda Lawrence

 U.S. Rep Brenda Lawrence (MI)

Brownstein had repeatedly contacted Lawrence’s congressional office with information about the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.  There was no response from Lawrence.

If these educated, prominent women in positions of power refuse to even ask questions about the 2004 MMR study, who will?  Who else will care about the damage being inflicted on black children? 

I think the answer is obvious: NO ONE.  And the nightmare will continue.

Back in Feb, 2015, when Jason Johnson (himself an African American) wrote, “Where Are the Black Anti-Vaxxers in the Measles Debate?” for NBC News, he denied that there’s any problem.  Sure, there may have been horrific experimentation in the past, things like the Tuskegee study where black men with syphilis were left untreated, but that could never happen with vaccines.  The MMR study controversy is merely “an overreaction” according to Johnson.

If Johnson had really looked into the matter, he’d have discovered that health officials have a sordid history when it comes to minorities and vaccine studies.

A few months ago I came across the book Medical Apartheid, by Harriet Washington.

Harriet Washington
Harriet Washington

Washington has been a fellow in ethics at the Harvard Medical School, a fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health, and a senior research scholar at the National Center for Bioethics at Tuskegee University.

She’s also the author of Deadly Monopolies.

Medical Apartheid is an impressive history of medical experimentation on African Americans throughout our history, even back to the days of slavery.  It won the 2007 National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction.

I was especially interested in what Washington said about measles vaccine studies U.S. health officials conducted on black children.

p. 295:

"Between 1987 and 1991, U.S. researchers administered as much as 500 times the approved dosage of the experimental Edmonton Zagreb (EZ) measles vaccine to African Americans and Hispanic babies in black neighborhoods of Los Angeles.  The parents of these children did not know mammoth overdoses were being administered nor that the vaccine was experimental.  They also did not know that the vaccine had been given to two thousands Haitian children. . .with disastrous results.  EZ-vaccinated children, all  poor, began to sicken and die by the hundreds there and throughout countries in the Third World."

While Harriet Washington doesn’t talk about the cover-up of MMR vaccine injury data on black boys, she makes it clear there are plenty of reasons to be concerned.

 Adiaha Spinks Franklin, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Frederica Wilson, Brenda Lawrence, and Jason Johnson can’t imagine that there could be a modern-day apartheid.  That’s what officials are counting on.

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane."

Martin Luther King, Jr.


2014 wasn't the first time officials were alerted to people of color with higher rates of autism. 

Seven years ago, the news about how severely the children of Somali immigrants in Minneapolis were affected by autism made the headlines.

Aug 24, 2008, Minneapolis Star Tribune: Autism statistics alarm Somalis  

In Minneapolis, fears have been fueled by some puzzling statistics. Last year, Somali children made up just under 6 percent of the school population, but 17 percent of those in the early childhood autism programs (14 of 81 children). The numbers have been creeping up for several years, especially among young children.

"People are worried," said Saeed Fahia, who heads a Somali community group. "Nobody remembers any autistic children in Somalia. I'm sure there must have been some, but there were not that many."

. . . Somali children appear to have a more severe form of the condition, said McLellan, a developmental pediatrician and autism specialist at Children's Hospital. He estimates that 10 percent of his patients are Somali. "I do think there's something up with this," he said. "I don't know what it is."

For now, state and federal officials say they're not sure whether Somalis in Minnesota are getting autism at an unusual rate or whether there's another explanation. But they're taking it seriously enough to look closer.

I wrote about it for Age of Autism in 2008: On Autism, Somalis Feel the Chill in Minnesota

Five years later, officials got back to concerned parents with the results of their investigation.  It was reported in the New York Times.  Experts found that yes, the Somalis do have more autism.  (The research "was not designed to answer" why this was happening.)

Dec 16, 2013 New York Times: Study Links Autism and Somalis in Minneapolis, by Donals G. McNeil, Jr.

A long-awaited study has confirmed the fears of Somali residents in Minneapolis that their children suffer from higher rates of a disabling form of autism compared with other children there.

The study — by the University of Minnesota, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the research and advocacy group Autism Speaks — found high rates of autism in two populations: About one Somali child in 32 and one white child in 36 in Minneapolis were on the autism spectrum.

The national average is one child in 88, according to Coleen A. Boyle, who directs the C.D.C.’s Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.

But the Somali children were less likely than the whites to be “high-functioning” and more likely to have I.Q.s below 70. (The average I.Q. score is 100.)

The study offered no explanation of the statistics.

“We do not know why more Somali and white children were identified,” said Amy S. Hewitt, the project’s primary investigator and director of the University of Minnesota’s Research and Training Center on Community Living. “This project was not designed to answer these questions.”

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.


For Elise


It is definitely not simple for everyone - it is also very unwise not to resist encroachment on civil liberties.


Its simple - don't vaccinate your kids. We don't have to vocalize, organize or any of that.

Choose a life where you can homeschool your children.

Its actually quite simple - I did. And I am a high school drop out.

Caught (up)

From what I've researched, starting about nine to elev3n years ago, vaccines began being forced on minorities and other "underserved" (read: avoidant) groups by threatening to call child protective services or threatening to pull benefits via programs like WIC, Medicaid and P4P (Pay 4 Performance). This also went along with a massive CDC driven PR program to "catch up" communities that were once "undervaccinated," but one gets the feeling that PR had less impact on uptake than threats.

Then suddenly rates of autism, which had once been vanishingly low among certain minority groups, particularly Hispanic, began exploding.


Anne, now that Tom Insel is with Google, I'm betting that THAT is why your article got pulled.


So, now we get to wait years while they do research on sub issues of this topic? Who DOES get autism more often and more severely? And why? Gee, let's study it for decades, while we barely study the vaccines we put on the market each year and mandate.

Really, the CDC et all are looking for a way to railroad the entire vaccine scam and crime against humanity....Whether they can create more divide and conquer politics through partisan politics (hey, look the repubs are speaking out against it-) or religion vs. science, or a racial issue or through the new books and articles about 'neuro tribes' (this one really makes my stomach churn)-as a means of getting the PC group think crowd to attack anyone who even utters the word autistic or mentions 'differences'.

They want to manipulate the discussion and direct it in such a way that the topic becomes one disease, one vaccine or one subset of any of the above. Let's not allow this to happen. There are many issues that intersect in the vaccine industry. This is excellent. The CDC and big pharma are strategizing how to save themselves. It won't work. #gameon and #gameover


John: They excluded subgroups and they were alright -- sort of.

Good point John, but one must also remember that the DeStefano study was just one vaccine. If it's true that autism is due to a multi-load of vaccines, as I do, just imagine the effect on these subgroups with a vaxx/unvaxx study. This is the truly scary scenario that everyone is not talking about. It's not just MMR causing a 240% increase in autism in black boys, but probably vaccines in total causing a significant increase in all kids, and an over the moon increase in some.

Mary Saunders

To get general attention on the science, I think it important to repeat how astoundingly awful are the in utero and child-mortality rates in the U.S. I do not think these statistics are only for one race. Statistics are better in France, by far. Then simply ask, "Why is this?" Anything that attacks the clearly wrong assumption that the U.S. is #1 in good indicators is what needs to be discussed.

Angus Files

They know, the CDC know that vaccines destroy more Blacks than whites. It would seem the few at the top who control the use of vaccines have a race problem(you know who you are). Obviously the genetic make up in Blacks is prejudiced by the vaccine schedule, whether that be through snips, MTHFR, or IRGM1 the CDC knows, Tuskegee experiment ringing bells.


John Stone

Mary D

The point was made by former NIH Director Bernadine Healy that epidemiological studies may not show up effects on their own, and that it would be necessary to study subgroups - one must presume that there was sufficient expertise at the CDC to know this as well, except that population effects were so gross as to show in general population studies. In fact both things were true in the DeStefano study: they excluded an ethnic sub-group and a diagnostic sub-group, an then they were alright - sort of.

Mary D

The incidence of the MTHFR gene in different populations is part of the picture. Also other SNPs. Wasn't there a decision made by Gerberding et al in the 1990's NOT to study genetic susceptibilities to vaccine complications? That such a study would be detrimental to getting high compliance rates with vaccination?

Angus Files

Nothing here vanished its to much like the truth..


Anne McElroy Dachel

I see that this story is no longer on Google News.

It was on my GOOGLE NEWS ALERT email this morning
and on Google News this morning and afternoon.

Now it does not come up.

I've had hundreds of stories from Age of Autism on Google News; this hasn't happened to me before.

Christina Waldman

An article in Pediatrics a year ago found that children born to black, Hispanic, and some Asian "foreign-born" mothers had significantly higher risk of AD and of comorbid mental retardation; the study suggested a similar result for US born mothers. Beccera, Tracey A., Ph.D., et al, "Autism Spectrum Disorders and Race, Ethnicity, and Nativity; a Population-Based Study," Pediatrics Vol. 134 No. 1, July 3, 2014 (pp. e65 to e71). Free full article pdf at

(Press release:

Angus Files

"The incidence rate of breast cancer for African American women is about 118 per 100,000 women compared to 128 per 100,000 for white women. The mortality rate for breast cancer for African American women is about 33 per 100,000 women compared to 24 per 100,000 white women. (Among Hispanic women, the incidence rate is 88 per 100,000 women and the mortality rate is 16 per 100,000 women.)"

You could go on, plain to see that Blacks seem to be more vulnerable to living, than whites.
And the News on this,on the TV is switched off, unless its a game show, soccer or whatever show..everything's OK..right! dis-information wins the day.



Angus Files

"black infants are between two-and-a-half to three times more likely to die within their first year than white infants, due largely to premature birth, low birth weight or birth defects. "


Angus Files

5-1 Psychiatric care...


Angus Files

Also there are 4- 1 more blacks in foster care.


have been heroes

I wonder if Oprah has been made aware of the CDC MMR fraud and the enormous consequences for African American children.
The difficult truth is that the black American community has been dumped on time and again in our white dominant society.
How about all of the info linking the dumping of drugs on LA and other large cities by the CIA back in the Reagan/Bush era? That started the crack cocaine epidemic. It effectively ruined the black community. It was a proven fact and yet no one ever went to jail for it....and no one in govt resigned because of it because GHW Bush pardoned everyone . Watch the painful tapes of a very upset Maxine Waters...D/CA...trying to do something about it.
The schools are another place where blacks are disenfranchised in the US. The education is poor and inner city youth face so many problems that the schools,even if they were well-funded, couldn't cope.....thanks to all of the drugs and crime. So, is it any wonder these folks haven't heard about the dangers of vaccines? They need leaders to help them. The leaders that they once had were all assassinated. Also, they need to be especially careful about the vaccine issue because inner city folks who don't vaccinate have their children taken away by social services.
Everything is so complicated and yet it is all related. So, I am not surprised that the NAACP and other groups are tiptoeing around it. What happened to the NOI and the march on the CDC?

Cherry Misra

Somali kids would probably have a higher incidence of the genetic condition G6PDH deficiency. If they have this condition, they would be poor excreters of mercury. Because Somalia borders the sea, fish may be popular in their diet and they may not know about the high levels of mercury in tuna and other fish. He who gets the mercury- gets the autism.

Tim Lundeen

The evidence supporting the role of vaccines to cause higher rates of autism is extremely strong. There are at least 3 epidemiology studies showing 2-3x higher rates in vaccinated African Americans (the two cited above and the one the CDC threw in the garbage can). And there are studies showing the mechanism: African Americans have a much stronger immune response to MMR, and the strength of this immune response triggers autism: -- "Associations between race, sex and immune response variations to rubella vaccination in two independent cohorts"
This study shows that "individuals of African descent have significantly higher rubella-specific neutralizing antibody levels compared to individuals of European descent and/or Hispanic ethnicity (p<0.001)". -- "Immunological findings in autism."
"MMR antibodies are significantly higher in autistic children as compared to normal children, supporting a role of MMR in autism." -- "Serological association of measles virus and human herpesvirus-6 with brain autoantibodies in autism".
"This study is the first to report an association between virus serology and brain autoantibody in autism; it supports the hypothesis that a virus-induced autoimmune response may play a causal role in autism."


Coming from a multi-cultural family I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt there are certain memes that are almost genetically ingrained in the culture. One has to do with authority figures. Doctors are seen as authorities in the field of medicine and if a Doctor tells you something it's gospel. Medical myths are difficult to exposed as lies. Even with the history of Blacks being experimented on the culture overall still trust the medical profession to be honest with them. The question is always, why would they lie? Why would anyone willing do something that's will hurt the most vulnerable population on the planet-babies/children? There is also the fear factor of what if. What if the people who are saying vaccines are dangerous and don't work are wrong? What if my child catches measles, the whooping cough, chicken pox and die. They say the measles & whooping cough can kill a child-what if that is true? As you know the propaganda is overwhelming and slanderous to those who are actually telling the public the truth. Relatives in the medical profession have told me they are instructed to tell certain ethnic groups that the chances of their child dying from a childhood disease are greater simply because they are Black or Hispanic. Next you have the Doctor dismissing the concern of the parent by telling them to not listen to anti-vaxxers of stay off of Dr. Google because vaccines are safe & effective.

Here is where the cultural difference really kicks in: IF a ethnic parent refuses to vaccinated, continues to question the Doctor and some vaccine zealot nurse calls CPS (it has been done)and they step in, it's a know fact that Black & Hispanics will be treated more aggressively by authoritative agencies be they the police or CPS. So that needs to be factored into the equation. Factor in people in certain communities are limited in health care facilities by geography and the only available health care facility demands vaccination for services. People whose access is limited are more than likely not going to be the ones that will fully commit to the study of vaccines more out of confusion about the issue than any thing else. So they want to stop vaccinating, what do they do? When you think about it it's part of the same issue for these groups that limits access to healthy food choices, limits access to better schools, limits access to better medical doctors who would support them etc.

So it's not lack of interest or overwhelming belief that vaccines are safe, effective and work or that vaccines don't cause autism or other damages-it's the what happens if I step outside the box considering my life's circumstances. Will I have a support source from family considering we all grew up with the same propaganda? Where is the nearest support source for me outside of my family. Is it easier to go along with the program rather than take the risk? Who's got my back?

Jeannette Bishop

I don't know if this is a factor in the apparent increased risk for regressive autism by race, but rather than having less access to vaccination as suggested by Jason Johnson, this testimony suggests the African American community more accurately has less access to their right to say no:


What - Hispanics too?

The open door policy that our federal government puts out about the border of Mexico makes sense now.

Vlad the Impaler; You all know, from him came the vampire stories.
Vlad decided to get rid of all the cripples and disabled and so he invited them to a banquet and closed the doors and - well - that was the end of them.

Spider and the Fly poem comes to mind too. Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.

Want rid of a bunch so we as a nation can have - regain large national parks - in beautiful mountains? They can do that too.

They got this population control thing down to a science and what are a few of us that know -- matter.


When this information first came out I thought...that's what is going on in the Black Community--the high unemployment rate among African American males, the apparent falling apart of a community. What if all these problems can be traced back to "brain inflammation" triggered by vaccines? It's easier for everybody to throw up their hands and say, this is the way it is and always will be. But what if it doesn't have to be that way. What if there is a solution that is as simple as not vaccinating or vaccinating according to a different schedule? Vaccine damage can be very subtle. In my case, I couldn't even convince my husband that our daughter hadn't been born that way. She got her MMR at four years of age and lost her balance and her ability to hold a pencil, and even the pediatrician was willing to write her off. In fact, everyone wanted to write her off. That's what we do to the vaccine injured. We write them off. Now we are willing to write off a whole community with the biased assumption that they were born that way when the whistleblower evidence is starring us in the face. This outrage needs to be investigated immediately before one more African American male baby becomes vaccine damaged.

Sophie Scholl

Carol - Are you aware of Dr David Kelly saga ?

And the BBC are thieves , let me tell you .

John Stone

Thanks Ann and Carol very well said. When will people ever learn: you can't trust governments and you particularly cannot trust them when they use surrogates to run hate campaigns against anyone who speaks up. I don't know whether it is specifically a race issue - in point of fact these crooks are perfectly happy to carry out their hit and run attacks indiscriminately - but it is the American African community in the US and I bet the African community in the UK who are bearing the heaviest toll - not to mention Africa. The vaccine program does not work by science (or only to some degree): more fundamentally it works by lies.


I used the same calculus Dr. Franklin espouses to decide who was telling the truth about Iraq's WMD--so many, many authoritative and reputable people on TV night after night telling me about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Colin Powell testified at the UN about it. Just who was on the other side? Scott Ritter. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about, but....

Then Ritter got arrested, something about a 16yo girl. Ick.

It really did seem like a slam dunk: Invade Iraq now before we're vaporized!

But it was lonely little creepy former weapons inspector Scott Ritter who was telling the truth and all those other impressive, authoritative, reputable men who were lying.

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